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If you think that your school is an exception you are willingly blind.



"Christian parents are _commanded_ to place their children under godly and Christian teaching, not neo-pagan or humanistic instruction. Whether we acknowledge it or not, only two choices remain-- obedience or disobedience to God’s commands. (See Col. 2:8; 2 Cor. 10:3-5; Deut. 6:1-9; Mal. 4:6; 2 Cor. 6:14-19 along with Luke 6:40. Matt. 22:37-38 and Eph. 6:4)" E. Ray Moore.

In the governor’s own words
From Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s 2012 State of the State address: “Let me be clear that nothing is more important to creating good jobs than providing a world class education for both our children and adults. The world economy demands lifetime learning. We must start by refocusing our education system on the best interest of the student. If we want our children to have a future of their own choosing, we must meet their educational needs from the first day of school until graduation and beyond. We must elevate our aspirations, and challenge one another to participate in the world as productive, income-earning members of society.” Karl’s comment: This is pontificating political prattle that perpetuates the propaganda that public schools can be preserved. The purpose is to keep the pennies coming in from taken in tax-payers.
See the other State of the State speeches.


“The difference between insane asylums and our public schools is that in the insane asylum you have to show some improvement before you can get out.”

Please look at the school news below as well as for other years (along with my articles) for documentation about why tax-payers should “just say NO!” to pouring more money down the government school rat-hole.

Among these headlines you can easily follow common threads of drug abuse, sex (including teachers with students and promotion of sexual perversion), lack of disciple, violence, poor academic standards, crime, anti-Christianity, and wanting more and more money “for the kids”.

Sex crimes in the education system are rampart and traceable to the decay of society which is closely connected to humanism taking over “public” schools. Parents in Kanawha County warned of this in 1974. Now, we are simply reaping what is sown.

The sin of sexual abuse is inexcusable, but the fact is that it is rare that church personnel molests a child. That is not so with school personnel. You will be amazed at the reports of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. See the comments on this issue on the main WV News page. Also, teachers, unlike preachers, do not get scandalized for their adultery and other sex escapades with adults. See the March 26, 2009 headline “W.Va. teacher charged with sex assault of teen” for a sad, but pertinent point.

The moral sickness in the school system goes all the way back to 1977--a couple of years after the Kanawha County Parents sounded the alarm.

(Note: Some of the links are closed by the media outlet after a period of time. Several of the headlines came from Charleston Daily Mail and Gazette on-line searches. All articles can be found by contacting the news source.)

Be sure to see the 2012 REPORT OF WEST VIRGINIA PUBLIC SCHOOL TEST PERFORMANCE. (Also see March 19, May 12, May 22 and July 25 below.)

(Note: Some of the links are closed by the media outlet after a period of time. All articles can be found by contacting the news source.)

Police in West Virginia schools a hot topic (December 22, 2012)
From the article: "It's safe to say that having an officer in the school is better than not having an officer there. It would be wonderful if we could have them in every school...," (said the deputy director of West Virginia Division of Justice & Community Services)..."The very best thing is to have an armed guard in the schools...” (said the director of safety for Kanawha County Schools). Karl’s comment: We may as well put up fences topped with barbed wire.

GUYANDOTTE CT VIGIL (December 20, 2012)
From the article: T he tragedy in Connecticut has had an impact felt across the world, tonight a candle light vigil was held at a school (Guyandotte Elementary) in Huntington that has beefed up security..."I haven’t slept in two nights." (said ) the mother of a student here, the shooting has had a profound impact on her. She initially kept her daughter home on Monday following the shooting....her husband convinced her to send their daughter on Tuesday. "He got her dressed. I cried for about 2 hours--and drove around the school. We’re thinking about home schooling."...In reaction to a mother's worst nightmare, security has been beefed up at the school... Karl’s comment: I pray that the father will listen to his wife and rescue their daughter! See the next two entries.

TERROR THREAT (December 19, 2012)
From the article: "People are not going to be sending their kids to school if people are going to make threats like that." (The mother) says her 8 year old daughter goes to Evans Elementary, a school where deputies say a man made threats. They say (the man) was angry after the Department Of Health And Human Resources took custody of his two children...These alleged threats come at a time of heightened awareness and sensitivity and a loss of a sense of security in our schools. "I’m all for education, but not if that's going to be her last day on earth. It's really scary." (The mother said.) We're told (his) children had been taken away by the state due to what they call "deplorable living conditions. Karl’s comment: "I’m all for education, but not if that's going to be her last day on earth.”!!!!! See the next entry

From the article: O ne of the by-products of the Connecticut tragedy is heightened awareness and sometimes, erring on the side of caution leads to necessary disruptions at school. Schools in at least three West Virginia counties were put on lockdown as a precaution because of threats posted on social media...Parents say it was especially difficult to drop their young children off at school...One mom we spoke to says she just tried to reassure her children and herself that schools are safe...The director for counseling in Kanawha County says parents and teachers should recognize the emotions kids may have; fear, anger, sadness...Charleston cops are putting extra patrols in city schools this week. Karl’s comment: When I read the mother’s comments it was like being in a Lewis Carroll version of a Texas Chainsaw movie except it is REALITY! The whole report (in three parts) is absolutely mind-bobbling! What will it take to wake up parents?

PORTABLE SAFETY (December 17, 2012)
From the article: At schools in our region use portable buildings and that's raising safety questions with a lot of people. Here is the temporary Kenova Elementary. It's several modulars connected to make an elementary school. Karl’s comment: The article was in the context of school shootings. If Christian schools had such a set up, they would be criticized about it for many reasons. Also, the spiritual safety of children cannot be improved within brick prison-like structures.

SCHOOL LEVY (December 17, 2012)
From the article: The Wayne County schools bond levy failed over the weekend. Karl’s comment: The main reason given was too much money for astro turf on football fields. I am sure that a tax increase was a factor. All such bonds should fail for the much better reason that citizens should not be forced to pay the government to build pagan seminaries to indoctrinate children.

Lincoln County schools returned to local control (December 12, 2012)
From the article: For the first time in 12 years, local officials in Lincoln County will have complete control of their school system. .. Some concerns regarding board leadership remain in Grant County ... Schools in Fayette, Gilmer, McDowell, Mingo and Preston counties also are under state intervention. Karl’s comment: This is state control of county schools. It is akin to Federal control of state schools. Ultimately, it is control of children by others than their parents.

Capital High School morning observance policy gets changed (December 6, 2012)
From the article: Capital High School is changing its policy so students will no longer be required to stand for the playing of the national anthem, pledge or anything else played over the loudspeaker during morning observances... The decision comes after students and parents complained about a song played every Friday morning at the school...The song, "Lift Every Voice and Sing," embodies "the idea that everybody is somebody at Capital," Giles told the Daily Mail. Every Friday it would be played over the school's loudspeaker directly after the national anthem and pledge. Students were required to stand for all three... The song, "Lift Every Voice and Sing," embodies "the idea that everybody is somebody at Capital," Giles told the Daily Mail. Every Friday it would be played over the school's loudspeaker directly after the national anthem and pledge. Students were required to stand for all three...(A student who did not stand) sent to the office several times because of his decision, (his mother) said. She also said Giles made statements over the loudspeaker about the situation that "ostracized" her son. Karl’s comment: The principal denied the accusations about how student objectors were treated. Some patriots object to any song being put on the same level as our National Anthem. Others want to make this a race issue. The song, " Lift Every Voice and Sing." sometimes referred to as "The Negro National Hymn" or "The African-American National Anthem” ( The fact is that the song has religious connotations. Raphael G. Warnock, senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, wrote: “The Black National Anthem, aka Lift Every Voice and Sing... James Weldon Johnson’s sacred song... (it) is a hymn as much as anything. (

The third verse is:

God of our weary years,
God of our silent tears,
Thou who has brought us thus far on the way;
Thou who has by Thy might
Led us into the light,
Keep us forever in the path, we pray.
Lest our feet stray from the places, our God, where we met Thee,
Lest, our hearts drunk with the wine of the world, we forget Thee;
Shadowed beneath Thy hand,
May we forever stand,
True to our God,
True to our native land.

Where are the out-raged liberals over this blatant display of what they call violation of the separation of church and state?

The first story I saw (December 3, 2012) was headlined:  No Pledge at School and reported "I pledge allegiance to the flag”...words not heard inside Capital High School Monday morning. The Pledge Of Allegiance and the National Anthem both cancelled at the hands of principal Clinton Giles..."My understanding is we had some calls from parents that students were being told that they had to stand and if they didn't stand for the pledge of allegiance, and I also believe they played the African American National Anthem, then they were disciplined for that." Superintendent Ron Duerring says that schools are required to play the pledge of allegiance, but students are not required to stand and recite the pledge...students do have the option to remain seated....but Giles told us today, off camera, that he does ask students to stand during the pledge, but they aren't forced to recite it. (

The “take-away” point is that this school (see the May 24 below; Sept. 24, 2011; May 11 and February 27, 2010; December 8, August 4, May 6 and January 27, 2009; Dec. 13, Nov. 19, September 17, June 3, June 1, 2008; October 25, April 26 April 6 March 6, 2007 entries) is a mess like all government schools and Christian children should not be there.

Grandfather speaks about grandson choked at school (December 4, 2012)
From the article: (The) grandfather of a 10-year old middle school student said eight (sic) graders are bullying his special needs grandson. He showed our news crews pictures of the bruises on his grandson. He said they were left by these bullies. He said CHOKING and STRANGLING are both what caused the marks... Foss said the trouble began at the end of last school year and he went to the principal for help. He said the violence picked back up this year. By Thanksgiving break, he said the 10-year old was left bruised 4 MORE TIMES. This grandfather went to the school each time and said so far no one has been punished. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of violence throughout the WV School news headlines.

Academic Preparedness (December 3, 2012)
From the article: West Virginia is finding out how prepared its high school graduates are for college and job training...a 2009 study showed 52-percent of West Virginia high school seniors were at or above basic achievement in math...Compared to 63-percent of seniors nationally. Karl’s comment:

Students, Parents Rally Against Bullying Outside School (November 27, 2012)
From the article: A group of students and parents came together Monday night at Elkview Middle School to address what they call a bullying problem in their school and many others across the region... Students say they see classmates victimized time after time by bullies, even when adults are standing nearby... Tanya Barnett-Huff of Bully-Free West Virginia attended the rally and says the students are hardly alone. She says bullying is a statewide problem. Karl’s comment: Bully-Free West Virginia states that the group partner’s “with organizations across the state to advocate providing adequate protections for students affected by school bullying, especially LGBT students” ( LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. Ms. Barnett-Huff’s group is closely tied to Fairness WV and ACLU-WV ( The ACLU is aptly referred to as the “Anti-Christian Liberties Union” and anything it is interested in is evil. Fairness WV is a front for the homosexual agenda. It’s “mission is to ensure LGBT people can be open, honest and safe” ( That is code for silencing anyone who believes the Bible which calls sodomy a sin. Fairness WV “called on OfficeMax to remove their name from the Caiden Cowger Program’s website, as a result of Cowger’s inflammatory comments he made on May 26, 2012. Caiden stated that “homosexuality is a perverted belief, immoral and un-natural.” He continues by stating that, despite years of research that proves otherwise, “homosexuality is a decision” and that “President Obama and Vice President Biden are making kids gay.” Caiden is 14 years old! The 2012 “gala” held by Fairness WV awarded the Public Leadership Award to Dr. Jorea Marple. Kanawha County Board of Education president, Pete Thaw, a fake friend of Christian parents, is up to his nose in supporting the homosexual agenda. See the July 17, 2009 entry of WV School News.

No W.Va. finalists in Race to the Top sweepstakes (November 27, 2012)
From the article: West Virginia school systems have been left out of the running for the U.S. Department of Education's latest round of Race to the Top funding... West Virginia also lost out in 2010 when Race to the Top grants were awarded on a statewide basis. Karl’s comment: Not getting more government control is a good thing.

Riverside aide charged with assault, battery and drug possession (November 26, 2012)
From the article: An aide at Riverside High School was charged Monday with assault, battery and possession of a controlled substance after she allegedly threw cowboy boots at a manager of the Magic Mart in Belle. (She), 34, of Hansford walked into the store, took off the cowboy boots she had been wearing and placed them on the counter, store manager Gary Lee Harrah told State Police. She wanted to return or exchange the boots, but Harrah refused, according to a criminal complaint in Kanawha County Magistrate Court. Harrah told police that Lively became enraged and began yelling at him. She picked up the boots and threw them at Harrah, striking him in the face, he said. AT When troopers got back to the detachment and searched her, they said, they found Suboxone in her purse. Lively does not have a prescription for the drug, and says she became addicted to it at rehab, and was currently buying it off the street. She also is charged with simple possession... Kanawha County school board President Pete Thaw said, "I tried two years ago to get drug testing for teachers and the federal courts beat us to death over it...” Karl’s comment: Thaw, a fake friend of Christian parents, knows there is a problem. Thankfully, this ticking time-bomb aide did not go off on one of her autistic students.

Winfield students found with pills at school, police say (November 8, 2012)
From the article: A student told the school's resource officer that two male students were in the bathroom using illegal substances, according to a news release from John Perrine, the Winfield police chief... The 16-year-old student... was charged with possession and intent to distribute prescription medication. Karl’s comment: Drug used in government schools is not uncommon. Note: “school’s resource officer” is the politically correct form of “school’s cop”. Also note: The Winfield High School website brags that the school is a “WV School of Excellence” and a “WV Exemplary School” for multiple years.

Nitro High School Battles Vermin Infestation (November 20, 2012) (
From the article: The Kanawha-Charleston Health-Department says when the weather turned colder last month, the home of the Wildcats became the home of the wild rats...(A) Nitro student said. "Like, we were in class one time and she saw one go across her and she like, jumped out of her seat." Health inspectors say rodents are a common problem in many Kanawha County schools, but that Nitro's situation is a bit more severe. Karl’s comment: Just imagine the uproar had this been about a Christain school! I cannot resist the urge to say that government schools are infected with more dangerous things than rodents.

Some lawmakers believe Marple's ouster could pave way for education changes (November 15, 2012)
From the article: Some West Virginia lawmakers say Thursday's firing of state schools Superintendent Jorea Marple could pave the way for the state to adopt changes recommended in an education audit that Marple was expected to resist...Senate Education Committee Chairman Robert Plymale, D-Wayne, said he was "a little shocked" about Marple's firing, which comes just three months before "the most important legislative session relevant to education I've ever been involved with." Karl’s comment: The firing outraged the teacher unions. “(WV Education Association president) Lee said he and Judy Hale, president of the West Virginia Federation of Teachers, will "stand together in anger" to try to make it right. ( See Homeschooling and The Clueless Miss Marple. Take note and mark this comment: The aforementioned “most important legislative session relevant to education” session will NOT solve the problems of government education. It may improve them to various degrees if parents are given freedom to choose the education for their children. The ONLY solution is education without ANY government entanglement.

Report ranks state teachers unions 13th strongest (October 28, 2012)
From the article:  West Virginia's policies are better aligned with traditional union interests than any other state, according to the report.  Karl's comment:  The article is mostly about state unions weaseling about the report.  I am a retired public school teacher with over 30 years experience (including 4 as a principal) who formerly was an aggressive member (picket captain during West Virginia's only teacher strike) of the NEA/AFT for over 20 years and I strongly believe there is no hope for public education as long as teacher unions maintain power. I left the Union for my last ten, or so, years. I also strongly believe the teacher unions are contributing to the ruination of the United States of America.

Parent files suit against student, Wood BOE (October 26, 2012)
From the article:  A lawsuit filed this month by the parent of a Wood County Schools student alleges her son was brutally assaulted by another student and a supervising teacher did nothing to intervene... The suit alleges "John Doe violently grabbed SS and and slammed his head into a window and/or other parts of the school's building, and then slammed SS to the concrete surface of the ground, where SS's head violently struck the concrete and where John Doe situated himself on top of SS by pinning him beneath his body and beat him in the face and head with his fists."...The suit alleges the entire assault occurred in front of an on-duty teacher who "made no effort to intervene or to stop it" and says officials at the school, including the teacher, were aware her son was being bullied by John Doe prior to the assault.  The attack resulted in SS suffering multiple injuries, including "bilateral nasal fractures and/or other fractures in and around his face." The attack also resulted in SS suffering a concussion and some memory loss.  Karl's comment:  Many more such incidents are unreported.

Cheerleading coach faces sexual abuse charges (October 24, 2012)
From the article: State Police have charged a Marion County cheerleading coach with sexually abusing a 16-year-old boy in her Mannington home. (The woman), 31, of Howard Street, was arraigned Tuesday in Marion Magistrate Court on three counts of sexual abuse by a person of trust. (She) is the freshman cheerleading coach at North Marion High School...(Sgt.) Scott wrote in the complaint that the teen then told investigators Barker had performed oral sex on him three times in her home last winter... He said at one point she asked him if he wanted to go further, but he declined "because it felt wrong."... Scott spoke with (her), a mother of three, later that afternoon at the Fairmont detachment.. "She said she does not think she has a problem that she needs help for," Scott wrote in the complaint. "It was just a lustful thing and the flesh gave in. The accused said the victim had a choice, too, but she should have been the adult about it." Karl’s comment: You can easily follow common thread sex (including promotion of sexual perversion) throughout the WV School news headlines.

Patrick Lane: Educate students to succeed (October 24, 2012)
From the article: We are failing our children... Our current education success rates are disappointing. West Virginia students rank 38th in ACT scores. In fact, over the last five years, our ACT scores have dropped. Our eighth-grade students rank 47th in reading and math scores. If our children make it to college, 20 percent of those entering four-year colleges need remedial classes, and 69 percent of those entering a two-year program need remedial classes. Meanwhile, we spend $11,527 per pupil on education. That amount is up 28 percent since 2005. We rank 18th in per pupil instruction spending. And when compared to per capita income, we rank 4th in education spending. Our state budget is now 47 percent or $2.1 billion dedicated to public education... For too long our focus has been on throwing money at schools without discussing outcomes. Lack of money is not the problem. Karl’s comment: This Republican politician sees the problem, but his solution is more of the same ideas I have observed to fail since I became a teacher in 1972.

MINGO TEACHER ABUSE (October 24, 2012)
From the article: Investigators say he (special needs 9 year old) was abused at the hands of a woman who was supposed to care for him --his aid in school...That aid isn't the only school employee facing criminal charges in Mingo County... That's because (the student) has autism and other handicaps, which make it nearly impossible for him to communicate. But she says she knew something was wrong last school year when he started coming home from Birch Elementary school in Mingo County upset... And on the day (the student) received the bruise witnesses say she was cursing, telling another teacher that (the student) needed a spanking. Then as he was on the floor with other students, (the aid) allegedly grabbed (the student) by his feet and dragged him across the classroom, over the other students' shoes, causing that bruise, investigators say she then jerked him down the hall by his wrist while yelling at him...

But she's not the only teacher set to be tried criminally. A special needs teacher from Riverside Elementary is facing two counts of felony child abuse... Investigators say (the teacher) spanked a special needs boy and would withhold food from him. (She) is also accused of forcing a special needs student to stand as punishment for more than an hour as punishment...Concerns about that type of punishment were brought to the board's attention in 2009... And a third teacher, (name redacted), is facing misdemeanor sexual abuse charges of middle schoolers.

(The following are excerpted from oral dialogue during this television news report.)

We send our children to school and we believe and hope that they're being cared for... Started coming home saying he was a failure. That's not a word that has ever been mentioned around him home and his ear was bruised...They had to know they had to know about his ear, it was every color you could think of by the time he got home...teacher accused of squeezing him so tight it bent his glasses...There are supposed to be safeguards there to protect children, there were no safeguards there that time.

Karl’s comment: The words speak for themselves.

In January 2013 child abuse charges against the special education teacher were “dismissed in exchange for her giving up her certification.” See the 8-1 entry below.

West Virginia Virtual School and onTargetWV Helping Students Graduate (October 17, 2012)
Gazette-Mail Metro Putnam, page 10
From the article: The West Virginia Virtual School is helping to keep more at-risk students from dropping out of school so they can complete their educations and earn a diploma ... through flexible scheduling, online coursework and the virtual school. During the pilot, student enrollment in the West Virginia Virtual School jumped from 1,980 to 2,083. .. The virtual school also is helping bring advanced placement courses and core course offerings to students at schools were curriculum is limited . Karl’s comment: Homeand Christian schoolers have been way ahead in this strategy. Government support is not needed. Break free from the chain and government welfare.

Surveys show decrease in student alcohol use, more family support (October 19, 2012)
From the article: Every grade reported drinking more alcohol annually than other students across the nation, Cleveland said. However, the use of alcohol had gone down in every grade from the 2004 survey results. The average county age of first use of alcohol and tobacco was 12.6 years and 13.1 years for marijuana... Some 28.9% of county seventh graders, 53.1% of ninth graders and 71.8% of twelfth graders reported using alcohol in the past year. About 18% of seventh graders and 32% of ninth graders said they had used illicit drugs in the past year. Karl’s comments: What a whacky headline! It’s like bragging about only having fewer car wrecks than last year. One wreck can be fatal.

Parents Are Worried About Mold And Carbon Monoxide At Riverside High School (Oct. 12, 2012)
From the article: Sev eral parents of Riverside High School students contacted Eyewitness News to voice their concerns about the safety of the school... “I think they're not doing enough to protect the kids in that building,” (The parent) said. Hudnall said her son comes home from school tired and ill nearly every day. Karl’s comment: Does anyone see the connection with spiritualsafety of these children!? See the next item.

Middle School Sewage (October 10, 2012)
From the article: A smelly situation at a Kanawha County middle school has some parents fired up and claiming it's making their children physically sick... Raw sewage has been leaking into the locker room at Cedar Grove Middle School for more than a week, and while the problem seems to have finally been cleaned up. Some parents say they're worried it will happen again...and more kids will get sick. Karl’s comment: Does anyone see the connection with spiritual sewage that is infecting their children!?

Sissonville Students Stage Protest at Game after Prayer Ban (September 21, 2012)
From the article: After a parent's complaint to advocacy group "Freedom From Religion," the superintendent of Kanawha County Schools banned the invocation prior to home football games. The invocation was traditionally given by a local minister...The principal at Sissonville High School tells he supports prayer, but a person can't fight the constitution. Karl’s comment: The students wore purple and payed on their own and the parents and people of the community think they have done a good thing. Pity.

Putnam students again report decline in alcohol, drug use (September 17, 2012)
From the article: A survey of eighth graders showed that less than 7 percent say they use illegal drugs, less than 17 percent use tobacco products, and less than 27 percent use alcohol... "This is the most alarming thing to me," Hatfield said of the number of students who reported to use alcohol. "At least about 25 percent of all eighth graders have been exposed to alcohol in some way. That's one in four. That's kind of alarming because it makes me say, 'who's giving it to them?'"..."We've never gotten a huge number of positive tests," Hatfield said, "and quite frankly we didn't expect to because periodically we bring the drugs (sic) dogs in and rarely find anything. I'm not telling your our kids don't use drugs, because we know some of them do, but I will tell you that it does not go on at school very much." Karl’s comment: Yes it is alarming that ¼ of the students in this suburban county use alcohol. It is also alarming that (to be generous) 5 out of 100 use drugs. What a testimony to government schools—drug sweeps with drug dogs! Christian parents would not expose their children to a 5% chance of getting an infectious deseace, yet they have no problem exposing them to an atmosphere where 5% of their peers use drugs and 25% use alcohol. And these are 8 th graders!

Dismal: Education levels (September 15, 2012)
From the article: Nippon Thermostat wants to hire 30 more well-paid workers at its Putnam County plant -- but it laments that nine-tenths of local job applicants can't solve simple math questions on screening exams. The annual Kids Count report says three-fourths of West Virginia students fail to reach national proficiency standards in math and reading. The Mountain State sank to 47th among the 50 states, with learning levels equaling those in Bulgaria. Depressingly, state officials warned that every West Virginia school could be labeled a "failing school" by 2014 under rules of the federal No Child Left Behind program. Karl’s comment: The editorialist wants to decrease truancy. Actually, keeping the kids out of government schools and into free enterprise schools would do much more to help.

Nearly half of Mercer schools failed to meet AYP progress reports (September 14, 2012)
From the article: Nearly half of Mercer County schools did not make annual yearly progress (AYP) during the 2010-2011 school year according to results from the statewide WESTEST...Of these schools, Bluefield Intermediate, Bluefield Middle, Glenwood School, Princeton Middle, and Spanishburg Elementary have not made AYP for two or more years in a row. Karl’s comment: County officials claim the standards are not fair.

Teen: Ex-teacher wanted to marry me (September 13, 2012)
From the article: The student testified that he and (his female teacher) had sex on two subsequent occasions - the first of which happened Feb. 1, 2009, Super Bowl Sunday, at (her) house. The student claimed that (she) was at Journeez Bar with several other teachers, when she went into the bathroom to call him to make plans to meet up...(The teacher) sometimes sent the alleged victim text messages as early as 5 or 6 a.m. and continued to text him throughout the school day when she was teaching and he was in class - for instance, sending him as many as 150 text messages during school hours Dec. 10, 2008. Karl’s comment: This case was previously reported and the teacher was acquitted after this article about her trial based upon a “he said-she said” defense, but the testimony reveals a lot.

Many county schools are not meeting standards (September 10, 2012)
From the article: The latest WESTEST scores reveal that almost two-thirds of Fayette County’s schools are still not meeting state-established testing standards... No high school in the county made AYP this year, compared to one last year. “I think the basic message there was marginal improvement, and that’s positive, but we’re improving at the same rate as the rest of the state. We have academic and graduation rate needs that we need to improve at a faster rate,” says Fayette County Schools Superintendent Keith Butcher... Statewide, 39 percent of high schools and 59 percent of schools overall met AYP standards. Karl’s comment: And the beat goes on.

KANAWHA BOARD MEETING (September 10, 2012)
From the article: Board members and parents discussed the revisions to proposed policies on student behavior, bullying, harassment and intimidation. The board then voted in favor of those revisions. But the hot topic tonight was overcrowding at Overbrook elementary school in south hills. Board members say the school has about double the amount of students recommended for its faculty. Karl’s comment: This is an example of poor preparation and diminishes the criticism of Christian schools. The behavior issue is noteworthy. It acknowledges that there are problems with discipline. From the same newscast: “A 16 year old girl from Harrison County committed suicide earlier this month. Her parents blame bullying in school for her suicide...” The Associated Press report is at

Girl, 13, allegedly fondled on bus (September 5, 2012)
From the article: Four boys groped, fondled and forced a 13-year-old girl into a sexually explicit situation on a Kanawha County school bus last week, the girl's father said. The man said the incidents happened on two consecutive days last week while his daughter rode to Elkview Middle School. She is in eighth grade. A school board official said the incidents were captured on security footage and confirmed that disciplinary action is likely against four students... After learning of the event, the man said he went with his wife to their daughter's school to speak with the principal. He said the principal told them he could not guarantee the girl's safety on the bus. The father said he wants other parents to know about the event and to consider the safety of their own children... Do incidents occur that are either unforeseen or unfortunate? Of course they do," (school board attorney) Withrow said, citing fights or other inappropriate behaviors. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow common thread sex (including teachers with students and promotion of sexual perversion) throughout the WV School news headlines.

State submits plan to waive requirements of No Child Left Behind (September 5, 2012)
From the article: West Virginia education officials will submit a plan to the federal government Thursday to get out of some of the rigorous testing requirements of the decade-old No Child Left Behind law in exchange for making big changes that are a cornerstone of the Obama administration's education agenda... This year, only 57 percent of the more than 650 schools in the state met Adequate Yearly Progress. Karl’s comment: On the West Side we used to call that “shuck and jive.”

Putnam receives best overall WESTEST scores in state (September 4, 2012 )
From the article: The scores are in, and all but three Putnam County schools made the grade on the standardized WESTEST, which students took last spring. What's more, the county's test scores overall were the best in the state...Last time, three elementary schools and all of the high schools missed it -- but the county still had the overall highest scores in the state for the year..."As good as it is, we're below 70 percent (at or above mastery level), and that's just not good enough," (Superintendant) Hatfield said. "We're saying at least 30 percent are not at mastery, and that's not acceptable. As good as it is -- better than anybody in the state -- we still have work to do. Karl’s comment: The excuse is that students with disabilities are to blame. Claiming to be the best in the state is like a bank robber who only stole $5K is more righteous than another who stole $10K. This is how the propaganda works.

Jefferson County schools to begin using finger scanners (August 31, 2012)
From the article:  Kristy Ferguson, a Hedgesville Elementary School parent, said it was a lack of communication that concerned her so much. She said she did not receive notification about the biometric scanning until a paper was sent home after the first day of school.  "My child had already had to scan for breakfast and lunch at that point," Ferguson said...All information for each student included in the IdentiMetrics program is destroyed once the children graduate from high school.  Karl's comment:  This is a step toward one world government.

Panel discusses state's educational challenges (August 31, 2012)
From the article:  Education was pushed to the forefront of the agenda for Thursday's session of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce's Annual Meeting and Business Summit.. Witt said one reason for the state's low ranking in labor force participation is the populace's lack of education...She urged earlier intervention in children's lives, saying, "Children bring the achievement gap with them (to school)."  Karl's comment:  Getting to indoctrinate and poorly educate children at an even earlier age will NOT solve the problem and will add to the Nation's woes.

Kanawha County middle schools fail to achieve federal education criteria (August 24, 2012)
From the article:  Nine of the 13 middle schools in Kanawha County are considered "below standard" in student achievement, according to statistics released by the state Department of Education Thursday... Of the state's 151 middle schools, 113 didn't meet standard requirements... Five of the eight Kanawha County high schools achieved progress, better than the state average of 39 percent. Only nine of the county's 43 elementary schools did not make the standard, also slightly better than the 77 percent state average for elementary schools.  While those numbers are slight improvements from last year, they are significantly worse than the five years before.  Karl's comment: Lots of excuses are offered and another solution is promised.

High Schools Are Given 'Conditional Accreditation'
(August 22, 2012)
From the article: Magnolia and Paden City high schools now have "Conditional Accreditation" from the Office of Education Performance Audits Team. This status is a result of follow-up audits conducted at the schools in April 2012 after both schools received scathing reviews following initial audits in March 2011.  Karl's comment:  The problems were mainly government school rigmarole, but Christian schools should be bolstered.

Teacher arrested for sexual assault (August 14, 2012)
From the article: A fifth-grade teacher in Upshur County has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old female...(He) is a fifth-grade teacher at Buckhannon Academy Elementary School. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of student-teacher sex throughout the WV School news headlines.
Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page.

Group pushes for 'uniform' sex education curriculum (August 14, 2012)
From the article: In 2010 West Virginia had the seventh highest rate of teen mothers in the nation according to the Center for Disease Control. West Virginia Free wants to see uniform sex education in the state. Karl’s comment: WV Free is a radical baby killing organization whose website states: WV FREE was founded as a coalition in 1989 by women from three organizations: the Women’s Health Center of West Virginia (then and now the state’s only non-profit abortion clinic), the WV-National Abortion Rights League and the WV Chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women.

Universal Pre-School Popular (August 13, 2012)
From the article: "We are delighted to be able to partner with parents when children are at an early age, because as we develop school partnerships early on, when the child feels comfortable in the environment and the teacher and the parent develop a trusting relationship, we can help the child as a whole," Hutchins said... "If that's another year of education, another year of receiving services through Ohio County Schools and another year of being amongst their peers ... they're even more adapted to the program of the school," said Dunlevy.  Karl's comment:  They want to indoctrinate the children at the earlies possible opportunity.

Wise speaks about education
(August 12, 2012)
From the article:  (An interview with Former West Virginia Gov. Bob Wise  who is president of the Washington, D.C. based Alliance for Excellent Education. Note:  The numerals are added by Karl for use in his comments.) (1) As I look at the West Virginia (National Assessment of Educational Progress) scores, yes, they haven't shown the increase that we'd like...(2) We over-reported in West Virginia for years. Every state did, every state had its own way of calculating. As I recall, we were showing at the time I left office and still today 84-85 percent (graduation rate). The Department of Education says 77 percent and an independent report ... is somewhere around 72 percent...(3) It's what I call where the Bible and the billfold have joined up. The Biblical, the moral imperative says that every child should have a good education.  Karl's comment: (1) He should have said, "The scores are lousy." (2) He should have said, "We lied about graduation rates." (3) I'd like to know which Bible verse refers to letting a godless system educatre your children.

Algebra: Hurting students? (August 11, 2012)
From the article: High school exit exams show sad levels of algebra mastery. "In Oklahoma, 33 percent failed to pass last year, as did 35 percent in West Virginia." Karl’s comment: The theme is to quit teaching algebra to most kids. Why not? They have dumbed down all areas of government education.

Virtual School, TargetWV help region's students graduate (August 11, 2012)
From the article: The virtual school is aiding other students as well with its blended Spanish courses. Through these classes, West Virginia educators co-teach in about 40 West Virginia schools, serving 90 classrooms. The program is providing Spanish instruction to schools that are unable to find a highly qualified world language teacher. A blended course approach also is being used to provide Cisco instruction to students...The virtual school also is helping bring advanced placement courses and core course offerings to students at schools were curriculum is limited...In addition, the virtual school has created a partnership with the West Virginia University Office of Extended Learning to develop online math courses for the new high school math curriculum. Development of other science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) courses will follow.  Karl's comment:  It shows that on site government schools are not needed.

Upshur teacher faces sexual assault charge (August 10, 2012)
From the article: An Upshur County teacher was arrested this week on a sexual assault charge, police said. ..(He) is a teacher at Buckhannon-Upshur Intermediate School ...(and) is accused of having sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old girl, according to a criminal complaint. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of student-teacher sex throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page.

Student Drug Testing (August 8, 2012)
From the article:  Drugs in the schools was a major issue a few years ago in Cabell County so administrators started random drug testing student athletes and drivers.  They started the testing program in the 2008-2009 school year and since then they've seen a drastic drop in the number of kids using...6 percent from when they first started the program to 1 percent this past year.  Karl's comment:  How do they know what percent are using?  Is it the percent that get caught?  Whatever, the key point is that DRUGS WERE AND ARE A MAJOR ISSUE.

W.Va. school board wants fact checker (August 8, 2012)
From the article: The West Virginia Board of Education thinks it has an independence problem. Wade Linger, president of the state board, says his board is handicapped from properly regulating the West Virginia Department of Education because the board could be receiving information that has "been flavored by the internal agendas and politics within the department." "The Board of Education is supposed to be the oversight group over the Department of Education," Wade Linger, president of the state Board of Education, said at a meeting on Wednesday. "So with that in mind, sometimes it's difficult to expect all of the input we get to come from within the ranks of the very organization we're tasked to oversee." To remedy the independence issues, the state board on Wednesday asked the education department to hire a new staffer to fact-check information the board receives from the department. Karl’s comment: Here is a fact—DUH! This is an admission that the WVBOE has been led on a leash by the “professionals.”

Kanawha County bus driver charged with 'sexting' girl (August 2, 2012)
From the article: A Kanawha County Schools bus driver has been arrested after police said he admitted to 'sexting' a young girl. (The man), 37, has been charged with soliciting a minor, according to police. Police say he sent the 12-year-old girl sexually explicit messages between April and June 2012. They say (he) also admitted to looking at child pornography. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow common thread sex (including promotion of sexual perversion) throughout the WV School news headlines.

Matewan teacher arraigned in circuit court (August 1, 2012)
From the article: ... a football and basketball coach at Matewan Middle School, pleaded not guilty in Mingo County Circuit Court Tuesday to two counts of third-degree sexual abuse and one count of battery against one student, and one count of sexual abuse against another student, both under 16-years-old. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of student-teacher sex throughout the WV School news headlines.
Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page. NOTE: In January 2013 he “agreed to give up his teaching certificate in exchange for the dismissal of multiple sexual assault charges against him.”

We have some real problems in education system (July 30, 2012)
From the article:  There seems to be widespread agreement among parents, students, educators, the media and the public that the quality and results of education in our schools are disappointing.  Many children are said to graduate without minimal competence in reading, writing and mathematics, not to mention knowledge of more esoteric subjects.  Karl's comment:  This was written by a teacher who offers nothing new to solve the problem except "The federal and state governments need to stop micro-managing the schools."  Educational freedom (as in NO GOVERNMENT SCHOLS) will solve take care of that.

It’s now time for public education in West Virginia to be accountable (July 29, 2012)
From the article: In West Virginia, public education consumes more than 50 percent of the state’s annual operating budget despite a continuing slide in the number of students enrolled in public schools. For decades, education lobbyists have hammered legislators for not providing ever-increasing amounts of funding to support the state Department of Education’s perceived funding needs. Their rallying cry to improving the state’s educational outcomes has always been, “More money! More money!” Consider these facts: West Virginia’s spending on public education — on a per capita basis — is among the highest in the nation even though state per capita income ranks next to last...If throwing more money at public education is the answer, West Virginia test scores and levels of preparedness for college should rank near the top. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. Karl’s comment: Unfortunately the editorialist wants to “place more control back in the hands of local school administrators, teachers and staff.” That was what we teachers got during the 1990 statewide teacher strike strike. It is illogical to let (not my analogy of course, but nevertheless quite apropos) the inmates control the asylum. The answer, as I have proclaimed since I “saw the light” is educational freedom. Christian parents, being obedient to the Word, should lead the way out of government education.

Teacher Sentenced for Sending Nude Pictures to Student (July 28, 2012)
From the article: A former teacher will spend several years behind bars after pleading guilty to sending nude photos of himself to a high school student..(He) had worked as a teacher at Laurel Elementary School, but resigned after being charged. Police arrested him in April 2011 after a parent complained he had sent nude pictures to their 15-year-old daughter. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of student-teacher sex throughout the WV School news headlines.
Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page.

2 Mingo teachers indicted for child abuse, battery (July 27, 2012)
From the article: A special needs teacher and a teacher’s aid (sic) pleaded not guilty in Mingo County Circuit Court to charges they abused students at Riverside Elementary. (One) was charged with two counts of child abuse resulting in injury and one count of misdemeanor battery. (The other) was indicted for one count of battery. The charges stem from an investigation conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services after allegations the teachers used inappropriate disciplinary methods when dealing with special needs students. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of violence throughout the WV School news headlines.

National Report Ranks W.Va. 47th In Education (July 25, 2012)
From the articles: The 2012 KIDS COUNT data book released Wednesday ranks West Virginia 47th in the nation in education. According to the report, 79% of the state's eighth-graders aren't proficient in math. Seventy-three percent of fourth-graders aren't proficient in reading.>>> Startling numbers released today rank West Virginia one of the worst for education in the country. "It really saddens me because I’m afraid. Are my kids going to get a good education or not?" Former teacher and mother of 5 Rebecca Schlies isn't surprised by the kids count report released Wednesday....ranking West Virginia 47 out or 50 when it comes to education. "Even before this came out, I’ve decided to homeschool 2 of my 5 children because I’m dissatisfied with what I’m seeing."... West Virginia Kid's Count executive director Margie Hale says must improve."They're not going to make it. If you can't read then you can't learn. So it's very tragic." Karl’s comment: No one who is attuned to what is happening in government schools found the report “startling.” The former teacher has got it! The WV KIDS COUNT director wants the state to “to invest more in early childhood education.” KIDS COUNT is a project of the Casey Foundation which supports charter and small public schools. I address that in mistaken idea “Taxpayers Get Tested” (may need to scroll down). Also see the 2012 REPORT OF WEST VIRGINIA PUBLIC SCHOOL TEST PERFORMANCE.

W.Va. must do more to curb truancy (July 19, 2012)
From the article: Nearly 80,000 public school students in West Virginia - about 20 percent of the total - met the definition of "truant" during the 2011-12 school year, according to state officials. That is, each of them missed five or more days of school in absences that were not excused.    Karl's comment:  Absentees negatively affect the whole learning process

Kanawha schools, ex-vice principal reach settlement (July 10, 2012)
From the article: According to witness depositions, (the vice-principal) often referred to ladies' undergarments as "Victoria Secrets"; intentionally poured a liquid down a girl's pants; allowed a student to sit on his lap; berated
(the) school nurse...after a disagreement; made deals by telling students who got in trouble that they could lessen their discipline troubles if they told on other kids; and taught a class that was closely tied to his scuba-diving business. (The principal) made school announcements and used the school telephone to promote the diving business... (The vice-principal) alleged that (Superintendent) Duerring told him more than 10 years ago to "make deals" with children of influential people so that Duerring would not have to hear their complaints... According to a Charleston police report filed in January 2008, school officials found prescription pills, drug paraphernalia, a "green leafy substance," a Taser and a knife in (the vice-principal’s) office. The items had been obtained from numerous students over five years, according to the police report. Karl’s comment: We only know part of what went on in this, the most elite, Kanawha County school.

(Proof: 2012 here and before and beyond—check the West Virginia News in the future)
Note: This headline is provided by Karl Priest.

Since science is the source of this ministry’s focus I am altering this News Headline format. See the Nation’s Report Card 2012.

School employee asks for police protection (June 12, 2012)
From the article: An old problem reared it's (sic)head again Monday night at the June meeting of the Man Town Council when a school employee complained about the lack of police protection at the Man Middle School area... "We desperately need police protection," she said. "We recently had an incident about three weeks ago, where one of the students assaulted some of the staff. We called the police and nobody showed up. We called the Sheriff's Department but nobody came." Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of violence throughout the WV School news headlines.

Girls charged in last-day school bus fight (June 1, 2012)
From the article: A fight between some girls on a moving Morgan County school bus on the last day of school injured several students, with one receiving a concussion. Morgan County Deputy Kevin Barney said he is bringing criminal charges of battery against two eighth grade girls from Warm Springs Middle School and a fifth grader from Warm Springs Intermediate School. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of student-teacher sex throughout the WV School news headlines.
Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page.

Former Roane County School Employee Sentenced to Two Years in Federal Prison for Possessing Child Pornography (June 11, 2012)
From the article: (He) worked as an information technology specialist for Roane County schools before his arrest in 2009...“Crimes like this make me sick, and they make me angry,” said U.S. Attorney Goodwin. “There’s no other way to say it. To get pleasure from the sexual abuse of children is one of the most disgusting and shameful things imaginable. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of student-teacher sex throughout the WV School news headlines.
Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page.

Wood BoE settles teacher assault case for $36K (May 31, 2012)
From the article: The Wood County Board of Education has reached an out-of-court settlement with a Pleasants County couple whose daughter was assaulted by her former teacher. The Board on April 9 agreed to pay (the paents) $36,000 following claims they made their daughter, (who), suffered emotional distress after she "was the subject of inappropriate physical contact" 18 months ago by (him), then a teacher at Williamstown High School... According to court records, the (parents) claims stemmed from a Dec. 9, 2010 incident where (he) "came at Brenda with his pen or pencil in his hand holding it in a downward stabbing matter." After that he, "[g]rabbed from behind pulling her head against his chest holding her chin with one hand and the pen or pencil with the other hand up to her face and eye.".. Records show nine months before the incident with Runnion, then 14, another WHS student, Kelli Edman, accused Butta of grabbing her, and chocking her by the neck. Karl’s comment: Pathetic.

Principal says he knew of prank at school (May 30, 2012)
From the article: The Pendleton County Board of Education declined to accept Principal Tim Woodward's request for a voluntary suspension without pay in connection with his handling of a senior class "prank" at the high school last weekend. "I knew the kids were planning on putting balloons and streamers in some of their favorite teachers' rooms," Woodward said during a special meeting of the Pendleton County Board of Education on Thursday. "I was negligent. I should have been at the prank to supervise - I was not where I needed to be." Sunday at about 8 p.m. 25 seniors, accompanied by six or seven other teenagers, entered PCHS to play a prank on some of their favorite teachers. The students threw straw throughout the school, put Vaseline and shaving cream on doors and hand rails, wrapped the toilets in Saran wrap and tin foil and dragged some furniture out into the hallway. Classes were canceled Monday to allow time for cleanup. Karl’s comment: This “leader” needs to be sent to the principal’s office.

Use of math software in W.Va. schools doesn't add up (May 25, 2012)
From the article: West Virginia educators have paid millions of dollars to a company for a new high school math software that's supposed to boost student test scores even though the product produced "no discernible effects" on student achievement, according to the U.S. Department of Education... West Virginia high school students score among the lowest in the country on math assessments... Steve Paine, then-state superintendent of schools, said Cognitive Tutor would help correct a "real weakness" in math scores for West Virginia students. Lou Maynus, math coordinator for the state Department of Education, said at the time, "I'm telling you, I would want my own kid on this." Karl’s comment: You can count on this--bye, bye money.

Former Teacher Arrested (May 24, 2012)
From the article: West Virginia State Police arrested (her) on Tuesday for allegedly exchanging nude pictures with a former student while she was a teacher at Wheeling Middle School... the boy and (the teacher) started exchanging pictures of their genitals, police said. The boy said he and
(the teacher) exchanged approximately 20 sexually explicit pictures, the report states. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of student-teacher sex throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page.

Leaders voice support for Giles ( May 24, 2012)
From the article: Some West Side community leaders are furious that Capital High School Principal Clinton Giles was forced (by Superintendent Ron Duerring) to allow seniors to participate in graduation after he felt they were insubordinate. For the Revs. James Ealy, Matthew Watts and Ron English, the matter goes far beyond whether Giles was too severe in his punishment related to a T-shirt. Instead, they believe it shows county school officials are swayed by people with privilege. "Mr. Giles would be less than a leader with integrity if he were to capitulate because (this case involves) high-achieving, high-income kids, and they're just children and they're just expressing themselves," Watts said. "But when it's low-income poor children, you better get it under control, otherwise they're going to take over the place."..."They just undermined his authority to govern this school," Ealy said...Ealy and Watts said the action shows the board listens to an express few. Specifically referring to board President Pete Thaw, Watts said he thinks people of privilege are able to influence him more than those from different communities...Thaw said he did not want to dignify Watts' comments with a response. In general, however, he said he thinks Watts and others were off base if they believe he prompted Duerring to do anything. "Pastor Watts has no understanding of how things work in the school system," Thaw said. "We can't as individual board members dictate anything to anyone."...He also refuted claims by the West Side leaders that the school board did not support Giles, or that a meeting was necessary to establish Giles' authority at the school. Thaw said he has a long history of supporting principals, including Giles, and that Giles hasn't done anything in this case that requires him to change course. "Giles takes care of things 99 percent of the time," Thaw said. "But that (punishment) was so far out of left field that something had to be done." Karl’s comment: I don’t about the racial issues the preachers alluded to (see the entire article), but one thing is sure--money talks. Also, Pete Thaw (a fake friend of Christian parents) sure said a lot for someone who said he would not respond.

Ex-teacher gets prison term for child porn (May 23, 2012)
From the article: "This is the face of evil," U.S. Attorney William J. Hochul Jr. said... The sentencing ends a yearlong criminal case that started with allegations that the long-term substitute English teacher from West Seneca West High School was using a fake Facebook persona to persuade high school students to send him explicit pictures of themselves. FBI agents accused (him) of identifying himself to potential victims as "Sarah Grayson," an attractive teenage girl. They said the incidents occurred while he was working at West Seneca schools...(He) had taught various grade levels and subjects in the district over the past couple of years. He received his state teaching certification in English in 2009 and, according to West Seneca school officials, underwent a criminal background check as part of his hiring. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of student-teacher sex throughout the WV School news headlines.
Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page.

1982 Recht decision: State still rumbles from aftershocks of reform ruling (May 12, 2012)
From the article: West Virginia has big education problems. The state ranks on the bottom of a host of national education-quality indicators -- low student test scores, weak teacher-quality laws and minimal education reforms. These problems exist three decades after a landmark 1982 court case aimed to restructure West Virginia education and wipe out disparities between the state's richest and poorest areas. Karl’s comment: In an accompanying article “Lincoln County had hoped for more from 'thorough and efficient' overhaul” we read: Did the Recht decision equalize funding for us? No, it didn't," (maintenance director Dana) Smith said...Lincoln County was at the heart of the May 1982 Pauley v. Bailey (Recht) school financing case... "I don't really know anything that we have benefited from on the Recht decision, directly," said Birdie Gandy, treasurer of Lincoln County schools and longtime school system employee... The school system was declared to be in a state of emergency when the state Department of Education took it over in 2000... In 2011, only 39 percent of the 2,240 students in Lincoln County were proficient in reading, according to state Department of Education data. That was below the statewide average of 47 percent proficiency. In math, only 35 percent of the county's students were proficient -- 8 percentage points below the state average. The whole scenario is a perfect example of the mess government makes of education.

Bullied victim speaks up to help others (May 7, 2012)
From the article: A 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System study released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows West Virginia at the time had the third highest rate of students who were bullied at school out of the 40 states that participated. “Not all of them but most of the kids are really mean and there’s some teachers that like to bully kids as well," (Kayla), a 12-year-old from Mercer County...says she was a victim of bullying. She says the bullying started at the beginning of this school year at Princeton Middle School. “I had two people that would always talk about how they were going to beat me up," she said. "They would push me in the hallway and nothing was really done about it and they would make everybody talk bad about me to everybody saying stuff that I didn’t do and it made some people really mad at me.”...(Her mother said, ) “For three months she would cry every morning before going to school telling me how miserable she was there and how depressed she felt and how nobody liked her. Police say last fall a teenager in Mercer County committed suicide because he was bullied...For (Kayla’s mother), it was a wake-up call so she decided to home-school Kayla. “It just shocked me into, oh my gosh, these feelings these kids are feeling from being ostracized and teased I mean they are serious feelings," she said. "Those aren’t just little kids having a hard time in school. This is real stuff. “ “So we talked and I just felt at that point and time that she was going to be safer emotionally at home and I felt like I wanted to be with her and help build her confidence back up.”...(Kayla) hopes to return to public school in the fall. Karl’s comment: It is SAD that Kayla wants to go back into what will always be a dangerous den. See the March 29 item.

Survey: Fewer teachers satisfied with their jobs (April 27, 2012)
From the article: Members of a local teachers union say that their experience in the classroom is reflected in a nationwide survey that finds the level of satisfaction educators get from their jobs is now lower than it has been in decades. Karl’s comment: Good and better teachers would be better off in all areas if there was a free enterprise system of schooling.

Former Wahama Senior High School choir teacher arrested (April 18, 2012)
From the article: A former choir teacher at Wahama Senior High School turned herself in to State Police Wednesday morning after a two-month investigation surrounding choir booster funds being used for personal use...On the charge, Gilley told 13News it's alleged that (she) used the choir account 14 times, bringing the total transactions to $2,862.85. Karl’s comment: Thou shalt not steal is no longer a principle in public schools.

Point Pleasant Intermediate principal arrested (April 9, 2012)
From the article: According to the criminal complaint, (the principal) grabbed (the boy), 11, with both hands around the boy's neck and jerked him out of his school bus seat. (The principal) forced (the boy) to the floor and then pushed and shoved him down the aisle and out the door, the criminal complaint said. (The principal) allegedly then got on top of (the boy) and held him face first on the sidewalk with his hands and knees. Karl’s comment: In another article a mother said, “I feel good that my kids are here. I feel like he has things under control and he does what a principal should do. I feel better about my kids being here." ( That is sad

School officials: Anti-bullying policies in place (March 29, 2012)
From the article: Two Mercer County parents who attended the Tuesday meeting of the Mercer County Board of Education said they had repeatedly complained to school officials that their children were being bullied at school, but saw nothing done to stop the harassment. Angie Aliff, who has a son at Glenwood Middle School, said he has been bullied since February. “We’ve made several reports and go through the proper actions that the school requires to report bullying, and nothing seems to be done,” she said... “We reported it to the school, to the principal and other offices. Their actions were that they would talk to the students who were doing this to my child. I think they talked to them, but nothing really happened with it,” Aliff said... Another parent, Monica Johnson, said her daughter attended Princeton Senior High School, but not longer wants to go to school because she had been bullied while traveling on a school bus. Johnson said that she reported the problem to local police, the board of education, but “essentially it was swept up under the rug.” Karl’s comment: See the next item.

Princeton Middle School Students and Parents Speak Out Against Bullying (March 28, 2012)
From the article: Princeton police officers are still investigating the death of 12-year old Dalton Walker, a Princeton Middle School Student. But family and friends of Walker are outraged saying the death was linked to bullying at the school...For this (other) mother of 2 Princeton Middle School students, the death of Dalton Walker hits very close to home. She said has contacted the administration numerous times about her children being bullied at the Middle School and she said nothing has been done. "The problem never gets solved! It makes me mad, it makes me very mad," she said. This mother isn't the only one worried about the bullying inside of the schools. One 8th graders spoke with us but didn't want her face to be shown because she is so afraid of the bullies that tease her everyday. "They will push you up against the lockers and beat you up, there are boys that go in the girl's bathrooms just to beat them up," an 88th grader at the middle school said. Karl’s comment: In another article ( the boy’s sister said, “Kids don’t want to come to school. They try to get transferred. (But) the schools are just too packed to be transferred,” she said. “They want to be home-schooled. You have kids (who) cry every day in class.” RESCUE THE CHILDREN!!!

Teacher denies slapping student (March 22, 2012)
From the article: "The teacher is at work," he said. "They have not been placed on administrative leave. There is nothing on file where this teacher has had anything like this before." Karl’s comment: Innocent until proven guilty.

Phares gives ‘kill list’ details (March 20, 2012)
From the article: Officials determined that students may have been talking about making a list of people to be killed, but nothing had been written down... Later in the week, a second mother came forward, saying she had not been told about the questioning of her child...On Monday, the second mother to come forward, Patricia Minear, was the first to speak during the public comment section of the board's regular meeting. "My child said she was told not to tell anybody, that it was a secret, because they didn't want parents to be concerned about it," said Minear, who has three children at Jennings Randolph. "I want to know what the school was hiding. Why wasn't law enforcement told about this?"...”I'm concerned about the safety of my children," she said... School employees have put in more than 500 hours this school year investigating similar situations, he said. Karl’s comment: I hope such violence never occurs in West Virginia government schools. However, the secrecy of school officials is alarming enough.

Toyota worries about W.Va. workforce (March 19, 2012)
From the article: Despite an exceptional recovery from the earthquake and tsunami, Japanese companies in West Virginia say they're now facing another potential disaster -- a lack of adequately trained workers in West Virginia. Most of the jobs available at Japanese-owned companies in West Virginia require students who excel in science and math. West Virginia students have recently struggled in those fields, with test scores among the lowest in the country. Karl’s comment: Citizens cannot count on government schools.

Mike Stuart: W.Va. education fails while Democrats, teacher unions do nothing (March 17, 2012)
From the article: West Virginia spent $3.5 billion on education during the 2010 budget year and our state ranks 8th in education spending relative to income. But West Virginia students rank below the national average in 21 of 24 categories measured by the National Assessment of Education Progress. More money. Failing schools. According to the National Council on Teacher Quality, our state ranks 41st in the nation in teacher quality. Karl’s comment: This is a Republican politician’s commentary. He says it is time to start “thinking outside the box.” He is right to say, “Throwing more money at big problems often only creates bigger problems.” But is wrong when he claims that the Republicans, or anyone, can “rebuild and reform a West Virginia education system.” Really, “thinking outside the box” would be to let free enterprise have a chance.

Hurricane teacher receives letter outlining grounds for firing (March 13, 2012)
From the article: A Hurricane High School teacher who was suspended for 10 days without pay at the last Putnam County school board meeting received papers in the mail outlining grounds for his termination.... Among other things, (Superintendant) Hatfield wrote that (the teacher) admitted to referring to men as "people with penises" when discussing the history of women's right to vote, remarking to a student that "I assume you are heterosexual" in front of other students, asking a student if she remembered a time when she "chose penis over a vagina" in front of other students and making reference to a female student having "God's number" on her cellphone in front of other students. "Our investigation further reveals that you also used other profanity in front of students, made students uncomfortable with the language you used in their presence and made a student uncomfortable with comments relating to her religious beliefs," Hatfield wrote... During the classroom discussion, (the eacher) tried to make a case that gays do not choose their sexual orientation. He asked the student, "So you remember when you chose between penis or vagina, you must remember thinking hmm.. Penis, vagina, I think I will choose penis," he wrote in the statement. Karl’s comment: Several of his current and former students appeared to defend him!

BOE renders decision for MCHS student involved in altercation (March 13, 2012)
From the article: Mingo Central Assistant Principal Gordon Carter... told the Daily News that from all of the cases of altercations, violations and other disciplinary problems experienced at the new facility this year, only three students including (this one) had been ordered to attend alternative school...“There have been numerous incidents involving disciplinary problems that have occurred since the beginning of this school year at Mingo Central, which is made up of four, former local high schools. I’m told there has been an epidemic of fights, more than the general public is aware of, I’m sure. Allegedly, there’s been illegal drug found there, alcoholic use, inappropriate sexual conduct – you name it, the list goes on and on,” commented the attorney (for the student). “A couple of months ago, a special needs sophomore student with Down’s Syndrome was reportedly choked and injured by another student. The parents weren’t even notified; this child was simply put on the bus and sent home without being checked for injuries. Since the victim isn’t capable of understanding hostile treatment toward him or explaining when something happens, the mother was not aware that an injury had taken place until her son first complained of his throat hurting, and then began vomiting.” Karl’s comment: The article was about a senior who was being punished for a fight. The things that came to light as a result of his appeal are likely not too much different from any high school.

Ravenswood High School student charged after alleged hit list (March 13, 2012)
From the article: A (14-year-old) teen from Ravenswood High School is being held at a juvenile detention center after police said he had a hit list and threatened to bring a gun to school and open fire. Karl’s comment: tic, tic, tic

W.Va. to seek waivers from federal education law (February 27, 2012)
From the article: West Virginia will seek a reprieve from the federal education accountability law better known as No Child Left Behind in order to move away from what state officials call a narrow, test-focused curriculum. State Superintendent of Schools Jorea Marple announced Monday that West Virginia will apply for a flexibility waiver this year so the state can offer a well-rounded curriculum that will not focus on test scores. Karl’s comment: This is a con game and it has continuously conned tax-payers and parents since I started teaching in 1972.

More parents now choosing faith-based education (February 26, 2012)
From the article: I was in public education for 31 years and we could not speak about the Bible," said Elmore, who came to Bible Center in 2010 from Logan County. "Parents want their children in a Christian environment." Karl’s comment: The more parents who seek Christian education the better for America!

West Virginia teachers rewarded for classroom innovation (February 9, 2012)
From the article: One West Virginia teacher has captured a grant for figuring out how to harness that fascination (bodily functions ) in her winning 21st century lesson, "Turning Flatulence into a Teachable Moment." Each of the winning entries receives $2,000 grants. The winners are Salvatore for..."Turning Flatulence into a Teachable Moment"... Salvatore, a ninth-grade English teacher... took a classroom disruption and turned it into a teachable moment. Many of her male students were passing gas and laughing about it. The girls in the class complained. The more they complained, the more the boys disrupted. Seizing the moment, the teacher challenged both groups to a debate. Karl’s comment: Something stinks here.

Ex-teacher charged in sex abuse of Monongalia County student (February 7, 2012)
From the article: A former special education teacher at a Morgantown elementary school has been charged with the sexual abuse of a student in 2009. The Dominion Post says (the) 54-year-old (man) of Rowlesburg is free on $50,000 bond. State Police charged him with first-degree sexual abuse Monday. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of student-teacher sex throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page.

American Schools Are Failing Miserably at Science Education (February 3, 2012)
From the article: “The Thomas B. Fordham Institute is the nation's leader in advancing educational excellence for every child through quality research, analysis, and commentary...” ( Fordham carefully analyzed every state’s science standards and produced a detailed state-by-state-report in January 2012. The West Virginia report reads inpart: The West Virginia science standards are a confusing and unsatisfactory hodgepodge. The mediocre treatment at the K-8 level descends into a bewilderment of ill-defined and overlapping courses at the high school level. Making matters worse, the rigor of the standards is wildly inconsistent, both within and across grades. Karl’s comment: A major factor of poor science is too much time trying to teach the non-science nonsense of evolutionism.

MCDOWELL COUNTY (February 2, 2012)
From the article: McDowell County ranks last in eduction (sic) in West Virginia.... 26 percent of the high school seniors last year dropped out... The average three year old in the u.s. Speaks 12-thousand words.. In McDowell they speak only five thousand… the state took control of McDowell County schools in 2001 but there's been little success in turning around the failing school system....until superindendant (sic) Jim Brown was appointed in the fall of 2010. Last year act scores were the highest they've been in five years… because of the crisis in McDowell... The initiative "reconnecting McDowell" was created…it's an unprecendented (sic) comprehensive five-year plan... Led by the American Federation of Teachers and former West Virginia first lady Gayle Manchin. It includes 40 partners who have signed a covenant to help reverse Mcdowell County's failing school system and seek solutions to it's troubling social and economic issues. Karl’s comment: The AFT and other liberal-leftist groups are part of the problem—not the solution. Their agenda (which started creeping into schools in the early 1970s) has contributed to the breakdown of the home and the decline in morals which accompanied it. If money and whizz-bang programs were the way to educate children then the likes of Abe Lincoln would have been in trouble. The groups and individuals pouring time and treasure ingot McDowell schools would be wise to provide resources to set up Christian schools and to assist homeschoolers. Those groups can teach the children from God’s Word about love, marriage, abstinence (sex, druses, and alcohol), and how to live life with joy.

Student arrested on bully-related charge (February 2, 2012)
From the article: A Buckhannon-Upshur High School senior was arrested Tuesday for allegedly attempting to hire another student to beat up a fellow student.  Karl's comment: Fights are not uncommon in government school hallways.

VHS Student Expelled For A Bomb Threat (February 1, 2012)
From the article: A Valley High School student has been expelled for the remainder of the school year after allegedly making a bomb threat to the school. Karl’s comment: Even if I had time to find all of the discipline issues there would not be room to post them. I have always encouraged citizens to ask to see the reports from their local “good” school

Group gives W.Va. D+ for teacher quality laws (January 31, 2012)
From the article: West Virginia has one of the worst education systems in the nation when it comes to its public school teachers, according to a new report by the National Council on Teacher Quality. The nonpartisan research and education policy group ranked West Virginia 41st worst in the country for its education laws and gave the state a grade of D+. The 159-page report published last week, which emphasized a lack of teacher accountability, found that West Virginia's rule-laden system insulated bad teachers, failed to retain good teachers, and had no systemic way to monitor whether educators have actually mastered the subjects they are paid to teach. Karl’s comment: This is the system (government schools) that thinks homeschoolers cannot teach.
(See January 24.)

Report Card on American Education (January 24, 2012)
From the article: Today, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) released its 17th Report Card on American Education: Ranking State K-12 Performance, Progress, and Reform. The comprehensive report grades all 50 states and the District of Columbia according to data from national test scores, state education policy, charter school regulation, and other benchmarks of quality... Student Performance (NAEP Scores)... Bottom Five... 51. West Virginia...The second metric ranks states from A to F based on education reform policies including academic standards, school choice programs, charter schools, online learning, and that state’s ability to hire good teachers and fire bad ones... Lowest Scoring Reform States... “D+” West Virginia. Karl’s comment: ALECK is a non-religious conservative group that feels government schools can be salvaged. Although, I disagree, the report provides some eye-opening objective data.
(See January 31.)

Poca High School teacher suspended a second time this year(January 16, 2012)
From the article: A teacher at Poca High School has been suspended for 10 days without pay for the second time this school year... (He) was first suspended in September last year following an incident police described as a hoax. Charleston police were alerted in August 2011 when bystanders saw a student in the trunk of (his)car in the parking lot of Dudley Farms Plaza on Corridor G. No injuries were reported, and (he) was not arrested or charged... Putnam superintendent Chuck Hatfield said he could not comment on the matter, but he said this suspension was due to "a separate matter." Karl’s comment: Another example of a “professional.”

Bureaucrats Defy Law, Mandate “Gay” Agenda in West Virginia Schools (January 16, 2012)
From the article: Pro-homosexual indoctrination is about to sneak once more into West Virginia schools, and “gay” activists are bragging about how they worked closely with the state department of education to make it happen. Karl’s comment: The homosexual agenda is sweeping through West Virginia schools. See the news item for April 16, 2009. See Let Government Brainwash Tots (LGBT).

Quality Counts (January 12, 2012)
From the article: Quality Counts 2012, the 16th edition of Education Week's annual examination of issues and challenges facing America's public schools...The overall state scores and letter grades awarded in Quality Counts are based on the following categories: Chance for Success; K-12 achievement; standards, assessments, and accountability; the teaching profession; school finance; and transitions and alignment. This year’s state reports also highlight challenges posed by a difficult economic climate, as states continue to make cuts to policies and programs in attempt to balance their budgets. ( Karl’s comment: West Virginia got a B- overall, but that includes a lot of meaningless or peripheral, at best, items. The thing that is a no-brainer (no pun intended is) “K-12 Achievement” in which West Virginia got a grade of F (58.3!). That is ALARMING!!

Teacher Fired For Alleged Misconduct (January 10, 2012)
From the article: A Brooke High School teacher has been fired by the Brooke County school board following an investigation spurred by allegations of inappropriate conduct. The Brooke County Board of Education on Monday unanimously moved not to accept a resignation from (him), an English and journalism teacher at the high school for three years... Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of teacher-student sex throughout these news headlines over the years.
Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page.

Fourth Grade Teacher Suspended for Alleged Online Sexual Solicitation (January 9, 2012)
A Berkeley County teacher was arrested on Friday for sexually soliciting a minor online…(He) began teaching at Eagle School Intermediate in 2006 and on Friday that's where he was arrested…Through an undercover operation investigators in Louisa County, Virginia learned (he) engaged in online sexual solicitation with a girl he thought was 13 years old and it happened more than once. A parent we communicated with via email says she's shocked at these allegations. "It's extremely scary to send your child to school just to find out he's accused of doing something like this. I'm just glad that it wasn't any further than the internet," says Niki Harmison in an email. (He) taught fourth grade at Eagle School Intermediate before being arrested on Friday. School officials say at the time of his hiring in 2006 his background check was clear…School officials say the alleged 13-year-old victim is not a Berkeley County school student…Investigators are also checking to see if he was involved with other similar, unreported crimes. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008.

Audit of education system is released (January 7, 2012)
From the article: A sweeping review of West Virginia’s public schools released Friday offers scores of recommendations that its authors say can improve lagging student performance and save about $70 million a year statewide…“From the classroom to the state school board, this assessment shows us we have room for improvement,” (Governor) Tomblin said in a statement. “For the future of our children and our state, we must (build) a better learning and teaching environment"…No West Virginia school offered 180 days of instruction during the 2009-2010 year, the review found. Of the 55 counties, 27 reached only 169 days or less.One unnamed county had its schools open for just 160 days. (emphasis added) From “Those recommendations include mandating a 180-day school year, proving teacher preparation and evaluation, raising salaries, and providing technology in every classroom, to every student. Karl’s comment: IT IS THE SAME OLD SONG THAT SUCKERS TAX-PAYERS AND PARENTS!

Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains.  A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom. No free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any people but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue; and by a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.