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If you think that your school is an exception you are willingly blind.



"Christian parents are _commanded_ to place their children under godly and Christian teaching, not neo-pagan or humanistic instruction. Whether we acknowledge it or not, only two choices remain-- obedience or disobedience to God’s commands. (See Col. 2:8; 2 Cor. 10:3-5; Deut. 6:1-9; Mal. 4:6; 2 Cor. 6:14-19 along with Luke 6:40. Matt. 22:37-38 and Eph. 6:4)" E. Ray Moore.

In the governor’s own words
From Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s 2013 State of the State address: 
“Even with all the good things happening in our schools our student achievement is falling behind — and that is not acceptable. Education Week, in its annual survey, Quality Counts, gave us an F for student achievement, ranking us 49th nationally. That is not acceptable. The only true national test, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, ranks us below the national averages in 21 of 24 categories, and many of our scores have slipped lower over the past decade. That is not acceptable. Our graduation rate is only 78 percent which means almost 1 in 4 high school students do not graduate on time. That is not acceptable. We have the highest percentage of young people ages 16 to 19 not engaged in school or the workforce. That is not acceptable. Education in West Virginia must change. And that change begins now.” (emphasis added) See the other State of the State speeches and the January 15, February 13, and 23 items below.

Both teacher unions strongly oppose the governor’s proposed solutions because it would decrease their power ( An AFT teacher union official said Governor Tomblin’s reforms plan is probably the ugliest bill I've seen in 30 years." ( The WVEA (NEA based) leader said, “At this point, I’d have to go with a failing grade.” (


“The difference between insane asylums and our public schools is that in the insane asylum you have to show some improvement before you can get out.”

Please look at the school news below as well as for other years (along with my articles) for documentation about why tax-payers should “just say NO!” to pouring more money down the government school rat-hole.

Among these headlines you can easily follow common threads of drug abuse, sex (including teachers with students and promotion of sexual perversion), lack of disciple, violence, poor academic standards, crime, anti-Christianity, and wanting more and more money “for the kids”.

Sex crimes in the education system are rampart and traceable to the decay of society which is closely connected to humanism taking over “public” schools. Parents in Kanawha County warned of this in 1974. Now, we are simply reaping what is sown.

The sin of sexual abuse is inexcusable, but the fact is that it is rare that church personnel molests a child. That is not so with school personnel. You will be amazed at the reports of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. See the comments on this issue on the main WV News page. Also, teachers, unlike preachers, do not get scandalized for their adultery and other sex escapades with adults. See the March 26, 2009 headline “W.Va. teacher charged with sex assault of teen” for a sad, but pertinent point.

The moral sickness in the school system goes all the way back to 1977--a couple of years after the Kanawha County Parents sounded the alarm.

(Note: Some of the links are closed by the media outlet after a period of time. Several of the headlines came from Charleston Daily Mail and Gazette on-line searches. All articles can be found by contacting the news source.)

Be sure to see the 2012 REPORT OF WEST VIRGINIA PUBLIC SCHOOL TEST PERFORMANCE. The 2013 report is below at November 7.

(Note: Some of the links below are closed by the media outlet after a period of time. All articles can be found by contacting the news source.)

Teachers Meet to Make Education More Effective 12-21-13
From the article:   Data shows less than one-third of West Virginia's public schools are meeting goals for student learning and improvement.  Karl's comment: The meeting involved only the St. Albans area.  In my day, the middle school teachers met with high school teachers just to compare notes.  Nowadays, it is heading toward a standardized curriculum and I smell Common Core. The bottom line is the math that rates the success of West Virginia schools. "One-third" of schools meeting goals refers to 184 of 652 schools (28%), but 251 others only met ONE goal! 

New K-9 Units Hit Putnam County Schools to Fight Drugs 12-16-13
From the article:The room in Heidi Clark’s math class was silent enough to hear a pin drop Monday morning. That’s because her seventh-grade students at Poca Middle School got a visit they didn’t expect… “I can come in unannounced and say, ‘Hey, I’m going to do a search today,’” Cpl. Will Jordan said. “That’s the kind of rapport we have with the Board of Education.” Principal C.D. Caldwell says he believes the random visits keep students accountable…Jordan says before conducting the search, he gives students an opportunity to confess. If they come forward, he says he turns them over to school administrators instead of dealing with them criminally. Karl’s comment: A warrantless search? Coercing minors to admit guilt without an attorney? Those problems are bad enough, but there is “probable cause” (A reasonable belief that a person has committed a crime.) that there are drugs in the middle schools. I retired in 2005 and vividly remember the regular lock-downs to accommodate drug-sniffing dogs going through the halls.

Coach charged with assault following altercation 12-15-13
From the article: A highly successful Logan High School basketball coach has been charged with assault and battery on a police officer during a brawl that broke out during a game in Chapmanville Saturday evening, according to media sources… Hatcher is seen in the video pulling his players from the area and pushing some toward his team’s bench. Eventually, while two players — one from Logan and one from Scott — can be seen continuing to scuffle on the floor, a Chapmanville police officer is seen kneeled down and attempting to separate the pair. At that point, Hatcher appears to reach the police office and push him away from the players as the coach reaches for his student/athlete. It appears that the officer becomes off-balance, perhaps as a result of the Hatcher push, and tumbles to the floor. At that point, the other officers grab Hatcher as the pushed officer gets to his feet. All the officers then push and lead Hatcher from the scene… Both the coach and some of the officers appear to be verbally arguing as he is pushed toward his team bench. Hatcher can be heard telling the officers to “leave me the f—- alone.” Reports were that the Chapmanville police officers grabbed Hatcher as he headed toward the team locker room and escorted him to the police station across the street. Although a reporter could not access the room where the coach was taken, loud voices were heard coming from inside minutes later. (emphasis added) Karl’s comment: “for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.” (Luke 6:45b)

Elementary School in South Charleston, WV highlight security procedure upgrades 12-13-13
From the article: Principal Natalie Laliberty said in the last year there have been many changes when it comes to safety procedures at the school. "We are supposed to ask for their license and they insert it in a device outside the door," Laliberty explained.".. Each classroom door remains locked throughout the day. Only recognized students and staff can enter…(U.S. Attorney Booth) Goodwin said other schools are already asking about the program. Karl’s comment: (1) Are public schools becoming more and more like prisons? That’s what the documentary “The War on Kids” says. Based on interviews with educators, medical professionals, students and sociologists, the documentary, which received a limited film festival run in 2009 and is being released this week on the Documentary Channel, paints the picture of an increasingly authoritarian and paranoid school system that is failing its students, stripping them of their civil liberties and constitutional rights. ( kids-compares-us-public-schools -
to-prison-system/) (2) In the United States today, our public schools are not very good at educating our students, but they sure are great training grounds for learning how to live in a Big Brother police state control grid.  Sadly, life in many U.S. public schools is now essentially equivalent to life in U.S. prisons. See “18 Signs That Life In U.S. Public Schools Is Now Essentially Equivalent To Life In U.S. Prisons”. (3) Take six minutes to see for yourself: Prison vs School: The Tour, then search <schools prisons> for more. Also, search <homeschool> and find videos like Homeschool Room Tour.

Mingo Teacher Accused Of Inappropriate Relationship With 13-Year-Old Student 12-12-13
From the article: A math teacher in Matewan is accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of her female students, and this isn't the first time she's been under investigation…  an inappropriate relationship was taking place between an eighth grade math teacher and a eighth grade 13-year-old female student," Trooper C.A. Douglas, with West Virginia State Police, said.  Troopers said the two exchanged "love notes" at school, and touching was involved…Troopers said, while troubling, this is only once instance, and they hope it doesn't tarnish the education of the children.  "I know it's hard after this situation but you just have to keep faith in the school system and the teachers, you know, because the majority of the teachers aren't like this.

Another report said, “ During that first investigation, it was alleged that the two were writing love notes, calling each other "babe", and touching each other on various parts of their bodies, troopers said…  Other allegations include that the two burned each others (sic) love notes, and kissed for the first time inside the school, according to State Police. At first, troopers said, (she) was the only suspect facing charges in this case, (sic) However, now they say additional charges are expected to be filed.  This time, against her husband, -- for allegedly committing the same crimes.  His victim, troopers said, is another 13-year-old student who troopers said just recently came forward.” (

Karl’s comment: The trooper needs to learn and speak the facts. You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline! SEE THE MAY 8, 2014 WV NEWS ENTRY!

Wood County teacher charged with falsely accusing student of threatening school 12-12-13
From the article: Graham says the Williamstown High School teacher told the school's prevention resource officer on Oct. 22 that a 17-year-old male student had threatened to shoot people at the school. Karl’s comment: Thou shalt not bear false witness (Ex. 20:16a) is the 8th commandment. The Ten Commandments used to be posted in government schools.

Board of Education Votes to Suspend Teacher 12-10-13
From the article: The Ohio County Board of Education on Monday voted to suspend a Wheeling Park High School teacher for three days without pay. The board voted to suspend (her), a yearbook, publications and language arts teacher. Superintendent Dianna Vargo said she would not provide additional details regarding the personnel matter. Karl’s comment: The public is unaware of many such incidents.

Lawsuit Filed Over Alleged Sexual Assault On School Bus 12-9-13
From the article: The incidents happened between Aug. 28 and Aug. 29 to or from Elkview Middle School when a 13-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted, according to a lawsuit filed in Kanawha County Circuit Court.  The lawsuit states Karen Doe was driving the bus when Jane Does was the victim of several sexual assaults and batteries committed by three different boys, ages 12 to 18…(The 19-year-old) is on home confinement and awaits trial. Meanwhile, the 16-year-old and 12-year-old have already pleaded guilty to lesser offenses…The acts took place a few seats behind Karen Doe, who never stopped the assaults, the lawsuit claims. The lawsuit states that Karen Doe "utterly failed in her duty to preserve control over the children riding her bus, and ensure their safety while she drove them to school."  In addition to the assaults, the lawsuit said, the videotape also showed "utter pandemonium" on the bus.  "Children were running up and down the aisles of the bus while it was in transit," the lawsuit said. Karl’s comment: It makes me want to cry! The bus discipline alone is outrageous, but I cannot find words to describe the sexual assault.
You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!! Parents MUST RESCUE THEIR CHILDREN!!!

2 W.Va. students arrested, charged after police say they were planning attack on classmates 12-9-13
From the article: Two West Virginia high school students have been arrested after authorities say it appears they were planning an attack on their classmates. The Raleigh County Sheriff's Office said Monday that the students from Shady Spring High School were taken into custody following a social media post on Dec. 1. Both were charged with making terroristic threats. Karl’s comment: Tick, tick, tick.

Teachers union leader, House speaker question school testing 12-9-13
From the article:   A West Virginia teachers union (AFT) leader and the House of Delegates speaker said Monday that students' aren't being educated as well as they should be because they're forced to take more and more tests. Karl’s comment: BWAH HAH HAH HAAAA!

Boone County Teacher Wanted for iPad and Laptop Theft Arrested 12-4-13
From the article: After more than a month on the run, a teacher from Boone County is behind bars. Boone County Deputies say (the man), 39, was arrested near Flatwoods in Braxton County Sunday. Deputies say he store (sic) two iPads and a laptop from the Boone County Career and Technical Center. Karl’s comment: Thou shalt not steal. (Ex. 20:15) is the 8th Commandment. The Ten Commandments used to be posted in government schools. See the next item.

Custodian Accused of Stealing iPads from Special Education Classroom 12-4-13
From the article: Some high-priced items were stolen from a school in Boone County, and sheriff's deputies say it was an inside job. (The man), a custodian, was arrested and charged with grand larceny. He’s accused of taking four iPads from Sherman High School. Karl’s comment: Thou shalt not steal. (Ex. 20:15) is the 8th Commandment. The Ten Commandments used to be posted in government schools. See 10-24 and 8-28 below.

Former Kanawha janitor sentenced to 5 to 25 years 12-4-13
From the article: A former janitor for Kanawha County Schools was sentenced Wednesday to five to 25 years in jail. (The man), 55, of St. Albans, inappropriately touched his former girlfriend's 7-year-old daughter in 2008, a jury found in October In 1991, (he) was convicted of sexual abuse in the third-degree in Kentucky, according to assistant Kanawha prosecutor Fred Giggenbach. Kanawha Circuit Judge Duke Bloom asked (him) how he was able to work in the school system for 16 years with that sexual offense on his record, Giggenbach said…He had worked in elementary and high schools around the county as a janitor who also performed maintenance work, Giggenbach said. (He) changed his last name…in 2012, Giggenbach said, and he has a lengthy criminal history that includes multiple DUI arrests and fleeing from a police officer. "It's shocking to me that he could have worked in the Kanawha County School system for that long with that type of criminal history," Giggenbach said. Karl’s comment: What can I say that would wake people up?

Controversial book pulled at Jefferson 11-27-13
From the article: (The parent) raised concerns about the use of profanity in the book, as well as its sexual content. She also objected to it having been assigned to a whole class and parents not having been forewarned about its graphic nature… The book has been controversial nationwide, with some school districts and libraries banning it due to concerns about language, racism and sexual content. Supporters, however, maintain that the book's central themes -bullying, poverty, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse - mirror what many young people are already experiencing in their own lives. Karl’s comment: It will be back and worse (likely already there) will follow. See “Blasphemy in School”.

Students, parents rally behind Clendenin, WV teacher 11-25-13
From the article:  (She) was written up for having scented oil in her classroom, and reading aloud from the reading curriculum during the tail-end of phonics time. She disputes the details of both of these accusations… Parents said Wells was the sixth teacher in their children's classroom this school year alone.  Karl's comments:  The charges are sort of strange--fire hazard?  The teacher turnover is a terrible trick on the students.

School officials address book question 11-24-13
From the article: The book has recently been the center of discussion locally, as Jefferson County Schools' officials reviewed a complaint by a parent, Misty Frank, who objected to her son - an eighth-grader at Harpers Ferry Middle School - being assigned by teacher Dawn Welsh to read it. Since the discussion began, however, school officials immediately offered - and then provided - a supplemental reading assignment to the student. They are also willing to do the same for other parents or students who may object to the supplemental book. After reading a passage dealing with masturbation, Frank, shared with The Journal via a Facebook post, "Is this really what West Virginia thinks it takes to get an eighth-grader to read?" Part of her objection also centered on the book being assigned to an entire class and that parents had no forewarning about its content. "While I am not about book banning (everyone should and can make their own choices), my issue is with this being an assigned reading to the entire class," Frank wrote. "The teacher gave the book a glowing recommendation but failed to alert any of us to the profanity and sexual content," her post continued. Karl’s comment: All of the “hot button” words and concepts are included: context, book banning, overall good intentions, censorship, real life, etc. are used to support their sinful stupidity. Been there, done that! They WILL NEVER assign a book about a real life story from a Christian perspective!! Yet blasphemy of Jesus Christ is condoned.

Ex-teacher pleads guilty in heroin case 11-21-13
From the article: A former Pleasants County teacher pleaded guilty Wednesday in Washington County Common Pleas Court to hiding heroin in a body cavity when she was processed into the Washington County Jail in March…"She was arrested in Monroe County and apparently there's not a facility there to house women so she was transferred here to Washington County.  Karl's comment:  Drug use among teachers is probably high (pun intended).

Family in Cedar Grove, WV frustrated by handling of bullying complaints 11-21-13
From the article: Bullying in schools is a national concern and a daily obstacle for some parents and their children. A group of parents in Cedar Grove, WV are frustrated about how school officials are handling their complaints about their children being bullied at school. "They call her a loser and stupid and it is every day," said (the grandmother0Charlene Gay, about her granddaughter, … a student at Cedar Grove Elementary School.  The family has kept a calendar, they said, documenting the times they have called the school to report incidents. There were several dates marked just in November. She said the school tells them the situation is being handled. Other parents shared similar concerns.  Karl's comment:  One child was transferred to another government school several miles away.  Do the math, a homeschool is a LOT closer.

Tucker BOE expels student for ayear 11-19-13
From the article: The matter was listed on Monday's agenda as a student disciplinary issue. After the session, board members referred to the student as "X" for confidential purposes, and did not reveal what school the student attended nor what grade the student is in. The nature of the issue was not revealed to the public. Karl’s comment: This is just the tip of a gigantic iceberg.

W.Va. Board of Education acts to maintain student privacy 11-15-13
From the article: The West Virginia Board of Education is pledging not to share students' personal information with anyone outside the system…Opponents (of Common Core) worry that data about students that is collected by the school system will at some point in the accountability or testing process be leaked to outside parties. The resolution says that it is board policy not to release information to any entity except in a format where the data cannot be traced back to a specific student. Karl’s comment: As the joke goes, “If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.” LOL!

Student Faces Charges after Bringing Weapon to School 11-12-13
From the article: A student has been suspended and is facing charges after school officials say he brought a weapon to school…At this time, they are not releasing what type of weapon the student had. Karl’s comment: Tick, tick, tick.

Logan County releases 2013 WESTEST 2 results 11-10?-13
From the article: In May 2013, students in Logan County Schools took the WESTEST 2, an annual assessment designed to align to West Virginia’s 21 st Century CSO’s. The assessment results provide information about a student’s academic strengths, as well as areas that need improvement. Karl’s comment: See “The Common Con and Rotten (Common) Core and Partnership Poppycock”.

Former teacher says she was accused of trying to turn students gay, appeals termination 11-9-13
From the article: A former Lincoln County teacher appealed her termination in the third of possibly four hearings Friday. (She) taught English at Guyan Valley Middle School in Harts. Administrators suspended Burns without pay in January 2013, and then fired her in March… "People shouldn't have to face this kind of discrimination," (she) said Friday. "Whether you're gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender, or whether you're being accused of being that, it's just ridiculous to bring that into somebody's job performance review."…  Rebecca Tinder represented the Lincoln County BOE and argued Burns was terminated due to poor performance. Tinder claimed administrators found Burns' classroom in a state of chaos on several occasions. Karl’s comment: Hmmm.

Kanawha school and library levy voted down resoundingly 11-9-13
From the article: Voters overwhelmingly rejected a new property tax to benefit Kanawha County's libraries and schools in today's special election…Karl’s comment: Too bad the successful public library system is entangled with the failed “public” school system. Also, it’s too bad that board president Pete Thaw gets lots of credit for this. He didn’t oppose the levy because the system is not worth the investment. He opposed it for monetary propaganda purposes, i.e. “no more taxes”. Thaw is a fake friend to Christians. See the 5-17 entry below. Sadly, parents put their pocketbooks far above their principles.

Dropsouts: Dismal waste 11-8-13
From the article: A few years ago, former Gov. Bob Wise warned that West Virginia's high school dropout rate was around 30 percent -- but state education officials claimed it was just 3 percent. As head of a national school improvement alliance, Wise said 6,900 West Virginia teens quit school in a single year, but state figures said far fewer did. Well, Wise proved to be wiser. A recent Associated Press analysis said only 70.8 percent of West Virginia seniors graduated on time in the 2008-09 term -- exactly as the ex-governor said. Meanwhile, there's a silver lining. A tough state crackdown is keeping more teens in school. The graduation rate climbed to 79.3 percent in the 2012-13 term. Karl’s comment: Very few, if any, homeschooled students drop out

Tucker official assures parents school is safe 11-7-13
From the article: Tucker County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Eddie Campbell confirmed there were "quite a few absences" at Tucker Valley Elementary-Middle School Wednesday, but assured parents that students in the school are safe.  The Inter-Mountain received phone calls from readers saying some parents were not sending their students to school Tuesday because they were concerned about safety issues regarding one student.  Karl's comment:  Hmmm.  Sounds like some kind of potential physical danger was perceived by the parents.  If only they would perceive the spiritual danger.

Test: W.Va. students' reading, math skills improve 11-7-13
From the article:  The 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress, released Thursday, shows that 35 percent of West Virginia fourth-graders and 24 percent of eighth-graders scored at or above the proficient level in math. In 2011, 31 percent of fourth-graders and 21 percent of eighth-graders in the state met or exceeded the standard.  Twenty-five percent of West Virginia eighth-graders scored at or above the reading proficient level, up from 24 percent in 2011. Twenty-seven percent of fourth-graders met or exceeded the standard, the same as in 2011.  Nationwide, 42 percent of fourth-graders and 35 percent of eighth-graders scored at or above the math proficient level. In reading, 35 percent of fourth-graders and 36 percent of eighth-graders hit that mark.  West Virginia fourth-graders scored an average 237 in math, compared with the national average of 241. Their average score in reading also was below the national average score, 215 compared with 221.  Eighth-graders' average score in math was 274, 10 points below the national average score of 284. In reading, West Virginia eighth-graders scored an average 257, while the national average was 266…"The improvements in fourth-grade math are encouraging and provide evidence that our student performance is improving," state schools Superintendent Jim Phares said in an email. "Nonetheless, much work is left to be done. I am confident that through targeted, quality professional development for teachers and a renewed commitment to student engagement that our students will be prepared for their future success."  Karl's comment:  Analysis of the data may reveal some fudged figures, but improving from very terrible to plain terrible is nothing to brag about.  See the National Assessment of Educational Progress website for an interactive investigation of the results.
Click the state outline to switch between reading and math.


From the West Virginia Department of Education: The National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) is the nation’s only ongoing representative sample survey of student achievement in core subject areas, and commonly called “the Nation's Report Card.” It measures what students should know and can do in grades 4, 8, and 12…NAEP reports academic performance of West Virginia students and schools and enables West Virginia Department of Education to chart where West Virginia as a state compares to the nation. NAEP policy is set by the National Assessment Governing Board. As a bipartisan, independent federal board, the Governing Board decides on the content and performance standards for NAEP.

Here is a summary of the West Virginia Results

Grade 4 Reading: In 2013, the average score of fourth-grade students in West Virginia was 215. This was lower than the average score of 221 for public school students in the nation.

Grade 4 Math: In 2013, the average score of fourth-grade students in West Virginia was 237. This was lower than the average score of 241 for public school students in the nation.

Grade 8 Reading : In 2013, the average score of eighth-grade students in West Virginia was 257. This was lower than the average score of 266 for public school students in the nation.

Grade 8 Math: In 2013, the average score of eighth-grade students in West Virginia was 274. This was lower than the average score of 284 for public school students in the nation.

Cops say teen stabbed fellow Morgantown High student 11-6-13
From the article: Witnesses told city police that a 17-year-old boy attacked a 14-year-old boy just after 7 a.m. in a hallway at Morgantown High. The younger boy then pulled a knife and stabbed the older boy multiple times in the arms and chest, according to a statement from police… This wasn't the first time a student brought a weapon onto Morgantown High School property. Last year, a student brought an unloaded stolen handgun to school but was caught after another student told the school resource officer about it. Karl’s comment: Take note of the last sentence. EWverone should ask for each WV school’s monthly discipline report. It would be an eye-opening read.

Education summit to take center stage in Charleston, WV
From the article: Education will take center stage in Charleston, WV, on Tuesday, Nov. 5. The Education Alliance and Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, D-W.Va., are co-hosting a summit, "Excellence in Education: It's Everyone's Business," at the Charleston Civic Center. "Through gatherings like this, we can learn from one another and work together to develop the methods that will enable us to reach the goals we've set-and provide our children with the very best," said Gov. Tomblin in a news release from the Education Alliance. Business, education and community leaders are invited to participate in the discussion on how about how to improve student achievement in West Virginia… "The future quality of life for the citizens of West Virginia is directly linked to the performance of our students," said West Virginia Board of Education President and Education Summit presenter Gayle Manchin. Karl’s comment:
See “The Common Con and Rotten (Common) Core and Partnership Poppycock”.

Ripley, WV student recovering from injuries sustained at Halloween party 11-4-13
From the article: A young girl is in a Charleston hospital recovering from wounds, friends say, she sustained after an out of control Halloween party over the weekend. The party was allegedly hosted by high school age Jackson County students Saturday night.  Close family friends say the 14-year-old girl received injuries that covered her in bruises and put her in the hospital on a breathing machine. Karl’s comment: This did not happen at school, but I guarantee you it is connected to the school.

Report details quality, effectiveness of W.Va. teachers 10-30-13
From the article: West Virginia is doing a middling job of delivering well-prepared teachers to its classrooms, according to a new report from the National Council on Teacher Quality. The report, released Wednesday, looked at education policy nationally and in all 50 states for the ways those states are handling teacher evaluations, and especially teacher preparedness. It ranked states in five areas related to teacher quality. West Virginia's grades ranged from three D-plus grades (in identifying and retaining effective teachers, and exiting ineffective teachers) to two C-minus grades (for delivering well-prepared teachers and expanding the pool of teachers). Karl’s comment: Would parents call their child’s report card with grades like that “middling”?

Parent raises concerns about security cameras at Capital HS 10-29-30
From the article: On his fifteenth birthday, (the boy) found himself slammed against a wall at Capital High School during lunch. "The last thing I remember, I was leaning up against the wall and waking up in the office bathroom," the freshman said. (His) mother,…said she barely recognized her own son when she picked him up from school…She asked administrators for the video captured by the tilt-and-pan camera in the courtyard. She was denied. "There is no surveillance video," (the principal) Giles said. "In fact, the video surveillance system at this school is woefully inadequate."… "Capital High School is safe," Giles said, "It's not a place where marauding thugs seek out unwitting victims to beat down on a regular basis." Karl’s comment: The public should ask for monthly incident reports from “public” schools. It would be frightening. The principal’s reassurance about the school being “safe” is a farce. Note “regular basis” and SEE THE NEXT HEADLINE!

Teacher Charged with Sexually Abusing High School Student 10-29-13
From the article: A Capital High School teacher is behind bars after she was charged with sexually abusing a teenage student. Charleston Police arrested Spanish teacher …, 30, Tuesday afternoon. According to the criminal complaint, (the female teacher) and a 16-year-old boy began a relationship in January of this year, and it turned sexual by the summer. “That's the scariest part of it, it could be happening to anybody's child,” parent Angela White said. Court records allege (she) took the student to her home, a hotel and even to Ohio for shopping trips and also that the two smoked pot, drank alcohol and showered together. . Karl’s comment:
You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!!

Police Seek Boone Teacher In Connection With String Of Thefts 10-24-13
From the article: A Boone County teacher has been named a suspect in a string of Kanawha City burglaries, and he is accused of stealing from the school where he works… Chief Deputy Chad Barker said (he) stole and pawned several iPads and other tools from the technical school. Karl’s comment: Thou shalt not steal. (Ex. 20:15) is the 8th Commandment. The Ten Commandments used to be posted in government schools.

Teenager facing charges after bringing gun to school in Charleston, WV 10-23-13
From the article: A teenager may face expulsion and criminal charges after police found a gun on him at Capitol High School…Sgt. Henderson says this is the fourth weapon brought to school this year in the entire state of West Virginia. Karl’s comment: This one was unloaded (or did a friend have the bullets?) Tick, tick, tick

Punishments handed out after Kanawha County parents fight during middle school football game 10-23-13
From the article: A middle school football brawl involving parents last Thursday, Oct. 17, has sparked a Kanawha County School Board investigation… Parents stormed the field, fighting after the Elkview Middle School vs. Cedar Grove Middle School football game. Karl’s comment: Like son and daughter, so are mom and father. See 10-19-13.

W.Va. high school graduation rate up 10-23-13
From the article: Education data show high school graduation rates have improved steadily for five years in West Virginia, jumping 8.5 percent since the fall of 2008… The state's figures show that 79.3 percent of seniors graduated during the 2012-13 school year, up from 70.8 percent in 2008-09. Karl’s comment: The headline and lead line are typical propaganda lines. 79.3% is still pathetic. Even worse is the fact that graduating does not equal being educated. Articles through out these WV News pages and college bonehead courses prove that WV students are doing pitifully academically.

Mother Indicted After School Bus Argument Leads to Fatal Shooting 10-19-13
From the article: Police have said the two had clashed in text messages and phone calls after an altercation between their children aboard a school bus. Slagle was found shot once with a .38-caliber handgun. Karl’s comment: This is tragic, but thankfully it did not happen in front of the children.

Lincoln County students receive new sex education 10-11-13
From the article: The formidable organization responsible for the new approach in sex education is West Virginia Free, a Charleston-based reproductive health and education organization. On June 18, Lincoln County school officials signed a memorandum of understanding with WV FREE to implement the fresh methodology as an accepted and standardized segment of the school system's curriculum. Karl’s comment: I repeat my 8-14-12 comment: WV Free is a radical baby killing organization whose website states: WV FREE was founded as a coalition in 1989 by women from three organizations: the Women’s Health Center of West Virginia (then and now the state’s only non-profit abortion clinic), the WV-National Abortion Rights League and the WV Chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women.

From the article: Eyewitness news reporter Katelyn Snyder talked to one 11 year old girl who is hoping her story of being victimized by bullies just might help make a difference for (the) 11 year old being a sixth grade student at Cedar Grove Middle School isn't easy. For the past two years she's been bullied. (She says) a group of girls put her down and make fun of her just about every day. "Kids are talking about me and saying that I’m ugly and I’m too skinny and I don't belong in this world and i should go die and stuff." (Her) mom Tracey said (her daughter) would come home from school crying, locked herself in her bedroom and talked about suicide…At one point (she) said it even got physical and (she) was attacked…Tracey said she went down to the school to plead with administrators for help. Karl’s comment: Stories like this are common and parents keep on sending their kids to the bully zones. Sadly, the situation has been seized upon by sodomites to push their agenda. Just these WV News pages for more about this.

Study finds West Virginia third graders struggle with reading 10-1-13
From the article: A study released by West Virginia Kids Count revealed seven out of ten students in West Virginia are not reading proficiently at the end of third grade. According to the data, only five of the state's 55 counties had more than 50 percent of their students reading on level at the end of the third grade. Clay County had the highest percentage of proficient readers at 63 percent. Kanawha County, the state's largest county, only had 48 percent of students reading proficiently. Monroe County had the lowest percentage with 29 percent of students reading on level by the end of the third grade. To combat this problem, many schools have hired reading interventionists. Their job is to help students catch up and reach their respective reading grade levels…According to the West Virginia Kids Count study, several risk factors for being a poor fourth grade reader include mother's education level, problems at birth, low family income, a lack of high-quality pre-school programs and poor nutrition.

From West Virginia ranks last in the tri-state region, and 40th in America when graded on reading proficiency at a crucial time in a student's education. The education watchdog group, West Virginia Kids First, released a study on Tuesday that says 73% of West Virginia students are not proficient readers by the time they finish the third grade. The national average is 68%. The director of West Virginia Kids First says… children that are behind in their reading at the end of third grade, are much less likely to further their education.

Karl’s comment: A “reading interventionist” must be the middle school equivalent to a Chapter/Title I reading specialist in the elementary schools. Those have been used for over 30 years. Poor academic results have been going on for a LONG time. See “report Card” and “test” keywords at these WV News pages starting with the main page . The listed risk factors are valid (except for the push to getting younger kids in government schools), but a major one was omitted—government schools!

Readin’, ‘Ritin’, ‘Rithmetic, and Religion 10-8-13
If you have a strong stomach, see my March 13 article.

From the article: A Kanawha County teacher has been charged with aggravated d-u-i and driving on a suspended license. State police say they saw (the) 37-year-old (lady's) car swerving down interstate 77 yesterday. When troopers pulled her over, (she) failed three sobriety tests, and blew a point-1-6-3. (She) was not at school today. She teaches 12th grade math at George Washington High School. Her license had already been suspended, back on February 13th. Karl’s comment: So very sad for her, but so much of another warning to parents.

Upper Kanawha Valley Mayors Association comes out against school levy 10-1-13
From the article: Officials are lining up on either side of the debate surrounding a proposed property tax to benefit Kanawha County's school and library … This pitted the majority of the school board against school board president Pete Thaw, who voted against pursuing the new tax and has railed against the idea since it was proposed early this year. He was also the most vocal advocate for the board's decision last year to put a flat cap on the amount of money the school system can receive from its property tax. Karl’s comment: Besides being conned by “It’s for the kids,” Christians will continue to vote for this Wolf in Sheep Cloths (search “Thaw” at Evolution Resolution).

Valley Health Systems Providing Health Care at Poca High and Lakeside Elementary 9-25-13
Metro Putnam pg. 12
From the article: A school-based health center is a facility that provides students access to primary care in an office located directly on school grounds…that include immunizations, physicals, prescriptions, nutrition counseling, acute care for sudden illnesses, care for chronic conditions, dentistry services and referrals for specialized medical and behavioral health care. Karl’s comment: The Valley Health service is not just in Putnam County and it is part of the strategy to make America socialist. Here are other details: School-based clinics are merely an extension of graphic sex education curricula. When the sex educators saw that their programs were being exposed as completely ineffective, as shown in Chapter 139 of Volume III, "Sex Education," they took the easy way out. Instead of admitting defeat and changing direction entirely (perhaps returning to morality and chastity), they merely transformed the concept of sex education into a concrete and tangible form by installing school-based clinics… The sex clinic pushers have succeeded in many areas, and have refined their general strategy until it is literally a propaganda art form. The step-by-step process is unwavering and follows precisely the five-step plan shown in Figure 82-1. This plan of attack is extracted directly from "how-to" instruction manuals issued by the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS).

West Virginia Education Association campaigns for competitive pay 9-23-13
From the article: Since West Virginia offers the lowest salary, (Dale Lee, president of the WVEA) says the state is losing teachers to Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland and Pennsylvania… "We know West Virginia schools just like any other state schools needs highly qualified teachers so we want West Virginia schools to have our teachers," said (Dr. Calandra Lockhart, the Department of Education Chair at the University of Charleston) . However, teaching in a state ranked 48th in the nation in average teacher salaries can be discouraging to those entering the profession or to those who have been teaching for years.  School systems across West Virginia have had record vacancies.  For example, Raleigh County began the year with 74 vacancies. Karl’s comment: So many vacancies indicate that most were filled by un-qualified teachers. Also, another way of saying it is, “Few of the best teachers are working in West Virginia.” That leaves little room to criticize homeschool parents and Christian school teachers as not being qualified.

Lawmakers to hear report: Only half of high school seniors in West Virginia felt college-ready 9-21-13
From the article: State lawmakers will hear a report that says only about 50 percent of West Virginia's graduating high school seniors believe their high school educations fully prepared them for college. The report will be presented by the chancellor of the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission on Monday. It's based on a 2012 survey of the state's graduating high school seniors. Karl’s comment: THIS IS OLD NEWS! Common Core and more money will not fix it!! Please see Common Core Science (or Science Standards for Suckers).

Former teacher pleads no contest to child abuse charges 9-20-13
From the article: A former Spring Mills Middle School teacher accused of physically abusing five of her own children pleaded no contest Wednesday to five felony counts of child abuse causing bodily injury after accepting a plea offer that saw her avoid a trial. Karl’s comment: One must wonder about the woman’s students.

Former coach, teacher sentenced in W.Va. on heroin distribution count 9-19-13
From the article: A former teacher and girls' basketball coach from Marshall County has been sentenced to a 30-month prison term for her conviction on heroin distribution charges. Karl’s comment: One wonders how much drug use goes on among teachers.

Mold worries parents at South Charleston Middle 9-19-13
From the article: Parents of South Charleston Middle School students are outraged over mold and other ongoing faulty building conditions they say they reported to the Board of Education a year ago… Visible water leaks and mold are prevalent throughout the school, including in classrooms, hallways and in the auditorium… "The conditions there are criminal. Absolutely criminal," (a parent) said. "I'm very, very upset. I came to this board last fall about roof leaks and thought I had gotten some action taken, but it amounted to Band-Aids for a very serious problem. ... It's only gotten worse."… Parents in Thursday's audience yelled things like, "The kids are getting sick and you all don't care"… "You come back in a month, and if there's no action, you can raise all the hell you want. But I'm telling you, there will be action," Thaw said. "This board isn't going to put up with this." At a parent said, "I have to let her off every morning knowing I'm sending her to get sick.” Karl’s comment: The physical dangers are certainly serious, but SADLY the parents have no concern about the SPIRITUAL dangers. Thaw as at his best. Christians who vote for him are either conned or compromised. See the 5-17-13 entry.
On 10-18 a report ( stated: “ With South Charleston Middle School having tested positive for mold, Kanawha County School Board members say they're taking the right steps to keep kids safe inside the building.” Karl’s comment: If it wasn’t so tragic it would be laughable. The physical health of the children was in jeopardy, but their spiritual health is even in more severe danger.

Parents Upset over Bomb Threat Evacuation Procedures 9-17-13
From the article: Parents are upset about how their school system handled three consecutive bomb threats at West Virginia's Petersburg High School. Parents said the threats began on the twelfth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. "There was no teacher, there was no one supervising these children as they left," said Dorene Van Meter, a parent of a Petersburg High School student…Superintendent Bolton said the West Virginia State Police, the Sheriff's Office and the city police are currently investigating the threats. Karl’s comment: Those parents should devise a plan to keep their children spiritually safe by rescuing their children from the pagan indoctrination centers. See the second 9-12 item.

W.Va. DHHR takes custody of 12-year-old boy who brought loaded gun to middle school 9-17-13
From the article: Police say a 12-year-old West Virginia boy who brought a gun to school has been moved to a mental health facility. Karl’s comment: Tick, tick, tick…

Teacher aide investigation continues 9-12-13
From the article: State Police say they are cautious not to underestimate the potential for more victims in a sexual assault case that already involves former Hurricane High teacher's aide --- and three former students, all as a former colleague says she witnessed behavior dating back to the mid-1990s that made her suspicious…(a student) told police (he) offered her temporary housing in August only later to convince her to drink liquor and smoke marijuana. That led to sexual contact, which the former student with mental disabilities could not refuse due to her level of consciousness, a criminal complaint states…(A former teacher said) She recalled having reported the incident to Hurricane High's principal, but questioned Wednesday if such reports made any difference. "I guess I was the only one that thought it was odd or I was the only (one)s (sic)that got upset," she said, indicating other faculty members noticed unusual interactions between Gibson and the student. "Nobody seemed to care or nobody wanted to get involved. Put it that way. They didn't want to get involved, and probably because they didn't want the principal yelling and screaming at them and telling them to mind their own business." Karl’s comment:
Hurricane High School is a 21st Century School of Excellence. Since 2008, Hurricane has been named as one of the nation's best high schools by Newsweek magazine. Since 2009, Hurricane High School has been a West Virginia Exemplary School. ( It is fine for “educators” to molest students as long as parents think their children are getting a good education. I’d like to know how many Hurricane High graduates attend a four year college and what percentage of those take bone head courses when they get there. Also see these news items about Hurricane High: March 13, 2012; April 19, 2009; and May 6, 2008.
You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!!

River View High School teacher suspended 9-12-13
From the article: Information about the suspension of a teacher at one McDowell County High School is still unclear. Officials with the McDowell County Board of Education confirmed that a teacher at River View high school teacher has been suspended.  The superintendent would not confirm the nature of the suspension, as it was a personnel matter.  Karl’s comment: There is no way I can catch all such incidents and many do not make it to the news media also.

Cross Lanes Elementary Put On Lockdown After Janitor Allegedly Threatens To Use Gasoline Bomb 9-12-13
From the article: A bomb threat put a school on lockdown Thursday as Kanawha County deputies swarmed to the scene. (The man), 51, is accused of making terrorist threats at his workplace, Cross Lanes Elementary School. A criminal complaint alleges Stanley was upset because teachers at the school had received Walmart gift certificates for outstanding performance and he did not get one. Karl’s comment: Walmart needs to help out homeschooling parents.

Lincoln County High School students suspended over protest to put up memorial 9-6-13
From the article: A protest at Lincoln County High School earlier this morning resulted in several students being suspended. Authorities say a couple dozen students started a demonstration in the cafeteria after lunch time. They were asking for the school to hold a memorial service for a Blake Dunlap, a student who committed suicide more than a year ago…The suspension forms states that the students were "interrupting the educational process by refusing to go to class when instructed to do so."  Karl’s comment: It speaks for itself.

Protesters want Head Start budget restored 9-5-13
From the article: …people came out to protest funding cuts to Head Start programs across the state and country…West Virginia's children will still have access to preschool, though, because of new universal preschool legislation that, last fall, gave parents of all 4-year-olds the option to send their child to preschool every day. State-funded preschool has been offered for more than a decade. Karl’s comment: In Head Start, the government gets the children (that are not murdered in abortions) from birth (WV waits three years). Although there are questionable studies that claim Head Start success the fact is that “For the second time (2013) in two years, a Congressionally mandated study of the Health and Human Services program has shown it does not work…There are a thousand private entities doing work on education, social-emotional development, and parenting skills in low-income communities that would make better use of a 1/100th of Head Start’s budget than Head Start is.”

Former Kanawha County Schools Employee Arrested on Grand Larceny Charge 8-28-13
From the article: former Kanawha County Board of Education employee was arrested in connection with the theft of nearly $1,500 worth of school equipment, including computers, according to information from the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office. (He) was charged with grand larceny. (He) was employed as the child nutrition director for the school system. He had resigned in February 2012. Karl’s comment: The 8 th Commandment was banned long ago with the other 9.

First-day jitters-Emotions run gamut on first day of school 8-24-13
From the article:  (When) Olivia let go of her mom's hand, it was a tearful separation for both…Four-year-old Olivia…began her lifelong journey of learning in kindergarten class Wednesday at Third Ward Elementary School in Elkins.  (Her mother) said. "But we have had the unique opportunity to have all of our meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner - together up to this point."…"We have had her all to ourselves for four years, and suddenly she is out most of the day," (her mother) said. "It's hard to adjust to because now on weekdays, we will only get to spend a few hours with her…(Olivia) begins her educational journey, she will learn many things and attend 180 days of school per year during her middle and high school career, which equals 2,340 days. Throughout this time, she will undoubtedly face both good times and hard times, and she will amass a myriad of knowledge. But for the time being, she will just take her educational journey one day at a time.  Karl's comment: How sad to give the sweet child to be indoctrinated.  Those hours together the parents gave up can NEVER be regained!

Hurricane Town Elementary Achieves Lighthouse Status 8-16-13
From the article: Hurricane Town Elementary School—a member of the Putnam County school district in the great state of West Virginia, becomes the first Lighthouse School in the state… Hurricane Town represents the true essence of educational greatness through living their mission: “To produce global leaders, one child at a time .”.. The HTE culture completely embeds the leadership model throughout each hallway and classroom. Beautiful murals and displays remind students, parents, and staff of the deep commitment of inspiring greatness in everyone. The 7 Habits and leadership integration are clearly evident throughout the school. There is a seamless bond between academics and the arts. Teachers at Hurricane Town are experts in integrating the 7 Habits into curriculum and instruction. HTE is a high-performing school that takes very seriously its goal to prepare students for academic success now and in the future . Karl’s comment: This so-called “lighthouse” is beckoning children to destruction on the jagged rocks of Christless New Age religion. See my comments under #20 "Stealth Tactics".

Police: Teacher Facing Jail Time after Hitting Special Needs Student 8-13-13
From the article: A retired teacher in Jackson County is facing jail time after police say she hit a special needs student when he didn't follow directions. On Tuesday morning, (a) former Ripley Elementary art teacher was charged with battery. (The parent said the teacher) hit his 11-year-old autistic son when he didn’t follow her directions… (The teacher) retired at the end of the academic year in 2013. Karl’s comment: A sad situation.

From the article: And, it looks like parents are dealing with extra long lists from schools this year. The average parent plans to spend about 300 dollars per child for back to school shopping. That's according to a new back to school poll commissioned by online coupon site retail me not dot com. The poll also finds that 95 percent of parents say they will have to supplement their child's classroom supplies because of school budget cuts. Karl’s comment: The situation is due to the fact that most of the HUGE amount of tax money does not go directly to children. The same newscast had this: TOOLS FOR SCHOOL DONATION--S tudents are returning to the classroom and we want to provide them with school supplies. And you can help.” Generous folks should donate to Christian schools and needy homeschool families.

Raleigh Co. schools moving from textbooks to iPads 8-6-13
From the article: All public school students in Raleigh County will use iPads in the classroom when the new academic year begins…" Superintendent Jim Brown (said) "We truly believe it will change the face of our classrooms…School officials plan to phase out printed editions of textbooks over the next five years…“I can tell you the days of having the hardback textbooks is going away quickly. Karl’s comment: It remains to be seen if the technology will result in better academic results.

Former Mercer County school counselor sentenced on federal child pornography charge 8-5-13
From the article: A former employee of the Mercer County School system was sentenced today on a federal possession of child pornography charge…(He) was previously employed as a school counselor at Princeton Senior High School. Goodwin said he was originally scheduled to be sentenced on May 30, 2012 but failed to appear at the hearing. He was arrested in Florida on June 12 on a traffic violation and then extradited back to West Virginia.
Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!!

State investigates complaints against Fayette teacher charged with hitting 2 kindergarteners 8-5-13
From the article: The state Department of Education is investigating complaints against a Fayette County teacher accused of hitting two kindergarten students. Police charged (the) 57-year-old (female) of Hico with two battery counts last week. Karl’s comment: I’d like to know more details.

What’s best step to prevent bullying? 8-4-13
From the article: The 6,313. That’s the number of students in the West Virginia school system who were disciplined for bullying, harassment or intimidation for the 2011-12 school year. That’s the number of cases that went through the proper channels and ended with a disciplinary action. That doesn’t count the incidents not reported. Karl’s comment: I doubt if the prison system in WV had that many similar incidents.

(Teacher) charged with sex abuse 7-30-13
From the article: A former Wirt County teacher and coach has been charged with felony sex abuse from an alleged inappropriate relationship with a student. A criminal complaint was filed in Wirt County Magistrate Court last week accusing (the) 36-year-old (man) of six felony counts of sexual abuse by a person of trust. According to the complaint, (the man), a math teacher and girls basketball coach at Wirt County High School, engaged in numerous acts of "willing sexual intercourse" with a 16-year-old female student. The investigation revealed the relationship was initiated at the high school and carried over to Heiney's residence. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!!

Raleigh Co. teacher fired amid texting accusations 7-4-13
From the article: Another Raleigh County teacher accused of sending inappropriate texts to a student has been fired…Police say the texts sent to a female student weren’t appropriate for a student/teacher relationship. On June 17, the board fired Trap Hill (the) Middle School teacher... She is accused of sending inappropriate and sexually explicit text messages to a 13-year-old male student at the school. No criminal charges have been filed in either case. Karl’s comment: The former applies to the 7-1-13 headline. Both are sad, but not surprising except to people who are willingly blind!

WWHS teacher says exchanged texts weren’t of a sexual nature 7-1-13
From the article: The Woodrow Wilson High School teacher who was accused in May of having an inappropriate texting relationship with a female student said Friday that the communication was never inappropriate in a sexual way… “I would say every teacher in that building has been sent or received a text message,” said (the teacher). Karl’s comment: Assuming he is telling the truth, his disclosure about student-teacher communication is alarming.

Former teacher sentenced for possessing child pornography 6-28-13
From the article: (The woman), a former Wheeling Middle School teacher, was sentenced Friday for her guilty plea to one count of possessing child pornography. Karl’s comment: Sick and sad. Be sure to take note—this was female this time!

KIDS COUNT data rank W.Va.’s education system 4th worst in U.S. 6-24-13
From the article: West Virginia’s education system ranks 47th, or fourth worst in the nation for the second straight year, according to the 2013 KIDS COUNT Data Book released today. Nearly three out of four fourth graders are not proficient in reading… Although, West Virginia was among 46 states and the District of Columbia that saw improvements in math proficiency. West Virginia’s eighth grade math proficiency score has improved 3 percent since 2005, but nearly 4 out of 5 of the state’s eighth graders are not proficient, which puts West Virginia at 48th. Karl’s comment: A focus of Kids Count is health and early childhood education, but the data is damning.

Fairmont teacher arrested on sexual abuse charges 6-5-13
From the article: A Fairmont teacher has been arrested on sexual abuse charges. Police arrested and charged (him), 29, of Fairmont, Wednesday on four felony counts of sexual abuse by a person of trust to a child. Waller is employed as a Driver’s Education Teacher at East Fairmont High School. Karl’s comment: Another article said the teacher also gave alcohol to students. an easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines.
Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!!

Attorney: THMS teacher sent student sexual text messages 5-31-13
From the article: A state trooper and the president of the Raleigh County Board of Education both said Thursday that they had not seen the content of the alleged texts, which were e-mailed to the media. Brett Preston, partner of the law firm Preston and Salango LLC, said that he represents the unidentified student, who was 13 at the time of the alleged incidents and plans to file a civil suit in the near future. “He was sent inappropriate and sexually explicit text and photographs by his female teacher at Trap Hill Middle School”…When administrators did not immediately react to the allegations, the parents withdrew their son from school to protect him, Salango said…The law firm of Preston and Salango has filed three civil suits against Raleigh County Schools over the past two years, alleging teacher sexual misconduct with students. Those cases all involved (a man), 33, a former Independence Middle School teacher who reportedly coerced, threatened and blackmailed a female middle-schooler into sending nude pictures of herself to him and is currently awaiting trial in Raleigh Circuit Court. He also allegedly had illegal physical contact with the girl during school hours…(Raleigh County Board of Education President Richard) Snuffer said teachers are a “reflection of society. I’d like to say we have no employees like (those who break laws in) the rest of society, but we do.” Karl’s comment:
The boy “ completed the eighth grade as a homeschooler.” He was rescued and I hope the parents did not throw him back in. You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!!

Teen girls' murder plot shocks West Virginia town 5-25-13
From the article: The two girls were charged with luring the straight-A student at University High School out of her family's apartment in the middle of the night, stabbing her to death at an agreed-upon moment and hiding her body under branches…(the 16-year-old) a red-haired student actress and singer with sparkling blue eyes, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in Monongalia County Circuit Court on May 1 and awaits sentencing in a juvenile detention center… The transcript of (her) hearing shows other students also had suspicions, chattering on social media about all three girls. A few overheard a conversation between the suspects about the plot but waited to report it. Karl’s comment: The killers were simply practicing the rules of evolutionism and humanism expounded in government schools. From an 8-2-2019 report ( One of the killers told authorities that they “had planned Neese's murder while in science class together. The plan was to pick Neese up from her house at night and drive to a remote area to smoke marijuana.”

No more 'teaching to the test' in W.Va 5-25-13
From the article: If West Virginia had not gotten an exemption from federal No Child Left Behind regulations last week, all of the state's students would have been expected to achieve proficient scores in reading and math on next year's standardized tests, a standard the state has not been close to reaching in the past. In the 2011-12 school year, only about 49 percent of the state's students were scoring at proficient levels in reading, while about 48 percent of students were proficient in math…"Maybe in the third grade, you weren't scoring at a high level, but how much did you grow throughout that school year? It's about that growth -- not just have you met this random, arbitrary number of proficiency?" said Liza Cordeiro, spokeswoman for the state Department of Education…The state has created a new assessment that will replace the WESTEST by the 2014-15 school year. It is based on state-developed Next Generation content standards that align with the national Common Core standards. Karl’s comment: Common Core is a subject to be discussed later. For now, teacher unions are happy and taxpayers are hustled. See the 5-20 entry.

School bus brawl caught on tape 5-24-13
From the article: A student on a Kanawha County school bus taped a brawl between two teens on the way to Dupont Middle School last week. The video shows a child repeatedly punching a girl in the seat of a school bus…(A mother), of Belle, has two children, ages five and six. She said bullying is definitely an issue in her students' lives and hopes it stops soon. "I've heard my daughter come home from school and say people's been mean," Smith said. "She just thought it was awful." Karl’s comment: Yet, those mothers keep sending their precious children into the battle zones.

W.Va. gets No Child Left Behind waiver 5-20-13
From the article: West Virginia is the latest state to be granted a waiver by the U.S. Department of Education that relieves schools from federal rules associated with the No Child Left Behind Act introduced more than a decade ago. That means the state will now use its own unique accountability system to identify struggling schools. West Virginia's system will focus more on individual student academic growth and offer more local control, as well as move forward with more challenging standards to ensure career and college readiness for students, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin said at a press conference Monday…West Virginia is now one of 37 states that has been approved for the waiver, which shifts the focus from students performing at grade-level for math and reading -- the cornerstone of the Bush-era law -- to making sure students are ready for college or a career. Only three states have not requested to be exempt from the No Child Left Behind regulations…Education officials have already flagged 32 schools across the state as "priority schools," meaning they have persistently low test scores and will receive "extra resources and funds to improve"… Karl’s comment: Less Federal involvement is not good enough. The best is zero Federal involvement. As far as the new “accountability” system—keep this clip and see what a waste of money it was if we are still around in 2018. The five school status ratings are supposed to be easily understood. If that were the goal, they should have used the grading system of A, B, C, D, and E (F) schools. This is just another extension of the big con-game.

Potential school speakers will have to clear additional hurdle in Kanawha County 5-17-13
From the article: A recent controversy at George Washington High School over an assembly featuring an abstinence only speaker (see the 4-12 entry below--Karl) has led to the passage of a new measure in the Kanawha County school system. From now on, county schools superintendent Dr. Ron Duerring will have to sign off on all assemblies dealing with sex, religion or politics…“It’s just another backup for the principals,” said Kanawha County Board of Education President Pete Thaw, who introduced the measure. “I’m not slamming the principals, but they need a little backup too”…Thaw said this measure protects students from being exposed to controversial topics during school assemblies. Karl’s comment: WHAT HYPOCRICY! See BLASPHEMY IN SCHOOL and THE TEXTBOOK WAR. Thaw would not live a finger to stop exposure to explicit sex in texts, but he has a problem with the only sure “safe sex.”
Thaw is a fake friend of Bible believing Christians.

Parents Upset after Prescription Pill Bottles Handed Out to Kindergarteners 5-10-13
From the article: Parents of a few kindergarteners at Point Pleasant Primary School were shocked when their children brought home prescription pill bottles from school. The teacher gave the bottles, empty except for a few small pebbles inside, to students for a class project. Karl’s comment: Although there is a valid basis for the parents’ concern, this is much ado about nothing. The children receive much more dangerous material from the curriculum

Freshman with gun arrested at Morgantown High 5-9-13
From the article: A 15-year-old Morgantown High School student was taken into juvenile custody after being found with an unloaded, stolen handgun on campus Thursday. Karl’s comment: Everyone hopes a shooting will not occur, but things that are bad in different ways are brought to government schools every day.

Tomblin signs Feed to Achieve into law 5-9-13
From the article: Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin officially signed a bill into law aimed at helping children do better in the classroom. The Feed to Achieve Act provides free breakfast and lunch to all students around the state… Feed to Achieve is a public/private partnership, where the community gets involved in financing those free meals through local donations and making the most out of federal funding. Karl’s comment: I understand poverty in more than one way . Perhaps the people that pushed for this have good hearts, but the reality is that it will help very few and hurt many. It will cause more parents to become addicted to government school welfare and motivate the parents to send their children to those pagan indoctrination centers. See the may2-13 entry.

State ranks high in study for pre-K programs 5-2-13
From the article: A study ranks West Virginia fifth in the nation for the percentage of 4-year-olds enrolled in pre-kindergarten classes. The study by the National Institute for Early Education Research found that about 61 percent of 4-year-olds were enrolled in state-funded preschool in 2011-12, up from 58 percent the year before. The report found West Virginia increased preschool state funding in 2011-12 to about $6,000 per child, compared with about $5,600 the year before. Both figures ranked eighth among the states. The national average is about $3,800. Karl’s comment: Sadly, those parents have been snared. See the 5-9-13 entry.

US judge rejects settlement in alleged W.Va. rape 5-5-13
From the article: A federal judge has rejected a proposed $65,000 settlement stemming from the alleged gang rape a 13-year-old girl by members of the basketball team at a now-closed Fayette County high school…The guardian, Maryl Sattler, wrote that the settlement would not cover the costs of future psychological care or private schooling nor adequately compensate the young woman for her suffering. Only about $34,000 would remain of the $65,000 after attorney's fees. The alleged rape by five basketball players occurred in November 2010 at Mount Hope High School…The girl, identified as "B.E." in court filings, was an honor roll student, cheerleading captain and member of the homecoming court. Karl’s comment: I missed this one the year it happened. There is no doubt I miss (and many are kept secret) a lot of West Virginia government school atrocities.

No motivation for education 5-4-13
From the article: Everyone realizes our schools are in trouble. No one seems to know why… The prospect for education in West Virginia and elsewhere is bleak. What is going on is best described by the currently popular phrase "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as it goes down." (The author) is a retired inorganic chemist who taught high school and college. Karl’s comment: Unfortunately the writer provides the same old deck chair shuffle .

15-year-old Calhoun County student "bullied to death"; friends now taking a stand 4-30-13
From the article: Each of them say they've felt the sting of a bully's careless actions.  Anita says people target her because of her speech impediment, Sara because she's short, Brittany because of her asthma and eczema, Erin because he doesn't talk much and Kenneth was branded with an unkind nickname that has stuck with him for years. "There are kids in there that call me and my group of friends idiots," Sara said, "They say they wish we would die." "Sometimes I even go home and cry and I just want to move or do something about it,"Anita adds. Brittany says her bullying got so bad that her parents were forced to pull her out of the school district to begin home schooling her. Karl’s comment: The article goes on to claim a “gay” friend killed himself because of being bullied. Maybe, and maybe he did it for other reasons. Research reviews that homosexual teens are five times more likely to commit suicide than heterosexual peers. (

W.Va. Teen Arrested After 'Almost Inciting Riot' Wearing NRA Shirt to School 4-22-13
From the article: (the boy), 14, had a confrontation Thursday with a Logan Middle School teacher over his NRA t-shirt, which bears the organization's logo, along with an image of a hunting rifle and the phrase, "Protect your right." (the boy’s) lawyer, Ben White, said that when the teen was told to remove the shirt or turn it inside out, he attempted to engage the teacher in a debate. "(The boy) respects firearms and has training to use them, and believes in the Second Amendment," White told "He believes it's being threatened by current legislation. He wore [the shirt] as an expression of political speech and the need to protect the Second Amendment." White said that (the boy) had been wearing the shirt without causing any problems from homeroom at the beginning of the school day through fifth period, and was confronted by one of the school's teachers while getting his lunch. When that (the boy) refused to remove or reverse the shirt, the teacher began to raise his voice, and it caught the attention of students eating their lunch, White said (the boy) was eventually arrested and taken away by police after refusing to remove the shirt. White said that when police told the teen they were going to arrest him, he stuck his hands out and said, "Fine." Logan City Police Chief E.K. Harper told that (the boy) was not arrested for wearing a t-shirt, but for "disrupting the school process." "His conduct in school almost incited a riot," Harper said…Logan county schools' dress code, which is posted online , prohibits clothing and accessories that display profanity, violence, discriminatory messages or sexual language, along with ads for alcohol, tobacco or drugs. There is no mention of the NRA or guns…White accompanied (the boy) and his stepfather to a meeting at the school, where the principal, according to White, said that she "hates that it happened" to (the boy). Logan County students wore NRA t-shirts today in solidarity with (the boy, White said, adding that Marcum is an honor roll student eyeing a career in the military…"There's no evidence that (he) almost caused a riot," he (the lawyer) said...”It was the teacher not acting like an adult. He created the issue." Karl’s comment: Poor judgments by a likely liberal teacher.

Cheating: School dilemma 4-22-13
From the article: West Virginia public school students rank so low in standardized test scores -- trailing most states in science, equaling Bulgaria in math -- that the 2013 Legislature overcame howls from teacher unions and passed a major education reform demanded by Gov. Tomblin. Nobody knows whether the law changes will boost learning levels. But the demand for better test results begets a different problem: cheating by some teachers and administrators to inflate scores in their schools and enhance their own careers…What a mess. What a dilemma. West Virginia must strive for higher test scores -- but they mustn't be attained dishonestly. Karl’s comment: LOL! This is a Gazette editorial. The Gazette led the fight against parents who sounded the alarm in 1974.

Bill for compulsory science fiction in West Virginia schools 4-19-13
Ray Canterbury, a Republican delegate, is appealing to the West Virginia board of education to include science fiction novels on the middle school and high school curriculums. "The Legislature finds that promoting interest in and appreciation for the study of math and science among students is critical to preparing students to compete in the workforce and to assure the economic well being of the state and the nation," he writes in the pending bill…"I'm not interested in fantasy novels about dragons," Canterbury told Blastr in a recent interview. "I'm primarily interested in things where advanced technology is a key component of the storyline, both in terms of the problems that it presents and the solutions that it offers." A fan of Isaac Asimov and Jules Verne, Canterbury believes that "one of the things about science fiction is that it gives you this perspective that as long as you have an imagination and it's grounded in some sort of practical knowledge, you can do anything you wanted to"…James Gunn, author, critic and a "grand master" of science fiction, agreed that "classrooms should expose more students to science fiction", and said that Canterbury's plan "sounds like an enlightened idea"…"Because science fiction incorporates the one thing that is undeniably true in today's fiction – that the world is changing – it has the capability of shaping that change as well as adjusting to it. As I say in my signature motto, 'Let's save the world through science fiction.' Karl’s comment: Putting aside the religious connotations of some of the comments, it is clear that there is plenty of science fiction in public school science classes where the lie of evolutionism is taught.

School nurses don't withhold sex education, official says 4-16-13
From the article: School nurses are directed to tell students that they can receive birth control at the health department or local women's health centers, Isaac said…
While West Virginia's teen birth rate fell in 2010 to 45 births per 1,000 teen girls, the state still ranks among the 10 highest in the country for children born to teen mothers, according to a Kids Count report. Karl’s comment: Women’s health center” is code for “abortion” which is the medical term for killing a baby. The birth rate (4½%) of all teen girls giving birth-probably does not tally those who kill their babies.

Abstinence-only curriculum not supported in W.Va. 4-12-13
See this page for details about this entry. Scroll down to the headline.

Teacher Arrested, Accused of Stomping on Student's Foot 4-12-13
From the article: According to the criminal complaint, the 11-year-old student told troopers that Russell, a teacher at Beale Elementary School, stomped on his foot as he was preparing to leave music class Thursday and told him, "I wish you would cooperate with me in class." The student also told State Police that Russell was "grinding" his foot into the floor and when he tried to pull his foot out Russell said, "No, you're staying right here." The student's parents took the boy to the hospital to be checked out. According to the criminal complaint, the boy had a contusion to his foot, along with swelling and bruising. Karl’s comment: Stomping on a child’s foot is bad, but stomping on a child’s soul is worse and that goes on all of the time in government schools. You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!!

Classroom climate change 3-30-13
From the article: Robin Anglin, science coordinator for the state Department of Education (said), "Science education today is about more than learning the order of the planets in the solar system -- it's about educating students in whole-systems thinking."... "It isn't as though we're telling students what to think. Teachers should show both sides of the argument and allow students to research on their own and make their own decisions based on the information," she said. "There should be a conversation in the classroom that allows both sides to give their point of view and find the best compromise between ecology and economy... "You have to be scientific about it, but you also have to show all points of view. I think we sell kids short sometimes by not letting them make up their own minds."... Two-thirds of students in the United States say they're not learning much about climate change at all, according to the National Center for Science Education. "All it would take is there to be some groundwork laid in the schools so that you could have an informed citizenry. That's really all we're going for with any science standards," ... "When people say that the data's flawed in climate change, that's not true," she said. "There's enough valid documentation to merit that it is changing, and it is very likely to man's influence." Karl’s comment: They do not think that about evolutionism. WV citizens should not believe a word about letting students “make their own decisions.”

Teacher absenteeism bill dies in Senate committee 3-28-13
From the article: A bill designed to crack down on teacher absenteeism in West Virginia died in a Senate committee Thursday, after teachers unions sharply criticized the legislation... The Kanawha school system spends $4.6 million in substitute costs each year, Duerring said. Karl’s comment: When I was in the system I remember a Central Office administrator jokingly referring to “mental health” days. Few, if any, private companies have such a generous policy

Wood BOE may extend teacher's suspension 3-26-13
From the article: Members of the Wood County Board of Education are poised to extend the suspension of a Parkersburg High School teacher involved in filming an inappropriate Harlem Shake video that featured students...The Harlem Shake video shot at Parkersburg High School involving Young and posted to social media, featured students performing simulated sex acts. arl’s comment: I did not see the word, “fire.”

Former teacher’s trial scheduled for April 3-25-13
The trial of a former Independence Middle School science teacher, indicted in September on two counts of possession of material visually portraying a minor in sexually explicit conduct, is scheduled for April 16 in Raleigh County Circuit Court, the prosecutor’s office reported. Michael Jason Dickens was arrested June 9, 2011, by West Virginia State Police for soliciting a minor via computer after the mother of a former female student, referred to as “Jane Doe #1,” reported to authorities online exchanges between Dickens and her daughter… Since the original complaint, two other minor females, known in the complaints as “Jane Doe #2” and “Jane Doe #3,” also filed civil harassment charges against the BOE and Dickens alleging sexual exploitation by Dickens.

Capital High principal back to work after suspension 3-25-13
From the article: Capital High School Principal Clinton Giles was back to work Monday after a three-day suspension... Administrators have stayed quiet on the matter, saying they are not at liberty to discuss personnel matters. But one school district official who asked not to be named told the Daily Mail last week that the suspension was the result of a conflict involving one student's admission into the school's National Honor Society. Giles made unauthorized changes to the criteria for admission into the club, the source said. Karl’s comment: Hmmm.

Shortage of Certified Teachers Felt Across W.Va. 3-22-13
From the article: "Right now, we have three high school positions that are uncertified. Next year, we possibly are looking at four, maybe five," said Logan County Schools Superintendent Wilma Zigmond. Logan County is not unique in this problem, but it is among the highest in the state. The other high need areas include Raleigh, Berkeley, Jefferson, Mingo, Boone, Fayette, Wyoming, McDowell and Morgan counties. Karl’s comment: A reasonably intelligent parent, especially with Internet connection, can do a fine job of educating a child. Classroom teachers learn to teach on the job. Colleges of education are mostly mills for liberals.

GW students seek Kanawha BOE's plan on redistricting 3-20-13
From the article: GW seniors Ben Glasser and Derek Crane, both student council members, have submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the school board, asking for any documents related to redrawing attendance zones and transfer policies in the South Hills area. For months, the county's proposal to redistrict in order to alleviate crowding at John Adams Middle, GW and its feeder schools has caused controversy, with parents voicing concerns that if they were pushed out of district, their children would not receive an adequate education. Karl’s comment: They do get high test scores from that region for whatever that amounts to, but it is obvious that parents fear the opther schools low academics.

Former PikeView teacher faces 18 felony sex crimes charges 3-18-13
From the article: A former PikeView High School physical education teacher has been arrested on 18 felony sex crimes... He is charged with three counts of use of obscene matters with the intent to seduce a minor; three counts use of a minor in filming sexually explicit conduct; three counts of distribution and display of obscene matters to a minor; four counts of sexual abuse by a parent, guardian or custodian; and five counts of soliciting a minor via a computer... The initial charges involve seven female students who were attending PikeView High School at the time the situation was reported. The officer believes there could be more alleged victims. In all, she has interviewed up to 12 girls...(A State Troper said,), “It’s very troubling. We’re made as parents to send our children to school. We hope that our children will be safe,” she said. “...It’s upsetting, it’s troubling, to everybody.” Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!!

Fired teacher denies trying ‘to turn them gay’ 3-14-13
From the article: (The teacher) alleged that students had been forced to write submissions saying that she had "tried to turn them gay...What has this process taught our youngsters? Every day they stand and recite an anti-bullying pledge right after the Pledge of Allegiance.”..(She) said she felt the case had been proven that there existed "no evidence that plans of improvement were ever implemented and that no improvement team was ever in existence” in accordance with Policy 5310...In a separate allegation contained in Burns letter, the teacher leveled accusations regarding test cheating against staff at one school in the county. Burns said she had a responsibility to report these practices to the board. She referred to "continued, widespread and pervasive cheating on standardized tests by some teachers and administrators” at the school. Burns further alleged that there has been "major misuse of federal and state funds” because students are not provided services to which they are entitled. Karl’s comment: The teacher was officially fired for poor teaching. I wonder about her allegations of widespread cheating. It happened in Atlanta.

Pleasants Co. Teacher Arrested On Drug Charges 3-14-13
From the article: A teacher with Pleasants County Schools is arrested for possession and 5 other drug charges. The Washington County Sheriff's Office says (she) was found with heroin, pills and cocaine. Karl’s comment: This may be why the teacher unions resist mandatory drug tests.

Teachers criticize new W.Va. school board job 3-14-13
From the article: Teachers’ unions are criticizing the West Virginia Board of Education’s decision to create a new staff position that will assist board members. Media outlets report that the board hired Donna Perduto as its new director of operations on Wednesday. Perduto will earn $104,000 a year. American Federation of Teachers-West Virginia president Judy Hale cited an audit released last year that found the state education system was heavy with state-level staffers. Karl’s comment: Rarely do I agree with the unions. In this case it is an example of wasted taxpayer money.

Drug dogs scour Nitro High School 3-12-13
From the article: Drug dogs at an area high school on Tuesday morning put the school on lockdown, but it was all a planned event according to police. Officers from across Kanawha and Putnam county were at Nitro High School looking for drugs. They didn't find any but Nitro's police chief said they seldom do during this kind of sweep. Karl’s comment: Just another day in the prison (oops—make that school) system.

Kanawha school board wants addition to Andrews Heights 3-12-13
From the article: Kanawha County Superintendent Ron Duerring...(said,) "We've had environmental issues with the portables”... school's portables. Karl’s comment: It is sad that many children are forced to sit in physically unhealthy school buildings. It is not uncommon. See Andrew Jackson (Polluted) (Sep. 16 & 17, 2008) It is tragic that all children in government schools are forced to undergo ungodly indoctrination. The article reported that the state School Building Authority is doling out $42 million tax dollars for school construction. All th money in the work cannot fix the souls of the children.

Yoga on the rise in West Virginia 3-9-13
From the article: Twisting this way and stretching that way during a yoga class is like attending therapy, church and the gym all at once. At least that's what Folded Leaf owner April Woody tells her yoga classes. "Yoga is different than plain exercise and just stretching," Woody said last week. "There's a deeper spiritual component to it. The mere epidemic of people struggling with anxiety and stress ... people understand that taking a pill to try to fix whatever is wrong with them is just like putting a Band-Aid on it and it doesn't address the issue." (A yoga teacher) taught special education and then civics and history for nearly 30 years in Fayetteville schools... Karl’s comment:
See 1-10-13 and 3-31-08 WV News entries. Also, see my 2008 articles "Yoga should be left out of schools" (April 21)."Religion Established in Public Schools" (April 12) and “Yoga Zealots’ Own Words” (1-10-2013) about Yogism in West Virginia schools as well as the yoga entry on “The Common Thread Addendum”.

Teachers 'flipping' classrooms in W.Va. 3-9-13
From the article: Cook's students never have to turn in homework. Instead, they are required to watch videos explaining the day's lesson when they're outside of class, and do all of their coursework during class time... Cook is one of a handful of teachers across West Virginia who are trying out "flipped classrooms" -- a strategy that inverts traditional teaching methods by delivering instruction online outside of class and moving "homework" into the classroom... Students are learning more about independence... "It helps differentiate the students more -- it's easier to teach each of them individually... Flipped-mastery classrooms encourage independent learning by allowing students to work at their own pace and collaborate in stations... "It's all self-based. You give the kids the video assignments, then they come in and work at their own pace." Karl’s comment: This latest whiz-bang idea has some merit because it moves toward a University School approach.

Two Ex-Mingo School Employees Charged With Soliciting A Student 3-7-13
From the article: Two former school employees in Mingo County are facing charges in connection with allegations they solicited a student over the Internet... (He) is a former custodian at Matewan Middle School, and (she) is a former substitute teacher. Karl’s comment:
A March 8 report stated: According to the criminal complaints, they both had an online relationship with a 14-year-old girl, and solicited the girl to engage in sexual acts. Troopers say (they) used Facebook and Skype to have inappropriate video chats and exchange nude pictures with the girl. (He)is also accused of having an online sexual relationship with another 13-year-old girl. Troopers say one of the girls goes to the school where (he) works...This is the same school where a teacher was charged last year for sexual assault. ( Relationships-with-Teenage-Girls-196200231.html)  You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!!

Kanawha School Board Sued Over Sexual Abuse Allegations 3-6-13 From the article: Three students have filed suit against the Kanawha County School Board, claiming they were the victims of a sexual predator and the board did not take action to protect them. The students claim they were sexually molested by their JROTC instructor, Edwin Smuda. Smuda came to South Charleston High School more than 15 year ago, but it wasn't until years later when he was arrested on sexual abuse charges... Three separate lawsuits filed in Kanawha County Circuit Court accuse the school board of "doing nothing to stop the dangerous behavior," alleging Smuda had sexual tendencies toward the victims and groomed them to perform sexual acts. The lawsuits claim administrators, teachers and parents had concerns about his interaction with young boys. Karl’s comment: See the January 15 item below.

School reform: Actual results? 3-6-13
From the article: To improve dismal learning levels by West Virginia students, Gov. Tomblin wants the Legislature to take several bold steps...Can the 2013 Legislature do anything that will raise West Virginia's pathetic learning scores? Keep reading the Gazette to see what emerges under the golden dome. Karl’s comments: Even the liberal Gazette is ambiguous (at best) regarding hope for results.

Parents protest combining classes proposal 3-5-13
From the article: Six Harman School parents spoke out Monday against the proposed combining of kindergarten and first grade for the 2013 - 2014 school …(one special needs child) ”needs love, time and commitment. Placing her in a classroom shared by both kindergarten and first grade students will take valuable education time away from everyone in the class, and especially from my sister.".. Harman School parents … also spoke against the proposed combining of classes, stating 21 students in the class would be too many, and that students and the teacher would have difficulty with the two levels. Several parents said it would be like their children would be receiving only half an education. Karl’s comment: I included this item to show another example of sub-standard conditions in government schools.

Shatterproof Glass Planned for New W.Va. Schools 3-5-13
From the article: West Virginia officials want shatterproof glass for front entrances at all new schools...School Building Authority Executive Director Mark...said the material won't stop a bullet, but he said an agency official both shot and kicked a window covered by the film and it didn't shatter. Karl’s comment: It is a sham. To come close to protecting kids from an attack they would need to be banned from the playgrounds and even loading and unloading buses.

Principal: 'Nothing has changed' in Riverside coaching situation 3-4-13
From the article: No one has given specific reasons for disciplinary action against (the coach), but the Warriors did forfeit a Jan. 30 win against Parkersburg for use of an ineligible player. According to published reports, Herscher's staff encouraged players to lie about that incident if they were asked. Karl’s comment: The Ten Commandments can no longer be displayed (nor referenced as valid) in government schools, but the “lying” broke #9 and a case could easily be made for violation of numbers 1, 8 and 10.

Teacher arrested for DUI 3-2-13
From the article: A Tygarts Valley High/Middle School special education teacher was arrested Wednesday for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, police said...(He) failed field sobriety tests and was taken to the Elkins Police Department. Karl’s comment: Sad.

Point Pleasant High School Teacher Arrested on Felony Child Abuse Charge 2-26-13
From the article: A Point Pleasant high school teacher has been arrested and charged with felony child abuse...(The teacher said) "In this country, you're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but when it comes to the Mason County Board of Education, I guess you're guilty until proven innocent."... The complaint states: "He wrestled with the juvenile until they began choking each other. The wrestling/choking got out of control and Jones, as the adult, continued in this activity until the child's face turned red and his airway was cut off." (The teacher said) said he was attempting to protect himself from injury. Karl’s comment: The teacher may not be the issue here. The incident DEFINITELY is. It is not uncommon.

Steve Roberts: West Virginia's students, teachers deserve better 2-23-13
From the article: West Virginia's education system is broken, in need of significant changes if not a complete overhaul. On this, the vast majority of us can agree... The facts that make the case for massive changes are indisputable. * Education Week's Quality Counts survey gave West Virginia an F for student achievement and ranked our state 49th nationally. This despite the fact that our expenditures are among the top 10 nationally. *StudentsFirst's state policy report card evaluated our education laws and policies as they relate to elevating teaching, empowering parents, and spending and governing wisely. Again, West Virginia failed. * Our high school graduation rate is just 78 percent, and far too many of those who do graduate require remedial classes as they pursue the post-secondary training necessary for the jobs being created in our state. Roberts is president of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce listed recommendations from the Chamber Karl’s comment: Mr. Roberts agrees with what I have proclaimed for the last seven years: “ West Virginia's education system is broken .” The only problem is that he thinks it can be fixed by money and a different tune to the same song: “The Titanic is Not Gonna’ Sink.”

Lincoln Vote 2-23-13
From the article: Voters hit the polls in Lincoln county today to weigh in on a multi-million dollar school building bond. We’re talking about a 41 million dollars that would improve the school system. As of a couple minutes ago, with 11 precincts reporting--71% against it; 28 % for it. Voters we spoke with today had mixed reactions. So how much does the bond cost a taxpayer? It depends on the worth of their home. For example, if the assessed value of a home is 60 thousand dollars. That home owner would have to pay a little more than 16 dollars a month . Karl’s comment: Hurrah, for Lincoln County citizens. They declared that absolute utter failure should not be rewarded by almost unlimited funds!

West Virginia's AP test scores ranked among lowest in U.S. 2-21-13
From the article: While the number of West Virginia students who take Advanced Placement exams has more than doubled over the past decade, the state ranks 46th in the country for the number of students who actually pass the test to obtain college credit, according to a report released Wednesday. The annual AP Report to the Nation showed that 9.8 percent of West Virginia high school graduates achieved a score of 3 or higher on an AP test in 2012, allowing them to earn college credit. The national average is nearly twice that, at 19.5 percent. Karl’s comment: The REALLY dumb West Virginian’s are the ones who keep pouring tax money down that rat hole.

Substitute Teacher Arrested on Sex Abuse Charges 2-22-13
From the article: A substitute teacher in Mason County faces two counts of sexual abuse, accused of having "inappropriate behavior with a student."… According to neighbors, (he) was also a preacher at Faith Gospel Church in Gallipolis Ferry. He led several youth groups at the church. Karl’s comment: It is rare that a professing Christian does this, but you can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!!

Hurricane Middle teacher suspended 2-18-13
From the article: A Hurricane Middle School teacher was suspended for three days without pay on Monday night. After a nearly 30-minute executive session, Putnam County school board members voted to suspend Jeff Young, a social studies teacher, for violating the employee code of conduct and technology acceptance use policy. Karl’s comment: I wonder how many cases of teacher misconduct do not make it to the media. I wonder how many of those that do I miss.

Local educators ask for cop in school 2-15-13
From the article: Several local principals approached the Logan City Council about having a police officer placed in the schools at the Feb. 12 2013 meeting of the council... Another educator said that some students had become problematic because they had become increasingly violent and hostile — as had their parents. “There are times we fear for our safety,” she said, noting there had been two very recent incidents that caused concerns. Karl’s comment: The “fear” referred to by the teacher is not from a crazy person with a gun. See the 2-7-13 item below.

School secretary on leave amid investigation 2-15-13
From the article: A secretary at Horace Mann Middle School is on paid leave, pending an investigation into the school's finances. Karl’s comment: “ For the love of money is the root of all evil.”(I Tim. 6:10a KJB) Board member Pete Thaw got his name in the paper in this incident. See the 1-23-13 item below.

Difficult: Improving schools 2-14-13
From the article: Every study finds that American students lag behind youths in most other advanced democracies -- and West Virginia students fall below U.S. averages... The American Institute of Physics rates West Virginia 49th in "science and engineering readiness." Elevating this state's youths to the high-tech level needed for the new Information Age is a monumental challenge -- but Gov. Tomblin asked the 2013 Legislature to tackle it. Karl’s comment: If folks will not listen to me about the deplorable conditions of West Virginia schools, maybe they will heed the Gazette. Unfortunately, the Gazette will continue to cause citizens to hope there is a solution with the same old strategies.

Reducing high school dropout rates 2-14-13
From the article: The study also showed improvement in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky, which posted graduation rates between 78-81 percent for 2010. Education Secretary Arne Duncan speculated that the difficult economy may be keeping some students in school, but the increased focus from schools and communities seems to be helping as well. Karl’s comment: LOL on Duncan’s speculation.

Teachers make case for keeping jobs 2-13-13
From the article: Randolph County Board of Education employees whose jobs are on the chopping block argued their cases to the school board Tuesday during the second day of hearings on the elimination of professional positions... (A)staff representative with the American Federation of Teachers, argued that the quality of students' education would suffer should (a teacher’s) position be cut, saying students would be getting "half an education." "I really don't know how one teacher can do this kind of job," (the teacher) said. "It's going to be a very difficult job to work with special-needs children and the children who are working way above (grade) level. The numbers look good on paper. But every number is a child, and all of those children have individual needs." (One person) claimed that it was not the intention of the West Virginia Legislature "to have more split grades because it's not conducive to learning." "The kindergarten/first-grade area is the absolute worst area that you can do a split grade," he said... (A representative from the) West Virginia Education Association - said he'd done an extensive amount of research on split classrooms, and said that the approach caused problems with effective use of instructional time and difficulties with classroom management. Karl’s comment: A third one was a reading specialist. This kind of thing has went since government schools were established. Most of the children who get short-changed for a year never recover.

West Virginia gets C- for teacher prep from national teacher quality group 2-13-13
From the article: The National Council on Teacher Quality has released its 2012 State Teacher Policy Yearbook, a report that gives West Virginia a grade of “C minus” for its teacher preparation policies last year... According to the National Council on Teacher Quality report, West Virginia teacher preparation policies need to devote critical attention to raising admission requirements to ensure that teacher preparation programs admit candidates with strong academic records, closing loopholes that allow some secondary science and social studies teachers to teach subjects in which they may lack sufficient content knowledge, increasing standards for special education teachers to ensure that they are prepared to teach grade-level content, and holding teacher preparation programs accountable for the performance of their graduates. Karl’s comment: This is another admission that “professional” educators are not always highly qualified.

Schools, churches will work together to combat childhood obesity
From the article: The Appalachian Regional Commission is bringing First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign to West Virginia... Speaking at a kick off event at a Charleston church yesterday, Dr. Janey Thornton, Deputy Undersecretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer services with the U.S. Department of Agriculture says federal food and nutrition policies don’t do any good if they are not carried out at the local level... At the kick off, the faith based community from many denominations pledged to work with local schools, school boards... Karl’s comment: Churches, if liberal and aligned with the current agenda of government education, are just fine. See “Religion Rules Kanawha County Schools”.

Education reform dominates State of the State 2-13-13
From the article: Public education reform dominated Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin's third State of the State address to a joint session of the Legislature Wednesday, with a variety of proposals intended to improve the state's 49th ranking in student achievement. Tomblin said current benchmarks of a high school graduation rate of only 78 percent, and the nation's highest percentage of 16- to 19-year-olds who are not in school or in the workforce, are unacceptable... "Education in West Virginia must change, and that change begins now," he stated... Initiatives Tomblin proposed Wednesday include: Requiring all counties to offer full-day pre-kindergarten to 4 year olds. Assure that all children are reading on grade level at the end of the third grade. Karl’s comment: The Charleston Gazette ran two front page headlines (2-14-13 edition) about the education aspect of the speech. The governor wants to require “every county, within 3 years, to offer full-day 4-year-old preschool” and he wants to determine “birth through 5 program.” ( They want our babies in their academically failed and brain-washing successful indoctrination centers. See the comments to the next article.

Linger excited about Tomblin's spotlight on education reform 2-13-13
From the article: "I have to pinch myself. I can't believe it," state Board of Education President Wade Linger said after the address. "To hear a speech like that and see how seriously he's taken education reform this session... Leaders of the state's teachers unions, Dale Lee of the West Virginia Education Association and Judy Hale of the American Federation of Teachers-West Virginia, were both happy to see education at the forefront, but said attention to teachers' pay is still needed. Karl’s comment: One thing is sure, teachers will get more money but, for the sake of discussion, let’s say this pipe dream ( an illusory or fantastic plan, hope, or story –Merriam-Webster) would work and academic performance is meaningfully improved. We would have some smarter, godless-government indoctrinated graduates. Of course, the governor’s goals will not work. This hoax has been hammered into the heads of gullible people who think the game can be won. I know, from 34 years in professional education, the ONLY SOLUTION is to RESCUE OUR CHILDREN.

From the article: We even found a middle school teacher who takes her teaching skills to a different level. A certified NRA instructor, she helps people qualify for concealed carry permits and offers gun safety courses. She's open to the idea of arming teachers, but of course, not everyone agrees. "We've reached a place in our society where there's no place that's scared and because our schools are gun free zones, that's probably a good place to do it." Karl’s comment: By “a good place to do it,” she means “a good place to kill kids.” There were times when I was a teacher that I had to instantly react to vicious hallway fights. What would I have done with my gun if I was one of those armed teachers? Read the comments to the next item.

From the article: (L)aw enforcement officers and educators are working together in their communities to make schools safer. Schools all across Kanawha County were put on lockdown today. It's part of a drill to help schools and students be ready, in the event an emergency should happen...South Charleston High School principal Michael Arbogast (said), “I don't want a parent worrying if their child is safe at school today. They’re as safe here as they are anywhere and we take that serious. It's important to us." And parents say these drills give them peace of mind. Like other schools in Kanawha County South Charleston High School has surveillance cameras all over the school. In fact they have 53 cameras in place...along with a fulltime prevention resource officer. While the hope is that tragedies like the ones we've seen all too frequently at schools don't happen here, the idea is to prepare and accept the fact that they can happen anywhere. “We want it to just come natural heaven forbid something would happen here. They would know what to do and do it without any problem." Karl’s comment: 1. The children ARE NOT as safe in school as “they are anywhere!” The WV News headlines PROVE IT! 2. Camera’s recorded the Columbine MASSACRE. 3. A full time armed guard was at Columbine!! Yes, he probably saved some lives. 4. Parents saying they have “peace of mind” because of the drills IS CRAZY! 5. Despite his appeal to heaven (rather than God) it is NOT NATURAL to be prepared for a shoot out in school!

Fayette County Voters Pass School Levy 2-11-13
From the article: Voters in Fayette County headed to the polls to make a decision on a $44,000,000 school levy Saturday. Karl’s comment: SUCKERS! See WV News 8-31-11, 7-14-09, 6-1-08, 6-26-07, and ESPECIALY 12-12-12.

Police Say Suspended Student Trespassing At School Arrested With Gun 2-8-13
From the article:
A Huntington High School student who was suspended is facing charges after police said he was trespassing on school grounds with a gun. Karl’s comment: Tick, tick, tick.

Kanawha County mother says bus driver put her son's life in danger 2-8-13
From the article: The mother of a five year old boy said he could have been seriously hurt when he jumped from a school bus. Kanawha County Schools Transportation Director George Beckett isn't disputing the story. Now against the mother's wishes the driver is back on the job... He jumped from the second step of the bus while the bus was leaving. The bus driver did not see him. Karl’s comment: A case of carelessness, but worse awaits the boy in class.

Police officer patrols school 2-7-13
From the article: Many counties in West Virginia have a police presence in their middle and high schools with 32 counties participating in the Prevention Resource Officer Program administered by the state Division of Justice and Community Service... Deputy Tom Carroll is on the beat at Musselman High School in southern Berkeley County. He shares an office with Assistant Principal Matthew Wink, who handles discipline. “My job is to keep all the kids in the building safe, outside threats, kids who have discipline problems, I assist Mr. Wink who’s the disciplinary principal here in assuring his safety and kids safety here in the building,” Carroll said... Carroll has some help in the form of what he calls his 52 eyes. That’s 52 cameras mounted throughout the school... “I can record, I can go back, if somebody gets into a fight I can see who threw the first punch, I can take a kid if he’s skipping I can follow him all the way through the building and find out where he goes,”Carroll said... “If we can get the drugs out of the building it’s better for everybody,” he said. “Drugs are pretty big. Prescription drugs, they can get them from their parents. Marijuana they can get from anywhere. You got the states now that are legalizing it. It’s one of the big issues.”.. “Only way you can really protect the school is put a 12 foot fence around it, two armed guards at a gate, one way in, one way out, metal detectors,” he said. “The kids don’t want to come to that, that’s just like a jail, they don’t need that.” Karl’s comment: Think about it: the vice principal is pardnered with an armed officer of the law! Think about it: the camera system resembles what would be in a prison!

Summit centers on school safety 2-6-13
From the article: Several themes emerged Wednesday during an all-day summit at the Culture Center focused on making schools safer: collaboration, relationships, prevention and preparation. Educators and law enforcement officers alike agreed all are important if communities want to prevent tragedies like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn...Nearly 20 people spoke during the summit. Following opening remarks from Goodwin and state Superintendent Jim Phares, Sandy Hook resident and Weirton native Lisa Petrovich spoke about her community. She had close relationships with many of the adults who died in the massacre, and her message was clear: if it could happen in Sandy Hook, it could happen anywhere. Karl’s comment: “Over the last few years, the West Virginia School Building Authority has given county school systems $30 million to improve safety equipment at schools such as electronic locks and security cameras.”(http://www.journal- All of their plans WILL NOY guarantee safety of students. Although children in government schools may not be shot, their hearts and minds are CERTAIN to be pierced with antichrist curriculum and ungodly associations!

Expulsion rate drops at schools in Cabell 2-1-13
From the article: Three years ago, 151 students were expelled, meaning they were provided a homebound tutor or placed at the Alternative School located within the central office complex in Huntington. That figure dropped to 129 the following year and 106 last year. As of Jan. 25, there have been 44 expelled this school year. Forty were expelled during the first semester, meaning the school system is on pace to have fewer than 100. .. The changes at the secondary level, he said, also are showing up in the large decrease in the number of discipline referrals since 2008. In the past five years, overall numbers have dropped from 22,310 to 15,910. The biggest decline came from the freshman classes, which went from nearly 5,000 in 2008 to 663 during the 2011-2012 school year. Middle school discipline referrals also saw an overall decline during the five-year period, but there was an uptick of about 1,800 last year. Alexander attributed part of that increase to one middle school that started turning in tardies. Overall, Alexander said officials are satisfied with the numbers... Though there is plenty of good news, Alexander said officials have seen a rise in harassment, bullying and intimidation, mostly related to technology abuse. Karl’s comment: Headlines are deceptive. See the 1-11-13 Raleigh County headline below. The dropout rate improvement is like saying fewer people have been gunned down in Chicago from one time period to another. That IS an improvement. The more glaring statistic in this report is the HUGE amount of discipline referrals. NOTE: these are the ones that are reported to the principals. I have always urged citizens to ask to see the stats for discipline referrals in their local schools.

W.VA. unions oppose drug testing for teachers and students 1-29-13
From the article: Teacher organizations went to federal court a few years ago and successfully challenged a blanket drug policy imposed in Kanawha County... So far, no one in the Legislature has called for mandatory testing in legislation for the 2013 session, but if someone does, count on both the WVEA and AFT to put up stiff resistance. Karl’s comments: Let’s try one year of surprise testing, under strict supervision, of teachers and see what happens.

Wood Co. BOE Hears Tales of Abuse 1-23-13
From the article: The Wood County Board listened as eight community members addressed them documenting what had happened to their special needs children in their school. They described what they termed 'abuse' as well as a lack of professional behavior at many levels for years. Karl’s comment: Why, why, why leave children in such situations?! Even if, in the highly unlikely chance, this particular problem is fixed, the spiritual abuse will NEVER be stopped!

Man Arrested After Allegedly Threatening to Bring Gun to School 1-23-13
From the article: The Boone County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday that 53-year-old Herman Dewayne Pickens went to Sherman Elementary School in Comfort and showed an empty gun holster on his belt to school staff. Officials said Pickens had visited the school several times this month and made threats of not leaving his gun in his vehicle the next time he came in to the school. Media outlets report that authorities found a loaded handgun in his car parked near the school. His connection to the school is unclear. Karl’s comment: This time no one was shot.

Kanawha County School Board Considering Excess Levy 1-23-13
From the article: Some on the Kanawha County School Board want to raise more money and taxes could be how they do it... A levy on property taxes would allow the school board to raise money. The proposal has divided the school board. Board President Pete Thaw said he was completely against the tax. Karl’s comment: More revenue will not help government school results! History has proven that beyond the shadow of a doubt! In 2008 “ Pete Thaw, the Kanawha County school board member well-known for his penny-pinching attitude, says he's going to support a bond issue to build a second new elementary school on the West Side.” ( Mr. Thaw mesmerizes voters for his reputation as fiscally frugal. When it comes to really important matters*, or as he did in 2008, his record is definitely dismal. From a 1-115-13 article: Property taxes in Kanawha County are going up for both homeowners and business owners. More than 24,000 homeowners and almost 3,500 business owners have been notified that their property taxes will increase by more than 10 percent this year.” ( Is there any hope government school brain-washed tax-payers will come to reality?
*See what he did during the Evolution Resolution Battle, Pandas Battle, and the Blasphemy in School Incident.

School Board Explains Delay Decision; Parents Weigh in on Cold Weather 1-22-13
From the article: Parents across the region were divided on whether Tuesday's weather was severe enough to delay classes. Linda Quick, whose sophomore attends St. Albans High School said, "I was surprised that Kanawha County was not closed." Quick added with the temperatures so low, she's concerned her son could get sick... "We felt today wasn't too extreme," said Charlie Tribble, coordinator of transportation for Putnam County Schools, which operated on a normal schedule Tuesday. "We look at the situation, and again, it's a judgment call...” Karl’s comment: The point is that all education is someone’s judgment--either the government or parents.

Star-studded anti-bullying campaign kicks off in WV 1-22-13
From the article: The ACLU of West Virginia and Fairness West Virginia teamed up to produce a new Public Service Announcement in hopes to increase public education about the dangerous reality of bullying in West Virginia. The PSA... recounts the real life experience of Matthew, a student from St. Albans, West Virginia...This campaign not only attempts to appeal to people and their tolerance of gay, lesbian and transgendered West Virginians but it also is an attempt to get the legislature to act. Efforts to pass legislation for anti-discrimination laws have failed or stalled in the WV House and Senate. "With the passage of a new school board policy last December which allows for the documentation of bullying based on sexual orientation, we can now begin to honestly address the reality of LGBT bullying," said ACLU of WV Executive Director Benda Green. "Every student has the right to feel safe at school." Karl’s comment: It is ALL about forcing acceptance of the sodomite agenda. See the November 27, 2012 entry. Fake friend of Christians, Pete Thaw, is part of this.

West Side schools will try new things 1-21-13
From the article: The Kanawha County Board of Education unanimously approved a school reform package for Stonewall Jackson Middle School and four West Side elementary schools. Their students' scores on the Westest statewide test last spring were a five-alarm call for action. Statewide, the Westest showed that only about 51 percent of the state's fifth-graders were proficient in language arts and 50 percent in math... At Mary C. Snow West Side Elementary, only about 29 percent of fifth-graders were proficient in language arts and only about 27 percent in math. At Watts Elementary, only about 37 percent were proficient in language arts and 32 percent in math. At J.E. Robins Elementary, about 36 percent were proficient in language arts and 38 percent in math. At Grandview Elementary, although about 54 percent of students were proficient in language arts - above the state average - only about 44 percent were proficient in math... The push for reform locally comes a year after an audit by PublicWorks of Pennsylvania found that West Virginia ranks in the top 10 in school spending relative to the income of taxpayers, but fell below average in 21 of 24 indicators for student performance...As the scores at West Side schools demonstrate, public education is failing some children badly. Karl’s comments: A January 22, 2013 Daily Mail article reported all of the whizzy ideas a new consolidated school will have. Keep this clip and check it in 5, 10, and 15 years. The reality is the efforts will prove (as history shows from such previous efforts) to be fizzy.

Kathryn Wantlin earns county spelling crown for third year running 1-19-13
From the article: Charleston Catholic eight graderKathryn Wantlin, 13, won the Kanawha County Spelling Bee for the third year in a row... Karl’s comment: The news in 2012 was about a Raleigh County St. Francis De Sale School student who won her second Gazette-Mail Regional Spelling Bee. Her brother came in 25 th nationally in 2008. ( ) That is spelled C-A-T-H-O-L-I-C--as in "non-public."

School board proposes sportsmanship policy 1-17-13
From the article: "It's a life lesson and they need to learn, you gotta have a good attitude," said Becky Jordon, a member of the (Kanawha County) school board. "You're wearing our jerseys, you're representing our schools, and you need to have the same behavior you would in a classroom." During a playoff game between South Charleston and Hurricane in November 2010, a fight erupted with seconds left in the game. Karl’s comment: I don’t think she really wants classroom behavior carried over on to the arenas. For another instance see the November 21, 2010 entry.

Martinsburg woman sentenced for child's identity theft 1-16-13
From the article: A former middle school teacher in Martinsburg has been sentenced to five years in prison for using one of her children's Social Security numbers to obtain credit accounts that she couldn't pay back. Forty-one-year-old (woman) also was ordered Monday in Berkeley County Circuit Court to pay nearly $21,000 in restitution. About half of that will be paid to the child whose information was used to open eight revolving credit accounts in 2005...The Journal reports she also faces a May 29 trial on 11 counts of child abuse. Karl’s comment: Another example of the high standards of many educators.

Tomblin vows education improvements, fight for coal 1-15-13
From the article: Earl Ray Tomblin took the oath Monday as West Virginia’s governor...with promises to correct education’s flaws and maintain his fight for the coal industry... While gains have been many and sizable, Tomblin said much remains to be done, especially in the arena of education. He made no direct mention of a recent education audit that highly criticized the system, but hours before he took the podium, a special task force organized by house speaker Rick Thompson, D-Wayne, met quietly under the dome to analyze the report and see what reforms are feasible. Without a “world class” education system, Tomblin warned, West Virginia children cannot succeed, and the state will suffer in the long run... Tomblin alluded to “great strides” in education, from a $1.7 billion investment in 132 new schools since 1989, and more than $165 million in school improvements and construction projects in all 55 counties. On a per capita basis, West Virginia’s education spending ranks among the nation’s leaders, he said, yet problems are still glaring. “On our most important metric — student achievement — we’re falling behind,” he said. “It doesn’t need to be this way, and it must stop. The key to our success lies in making sure our children are prepared and ready to have a successful career in the 21st century economy...“It won’t happen overnight, but we must give our students a better chance at success,” he said. Karl’s comment: Governor Tomblin has a slim chance to help coal. He is fighting the zealousl tree-huggers and the current president. Regarding his fight to improve education—he will lose because he is still fighting the same loony liberals, but their control of government education is total and absolute. Another article (Tomblin sworn in; emphasizes education reform 1-14-13 reported that "...Tomblin devoted nearly one-fourth of his address to education reform.” That motivated me to comment, “Put on house shoes and read previous State of the State comments in these WV News pages and research them further back. The house shoes (instead of street shoes) are to make it less painful when you kick yourself for having been so gullible to believe that the government can run an education business.

George Washington High JROTC Instructor arrested on sex abuse charges 1-15-13
From the article: An Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps instructor at George Washington High School in Charleston was arrested Monday and charged with sex abuse.... after he had sexual contact with a female student at G.W. High School on two occasions. (He) and the female victim, who was a minor enrolled in the program at the time, organized two private meetings at the JROTC office on GW grounds. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page.
Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!!

W.Va. teen to be tried as adult in student's death 1-15-13
From the article: A Tygarts Valley High School student accused of fatally stabbing a classmate at a football game will be tried as an adult. Karl’s comment: A sad situation.

Charges Dropped! (headline by Karl) 1-14-13
Child abuse charges against a former Mingo County special education teacher have been dismissed in exchange for her giving up her certification. (See WV News headline 10-24-12.)
(1-9-2013) A Mingo County teacher agreed to resign and give up his teaching certificate in exchange for a judge to dismiss multiple sexual assault charges against him this week. (See WV News headline 8-1-12.)

From the article: O n Friday the department reached out to national experts on school safety issues. West Virginia has allocated 30- million dollars to school districts for safety upgrades. Karl’s comment: They MAY be able to prevent massacres, but they have no intention of preventing the spiritual slaughter of students.

Sadly, there’s no perfect solution to security and safety at schools 1-13-13
From the article: Discussions are under way throughout the nation in the wake of last month’s deadly school shootings in Connecticut that left 20 young students and six school personnel dead...It’s a concern everywhere, and Marion County is certainly no exception. Superintendent of Schools Gary Price said lockdown drills have been done at some of the schools. He said Marion County Schools continues to review procedures and safety measures...The state’s Prevention Resource Officer (PRO) Program, which is under the West Virginia Division of Justice and Community Services, had 66 officers stationed in 66 schools in 28 counties during the 2011-12 school year. Karl’s comment: The headline says it all!

Raleigh dropout rate appears to be improving 1-11-13
From the article: Raleigh County Schools attendance director Millard Francis reported that 49 high school students have dropped out thus far this school year. With more than 100 students dropping out last year, Francis said this year the county is trending to have fewer. By this month last year there were 60 exits...Between 35 withdrawals and 49 dropouts, (Superintendent Jim ) Brown said the school system loses $8,500 in funding for each student for a total of loss of more than $714,000. Karl’s comment: See the 2-1-13 Cabell County comments above.

Lawsuit claims student was tied to chair with belt by teacher aide 1-10-13
From the article: A civil lawsuit filed in Upshur County Circuit Court claims a teacher’s aide used a belt to tie a special needs child to the back of her chair so that the student could not rest her head on her desk after she complained of pain and discomfort. Karl’s comment: All such incidents do not get reported and I cannot find all that do.

Quality Counts 1-10-13
Quality Counts 2013 continues the EPE Research Center's annual practice of ranking the states on a range of key education indicators...and of awarding summative letter grades and scores for the states and for the nation as a whole across all six categories that make up the report's grading framework. This year, the report updates Quality Counts' signature Chance-for-Success Index, which looks at the connection between education and beneficial outcomes at each stage of a person's life; school finance indicators, which capture the level and equitability of school funding; and transitions and alignment. Karl’s comment: West Virginia got a B- overall, but that includes a lot of meaningless or peripheral, at best, items. The thing that is a no-brainer (no pun intended is) “K-12 Achievement” in which West Virginia got a grade of F (58.3!--the same as last year.). That is ALARMING!!

Evangelical Christian group helps sue California school over yoga classes 1-10-13
From the article: In an effort to promote student health, a school district in Escondido incorporated the yoga classes into its wellness curriculum this week. But a vocal minority of parents, spurred on by an evangelical Christian group, are calling for the program to be dropped…The district received a $533,000 grant from the foundation (Jois Foundation, an Escondido non-profit created in memory of Krishna Pattabhi Jois)…Timothy Baird, the school district superintendent (said) there is no religion element to it. 
Karl’s comment: A previous article (
-bending-over-backward-to-avoid-religion-controversy-in-yoga/) stated, “Yoga is now taught at public schools from the rural mountains of West Virginia to the bustling streets of Brooklyn as a way to ease stress in today's pressure-packed world where even kindergartners say they feel tense about keeping up with their busy schedules .” (emphasis added) How can I even begin to explain this absolutely asinine situation? If reasonable people read the arguments to support yoga as non-religious they will be forced to hold the sides of their skulls to keep them from exploding! It is blatant lies or a mixture of absurd, inane, moronic, stupid, bonkers, demented, idiotic, nutty, silly, witless, ridiculous, laughable illogic! Did I leave any adjective out? Oh, “idiotic” is worthy of the list. The words of the yoga zealots (scroll down after clicking) are enough to remove all doubt that they are after the minds of children.

Also, see my articles "Yoga should be left out of schools" (April 21) and "Religion Established in Public Schools" (April 12) about Yogism in West Virginia schools as well as the Yoga entry on “The Common Thread Addendum”.

Former School Librarian Fired 1-9-13
From the article: A former school librarian and teacher in Cabell County has been fired by the Cabell County School Board following his arrest last year on a dozen sex-related charges...In February, a grand jury indicted Adkins on eight counts of possession of material depicting minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct, and eight counts of employment or use of a minor to produce obscene matter...He last worked at a school librarian at Geneva Kent Elementary in Huntington, but had also worked at several other schools in the district. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines.
Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!!

While goal same, educators differ on approach 1-8-13
From the article: Improvements in student achievement and offering great teachers in every West Virginia classroom are goals education community members continue to champion. But the best way to arrive at those goals remains contested, as evidenced Tuesday night during a discussion of the statewide education efficiency audit... Several teacher and school employee unions (last month) (and today)organizations that represent school boards, county administrators and increasing student achievement gave their opinions. The organizations tended to favor portions of the audit response that benefited their membership and oppose those that did not. Karl’s comment: The article contained a link to “ Education unions respond to audit” (12-12-12-- The West Virginia American Federation of Teachers and the West Virginia Education Association (according to Sen. Erik Wells ( D-Kanawha) said “seniority requirements are an issue.” It will be a lot of smoke and mirrors that will make tax-payers believe money will be spent to solve the problems clearly documented in these
WV News pages.

Teacher put son in 'bad kid' box, Parkersburg parents say 1-8-13
From the article: The parents of a Parkersburg High School student say a teacher put their (15-year-old ) son, who has Asperger's syndrome, in a box labeled "bad kid fort" because of his behavior in the classroom...(The teacher) fashioned a large cardboard box and placed the box around his seat, completely enclosing him, in front of 30 of his peers,"(The parent) told the Parkersburg News and Sentinel. Her son, who has self-esteem issues, was left in the box for about 15 minutes, she said...Her son's individual education plan outlines steps to take when his behavior is disruptive or unmanageable, she said. "Placed in [a] cardboard box was not one of those steps," she said. She said school officials downplayed the incident until she received a photograph of the box from another student who saw it in a hallway. Principal Pam Goots said the incident was not good judgment but that she does not believe the teacher intended to embarrass the student...Wood County Assistant Schools Superintendent Sue Woodward said it was an unfortunate chain of events. "It is not what we send our children to school for and not what we want to happen to our kids... Karl’s comment: I could not make this stuff up if I tried. Just look at the WV News headlines and explain to me why parents keep their children in places like this!!

West Virginia State Policy Report Card 2013 1-7-13
From the webpages: America's schools are failing our kids. On this point, the data is clear. ( StudentsFirst was “formed in 2010 in response to an increasing demand for a better education system in America.” ( The group “created the State Policy Report Card to evaluate each state’s education laws and policies.”

The State Policy Report Card placed West Virginia as one of twelve states receiving a grade of “F”. The GPA for West Virginia is a measly 0.44! ( Nationally there were not any grades of “A” and only two states got a “B-.” (

“What we strive to do through our policy agenda is put in place things that are very common-sense policies and take it down to the level of the regular Joe on the street,”(StudentsFirst CEO) Ms. Rhee said. “Do you believe that in a time of layoffs, quality should be looked at instead of straight seniority, or do you agree that if your child is being assigned to an ineffective teacher you should know about it?” (

Karl’s comment: If a child keeps bringing home report cards like those reported on these WV News pages over the years, that parent would eventually realize there is a SERIOUS problem.

Fayette County bus driver is charged with sexual assault 1-5-13
From the article: A Fayette County school bus driver has been arrested and charged with sexual assault and sexual abuse of a teenage girl, according to police...The alleged victim is a 14-year-old girl in the Fayette County Schools system. Superintendent Keith Butcher (said) “I’m assuring everybody that Fayette County Schools takes the educational code of conduct very seriously. We always train on the conduct and make sure our employees are aware of appropriate professional behavior. Safety is our primary concern.” Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines.
Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!!

Substitute teacher arrested first day on the job for soliciting minor 1-2-13
From the article: A Jackson County man was arrested on his first day of substitute teaching after allegedly requesting naked photos of a Wood County teen, authorities say... Deputies received information Wednesday morning from the school resource officer at Ravenswood High School that a substitute teacher at a Jackson County elementary school made inappropriate requests from a 15-year-old Wood County girl. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!!

Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains.  A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom. No free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any people but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue; and by a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.