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2013 Articles, Letters and Op-Eds Urging Folks to Rescue Their Children (Plus some miscellaneous articles of interest to truth and enlightenment seekers.)


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3. Be sure to see the reports of West Virginia public school test performance look for "Report of West Virginia public school test performance" on individual WV News pages (not all pages have the data).

For “Anti-Christian Bias in Science” see The Common Con and Rotten (Common) Core and Partnership Poppycock.”


By Karl Priest 10-23-2013

Recently I was contacted by a Kanawha County high school science teacher who had heard of my interest in insects. She was enthusiastic about me coming to her school. I told her that I would be happy to come, but I would tell the students that evolution was not true—just a statement—not a lecture. She did not like that, but penciled me in. When the day came and went without me being confirmed I sent her the following email.

Hello Ms. ____:

Perhaps this will be helpful in your quest to teach factual science.

 "Mathematics is the language of science"

Best wishes,

Karl Priest
The Insectman


BOOK REVIEW: My Black Family My White Privilege (Wenger, Michael R. Bloomington: iUniverse, 2012)

By Karl Priest August 26, 2013

Michael Winger was once called a “fuzzy-thinking liberal.” (172) His critic was correct and I will support that statement by bringing clarity to the matter.

Few liberals want much to do with the people they try to help. To use the” toe in the water” analogy, most put in part of a toe. Michael Wenger put in both feet for a while.

We share school segregation sympathies with one important disagreement. Wenger seems to think that all of the problems blacks have are due to evil white people except for him and other like-minded liberals.

Black folks would have done just fine without help from liberals like Wenger. The wonderful work of William Wilberforce and others like him would have eventually won out.

Wenger is saddled with immense guilt for something for which he has no responsibility. His guilt drives him to try to saddle every other white person with some of the same.

There is no doubt that Wenger has tried to do good. His secular and liberal mindset has not allowed him to admit that “all (colors) have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23)


Wenger described himself as “culturally Jewish.” (221)

He is a disciple of one of his college professors, Sidney Simon*, who motivated his class by slamming a book on the classroom floor and declaring it to be “the sound of a police billy club on a child’s head.” (39)

Liberals think government can function as a god. Lauding his god-of-government’s “important role” in rectifying social ills Wenger praised Lyndon Johnson’s 1965 programs and VISTA. I remember being a recipient of that via a Lyndon Johnson’s Neighborhood Youth Corps summer job that provided a busy-work summer job. The boys in my neighborhood (who wanted to work) had done just fine finding jobs on our own. I remember briefly encountering a VISTA worker, before I left the neighborhood, which we “hood” residents felt was a naive fool. Perhaps some (or most) VISTA workers were good people with utopian delusions. I simply report my (and my friends’) observations.


Wenger described a sermon delivered by a black preacher who used a fundamentalist style of preaching that liberals mock when white preachers do it. (34)

Wenger preached that to “change the world” people have to stand up “with courage and integrity for what we truly believe” and “most people are potential allies, provided we treat them with respect and don’t batter them with guilt, that we honor who they are and listen attentively to what they believe and why.” (23) (emphasis added) His whole book batters white people with attempted guilt trips. Almost every white person is a racist in Wenger’s mind. Continuing his hypocrisy, Wenger said the journey to “the United States of America to which we pledge allegiance to each day” will include “respect (for) the integrity of others whose values may differ.” (230) He needs to face the Racial Reality he has missed.

“Perhaps the greatest cost of stereotyping concerns the moral hypocrisy and self-deception we practice. We think of ourselves as a people committed to the principles of justice, fairness, and freedom. But each time we unjustifiably discriminate against someone, we puncture our ideas and call our values into question.” (199) Although Wenger was referring to racial discrimination, he did not practice what he preached regarding religious discrimination when he called the fundamentalist Christian Kanawha County Textbook Protesters “book burners ” (see the footnote).

His devotion to Obama overflows when he described Obama as a “real and patriotic American” and then took a shot at people who are critical of Obama as being “out of step with our American ideals.” (232) Those would be his liberal ideas which conflict with those of America’s founders.

He has “dark-skinned brothers and sisters.” (204) I wonder if he has any fundamentalist Christina brothers and sisters.

Gloating at being in the Governor Jay Rockefeller in-crowd, Wenger credited Rockefeller for educating him about being “too quick to judge people” after Wenger claimed to have been learning “that people could not be easily pigeonholed.” (120-121) It is too bad Wenger forgot that lesson by 1974.

Wenger rejoiced over his wife’s pregnancy and described it as a period of “excitement.” (100) Although he does not mention abortion in the book, I wonder if he minds that babies in other wombs are butchered by the thousands every day. Sadly, black folks are leaders in that atrocity against their own race!

Wenger lamented that his parents and others fled their deteriorating Brooklyn homes for the Long Island suburbs. He believed the move was due to not wanting to live with blacks and that the houses blacks lived in deteriorated because the landlords did not take care of them. (9) I lived in rentals (including public housing) for the first 20 years of my life. With limited income my parents, and others with similar values, took care of where we lived. We saw people, black and white, who did not. As stated below, Mr. Wenger never chose to live in those not-so-nice neighborhoods himself.

The plight of white working-class Americans is briefly mentioned as a lead-in to the racial incidents experienced by some blacks. (210-211)

I wonder how Wenger would feel to know that I experienced religious discrimination from the Kanawha County School system.


After a honeymoon in the Bahamas (86) he and his family moved to the East End of Charleston. Wenger called it as “mostly middle-class, but I recall it being, at the time, one of the four richest areas in town) then bought a “modest” home in South Hills which was, and is, arguably the richest area in the city. (91) Wenger admitted that was where the “rich and powerful” live. (79) I am sure they could have found a house in the predominately black lower West Side of Charleston and enrolled their children in the predominately black schools in that area. They wanted the best for their children as do all good parents including the textbook protesters.

His black wife held in scorn the white family for whom her mother worked even though her mother was well treated. (82) My mother cleaned the houses and kept the children for others and was grateful for the opportunity to add to our meager income. I shared her appreciation.

He glossed over the rabid racism of democratic politicians Jamie Whitten (who had evolved) and Robert Byrd. (136) Byrd was a Ku Klux Klan who recruited 150 others and formed a KKK chapter and publicly said that he “would never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side” and that he would rather “die a thousand times…than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels.” (Protester Voices—the 1974 Textbook Tea Party 13) It was probably easier to rationalize his political choice to compromise his convictions during the Charleston sanitation strike (103-104) than the political maneuvering of Whitten and Byrd. His parents had taught him it was wrong to cross a picket line, but political considerations prevailed and he sided with the mayor who broke the strike. None of his black friends worked in the sanitation department. (102) Ironically, Dr. Martin Luther King’s last speech ( "I've Been to the Mountaintop" April 3, 1968) before he was assassinated was to striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee.

He terrified his son during a drive through Mississippi fearing his son’s skin color would invite a police stop. (45) The boy was 50%, white, 37.5% black and 12.5% American Indian with “olive skin.” (101) I’ll bet that there are lots of (South Asia) Indians darker than Wenger’s son. The point is Wenger’s obsession with pigmentation.

He invoked “McCarthyism” and shuddered at the charges that Obama is “foreign born and a Muslim.” (51) He brought up the Trayvon Martin incident in a postscript and got religious when he said he would “pray that Trayvon’s killing will not be forgotten.” With typical liberal hysteria he said he was afraid for “even my seven-month-old great-grandson.” (231-232) Putting Obama’s questionable past aside, if it were not for what the Bible says, I would fear for future generations living in an America transformed by liberal values.

After stating that “You cannot always know if a particular incident is motivated by racism” (108) Wenger unintentionally provided (except in his mind) a prime example. His son was with two friends in downtown Atlanta when a white woman crossed the street to avoid passing them. (153-154). Wenger became fixated on that incident. He failed to consider that the woman may have crossed the street because she was approaching three young males and their skin tint had nothing to do with it. Or, maybe she wanted to see something in a store window on the other side. To Wenger, it was an abject case of racism. He likely did not consider what a lone black woman would have done when approaching three young white males. (added 11-23-13: On the other hand, black violence against whites walking innocently down the street, was terrible by 2013.)

Wenger’s daughter experienced obvious racism at the upper crust George Washington High School when she wanted to be a cheerleader. Of course, Wenger rationalized that incident. (116)


He and Jay Rockefeller were on a first name basis and Rockefeller appointed him to a prestigious job in his administration as governor of West Virginia. (120) Bill Clinton (186)

He described sitting across the table from President Clinton in 1997 surrounded by other powerful political players while the “President’s Council on Racial Reconciliation” program was presented. Clinton eventually came up with his “Initiative on Race” which “bore little resemblance to (Wenger’s) concept paper” although Wenger gained “virtually unrestricted access to the West Wing” of the White House. Political maneuvering followed which caused Wenger to refer to the White House in the context of a “Billy Crystal quote: ‘It is better to look good than to feel good.’” (162-173) Amusingly, in praising Clinton for speaking out on racial discrimination, Wenger admitted that Clinton was guilty of a “divisive use of race in his 1992 campaign.” (177)


Wenger claimed to be from a working-class family. (back cover) I disagree and the dictionary supports me. The working-class are “people who work for wages, especially low wages, including unskilled and semiskilled laborers and their families.” His father, who certainly worked hare, owned a business. (5) My father worked for an employer. Wenger and his first wife borrowed money from his parents to purchase a house. (93) My parents could barely scrape up money to rent a decent place.

Wenger may have some insight of being black by having married a balck lady and socializing with blacks, but he has no idea what it is like to be a poor white. He should try it and write a book titled “My Poor Family-My Rich Privilege.”

Wenger worked at some jobs I am familiar with such as caddy (9), washing dishes, newspaper copyboy (16) and he also parked cars. (19) He also worked, if it can be called work, as a sports writer. (21) I doubt if he worked in the school cafeteria for his lunch as I did in junior and senior high school. His real jobs have been as a community organizer, political appointee and professor of arguably academically useless courses in “race relations” on the university level. (187)

His parents supported the Socialist Party and the socialist based African labor Party. (13)

He was a close friend with the founder of the Jewish Defense League which was a major terrorist organization although Wenger called those political beliefs (expressed after their friendship) were “abhorrent.” (22).

The major difference between Michel Wenger and myself is that I admit I am a sinner.

He disclosed personal information such as that he was courting his first wife while she was still married to a man serving overseas. (72) While she was “seeking a trial separation” and living in Maryland, Wenger drove to see her “every other weekend.” (78)

He related (without remorse) that a friend of his gave spiked punch to his elderly mother-in-law at his post wedding dinner. (85)

After living together (169), they married in 1970 (80) and divorced in 1981. (131)

In 1972 he and Mrs. Wenger returned (without the children) to the Bahamas for a vacation. (93)

He and his first wife were “community organizers.” (111)

His second wife, a former Catholic, (149) is a “white born-again Christian.” (221) She attends Largo Community Church in Prince George County, MD. (205) She and Wenger had “tears of joy streaming down (their) faces as the President-elect (Obama) emerged from behind the curtain” in 2008. They were so very happy that they had been able “to vote for a presidential candidate whose lineage is African and European.” (xxii) Hmmm, I seem to recall a famous black Civil Rights Movement leader saying, “ I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Also, Christians who vote for a promoter of baby killing and sodomy have serious problems.

It appears they began dating while he was separated from his first wife. (149)

They honeymooned in London. (150) The first year their marriage survived due to their “solemn vows.” They purchased a house together before the marriage. (151) Unable to find a house they liked at a price they wanted in the mostly white wealthy Montgomery County, Maryland they bought one in the “wealthiest predominately African American county in the county (Prince George). (151) Why don’t they bring some poor white folks into their neighborhood and set an example for other rich people?

After telling Governor Rockefeller that he “needed to leave Charleston to save his marriage” and that Rockefeller had “promised to help” (126) Wenger took the advice of a female colleague who told him, “You don’t say no to a Rockefeller.” Wenger stayed in Charleston. (127)


After college graduation (1965) Wenger failed in attempts to teach junior high (48) and high school classes in public schools. “I couldn’t control my classes and I was bored.” (49)

While still in college, in 1963, he helped setup alternative schools during a segregation battle in Virginia. He taught a class of “about ten teenagers” in a church basement. Local families provided lunches. (32) One of his early projects after moving to Charleston was to help a group of parents who set up a “parent-run preschool program.” (91)

Wenger also proved that he had issues with public schools.

His oldest daughter enrolled in the Presbyterian run Boggs Academy her senior year. His son attended a private Montessori school (131) through 6 th grade and then was enrolled in the Quaker Sidwell Friends school (145) until 10 th grade. (146)

Wenger related how he interfered in a West Virginia family’s dispute with a high school principal over the suspension of the family’s son for fighting. The father brought in a shotgun to rescue Wenger from supporters of the principal who had gathered outside the principal’s office. (68)

According to Wenger American History textbooks were inaccurate and incomplete and omitted facts about the accomplishments of blacks. (204-205)

Hmmm. Wenger promoted alternatives to public schooling, used religious schools for two of his children, forcefully objected to a school administrator’s decision, and bemoaned textbooks. Those activities sound a lot like what the Kanawha County protesters did.

Not only is Wenger’s thinking “fuzzy” but he lives in a glass house from which he slings his stones.

See Addendum item #7 at “Indisputable Ignoble Ignorance and Insolence”.


*From Protester Voices—the 1974 Textbook Tea Party :

Teachers were just beginning to institute their training in values clarification (Sidney Simon, 1972)—a strategy for moral relativism and situation ethics. (91)

Another psychologist who played a major a role in the development of educational techniques to alter the beliefs and behavior of children was Sidney Simon who co-authored a book with Leland W. Howe and Howard Kirschenbaum. Their book, Values Clarification. A handbook of practical strategies for teachers and students was published in 1972. Simon, in my personal experience, is more often credited with this book, so I will simplify my comments by referring to Simon. He too saw parents as inadequate for the job of rearing their children. He points out children are bombarded with conflicting values. He concluded, “. . . young people brought up by moralizing adults are not prepared to make their own responsible choices.” This book is filled from beginning to end with psychological techniques for the purpose of helping a child to clarify his own values and destroy any idea he might have of moral certainty. Nothing is sacred in these classroom activities. Everything from a child’s most private thoughts to his most personal relationships is fair game for discussion. Have you ever stolen anything? Do you have doubts about religion? What do you dislike about your best friend? Would you bring up children differently from the way you are brought up? Do you ever hate yourself? So much psychology was being brought into the classroom that academic instruction could not help being affected. Some educational journals at that time were suggesting schools would become clinics and teachers clinicians.

Sidney Simon was brought to Kanawha County by the State Board of Education to teach his value clarification ideas. Parents do not send their children to school to be treated by teachers, acting as amateur psychologists for the purpose of clarifying their values. (186-7)


A Secret that needs to be Told

By Karl Priest May 15, 2013

I recently assisted with the CHEWV testing at the Nitro and Cross Lanes locations. Both Test Center Coordinators, Jennifer King and Lisa Holstein, were as good (or better) than any professional educator I ever worked with during my 34 years in public education.

The work that test registrar Cathy Corns did is difficult to describe. Not only did she coordinate both centers, but she also tested groups herself. Altogether, ninety-nine students were tested.

I first became aware of homeschoolers when I took Math Field Day and chess teams to competition. Not only were the homeschoolers neatly dressed and quite polite, but they were exceptionally intelligent!

After I retired, Ray Moore of Exodus Mandate, asked me to be his volunteer state coordinator for West Virginia. I jumped at the chance because I believe with all my heart that, unless Jesus miraculously intervenes, Christian education is America’s only hope. Unquestionable proof for that claim is provided on my website at

Since beginning service with Exodus Mandate I have been blessed to meet wonderful people who have rescued their children. Thanks to my homeschool dad friend, Rick Duttine of the Kanawha-Putnam Home Educators, I have been allowed to attend several functions of the homeschool group in my area. Each time I have been blessed.

The CHEWV folks are too modest. Their story should be shown and their successes should be stressed far and wide. The more parents who are obedient to the Bible directive of raising children, the better it will be for all home schoolers and ultimately for our county.

Let’s spread the news, it should not be a secret!

Abstinence-only curriculum not supported in W.Va 4-12-13

This is an item that was too lengthy to post at 2013 WV School News.

From the article: Believe in West Virginia, a Charleston-based Christian group, paid thousands of dollars to bring an abstinence-only public speaker to Kanawha County high schools this week, but the state Department of Education does not support an abstinence-only curriculum. "The curriculum can be abstinence-based but not abstinence-only. Our standards require a medically accurate, comprehensive curriculum. That means you teach everything from abstinence to different forms of contraceptives," said Mary Weikle, health and physical education coordinator for the West Virginia Department of Education…Since the assembly, many students have spoken out against (Pam) Stenzel's speech, with one parent threatening to protest by handing out condoms at the school. GW parent Cheri Callaghan posted to Facebook on Thursday saying that her husband, an attorney, is now representing students who have been threatened by the school administration for speaking out. Many students felt uncomfortable with [Stenzel's] outright condemnation of any and everyone who has ever had premarital sexual contact," said (a female) GW student. "Stenzel's overall attitude was that any type of sex will guarantee the contraction of an STD or an unwanted pregnancy."

While Stenzel is a Christian speaker, (GW Principal George) Aulenbacher said she knew not to talk about religion during the school's assembly…Kanawha County Board of Education President Pete Thaw said the incident has him thinking it's time to better monitor what speakers principals are bringing into their schools, regardless of whether they're sponsored by a private donor or not. "Frankly, we don't have any say over it. It's been my policy to let principals run their schools," he said. "We give them the responsibilities and, if we do that, we should give them some of the authority. But apparently they're not as careful at screening these people. "We've got to be careful. We don't know what we're getting -- there's so many nutcases out there anymore.

Karl’s comments: 1. That the mountain top of liberalism (the neighborhood surrounding George Washington High School) would invite a Christian speaker is amazing. 2. I could not locate a video of this speech, but it probably is like the ones posted on The Blaze. 3. After quoting the principal about the speaker knowing “not to talk about religion” the reported inserted, “In the audio recording, while talking about infidelity, Stenzel says, "One of my favorite pastors said…” That is the Gazette’s way of insinuating religion was discussed. 4. Liberals claim to want “medically accurate, comprehensive curriculum”, but not if it gets too graphic about STDs. They should get to see pictures of the disease effects and be tested on the statistics from the secular Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 5. Pete Thaw, still fooling Christians that he is on their side. (Note: See the 1-22-13 entry for more about Thaw. Thaw is a fake friend of Bible believing Christians.), insinuated, Mrs. Stenzel is mentally ill. Thaw should have praised the principal’s efforts. 6. It is worthy of a belly laugh to read that “some students felt uncomfortable.” I guarantee those students listen to and view material that would make this ex-Navy man blush. 7. Believe in West Virginia has good intentions, but their money would be better spent helping needy families homeschool or pay tuition in a Christian school. 8. An April 15 article ( revealed that Aulenbacher, who tried to provide wise counsel to students to prevent ruining their lives, is in trouble. I insert my comments within the article excerpts. “A student at George Washington High School asked for an injunction in Kanawha Circuit Court against the school's principal Monday, after she alleges he threatened to call the college where she's been accepted and tell them she has "bad character" for speaking up against an abstinence-only assembly held at the school last week.” [I’d like to get the full context of the conversation between the student and the principal.] “Katelyn Campbell, the school's student body vice president, refused to attend an assembly where Christian speaker Pam Stenzel told GW students "condoms aren't safe" and warned that any type of sexual contact would lead to sexually transmitted diseases and cause women to be infertile, according to an audio recording of her presentation.” [I’d like a transcript to support that allegation.] “ In her YouTube videos, Stenzel shouts and says things such as women who take birth control are "10 times more likely to contract a disease . . . or end up sterile or dead." [Oh, my! Mrs. Stenzil raised her voice (i.e. “shouted” to the sensitive Gazette reporter. I feel so sorry for those kids. I feel even sorrier for the one’s already, or soon to be, victimized by the sexual morals perpetuated by society and government schools.]) “” West Virginia has the ninth highest pregnancy rate in the U.S.,’ Campbell said. ‘I should be able to be informed in my school what birth control is and how I can get it. With the policy at GW, under George Aulenbacher, information about birth control and sex education has been suppressed. Our nurse wasn't allowed to talk about where you can get birth control for free in the city of Charleston.’” {Huh?! This girl is uniformed about birth control and how to get it? My oh my! I suppose she already knows all about STD dangers.] 9. An April 11, 2012 report ( disclosed that "’1 in 4 teens today has an STD. [For government school students, “1 in 4” equals 25%.] That's shocking to me,’" (Kristan) Hawkins (executive director of Students for Life of America), said. ‘We live in a country where condoms are readily available. Everyone is receiving sex education in the public high schools, but the STD rate remains the same’ among teens who learn abstinence-only or contraception-based education. [That is because it is not an educational issue. It is a spiritual issue.] “‘A parental notification law was passed in the West Virginia Legislature about 15 years ago, (Wanda) Franz (a researcher and president of West Virginians for Life) said, ‘but it's not without loopholes. Doctors can sign off on abortions without parental consent if the doctor deems the teen mature enough to make that decision for herself. Teens can also call abortion providers and get them to sign off on an abortion without consent’, Franz said. She called the law ‘non-functional’ and said states that have enacted tight parental consent laws have seen a decrease in the teen pregnancy rate.” [Hmm. Do GW students get the full truth about abortion?] 10. Here are the facts about sex from a God-hating source, the National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education (NCSSE.

West Virginia’s Youth: Statistical Information of Note

  • In 2007, 53% of female high school students and 54% of male high school students in West Virginia reported ever having had sexual intercourse compared to 46% of female high school students and 50% of male high school students nationwide.
  • In 2007, 4% of female high school students and 9% of male high school students in West Virginia reported having had sexual intercourse before age 13 compared to 4% of female high school students and 10% of male high school students nationwide.
  • In 2007, 14% of female high school students and 19% of male high school students in West Virginia reported having had four or more lifetime sexual partners compared to 12% of female high school students and 18% of male high school students nationwide.
  • In 2007, 43% of female high school students and 40% of male high school students in West Virginia reported being currently sexually active (defined as having had sexual intercourse in the three months prior to the survey) compared to 36% of female high school students and 34% of male high school students nationwide.
  • In 2007, among those high school students who reported being currently sexually active, 57% of females and 66% of males in West Virginia reported having used condoms the last time they had sexual intercourse compared to 55% of females and 69% of males nationwide.
  • In 2007, among those high school students who reported being currently sexually active, 31% of females and 18% of males in West Virginia reported having used birth control pills the last time they had sexual intercourse compared to 19% of females and 13% of males nationwide.
  • In 2007, among those high school students who reported being currently sexually active, 20% of females and 24% of males in West Virginia reported having used alcohol or drugs the last time they had sexual intercourse compared to 18% of females and 28% of males nationwide.
  • In 2007, 88% of high school students in West Virginia reported having been taught about AIDS/HIV in school compared to 90% of high school students nationwide. (

From the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (note: I have a link exposing this evil organization to be added before posting.): …members of the National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education (NCSSE) came together for the coalition’s biannual meeting held at the offices of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America in New York City. The day-long meeting brought in preeminent education advocates and professionals from throughout the nation to share information about important developments in comprehensive sexuality education at the international, federal, and state level. NCSSE is convened by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) and consists of a broad constituency…[Some speakers were:] Dr. Joe Kosciw, Research Director from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) [and] GLSEN’s Communications Director Anthony Ramos along with Brigitte Amiri, ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project and Heather Boonstra, senior public policy associate at the Guttmacher Institute*. [Talk about the Devil’s Disciples!] (

*“The sharpest tool in Planned Parenthood’s shed for digging up more money to prop up its failed programs that are literally sucking the life out of our nation is the Guttmacher Institute. The Guttmacher Institute is an invention of Planned Parenthood, set in action to ensure the survival and government funding of PP.”



The following article was refused (i.e. censored) by the Charleston Gazette on the same day it featured an article about local liberal activist Julian Martin*.

Priest Presents Predictions (cut out and keep this column)

By Karl Priest March 11, 2013

People may refer to me as a Priest and a prophet after this column because I am proposing three predictions that will be easily verifiable.

The driving force of teacher unions is not kids--its money. Some teachers are great and deserve more pay which they would get if education was a free enterprise. Most teachers are mediocre and paid enough. Way too many are pathetic! No matter. The unions will pound the ears of the legislature and public for pay raises. That is a guaranteed-to-come-true prediction.

For the past seven years I have chirped and buzzed about the pitiful conditions of “public” (actually “government”) schools. See for documentation of that statement.

Now the president of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce succinctly concurs and said, “West Virginia's education system is broken.” ( Currently the news media has dozens of stories about Governor Tomblin’s plans to fix the mess. The Chamber’s and Governor’s hearts are in the right place and some of their efforts will provide slight improvements. Unfortunately, the ultimate outcome will be lots of tax-payer money used almost uselessly. That is my second prediction.

Academic performance will remain low or drop, and terrible things will continue to happen to children sentenced to serve seven hours a day, 180 days a year in what is similar to penal institutions except the “guards” actually try to rehabilitate the young inmates into citizens that fit the progressive agenda.

I have always been an advocate of Christian schools; however there is a better alternative. During the last two weeks I have been privileged to help administer nationally normed standardized tests to homeschooled students through the Christian Home Educators of West Virginia (CHEWV). It was a joy! I first came into contact with homeschoolers when I took chess and Math Field Day teams to competitions. Homeschoolers were neatly dressed, perfectly polite, and extremely intelligent. It is common to have a homeschooled child at the top of academic events and a 2011 research study showed “On average, the state’s (WV) homeschooled students scored in the top twenty to thirty percent of all students nationwide in every academic area measured.” Compare that to the results of West Virginia government schools at

Colleges welcome homeschool graduates. Homeschoolers do not need or want government help. They do much more with a lot less time and fantastically fewer dollars than government schools. Private contributors would be wise to invest in things like University School Models that combine the best of home and Christian schools and assistance to needy families (especially single moms) for things such as curriculum.

There are exceptions to the rule for successful homeschoolers, but in government schools the exceptions are the students that succeed and are not marred by the culture they must endure. My final prediction: Unless the Good Lord intervenes, the only hope to preserve America as she was founded will depend upon graduates of homeschools.

*The Martin article opened with “He's one of the state's best-known activists, a familiar protester and prolific contributor to the newspaper editorial page. ( A search for Martin’s name on the Gazette site brings up lots of hits including one article that opens with, “A long time ago I gave my grandpa a hard time for voting for Bill Marland because I heard the rumor that Marland was a drunk. My grandpa said that he would vote for a drunk Democrat before he would a Republican. I now agree with him. If the only choice I have is a Democrat or Republican, I will vote for the Democrat every time.” ( It is easy to proof the bias of the Gazette by the amount of articles by people who share the point-of-view of Martin. Also, when the Gazette did publish one my articles it was usually (almost always?) placed in a spot that the newspaper considered to be less prominent.

When I was notified of the rejection I responded to the editor: “Your decision is disappointing, but not surprising. Since you allowed a personal attack (not on the merits of the content of) on me after my last article, without allowing me a response, it became apparent that the Gazette has a limited amount of a sense of fair play and the values of TRUE liberalism.” For details see "REMEMBER THE ALAMO" at (scroll down).

There are others examples of the Gazette’s censorship in My Articles and a detailed account in “Evolutionism”.


Yoga Zealots’ Own Words

By Karl Priest January 10, 2013

This article was motivated by a WV News entry of January 10, 2013.

A Fox News article ( quoted Jois Foundation's program director Russell Case saying, “Encinitas is building a national yoga model for public schools.” The definition of yoga is "the controlling of the mind.

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois is a superstar of yogism. “Pattabhi Jois claims that the style of Yoga he teaches is exactly the same as what Krishnamacharya ( Underlying all of Krishnamacharya’s teachings was the principle “Teach what is appropriate for an individual.” He believed that yoga could be both a spiritual practice and a mode of physical healing---Wikipedia) taught him.

“What is particular with the Ashtanga Yoga method taught by Pattabhi Jois is that the student is gradually led through a set sequence of postures step by step. Each student is first taught the sun salutations (its origins lie in a worship of Surya, the Hindu solar deity--WikiPedia), which Pattabhi Jois claims is the very foundation to the practice... For anybody who thought this method was all about building a new body--toned, trim and well-shaped, like a Greek god--Pattabhi Jois's immediate reply is: ‘Yoga is not physical but of a spiritual nature.

“Yoga can indeed be used as external exercises only, but that is not the ultimate benefit of Yoga. Yoga can go very deep, deep and touch the soul of man.’... Many people even criticize the teachings of Pattabhi Jois as mere callisthenic exercises. However Pattabhi Jois's message to his students is very clear: "Practice, practice, and all is coming!" By this statement he means that for a greater experience of Yoga to come about, "practice" is essential and without "practice" it is almost impossible to penetrate into a greater understanding of Yoga.

“The greater essence of Yoga is difficult to define in name and form, but proper practice and method may awaken our receptivity to this inner being; hence, we may come to experience how it lives and observes all the movement of the body/mind/sense organs rather than being caught up within them. Being an orthodox Brahmin ( Brahmins were engaged in attaining the highest spiritual knowledge and basically adhere to the principles of the Vedas*—Wikipedia) and a follower of the Advaita tradition (f ollowers seek liberation/release by recognizing identity of the Self and the Whole through long preparation and training—WikiPedia) first propagated by Sri Shankaracharya ( advocated the greatness of the Vedas— ) authenticity and proper commitment to learning the tradition properly is of paramount importance to Pattabhi Jois.

“He displays an unwavering faith in the teachings of the Vedas: ‘Everything is there,’ he says, ‘We just need to recover the understanding within our own minds’... Ashta-anga, the "eight limbs"' as the eight practical integrated steps leading to a greater gradual awakening of Yoga up to the final transcending state of Samadhi.

The practice of asanas and pranayama is learning to control the body and the senses so the inner light may come forth. That light is the same for the whole world and it is possible for man to experience this light, his own Self through correct Yoga practice. This is the natural outcome of a good practice and one will gradually learn to control the mind because one eventually will come to experience the very support of it. But the mind is indeed very difficult to control, but everything is made possible with right practice. We must therefore first and foremost practice, practice, practice for any real understanding of Yoga to take place [Namarupa Magazine, 2004]..

“It is apparent from the above that the so-called Ashtanga Yoga method facilitated by Pattabhi Jois is an inquiry into the essence of Self and the very substratum of our being rather than just physical exercises of fitness... Seeing the growing interest in this practice all over the world, we can safely assume that this particular practice does something to the individual that seems to transcend the mere desire for fitness and greater flexibility. It rather seems to create more space and greater awareness from within about this very life force situated within us.” ( It cannot be any clearer—

YOGA IS RELIGION! See my articles "Yoga should be left out of schools" (April 21) and "Religion Established in Public Schools" (April 12) as well as the Yoga entry on “The Common Thread Addendum”.

*The Vedas are the oldest (supreme revealed) scripture of Hinduism ( an umbrella term comprising the plurality of religious phenomena originating and based on the Vedic traditions). Sanskrit is the primary liturgical (public worship done by a specific religious group) language of Hinduism and is a literary and scholarly language in Buddhism (a religion and philosophy based upon the teachings of Buddha) and Jainism (a religion that emphasize the necessity of self-effort to move the soul toward divine consciousness and liberation--salvation or emancipation of soul. Hinduism can be subdivided into six types on of which is Yogic Hinduism. (Wikipedia)



A newspaper headline reads: “Yoga originated from Shiva” (a god of the Hindu trinity—Wikipedia) and goes on to say, (T)here is only one ultimate goal for everybody – liberation (see the * above)...When we use the word yoga, you should not think of twisting your body or holding your breath or anything like that we are not talking about a particular exercise or a technique. We are talking about the very science of creation and how to take this piece of creation (you) to its ultimate possibility. We are looking at gaining mastery over the fundamental processes of life; the very process of creation and dissolution. It doesn't matter at what level of evolution a person is right now, for him also, there is a way.

Today, yoga is said to be the world's fastest growing wellness regimen because it presents spirituality as technology.


The Shiva-Samhita text defines the yogi as someone who knows that the entire cosmos is situated within his own body, and the Yoga-Shikha-Upanishad distinguishes two kinds of yogins: those who pierce through the "sun" (surya) by means of the variousyogic techniques and those who access the door of the central conduit (sushumna-nadi) and drink the nectar. ( Feuerstein, Georg. The Shambhala Encyclopedia of Yoga, Shambhala Publications, Boston, 2000 p. 321, 350.)

Strolling on the Internet will “meet” people like Gina who says, “My intention is to foster a sense of global unity through yoga by sharing my twist on this universal language with curious yoga adventurers everywhere. I believe we expand and evolve by exposure to new places, people, rituals and environments...” ( Gina's passionate and inspirational style of teaching is a balanced fusion of informed, vinyasa yoga with attention to holistic alignment, personal evolution and humor. (

It is easy to see the common threads of New Ageism, religious environmentalism, One World Government, and One World Religion all wrapped around evolutionism.

A prominent yoga evangelist is Shiva Rea. The following “introduction” is found on many websites: Shiva Rea, M.A. is a yogini firekeeper, sacred activist, global adventurer and leading innovator in the evolution of prana flow yoga, transformational vinyasa flow integrating the tantric bhakti roots of yoga, Krishnamacharya’s teachings and a universal, quantum approach to the body. Shiva is known for bringing the roots of yoga alive for modern practitioners in creative, dynamic and life-transforming ways and for offering the synthesis form of prana flow out in the world. Shiva is the creator of Prana Flow Yoga, Yogadventure Retreats, Yoga Trance Dance for Life, Moving Activism for 1,008,000 Trees, the worldwide Global Mala Project, Yogini Conferences and E2: The Evolutionary Edge Tour. She writes for Yoga Journal, Yoga Plus Joyful Living... (

Her website is revealing: "This site is dedicated with love to all beings and our evolution, individually and collectively. I embrace yoga as a universal path as well as traditional teachings and practices to cultivate and realize our full potential. Vinyasa is a natural sequence unfolding with creative intelligence - a conscious evolution connecting each moment with unifying breath. We explore embodying and living yoga in full spectrum - sun to moon, wild to sublime, fullness to simplicity, action and being. There is yoga for everyone. Let us know how we can serve your path." (

One of her seminars (2009) advertized that: She has a new mission, called The E2 Evolutionary Edge. The intention of this workshop is to bring together the consciousness-shifting mediums of yoga, music, ecstatic dance, paradigm-elevating speakers, visual arts and sacred activism into an enlivening ritual space to raise the collective vibration and awaken our individual and collective capacity for conscious living in these transformative times. (

Her own words reveal her devotion to the extremely religious environmental movement: "Everyone on the planet is born with yoga and is able to be in contact with it at any time... Yoga is in the pulse of every breath. It’s an alternate level that connects us, not just as humans, but to the life in all things on Earth – plants, animals, the breathing soil... Yoga is a form of sacred activism and I’ve been an activist all my life... I started a campaign for Yoga Energy Activism — empowering yogis to respond to our current global energy crisis... When you sign up to be a Yoga Energy Ambassador, your individual actions connect to the collective... Global Mala Project is present in over 40 countries, in so many yoga communities around the world. It’s been amazing. September 21 is the UN’s International Peace Day..." (

Compare her to a televangelist in this video: Be sure to watch the beginning and ending parts.




A Question about Parents Putting Children at Risk

By Karl Priest January 1, 2013

Why would a loving parent send their precious children to a place where there is a ten percent chance they will be sexually molested?

Certainly not a conservative source, Slate, headlined a 2012 article “How Many Kids Are Sexually Abused by Their Teachers? Probably Millions”. The article stated, “The best available study suggests that about 10 percent of students suffer some form of sexual abuse during their school careers.” (

The liberal state of Oregon admitted (2012) that sexual abuse of students” is a problem with “From 2004 forward, there were between 12 to 15 teachers sanctioned (for sexual misconduct) every year.” (
teacher-sexual-misconduct-on-the-rise-students-Oregon-151370805.html) Typical headlines during 2012 awere from New Jersey: “Outbreak of Teacher Sexual Misconduct Cases”( and Oklahoma, “ Numerous Teacher Sex Abuse Claims Raise Alarms ” (
article.aspx?subjectid=450&articleid=20120715_19_A1_CUTLIN275666) . Also from a 2012 news article, “Statistics from the Arizona Board of Education show that the number of educators losing their teaching certificates over allegations of sexualmisconduct are up from five years ago.”(

Even scholars see the problem. Sexual misconduct by teachers is “alarmingly common.” (Spitalli, Samuel. “An Epidemic of Shame.” American School Board Journal, August 2012. Vol. 199, #8: p. 26-27)

In 2007 Education Week ( published a special called “A Lingering Shame: Sexual Abuse of Students by School Employees” in which they opened with “Most of America's educators are dedicated professionals who wouldn’t dream of crossing the line into sexual conduct with a student.” Then Education Week admitted that “a problem that is only sporadically recognized as a national issue.”

The same year, an Associated Press, report declared “Sexual misconduct plagues U.S. schools”. From that article: “Students in America’s schools are groped. They’re raped. They’re pursued, seduced and think they’re in love. An Associated Press investigation found more than 2,500 cases over five years in which educators were punished for actions from bizarre to sadistic... Most of the abuse never gets reported... Cases investigated sometimes can’t be proven, and many abusers have several victims. And no one—not the schools, not the courts, not the state or federal governments—has found a surefire way to keep molesting teachers out of classrooms...’I think every single school district in the nation has at least one perpetrator. At least one,’ says Mary Jo McGrath, a California lawyer who has spent 30 years investigating abuse and misconduct in schools. ‘It doesn’t matter if it’s urban or rural (2) or suburban.’ One report mandated by Congress estimated that as many as 4.5 million students, out of roughly 50 million in American schools, are subject to sexual misconduct by an employee of a school sometime between kindergarten and 12 th grade... As an 8-year-old elementary-school student, (the girl told how her teacher) forced her hand on what she called his ‘pee-pee.’” The teacher made it 40 years until getting caught in 2004. “the perpetrators that the AP found are everyday educators—teachers, school psychologists, principals and superintendents among them. They’re often popular and recognized for excellence... Robert Shoop, a professor of educational administration at Kansas State University (said) ‘In other cases, it’s reported as if this is some deviant who crawled into the school district—‘and now that they’re gone, everything’s OK.’ But it’s much more prevalent than people would think.’... Very few abusers get caught. They point to several academic studies estimating that only about one in 10 victimized children report sexual abuse of any kind to someone who can do something about it... Too often, problem teachers are allowed to leave quietly. That can mean future abuse for another student and another school district. ” (

A 2004 study for the U.S. Department of education, “ Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature” concluded that Educator sexual misconduct is woefully under-studied.” (p. 51 Charol Shakeshaft, Hofstra University
report.pdf) See footnote 1 for statistics regarding the highly publicized Catholic Church sexual molestation situation.

CBS News also disclosed that a New York Times reported investigated pedophile chat rooms where the perverts “like to speak about how close their jobs take them to children. ‘The most frequent job mentioned, however, was schoolteacher’." (emphasis added)

Alarmingly there was a 2002 Department of Education report that “estimated that from 6 percent to 10 percent of all students in public schools would be victims of abuse before graduation — a staggering statistic.”!!!! (exclamations added)
( The report was written for CBS News by the editor of the National Catholic Register.

SESAME (Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct and Exploitation) lists several frightening statistics from a 2000 study, “Hostile Hallways” “ Sexual harassment—and all the bullying, teasing, and touching it entails—is pervasive: Four out of every five students personally experience it.”(

In 2003 Education Week ran a report “ States Target Sexual Abuse By Educators” ( ) and in 1998 an Education Week article opened withBut often, far more often than many people think, those friendly moments mask the first steps by a teacher or coach down the road that leads to sexual relations with their young charges.” ( The same 2007 webpage lists several other teacher sex abuse headlines.

It involves female teacher also. See "The Big List: Female Teachers with Students”.

In Nevada (1983!) a lady discovered a teacher had molested over 60 students over a period of 20 years in her small rural community near Las Vegas. (

The danger has been there a long time and it is getting worse!

Why would a loving parent send their precious children to a place where there is a ten percent chance they will be sexually molested?


1. In 2009 CBS News reported that Professor Shakesshaft said, “ The physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests." The same report revealed that “the federal report said 422,000 California public-school students would be victims before graduation — a number that dwarfs the state's entire Catholic-school enrollment of 143,000.” Amazingly admitting liberal media bias CBS News stated, “(D)uring the first half of 2002, the 61 largest newspapers in California ran nearly 2,000 stories about sexual abuse in Catholic institutions, mostly concerning past allegations. During the same period, those newspapers ran four stories about the federal government's discovery of the much larger — and ongoing — abuse scandal in public schools.” A conservative columnist did some simple math to show that “the number of offenders appears to be approximately 76 percent greater among educators” than priests.

2. For West Virginia, the data is indisputable regarding the area of sexual abuse. See "Abuse: Teacher-Student Sex" (6-1-2008), “Sexual Abuse Plagues Schools” (10-21 -2007), “29 out of 101 Teacher Misconduct Cases Involve Sex Allegations” (10-3-2007), and “Abuse is No, 1 Reason Teachers Lose Licenses in W. Va.” (10-17-2005 ) headlines.