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2012 Articles, Letters and Op-Eds Urging Folks to Rescue Their Children (Plus some miscellaneous articles of interest to truth and enlightenment seekers.)


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3. Be sure to see the reports of West Virginia public school test performance look for "Report of West Virginia public school test performance" on individual WV News pages (not all pages have the data).

Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian Worldview by Dr. Jerry Bergman

A Review

By Karl Priest November 15, 2012)

Dr. Bergman should be nick-named “Babe” after Babe Ruth because he continues to hit home runs with every publication. His latest book should earn him the Triple Crown because it surpasses attempts by others to expose the evils of Darwinism, Nazism, and racism. Throughout the highly documented book there is an obvious thread of Darwinian dogma intertwined in the hearts, minds, and practices of the Nazis.

Creationists and conservatives often point out the connection of Darwinism to Hitler and his henchmen. Too many times, that logical point is silenced by statements that claim that Hitler was a Christian. Dr. Bergman pounds the final nail into the coffin of any claim of connections between Hitler’s ventures and biblical values. Chapter 3 definitely debunks such claims made by Richard Dawkins and other deluded Darwinists. Chapters 5-15 describe the religious leanings of Nazi leaders. Historical facts confirm that top Nazis hated Christianity as much as they hated Jews. It was a matter of practicality to put off dealing with the former until the latter was liquidated.

Nazis counted on Christians choosing to compromise. Bergman does not excuse churches for turning a blind eye to what the evolutionists were doing. There were far too few Christians who criticized or challenged the carnage. Referring to pastors, Hitler said, “They will betray anything for the sake of their miserable jobs and incomes.” (p. 70) “Even many active Christians, some who were ordained Christian clergy and held at some level to Jewish ethics, were deceived by Darwinism...The very groups that should have strenuously opposed Darwinism and eugenics, on the grounds that it is blatantly contrary to basic Christian teaching, all too often rejected biblical teaching and accepted the so-called ‘scientific’ theory of Darwinism.” (p. 301-302)

Many of the decisions made leading to the horrors of the Holocaust are similar to those being made in America during recent years and continuing now.

There is one tiny flaw in Bergman’s book. He wrote, “Almost every high-school student knows one of Hitler’s primary goals was producing a superior race based on the Darwinian idea of ever-advancing progression of life, upward from molecules to humans, caused by natural selection.” (p. 1) The percentage of public school students who know much about Hitler is problematic, but it is a certainly that such students are not exposed to the connection between evolutionism and Nazism because few teachers comprehend that fact. Just as American students are now being brain-washed, so were German children.

“Cutting-edge ideas are often introduced to cultures through the educational system and that was certainly the case when it came to nurturing the seeds of anti-Semitism and eugenics in the land that would ultimately become Nazi Germany. (p. 8) “The content of textbooks played a critical part in the goal of spreading Nazi ideology and Darwinian theory throughout Germany. This is indicated by a statement attributed to Hitler: ‘Let me control the textbooks and I will control the state.’” (p. 265) “The Nazis aggressively pushed the teaching of Darwinism in their schools during the entire time that they ruled Germany, just as is now being done in America and other nations.” (p. 294)

“During World War II, Germany had the highest level of education of any nation in the world. The Nazis also valued education...” (P. 205) The education of children will determine the future. That is why we must rescue our children from American indoctrination centers (

I highly recommend reading Hitler and theNazi Darwinian Worldview and sharing what is disclosed—especially with the next generation of Americans.


“Anybody” is WORSE than Obama

Could there be anybody worse than Obama as president?

As we approach a monumental election, conservative commentators say they will back anybody who is nominated as the Republican presidential candidate. The mantra is “anybody but Obama.” Actually, “Anybody” will be worse than Obama.

Read the complete article "'Anybody' is WORSE than Obama".


Taxpayers Get Tested

By Karl Priest July 26, 2012

The latest news says it succinctly: “Startling numbers released today rank West Virginia one of the worst for education in the country” (WVAH-TV Eyewitness News at 10 Wednesday, July 25, 2012) and “West Virginia received one of the worst education rankings in the country” (Charleston Gazette July 24, 2012).

This demonstrates the extreme con job that has condemned government schooled students to downright dumminess. Perhaps the state, like Kanawha County, should institute more Yogism into the system.

The recent release of the Nation’s Report Card on science scores revealed that only about one fourth of West Virginia students have a good understanding of science. Only people engrossed with American Idol who will fall for the farce, put out by school officials, progress is being made. Making sure that students are thoroughly indoctrinated in evolutionism has only escalated the serious problem.

But, lousy academic performance is not the main thing that should alarm West Virginia parents. Since retiring from teaching I have documented (using secular sources) the dangers that prevail in “public” schools. See One can easily follow common threads of drugs, sex (including teachers with students and promotion of sexual perversion), lack of disciple, violence, poor academic standards, crime, anti-Christianity, and wanting more and more money.

Speaking of money, the West Virginia Kid's Count and Casey Foundation (which produced the latest study) may have their hearts in the right place, but their heads are still in the clouds. Money is not the answer. I have documented that on the Exodus Mandate-WV website. The aforementioned two groups want more child care. If private money is used, that is none of my concern. If public money is used (including for charter and smaller government schools) then I strongly object. The government needs to get out of education and let the free enterprise system work. No one wants the government to tell them they must eat at limited government ran restaurants. The same logic applies to education. Charter schools are simply like putting a dog on a longer leash. The dog still is not free to run.

Liberals will not listen. Conservatives are too tied to the Republican Party which is simply (as a friend says) the “opposite wing of the same bird flying in the wrong direction.” The simple solution is for Christian parents to lead a mass exodus out of government schools. That will start a domino effect downfall of this definite deception commonly called “public” schools. If it does not happen, the headlines will be the same (or worse) as more test reports are released.

Karl Priest appears in the award winning video documentary IndoctriNation : Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America (

NOTE: This article (based upon 7-25 news) was submitted to the Charleston Gazette. The last few submitted articles were censored. On August 6 the Gazette published a guest op-ed of over 650 words slamming the folks who supported the local Chik-fil-A (8-1) during the traditional marriage controversy.  My article appeared on August 11. To give the Gazette fair credit, the article was displayed prominently and in the Saturday edition which includes the Daily Mail. The headline (“Calling for a mass exodus out of public schools”) was better than mine.

Also see: “Nation’s Report Card 2012” and "Why Christian Education Is Important".



By Karl C. Priest February 2, 2012

Moved to "Who is Ignorant".



By Karl C. Priest January 27, 2012

The sign read “Destroy Our Children and You Destroy America.” It was held by a parent who was part of the battle that launched the current cultural war (1) in 1974.

Amazingly, American Christian and conservative leaders cannot comprehend that pertinent point! Sending our children to government schools is akin to our military sending new troops to be trained in Taliban boot camps.

It is easy to read conservative blogs and commentaries and find constant criticism of the acts of our government. Only someone indoctrinated in that government’s pagan seminaries (2) cannot grasp the inseparable connection. That is why we have our current president and only a lesser evil (evil is still evil no matter the degree) Republican alternative.

Whatever the 2012 political wins may be, our country will be lost if we allow our obvious enemy to control the hearts and minds of our children. A dose of Sunday school and a supplement of family devotions will not overcome nearly 40 hours per week of propaganda. WE MUST RESCUE OUR CHILDREN! (3)