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by Karl Priest  ca 2007 (revised 12-11-17)


I must give credit for the inspiration (if not the actual wording in some cases) of some great leaders in the homeschool and Christian school movements and communicators of the concept of separation of school and state. Thank you Col. E. Ray Moore (Book: Let My children Go Website:, Dr. Bruce N. Shortt (Book: The Harsh Truth About Public Schools No website), David d'Escoto (Book: The Little Book of Big Reasons to Homeschool Website:, Dr. Greg Thompson (Book: Forbidden Secrets Website:, the late Marshall Fritz (Many website articles Website: http://www.schoolandstate


After ten years of fighting—and failing--to get Public Schools to accept scientific facts about evolutionism I proved, that Public Schools are hopeless. I am not ashamed of the battles I fought from inside the Public School system, but I am ashamed that I left my children in the Public Schools. I have asked God’s forgiveness, but my children have suffered for my sin. I cannot change the past, but I can strive to follow God’s guidance for the rest of my life. The Bible says that we need to number our days because our days are soon cut off [Ps. 90:10, 12] and when my days are ended, I want to hear my precious Savior say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant. [Mt. 25:21]

God has placed on my heart a passion to plead with folks to get their children out of the Public Schools. There is a crisis in this nation that can only be solved by God’s people. I am speaking to everyone here---without exception---even if you are not a parent. There is a war going on and there is something for all of you to do in this war. If you are not on the front line then you can provide the needed nourishment---and proclaim the needed encouragement to those who are. (Ask your pastor.)

The Public Schools have entangled children and are choking the spiritual life out of Christian children. The good news is that there is an enriching alternative to our serious situation. However, parents who still support Public Schools need to join the exodus out of the Public Schools just as the Children of Israel left Egypt bound for the Promised Land. It is with those three categories—ENTANGLEMENT---ENRICHMENT---and---EXODUS that I will convey to you the urgent need that WE MUST GET OUR CHILDREN OUT!

 ENTANGLEMENT (To twist into a confused & complicated condition.)

Education in America, from1620-1840, was almost entirely Bible based. In fact the Bible was the school book for about a hundred years. Around the 1690’s the New England Primer appeared and was widely used as a textbook in all of the colonies. It was thoroughly Christian. For example, to learn the alphabet the Primer used rhymes: “A: In Adam’s Fall we sinned all” through “Z: Zaccheus did climb the tree, our Lord to see.” The Primer also contained hundreds of questions like, “What is sin?” and “What is faith in Jesus Christ?” Most, if not all, of the men who signed the Constitution would have used this book and the Primer was used in schools for about 200 years.

America’s original colleges were founded upon Christian principles and doctrine. Harvard’s original mission statement said, “Let every student be plainly instructed and earnestly pressed to consider well the main end of his life and studies, is to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life (John 17:3) and therefore to lay Christ in the bottom, as the only foundation of sound knowledge and learning.” The first president of Yale, a preacher, said, “Cursed be all learning that is contrary to the Cross of Christ.”

Noah Webster (of dictionary fame) defined education, in 1828, as “To give children a good education in manners, art, and science is important; to give religious education is indispensable: and an immense responsibility rests on parents and guardians who neglect these duties.” Webster also said, “The Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which children, under a free government, ought to be instructed. No truth is more evident to my mind (said Webster) than the Christian religion must be the basis of any government to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.”

In the 1830’s the McGuffey Readers were widely used to help educate children. William McGuffey’s passions were educating young minds and preaching the Gospel. His original school books helped shape America’s character. But, by 1879 the Christian theme of McGuffey Readers had been removed. The removal of the Christian content was done by people who appeared to be tolerant toward Christians.

Horace Mann (Father of Public Education) was a devout Unitarian*. Unitarians deny the divinity of Christ! From the beginning, Unitarians collaborated with Protestants to use the Public Schools to absorb Catholic children. Now, it is Humanists (atheists) and New Agers trying to entwine Christian children. John Dewey was born the same year Mann died [1859]. Dewey was the major thinker behind “Progressive Education”---a program where kids did not learn much of anything. Dewey contributed to the writing of, and signed, the first Humanist Manifesto (atheist bible). He felt there was no such thing as right or wrong. Government Schools did not get off course at some point to which they can return. From the start they were built on a perverse spiritual foundation.

As late as the 1970’s Public Schools tended to be get along with Christians. But, under the surface, the anti-Christian vines were taking root and the entanglement became noticeable with the 1962 court decision banning school prayer. In 1963 another ruling ended Public School Bible reading. The posting of the Ten Commandments was outlawed as a result of a 1980 decision. There have been over a dozen cases decided by the Supreme Court, which are embedded in jurisprudence and practically irreversible.

In the 1960’s the doctrine of “no absolute truth” became popular which led to the “Values Clarification” Public School programs of the 70’s. The result was epidemic cheating. In the 1990’s the new education buzzword was “ Character Education”. Character Education sounds good and is based on the realization that we had a national moral crisis. However, Character Education just continued the humanism in a more deceptive way. Character Education tries to define what is right without using the Bible.

Goals 2000 was signed by President Clinton in 1994. It seemed innocent enough—one goal was for the schools to be drug and violence free. From 1995 to 1999 there were 12 school massacres perpetuated by students who murdered 42 students and teachers and wounded dozens of others. Those were terrible tragedies in a few schools, but there is another problem that entangles every Public School in the nation. I am talking about the very nature of Public Schools.

Outcome Based Education, a close cousin to Goals 2000, is a campaign to involve the Government in nursery to nursing home education. Every president since Carter had a grand scheme that was supposed to “fix” the Public Schools. President Bush instituted No Child Left Behind. This legislation moved even further toward less local control. Claiming to provide more local control and control Common Core, in December 2015 Congress passed the "Every Student Succeeds Act ' which was just another con job to fool tax payers.  The major difference in that sham was that it was supported by both major political parties which are two wings of the same bird flying the wrong way.  The fact that Obama signed it is proof positive it was a bad thing no matter how good the propaganda sounded.

Obama’s original pie-in-the-sky boondoggle was “Race to the Top.” It should have been be Race to the Top of the Money Pile. His economic-stimulus package gave $100 billion to public education. Part of the package was this money was for the Race to the Top program, which at $4.3 set an all-time record for the Department of Education. Another 3 billion was aimed at fixing the schools that ranked in the bottom five percent in each state. The Hechinger Report, a nonprofit news outlet, and the Education Writers Association and reported in February of 2011 “that the stimulus package's long-term impact on public education is far from certain.”

The term, “Public Schools” implies that they are run by the public. In reality they are Government Schools, and that is the term I will use from now on. The supposed State Standards are really Federal Standards. There is no such thing as a locally controlled school system. The continuing crisis in Government Schools fuels incredible funding amounts for problems which never get solved.

In a 2007 speech to business leaders, U. S. Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings, said, “Everybody here knows that before this act (NCLB ) became law, kids often moved from grade to grade and nobody knew whether or not they had learned to read, write, add, or subtract. We invested billions of dollars and basically---hoped---for---the---best.” Standards are lowered to mask the failure of Government Schools. Government Schools are plagued with grade inflation, and manipulated standardized test results. U. S. News and World Report published an investigative article about widespread cheating in administration of standardized tests. Students are graduating from Government Schools in record numbers without having acquired basic reading, writing, and math skills and with a woeful lack of knowledge of history and geography. Universities have had to expand remedial programs that did not exist fifty years ago.

John Stossel (of television’s “20-20”) ran a “Stupid in America” series which reported that a South Carolina governor would not send his own children to Government Schools because---it would “sacrifice their education”. The governor wanted to allow the free market to deliver an alternative to Government Schools. Teacher unions and politicians (who are controlled by teacher unions) complained. They asked, “How can we spend state money on something that hasn’t been proven?” In other words, it’s better to spend state money on something that is proven NOT to work.

The Apple Computer CEO, a Democrat, lambasted teacher unions in February 2007. He believes that no amount of technology in classrooms will improve Government Schools until teacher unions lose their power. The CEO of technology giant, Intel, has repeatedly warned the country that the poor academic quality of Government Schools, especially in math and science, threatens our economic future. The National Committee on Excellence in Education issued a 1983 report that concluded---our entire way of life is endangered by a “rising tide of mediocrity”.

People continue to praise Government Schools while watching them crumble. Parents actually think that their particular school is doing a good job. A steady flow of bright brochures and newspaper articles is used to pacify parents. The success of sports teams, pictures of new buildings, and human interest stories create an undeserved wholesome image and distract attention from the academic decay as well as the spiritual and moral rot.

In 1940 teachers reported their major problems were talking, gum chewing, noise, running in halls, and cutting in line. In 1990 the problems were assault, robbery, drug abuse, and pregnancy. Forty-three percent of teachers now say they spend more time trying to keep order than teaching. A United States Department of Education 2006 report disclosed that the average is 45 crimes per 1000 students in Government Schools---and only 28 violent crimes per 1000 students. School shootings are extreme cases of a grimmer fact---Government Schools have grown increasingly dangerous. In Governor Manchin’s 2007 State of the State address he expressed his concern about school security in West Virginia schools. We must get our children out.

A 2005 Associated Press report revealed that during the period of 2000-2004 West Virginia dismissed 41 teachers for sexual misconduct. A Hofstra University professor believes that educator sexual misconduct is “woefully understudied”. The Sexuality Information and Education Council (SIECUS for short) produces lessons for “sex ed” classes known as “Programs That Work”. Parents probably do not know that SIECUS criticizes “abstinence-only-until-marriage” curricula as “based on religious beliefs (that) rely on fear and shame”. SIECUS also complains that these abstinence (i.e. Christian values) programs do not view homosexuality as normal. See Lev.18:22 for what the Bible says about homosexuality. SIECUS promotes policies, like what we have in West Virginia, where the school can provide birth control without consulting parents.

The homosexual agenda rages all over the country and will soon engulf Government Schools. The website of the largest teacher union states that the “National Education Association is committed to…addressing the needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered students.” The other teacher union, the American Federation of Teachers, is opposed to defining marriage as between one woman and one man. The teacher unions are powerful, but other government agencies can be used to facilitate the homosexual agenda. Government Schools are like vines that start as delicate strings, but soon grow to woody tentacles that entangle and destroy healthy trees. It is alarming to realize that, in this analogy, the “trees” are---our children.

Everyone has a worldview, which is like a lens through which we view life. The Christian worldview has God, who revealed Himself in the Bible, as the center of His creation. Bible based learning views man as the image of God and wisdom as coming from the Creator. Col 2:3 says that---in Christ are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. University schools of education are infested with humanist and New Age worldviews. Humanists see the world as uncreated and humans as the product of a long, impersonal process of evolution. The Humanist Manifesto states that heaven and hell are not real and belief in those places is harmful. The humanist worldview is infused into Government Schools.

Many Government School teachers are nice people trying to make a living, but the number of good teachers and administrators, whether Christian or not, has been decreasing from retirement. The good teachers that remain are entangled victims of the agenda that controls what they can do. Textbook publishers are puppets of the education establishment thereby making it nearly impossible for well-meaning teachers to avoid participating in the indoctrination. The curriculum has been injected with lies of humanism and evolutionism. New teachers are likely to have been trained to believe that their main function is to reconstruct values and beliefs, Government Schools indoctrinate generations to believe in evolutionism, relativism, feminism, socialism, mindless tolerance, sexual promiscuity, phony self-esteem, homosexuality as normal, and God as irrelevant. All of that with lower academic standards. Graduates of Government Schools will eventually carry their humanist orientation into politics. Humanism will saturate their work and their personal lives. If we lose our children, we will lose America. We must get our children out.

It is useless to try to reform Government Schools. Winning a local battle requires a big sacrifice of time and effort, and then the minute change can’t be monitored unless a parent makes a living policing Government Schools. Government Schools have been a major instrument in the hands of humanists in de-Christianizing America. Abortion and homosexuality are only symptoms of a major problem caused by raising generation after generation in Government Schools. The religious faith of citizens determines a nation’s moral character, not what is written in the Nation’s documents. For example, our Constitution is now used to promote rights that are opposed to Christianity. If a country accepts homosexuality and abortion---then those sins will find legal protection. Let’s give up the DELUSION of changing Government School and put our energy into providing more opportunities for giving children a Christian Education. We must get our children out, but what awaits them?

ENRICHMENT (To make fuller, more meaningful, and more rewarding)

In the book of Numbers we can read of the scouts who saw how wonderful the Promised Land was, but 10 of the 12 scouts only saw obstacles and imagined the foes, they had to face, were too great for their God to overcome. We all know that God wasn’t too happy with the Children of Israel. Instead of dwelling on excuses---let’s focus on ways to “overcome”. To overcome means to “rise above”. Jesus told us that we will have tribulation, but to be of good cheer because he has overcome the world [Jn. 16:33] and in I John [5:4] we are told, “For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith”. Let’s take a look at Christian Education and see how Christian Schools and Homeschools overcome obstacles and enrich our children.

A big benefit of Christian Education is the ability to put aside ineffective Government School methods for a more successful approach. You do not have to gear instruction to the average of a class of 25 students. Christian Education students can pursue more challenging subjects through Internet courses. Videotapes, satellite feeds, and expert lectures can be used. One parent with talent in art can team with another parent with a background in math. Tutors can be hired temporarily. A network can be set up to cover all of the academic areas. It is possible to combine Homeschool and classroom instruction. There are no limits to how your child’s education can be enriched through Christian Education.

Churches should support Homeschools or start traditional Christian Schools—only one room is needed. Churches should help expand existing Christian Schools, set up Distance Learning Centers, and set up programs to help hard-pressed parents transition to Christian Education. Christian Education should be a high priority in a church budget. Businesses should get involved because Government Schools are pulling down society.

Proponents of Government Schools want us to believe that teaching is incredibly complex and difficult and not to be tried by amateurs. You do not have to be certified to succeed as a teacher. Most teachers will admit they really learned how to teach after they were hired. A good teacher needs knowledge of what is to be taught and personal qualities such as diligence, enthusiasm, patience, and love for their students. None of those qualities are beyond the reach of average folks.

If you choose educational enrichment through Homeschooling, you can build lessons on family interests. Learning can go on 365 days a year. Your children can develop skills in cooking, gardening, and home improvement. A study of ancient Rome can include math, art, reading, science, and the Bible. A new baby can provide lots of learning experiences. Learning labs can be the dinner table and family trips. The school is the whole house, back yard, bike trail, library, or store. A family can set up its own business or ministry. Brothers and sisters can be teacher aides. You will learn with your children.

Parents get immediate feedback on a child’s progress in Homeschools. Meaningful dialogue replaces mundane workbooks and work sheets. Less time is wasted on disciplinary challenges, class transitions, waiting for help, and other distractions. There is no pressure of falling behind, nor is there the boredom of not being challenged. Homeschooled students can work at a comfortable pace. If reinforcement is needed it can be efficiently provided. After mastery the children can move on.

If you choose to use a Christian School, your child will also enjoy educational enrichment. Christian Schools partner with parents to provide a caring atmosphere with a safe and nurturing environment. The teachers have a Biblical worldview and feel God has called them into that type of ministry. If Christian School teachers don’t model integrity, courage, sacrifice, and love—they do not stay in the classroom protected by teacher unions. The Bible is the foundation for the curriculum, prayer is a common practice, and a Christian worldview is presented in every class where diligent study reveals the unity of God’s Truth. The children learn to interpret everything in life based upon the Holy Scripture. You cannot put a price tag on that kind of education.

The goal of Christian Education is to enable children to reach their full potential---in Christ. Choosing Christian Education is not simply a matter of starting class with Bible reading and prayer, then teaching out of secular texts. Students should learn the facts of history, laws of science, rules of grammar, and how to solve equations, but they also need to discover the answer to questions that only come from God’s Word. Biblical principles must permeate all of the academic subjects. Jesus told us that the first and great commandment is “Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and---with all thy MIND” [Mt. 22:37-38]. If you choose Christian Education, in a Christian School, you should not give up your responsibility for your child’s education. The parents of both Homeschooled and Christian Schooled children are responsible for what God says in Deuteronomy, Chapter 6. There we are told to love God with all of our might and to teach His words DILIGENTLY unto our children wherever they are. This------is------our------mandate.

A 2006 issue of New Scientist magazine criticized Christian Education because the Biblical account of creation is usually taught. Well, I’ve got news for them---along with the truth of Creation, Christian Education presents the facts about the character of many Christian heroes which have been distorted, or completely ignored. by the secular curriculum. For example, students can learn that early Christians insisted on literacy to enable their children to understand the Bible. There is a lot of history that has been censored by Government Schools. We must get our children out.

Government Schools have plenty of money and they waste a lot of it. In West Virginia we spend over $8,000 per student per year—that comes to over $200,000 for a class of 25 students. Nationally, we spend over $10,000 per student, and school spending has tripled over the last 30 years. It costs a whole lot less to educate a student for a year in a Homeschool or even a Christian School and those schools are not dependent on tax-funded resources. Free enterprise is always more efficient and unleashes the God-given, creative ability of individuals. Christian Education can be accomplished with existing resources and save the taxpayer money.

Christian School students perform higher than Government School students on standardized achievement tests such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress which is known as the “Nation’s Report Card”. The 2006 Nation’s Report Card revealed some embarrassing statistics comparing Christian Schools and Government Schools. Some Government School supporters have tried to twist the statistics so that Government Schools do not look so bad. What the testing actually showed was that students in Christian Schools had (I quote)---“a higher average score than their counterparts in Government schools”.

Homeschooled children also easily top Government School students in overall achievement. Homeschooled students score almost 10% higher than the average Government High School student on the ACT. After big wins in spelling, geography, math, and other competitions, friends of Government Schools complained that Homeschooled children have an “unfair advantage”.

Now that you have seen the benefits of “Freedom of Education” why would you want to stay in Pharoh’s schools? Our state motto is, “Mountaineers are always free.” Would you want the state to assign “your grocery store”? How about the state forcing you to use a grocery store that puts rat poison in some of the products on its shelves? We must have an Exodus out of Government Schools---so what does the Bible say?

EXODUS (A movement away, usually by a large number of people)

A mandate is “an authoritative command”. In Ephesians 6 we are told to bring up children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Nurture means “education and training”, and admonition means “advise to avoid danger.” Therefore we have a Biblical mandate—a command—to educate our children in a way that does not endanger their souls. To do that, we must get our children out of the Government Schools. The goal of Exodus Mandate is not to reform, or take over Government Schools. The government has no Constitutional, or God-ordained role in education. The Exodus Mandate project wants complete independence. Ray Moore, former Army Chaplain and founder of Exodus Mandate, believes we have shifted from defense to offense and Colonel Moore encourages Christians to become aggressive with Christian Education. That means that we should enthusiastically encourage others to join the exodus out of government schools.

Our efforts are not political. II Cor. 10:4-5 says it perfectly: “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God, to the pulling down of strongholds; casting down imaginations, and every thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” Our goal is the development of a new system of Christian Education that is open to the public, but not controlled by teacher unions or politicians. We want to raise respectable and contributing members of society who uphold the basic freedoms and moral standards upon which America was established. The Exodus Mandate plan will result in a return of Christian values that will dramatically benefit our country. We hope to preserve a Godly remnant to rebuild America. Graduates of Christian Education could reverse the trend of this nation’s moral decline. We may be in a state of emergency like that which occurred in Germany in the 1930’s. We must get our children out!

Education is a transfer of a way of life and Christian Education has the potential to transform our country. The schools we choose will shape our children and eventually shape our world. Reforming Government Schools will not work and will only result in wasted time and tremendous set-backs for the cause of Christian Education. Our mission is not to throw the humanists out; it is to remove our children from their influence. The only way to end the entanglement of Government Schools is to leave them. The only way to educationally enrich our children is to get them out of government Schools. If Christians follow God’s clear Mandate for educating their children we will have a mass exodus out of the government Schools.

There are parents who sincerely want to lead their children into the Promised Land of Christian Education, but before they join the Exodus they need to deal with some questions or doubts. I have prepared a hand-out for you to take home and prayerfully consider. There are good answers to any issue that may be raised. But, you should not make a decision motivated by me, or any other human. If you do, and the going gets tough, you will want to go back to Egypt. In both Psalms and Proverbs we are told that the fear---(awe and reverence)---of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge. If you start from that basis, the Holy Spirit will tell you what to do.

All of us are fallible, sinful human beings. “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” [Ro. 3:23]. Christian parents who send their children to Government Schools do so for a variety of misguided reasons. Usually it is due to not taking the time to investigate the Government Schools and study the Scripture. They haven’t considered the consequences of their actions. Sometimes they follow bad advice. Some are deceived, or are deceiving themselves. Unfortunately, some parents exchange their convictions for comforts.

It’s sad to see mothers who can’t wait for school to start. Is a Nautilus membership, lunch with friends, or a favorite television show a higher priority than raising Godly children? I am not condemning parents, but unwilling to falsely reassure them. I’m acting out of concern---not condemnation. I am not here to tickle your ears. Christians who educate their children in the same matter as non-Christians send an undeniable message of agreement with non-Christian beliefs, values, and practices. Romans12:2 tells us to not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our MINDS.

We allow ourselves a comfort zone where we can feel secure that the education of our children is someone else’s responsibility. We are willfully ignorant and blissfully disobedient. We have not made the effort to inform ourselves of the facts. If we do get informed, we rationalize why we do not do what we KNOW we should do. We may be afraid of being called extremists, or we just do not want to offend people. We---would---rather---offend---God.

Children are teachable by design. The Bible says, “We are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the works of thy hand.” [Is. 64:8] Government Schools entangle our children with humanistic, pagan, and New Age doctrines. A couple of Christian teachers, among 13 years of Government School entanglement, will not provide a Biblical worldview. A teacher has a tremendous influence on impressionable children. “My teacher says” is commonly heard by parents. A daily soaking in Monday through Friday Government Schools will not evaporate in an hour of Sunday sunshine. Would it make sense if we expected our children’s health to thrive if they ate candy all week and we threw in a salad on Sunday? A couple of hours (or less) of Bible study cannot possibly cancel the effects of 30 plus hours of humanistic propaganda per week. Christians would never send their children to a Jehovah Witness VBS or enroll them in a Muslim school, but they have few problems with the heresies dished out daily in Government Schools.

Government Schools teach religious doctrines like “where we come from” and “why we are here”. There is no such thing as religious neutrality in Government Schools. Why worry about Global Warming and not worry about your Children’s relationship with the Creator of the globe? Concern over the possibility our children will be physically assaulted is important, but it should pale in comparison to the certainty of assault on their beliefs. Unbelief is not the absence of belief, but the presence of belief in lies. The question is not whether we will have faith, but in what we will have faith? All education is religious.

Government Schools are entangling vines with various appearances. The entanglement is different from school to school, but all Government Schools are choking the Christian faith of our children. We Christians are used to blaming problems on the world, the flesh, and the devil, but not on our disobedience. We Christians are largely responsible for the current cultural mess. Sending children into an intellectual and religious war zone is WRONG. The ACLU insists upon the separation of church and state. Let’s give them a dose of the separation of SCHOOL and state!

Political and judicial battles may temporarily slow the de-Christianizing of America, but these efforts are doomed to failure. The true battle is not for control of Congress, the Supreme Court, or the White House, it’s for the hearts and minds of children. We foolishly focus on electing a few Christians while millions of new voters graduate each year saturated in the humanism taught in Government Schools. We have tried everything to recover our moral and spiritual greatness. Political action and strong voting have failed. Don’t give up that strategy—just recognize how limited it is. Government Schools are in serious trouble. We cannot tinker with the system and make it work. It is broken at the foundations. It’s time for Christian parents to abandon Government Schools and go to networks of home and private schools many of which can be based out of churches. We must get our children out!

Does it make sense to think that giving atheists and followers of New Age religions the opportunity to proselytize our children makes no difference? Can anyone seriously think that by collaborating in the subversion of our children’s faith we are being obedient to God, or acting as proper stewards of His gift? The Bible tells us not to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers” [II Cor. 6:14]. We must get our children out!

The reasons for taking our children out of Government Schools were apparent by the mid-1990’s. The book, Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity, gives example after example of how Christian children are treated abusively in Government Schools. They have been disciplined for praying before meals or even had a Bible tossed into the trash. The Ten Commandments are now labeled “hate speech”. Humanist schools cannot be reformed by Christians. Christianity is under attack explicitly and sometimes very subtly and it may not be obvious to Christian parents. Our children are being immeasurably harmed and we must get our children out!

Atheists are aggressively going after our children. The world’s most well known atheist insists that Christians have no right to teach “religious nonsense” to their children. Another atheist leader has publicly called for “a sophisticated attack on religion.” An article in the leading atheist magazine makes it very clear how atheists view Government Schools. The atheist author said, “I am convinced that the battle for humankind's future must be waged and won in the public school classroom”. Will it be easier to get atheists to give up their plans---or easier to get our children out? The answer is obvious.

Deep-rooted customs, though wrong, are not easily altered; but it is the duty of all of us to be firm in what we certainly know is right. God does not promise there will be no problems ahead. Labels of “intolerant” and “narrow-minded” are placed on anyone standing for the Truth. Proverbs 29:25 says that “the fear of man bringeth a snare; but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe”. Each of us needs to search our hearts and consider how we can use our time, our talent, and our treasure for rescuing our children. God’s heroes were all simple folks like Esther. When she was called upon to save her people, Esther’s security did not depend upon silence and compromise. The words spoken to Esther apply to each of you: “Who knoweth whether thou (that’s YOU) art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” [Esther 4:14] We must rouse ourselves with repentance and radical change as we come to terms with the terrible tragedy that has befallen this Nation. We MUST get our children out!

Beware of God’s warning in Hosea 4:6. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee.” The spiritual and moral devastation of Christian children through Government Schools is apparent to anyone who has eyes to see. We are not faced with a tough decision—it is obvious. We are engaged in spiritual warfare! The last battle for the soul of the nation will be fought over who will educate the children. Will we allow the atheists to win the battle? If we do, one day in the future, someone will ask, “Why didn’t pastors and parents lead the children out of danger? The carnage will have happened when we had the power to prevent it. We must get our children out! Will we have the courage?

The Bible says in James 4:14 that life is “a vapour that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away”. Our time on earth is a blink compared to what awaits us. We can choose to spend time chasing personal goals and possessions. Or we can rescue our children---which are really God’s children. Psalms 127:3 clearly tells us that children are a heritage of the Lord. Someday, we will bow before our Creator and be held accountable for our decisions. Martin Luther said, “If we are correct and right in our Christian life at every point, but refuse to stand for the truth at a particular point WHERE THE BATTLE RAGES—then we are TRAITORS TO CHRIST.”

Listen carefully to God’s word—this is what Jesus said with his own lips: “But whoso therefore shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea [Mt. 18:6]. “Offend” means to harm, damage, cause hardship, impair, diminish in strength, commit an injustice, or cause to sin. When we send our children to Government Schools we put them in serious risk of all of those things.

The righteous judgment of God has not yet fully come upon our nation. The Bible speaks of God confronting His people with challenges. If we fail to meet our challenge--- America will not survive. The Bible says that “The Lord shall judge His people” [He.10:30b]. He has consistently done so since He created Adam and Eve. This is our moment of truth. Let’s seize this precious opportunity and be the shining light that dispels the darkness. Let us serve the Lord Jesus Christ with courage---and honor---for the glory of His name. Let us not OFFEND any of our little ones.


*The religion of Unitarians has guided government schools since their founding. Dr. Charles Francis Potter, was a Unitarian minister who (in 1925) advised Clarence Darrow on the Bible during the Scopes Trial.

Potter said, "Humanism is not the abolition of religion, but the beginning of real religion. By freeing religion of supernaturalism, it will release tremendous reserves of hitherto thwarted power. Man has waited too long for God to do what man ought to do himself and is fully capable of doing….a religion of common sense; and the chief end of man is to improve himself, both as an individual and as a race." (


This material was prepared by Karl Priest from dozens of articles and the books: “Let My Children Go” (by Ray Moore), “The Harsh Truth about Public Schools” (by Bruce Short), “Millstones and Stumbling Blocks” (by Bradley Heath), and “The Little Book of Big Reasons to Homeschool” (by David and Kim d’Escoto).

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A January 2015 report, AMERICA’S SKILLS CHALLENGE:
Millennials and the Future, by Educational Testing Service (ETS) (see: ),
delivers shocking proof of the inadequate education students receive at all levels. ETS is a non-profit organization that tests over 50 million students worldwide, including the GRE graduate school entrance exam in America.

This educational deterioration has been ongoing for decades. The ETS report states: “In 1983, the National Commission on Excellence in Education...declared that the state of America’s education made it ‘a nation at risk.’...’[T]he educational foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity that threatens our very future as a Nation and a people.’”

“[America] spends more per student on primary through tertiary education than any other OECD nation [but] systematically scores low on domestic and international assessments of skills.”

The report hopelessly concludes that “there has been an absolute decline of skills. A decade ago, the skill level of American adults was judged ‘mediocre.’ Now it is below even that.  Millennials, who will form the backbone of this nation’s future, are not poised to lift us out of this predicament; in fact, the lack of adequate skills in this population has become a challenge for us to confront...

The following was not meant to be pro-homeschool, but it is.

 "Teenagers are as sedentary as 60-year-olds by age 19".

"At 60-plus, many people have health issues that might cause a restriction in movement, but why is this happening at age 19? It suggests that the social structures in place may not be supporting physical activity," Varma said in an interview.

He theorized that the modern school day, which requires sitting for large amounts of time and where recess is often compressed into 20-30 minutes a day, may be partly to blame. There's also the issue of early school bell times which researchers have found leads to sleep deprivation.

"The timing of school isn't consistent with biology of when kids wake up and go to sleep," he explained.

Varma and co-author Vadim Zipunnikov, assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, point out that the data shows that school-age children were the most active between 2 and 6 p.m., or after school.