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“Anybody” is WORSE than Obama

By Karl Priest February 29, 2012 (Addendum added 2-14-13)

Could there be anybody worse than Obama as president?

As we approach a monumental election, conservative commentators say they will back anybody who is nominated as the Republican presidential candidate. The mantra is “anybody but Obama.” Actually, “Anybody” will be worse than Obama.

What ultimate good does it do to support a candidate that is only 30% liberal in order to defeat one that is 99% liberal? If we do not stop doing it, we will keep getting President Anybody who keeps America in a perpetual state of decline until it is too late. That decline is like the proverbial story of slowly boiling a frog.

Democrats are honest about being liberal and they unapologetically promote their devilish causes. Republicans are ashamed to use the word “evil” and when they have political power they will not take firm stands for righteousness. The only difference between which major political party is in power is the speed of America’s downfall.

Paul does not even claim to be conservative. Romney’s claim to conservatism does not even deserve a second thought from conservatives. Gingrich hardly deserves a second thought, but certainly not a vote. Santorum is barely acceptable. Unless Santorum, or someone better, is the Republican 2012 nominee, for the sake of America, conservatives need to separate immediately—this year! If conservatives fail to do so, the death knell will soon sound for America as a nation. America is doomed whether Obama wins or a pseudo conservative wins.

Conservatives make up the bulk of those who support the Republican Party. That conservative bloc consists overwhelmingly of Bible believing Christians (evangelicals). This will likely be the last chance to turn America away from her course of destruction. It can only be done if evangelicals insist on a candidate that believes the Bible without embarrassment.

One of the conservative commentators (referring to Santorum’s reference to Satan’s agenda) said, “You can’t legislate against Satan.” That is wrong! Politicians can legislate against Satan by legislating against his programs. Baby killing and sodomite marriage are the two primary ways Satan is destroying America. Socialism is another (but not the main) tool Satan uses.

Conservatives could make a powerful political party that is free from the fake conservatism spouted by Republicans. America's Party ( has great potential for conservatism.

Even if conservatives take a stand and elect a true conservative in 2012, the battle is not over. Such a victory will be wasted if the next generation does not understand the serious situation into which America has sunk. Due to intense indoctrination received since the 1970’s, America barely has enough citizens who understand the Constitution, let alone the Bible. The only hope for America is to overcome the brainwashing perpetuated by government schools ( and train young people to understand American history and to think logically and independently. That can only be done in home and Christian schools. Enemies of our Judeo-Christian values know the importance of the education of America’s children ( We are at a spiritual Dunkirk ( America faces a fate worse than Obama’s reelection if conservatives do not rescue their children because “Anybody” will slowly, but surely, do what Obama will do quickly.


Joseph Farrah is a great Christian leader who has been bitten by the compromise bug.  Previously he said that Mitt Romney is "the most dangerous man in America" and declared "If Mitt Romney were to become the next president, America would be done as an experiment in freedom." (

In 2012 Brother Farrah devolved into, "I won't be voting for Romney because I think he will save America or reverse our dangerous course. But I will likely be voting for him to buy America the time it needs to avoid catastrophe."  because "... the idea of a second term for Obama genuinely scares me. I don't believe America could ever recover from such a cataclysm. The country will suffer irreparable harm, if it hasn't done so already." (  My main man, Alan Keyes, explained why we are where we are even when the Republicrites (my word and not a typo) get elected.  Dr. Keyes said, "You take the position that Obama is so evil you're just forced to vote for someone whom you assert is just a little less evil. With this reasoning you make evil the standard for office in America, guaranteeing that we will never again see good represented in office. In fact, it guarantees that we will get progressively greater evils (since by offering more and more extreme evil, the bad guys can guarantee that you and those like you will support more and more extreme, though supposedly somewhat "lesser," evils). Don't you realize that this is the repeated tragic error that produced Obama in the first place, and will produce others still worse than Obama?"
( We cannot put allegiance to country above allegiance to Christ!

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