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By Karl C. Priest February 2, 2012 (Revised 11-5-19)

Ignorance is a state of being uninformed. Ignorance can stifle learning, in that a person who falsely believes he or she is knowledgeable will not seek out clarification of his beliefs, but rather rely on his ignorant position. (Wikipedia)

The Kanawha County Textbook protesters are often mocked as being ignorant. According to a scientific poll 26.8% of the county teachers objected to the books (Charleston Gazette 10-31-74). That poll (conducted by the liberal Gazette) played with the numbers. I have reason to believe that (using the Gazette statistics) the number was more like 35%. Four teachers spoke on behalf of the protester Business and Professional People’s Alliance for Better Textbooks to the NEA board. Having a college education does not make one intelligent. As a matter of fact, test scores show that many public school educated high school students are semi-stupid. Colleges have had to lower standards and produce petty (bone-head) courses in order to provide what are becoming dysfunctional degrees.

There is no way to definitely determine the levels of education (let alone intelligence) of the majority of protesters and pro-bookers. So, let’s look at some protesters who were key figures. Donald Means owned his own stone contracting company and performed a wide variety of stonework including historical renovations. He also was an author. Elmer Fike was a chemist who owned his own chemical company. Mick Staton was a bank executive who was elected to Congress in 1980. Virginia Craycraft was an RN who was married to a medical doctor. Larry Freeman had a master’s degree and was in personnel management for the state of West Virginia.

How about the preacher leaders? Pastoring a congregation is a challenging task and few men can handle it. But, the preacher leaders did more than pastoral work. Henry Thaxton had a bachelor’s degree in accounting and was working on a Master’s Degree. He worked for Union Carbide. Henry established a Christian school. Charles Quigley had a college degree and established a Christian school. How many college educated teachers have the ability to build a school from the ground up? They can claim to be able, but how many have done it?

How many teachers or college professors have the intelligence and talent to make a living running their own business? Without the security of a socialistic established job most of them would starve. You cannot eat the paper on which a degree is printed. Ezra Graley ran a prosperous roofing company. Marvin Horan owned his own garage at one time. How many professors can tune an engine? How about doing a brake job? Avis Hill established a Christian school. Avis was a master plumber—in 1974 he was the youngest ever to achieve that rating in West Virginia. A good plumber makes more money than many (most?) Ph.D.’s. If it only takes a strong back to do work like that, the college educated professors who work out in fitness centers shouldn’t need to hire plumbers. After the protest, Avis owned and operated a local cable television station and hosted a radio talk show for five years. After moving to Florida Avis established a major ministry in West Palm Beach that helped the homeless. People like Means, Graley, Horan, and Hill do more productive and beneficial work than the average Ph.D. In fact, the average hard working protester (such as the coal miners truck drivers, and other blue collar workers) are more important to the well-being of America than the Ph.D.’s, Ed.D.’s and Th.D.’s that raise their noses at them. Of course, certain higher degrees such as the M.D. are in a category of their own. I don’t recall any doctors, dentists, etc. (except perhaps some scientists who were true believers in evolutionism) who expressed disdain for the protesters. Speaking of evolution—real science doesn’t need to even refer to that comical fantasy.

Alice Moore, according to her foes, was articulate and intelligent. She could out debate a room full of so-called intellectuals. During the protest she had four young children at home and a fifth child born in December of 1975. Contrary to what “women libbers” say, being a mother is an honorable and very difficult job. She made a lot of her children’s clothes. She did the typical baking of birthday cakes, hosting sleepovers, and all the things that mothers do for their children. Also, her pastor husband came home for lunch nearly every day. She still found time to teach a Sunday School class! Her detractors should thank their gods that she didn’t devote full time to stopping their agenda.

Now, who is really ignorant--the protesters or their critics? After taking a look at Textbook Protester Truth a category of ignorance, “willful delusion,” will be the appropriate label f or the critics .


Listen to some teachers who were protesters.

A detailed example of how propagandists disguised as professors have passed deception down the line since 1974 is in “A Tale of Three Tiny Tomes”.

The TRUTH is that the Kanawha County Textbook Protesters were true patriots and heroes. They consisted of thousands of humble people who have suffered humiliation because they stood up for children and America in 1974. The Kanawha County Textbook Protesters deserve to be honored.  Please read THE FACTS.