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If you think that your school is an exception you are willingly blind.



"Christian parents are _commanded_ to place their children under godly and Christian teaching, not neo-pagan or humanistic instruction. Whether we acknowledge it or not, only two choices remain-- obedience or disobedience to God’s commands. (See Col. 2:8; 2 Cor. 10:3-5; Deut. 6:1-9; Mal. 4:6; 2 Cor. 6:14-19 along with Luke 6:40. Matt. 22:37-38 and Eph. 6:4)" E. Ray Moore.

In the governor’s own words

From Governor Jim Justice’s 2020 State of the State Address: “I want to talk a second about education. I’m a real believer in this. And the first time you ever saw me, this is exactly what I said. I said we ought to make education our centerpiece. We have in a lot of ways. We’ve made a real commitment to education. And we’ve done lots and lots and lots of stuff. And I’m not going to go through all the blow by blow of what we’ve done, but absolutely we have changed the way the outside world thinks about us and thinks about education. We’ve got lots more to do. We’ve got lots and lots and lots more to do. And to make it better and better and better as we go forward, I hope we can do more and more and more and more. We want to make it better. We want to reward our people better. We want to make it better for our kids. We want to make the scores better. We want every part of it to be better.”
Karl’s comment: BWHAHAHA! By do “more and more and more” he means the state will take more and more and more money. See the pie chart below. The rest qualifies for a Pinocchio Award. It is Groundhog Day again. Just check these WV School News pages for FACTS that back up my statement.


“The difference between insane asylums and our public schools is that in the insane asylum you have to show some improvement before you can get out.”

Please look at the school news below as well as for other years (along with my articles) for documentation about why tax-payers should “just say NO!” to pouring more money down the government school rat-hole.

Among these headlines you can easily follow common threads of drug abuse, sex (including teachers with students and promotion of sexual perversion), lack of disciple, violence, poor academic standards, crime, anti-Christianity, and wanting more and more money “for the kids”.

Sex crimes in the education system are rampart and traceable to the decay of society which is closely connected to humanism taking over “public” schools. Parents in Kanawha County warned of this in 1974. Now, we are simply reaping what is sown.

The sin of sexual abuse is inexcusable, but the fact is that it is rare that church personnel molests a child. That is not so with school personnel. You will be amazed at the reports of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. See the comments on this issue on the main WV News page. Also, teachers, unlike preachers, do not get scandalized for their adultery and other sex escapades with adults. See the March 26, 2009 headline “W.Va. teacher charged with sex assault of teen” for a sad, but pertinent point. (Note: Prior to 2018 I deleted names of teachers accused of sexual assaults. I changed that policy after having difficulty checking entries for duplications.)

The moral sickness in the school system goes all the way back to 1977--a couple of years after the Kanawha County Parents sounded the alarm.

(Note: Some of the links are closed by the media outlet after a period of time. Several of the headlines came from Charleston Daily Mail and Gazette on-line searches. All articles can be found by contacting the news source.)

THE TEST THAT TELLS THE TALE OF TRUTH: “The Nation’s Report Card” National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) from the National Center for Education Statistics.

“The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is the largest nationally representative and continuing assessment of what America's students know and can do in various subject areas.” ( Webster defines “proficient” as “good at doing something.” (

New results will be posted when they are available.

Informative links:

See West Virginia text scores on the Nation’s Report Card.

This chart shows the incredible percentage of tax money that is wasted.


(Note: Some of the links below are closed by the media outlet after a period of time. All articles can be found by contacting the news source.)


Randolph Co. Schools to begin B.O.A.T. routes 11-25-2020
Randolph County Schools will begin new Bus Operator Assistance Team, or B.O.A.T., routes next week, designed to help students and parents send in schoolwork or communicate with the schools during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic…The B.O.A.T. routes will allow “parents/students may place a message or schoolwork in a sealed envelope and hand it to the driver…“If a parent/student has a need or concern of any kind, please write that on a piece of paper and place it on a sealed envelope”… Meals will continue to be delivered on Wednesdays on the food delivery schedule already in place…John Lawson, director of attendance and virtual school for RCS, reported at that meeting that 326 of Randolph’s 1,006 distance learning students have failed at least one class so far this school year. He added that a total of 830 courses have been failed so far. Karl’s comment: The ship has sunk long ago and the boats are full of holes. Resuce your children!

Expert’s Words to Parents: ‘Keep Calm, and Home School’ 11-14-2020
When the youngest child’s iPad doesn’t work, the older child won’t sit to learn at their Chromebook and their parent still has their own life issues, it is easy for the parent — or even a grandparent — to vent frustration…But the worst thing a parent or grandparent can do is show stress, said Sarah Schimmel, associate professor and director of the teacher education program at West Liberty University. She is also a mother of a 7-year-old daughter who is presently learning at home…It is important parents try their best to stay calm when overcome by the duties of homeschooling because this stress transfers to the child and makes the situation worse, according to Shimmel…Having a designated place to do school work and a set schedule can be very helpful in establishing a needed routine for the homeschooled child, Shimmel said…The burden of seeing that students do their required homeschooling often is falling on their grandparents. Karl’s comment: This is not true homeschooling, but the artuicle exposes the mess of government schooling.

What it's like to teach children about election, and its results, in deep-red Trump country 11-30-2020
“I still get the kid that wants to know if it’s true that 100,000 dead people voted in Michigan, or if a computer stole our votes,” Cruey said. “The majority are uncomfortable or unhappy with the election. Many of them think there’s something fishy behind it.” Teachers are always on the front lines of the fight against misinformation. But this election year poses extra challenges: For one thing, conspiracy theories — some of them promoted by the president — are running rampant on social media sites favored by young people.

For another, given that most schools are operating fully or partly online because of the coronavirus pandemic, teachers have fewer resources and less ability to reach the children they’re meant to be guiding through a world filled with misleading or false information. “In the virtual world, you’re basically speaking through a microphone into people’s homes, so you might have 20 kids but actually 60 people listening to you,” Cruey said. “You don’t really know what’s going on.” The 60-year-old educator is in a sticky position. He teaches middle-schoolers in West Virginia’s deep-red McDowell County, where some 80% of the votes went to Trump in the November election. He is an outlier, one of the few people in his neighborhood — 30 minutes away in another county that is just as red as McDowell — to keep Joe Biden signs on their lawns. The students he teaches, and their parents, can easily figure out his political views. All they need do is check the Internet, where a clip of him interviewing and praising then-candidate Hillary Clinton in November 2015 still circulates. So Cruey has developed a strategy for dealing with those who discover his Democratic leanings.

“I tell kids on a regular basis there’s no one out there that fully represents me or my political views,” Cruey said. “And the same parents that know I have a Biden sign also know I’m a church musician, [and] that my wife and I work at a Christian camp in the summer. [So] they reserve judgment.” As Trump continues to promote baseless claims of sweeping voter fraud and to contest the fact of his election loss, tens of millions of Americans have come to doubt President-elect Biden’s legitimacy, as well as the stability and fidelity of the nation’s democratic process…Now, Trump’s campaign of misinformation is affecting the nation’s youngest, too…Cruey has developed a method to combat this: He asks the kid to show him their source of information. Then he directs the student to Google…

And, the teacher said, he understands why. Even before the pandemic, most of his students had never been far from home, never received any influence other than their parents’ beliefs. Cities such as Atlanta and Philadelphia are abstract concepts to the 11-, 12-, and 13-year-olds, he said. Most simply cannot fathom why anyone would ever like Biden more than Trump…“I’d like to believe the kids leave [class] thinking about it, with some sort of tension in their mind,” he continued. “Now, whether they think about it for 10 minutes or three days? I can’t tell.”..

The school system will see the chance to shape their views and skills in civics spiral back around to us over the years.”
Karl’s comment: This article, by a liberal, is a mind-numbing example of why conservatives need to rescue their children!

Are students passing classes via virtual learning? 11-23-2020
New concerns are being voiced on the impact of online, non-classroom education for students. Many parents say since the switch to online learning, their kids aren’t performing as well as they would be with in-person classes… According to The National Assessment of Educational Progress, since e-learning became the norm this past spring and again this fall, fewer than 40% of kids are proficient or advanced in reading. This statistic results in millions of kids unable to read and it’s only getting worse, says the study, during the pandemic as schools close. Karl’s comment: The NAEP reference is bogus! See

Judge orders Kanawha to immediately replace South Charleston High principal with applicant it rejected 11-23-2020
A judge has ordered that South Charleston High Principal Gabe King be immediately replaced with Kim Williams, whom the Kanawha County school system denied the position despite her working for the school district longer than King has been alive… One of the board members, Jim Crawford, allegedly told another member he couldn’t support Williams because she’s gay. He hasn’t returned calls or testified to confirm or deny that accusation in the case. Karl’s comment: It is a sad situation.

Teachers react to in-person classes after holidays 11-18-2020
“We just think it would be safest for everybody if they made the call and we were remote until the beginning of January,” said Jay O’Neal, 8th-grade teacher at West Side Middle School…“This is a list of kids that we have to disperse to other rooms because we don’t have enough subs. So, when we do that, it also raises the class size which means social distancing is more difficult. It’s just a real headache right now,” he said. Karl’s comment: There is no way to social distance from the anti-American and anti-God indoctrination that is infecting government school students.

Social promotion undermines education 11-14-2020
As he struggled with the very first sentence, it became clear to the reading specialists that even two-syllable words were giving him trouble while his overall comprehension of the subject matter barely registered. The results were deeply disturbing. He was a sixth-grade student at West Side Middle School reading on a first-grade level. Sadly, he was not alone. Fully 70% of the entire middle school reads on average at the third-grade level. This may come as a shock to those outside of the educational system, but below-level reading aptitude and comprehension are, to varying degrees, prevalent in our state’s school system and effectively accepted as the status quo, year in and year out. How can that be? The answer lies primarily with “social promotion,” whereby underperforming students advance to the next grade with their same-age peers despite their lack of preparedness for learning at the next level….If West Virginia policymakers want to improve our state’s economy, they should focus first on our children and the quality of education that we provide for them as it translates directly to workforce readiness and college preparation. Karl’s comment: BWAHAHA! It is not “social promotion” that is the problem. The problem is the system. You can keep students in the 3 rd grade for 10 years and they will not be able to read any better. See West Virginia test scores on the Nation’s Report Card. Note: The article author “is a commercial property broker who has served as an emergency substitute teacher during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hidden Headline 11-14-2020
Karl’s comment (in red): The headline was: “Nearly half of Lincoln school buses towed over past 2 years” and the first four paragraphs were about bus mechanical issues. Then comes this shocker.

This report, released Thursday, was the second the state education department has released raising concerns about the safety of children in Lincoln County, which has about 3,100 public school students…The first report centered on Guyan Valley Middle, where former state school board President Dave Perry said a student had killed herself.

That led me to the first report headlined: “WV state school board launches review of Lincoln County school system ” which should have been headlined: “Middle School Girl Kills Herself”. Bold font in the following is mine.

State BOE President Dave Perry said a student killed herself, generating complaints to the education department that contributed to the department doing an on-site review of Guyan Valley in January. “They had a non-certified counselor and it would appear to a certain degree that the student was not permitted or allowed access to counseling services,” Perry said…“Barriers instituted by the principal prohibit students from receiving services from the acting counselor and the social worker,” the report states. “Students are not permitted to approach the counselor or social worker to ask for assistance.”

Instead, the report says, students were required to complete intrusive forms that were sent to the principal, who then determined if students could see the counselor or social worker. More than half of the staff members interviewed by the department said the principal routinely denied this access.

The report also says the social worker has been “prohibited from providing services to students,” and the principal often questioned students about what they talked to the social worker about — and, sometimes, disciplined them for it.

“The social worker was assigned extra duties, for example; changing student diapers and multiple lunch and breakfast duties,” the report said, preventing time to help students with their social-emotional needs.

“The acting counselor does not and has never held the credentials required to coordinate a comprehensive school counseling program,” the report also says. A former counselor also reported that the principal regularly interrupted counseling sessions to force students to return to class.

Also, the report says, “school staff have an extreme fear of retaliation from the principal” and “an extraordinary number of teachers reported being yelled at or observing colleagues, substitutes or students being yelled at by the principal in a berating manner in front of other staff and students.” Numerous parents also complained of the principal’s behavior, the report says.

PLEASE look at the WV School News headlines over many years and join me calling for parents to RESCUE THEIR CHILDREN.

WV loses 9,000 public school students in 2020 11-12-2020
More than 9,000 less students enrolled in West Virginia public schools for the 2020-21 school year, according to the West Virginia Department of Education. They say the decrease in students is mostly attributed to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the school system. The decreased enrollment represents an estimated $42.7 million loss in school funding for the 2021-22 school year, which translates into the potential elimination of hundreds of positions for professional personnel (including classroom teachers) and service personnel. According to the Oct. 1, 2020, certified headcount enrollment, 252,357 students are enrolled in public schools in the state. This number, a decrease of 9,276 students since last year, includes those who are participating in virtual and in-person instruction. Virtual school enrollment is 47,960 for the state. “This is an issue that will have to be discussed during the upcoming legislative session,” said WVBE President Miller Hall. “We anticipate a significant portion of these students will return to public school once we have a vaccine and families feel more comfortable with that decision.” Karl’s comment: This is one blessing of the virus tragedy. However, they will try to stop homeschools and Christian schools because of $$$. Not to mention the need to have kids to brainwash.

Holding Students Accountable 11-1-2020
As schools reopened, many students have gone back to class. Blame the virus for the fact that has been a hit-and-miss scenario. Most schools in our area are open four days a week, with Wednesday off so buildings and furnishings can be sanitized. And, as COVID pops up among a few students and school staffers, there have been temporary re-closings… But many — thousands in our area alone — have not gone back to school. Their parents and guardians worry that could expose them to COVID-19. These children are taught “remotely.” That means online for nearly all of them… Last spring, a survey of high school students found about 40% of them saying they weren’t learning much from online teaching. Karl’s comment: Objective data shows that government school students have not been learning much, over many years, with in person classes. See West Virginia test scores on the Nation’s Report Card and search “test” on each  WV News page. 

Brooke County Board of Education to seek experienced officers 10-13-2020
Following failed negotiations with Brooke County Commissioners over pay for school resource officers, local school officials have agreed to create their own positions and fill them with experienced police officers. Plans call for the officers to receive wages and benefits of about $60,000 from the school district or about $45,000 if they already have benefits through retirement or other circumstances… The board also made plans to hire a lead resource officer who would oversee the others, develop plans for response to active shooter incidents and other crises and likely be assigned to the high school. Crook said the school district would pay for training for the officers, who will be certified to carry a firearm in the schools. Karl’s comment: These officers are necessary because government schools are danger zones. See the “TICK, TICK, TICK” comments on these WV News  pages. 

Two-Week Waiting Periods and Surprise Police Visits 10-12-2020
Since most assume that today’s parents have long since escaped the days of covert homeschooling because of legal threats, imagine the shock when police officers and school officials recently showed up at the doorsteps of WV homeschoolers. While officials later explained that they failed to check students on the truancy list to see if they were listed on a Notice of Intent before acting, this disturbing action is just part of a trend we are seeing this fall. Several counties have invented new homeschool restrictions and hoops to jump through this fall – none of which are legal. These have included interviews, two-week waiting periods, “approval” processes, and the like. Karl’s comment: Government schools do not want parents to have the freedom to educate their own children.

Police: George Washington High School student arrested in alleged threat investigation 10-7-2020
Charleston police were notified about 7 p.m. Tuesday in reference to a possible threat on social media. Police reported the message said, "I'm shooting GW up Monday - stay home." Karl’s comment: TICK, TICK, TICK.

Former teacher now facing civil suit 9-29-2020
A former teacher accused of sexually assaulting a female student is now facing a civil lawsuit, along with the Grant County Board of Education…” McNemar’s criminal conduct ran the gamut from sending sexually explicit messages to (the alleged victim) while she was in class to committing multiple instances of felony sexual abuse and assault in his Petersburg High School classroom. This happened on school time while V.H. was in school”… According to the press release, the suit includes allegations that Petersburg High staff and/or administrators, who are mandatory reporters, knew of red flags surrounding McNemar’s behavior but failed to act. “We believe there may be other victims,” Akers said in the press release… According to the complaint, approximately one week later, McNemar solicited the female student, again, to his classroom where they again engaged in oral sex which again escalated to intercourse…During the investigation officers confirmed that McNemar was employed as an 11th grade social studies teacher and the victim was attending his class at the time the events allegedly took place. Karl’s comment: Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex perversions throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008.

Kanawha schools to continue providing free meals to students 8-27-2020
KCS says they expect all the schools in the county to participate in the program so that all students K-12 can receive a free breakfast and lunch. Karl’s comment: It’s more socialism in the guise of tender hearts. I worked for my lunch (6-11 grades) and it was good for me. Grades 1-5, my mother sent a bag lunch. Grade 12, I paid for my lunch from paper route money. The rare, truly unable to feed their children family, can be helped by the Church.

Recently resigned teacher remains in jail on sex-related charges 8-20-20
A Grant County high school social studies teacher is now suspended after being arrested and charged with sexual assault, sexual abuse by a guardian, displaying obscene material to a minor and soliciting a minor via computer. Karl’s comment: Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex perversions throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008.

Justice strikes back at teachers’ unions 8-8-2020
“It disappoints me tremendously. … We turn back to this same old nasty politics,” Justice said… Both unions criticized Justice for his handling of an announcement of Wednesday of a new color-coded system for determining when schools should go from in-person learning to a hybrid of in-person and virtual learning to all virtual learning depending on the number of COVID-19 cases in a county… “It is totally preposterous to think that they have not been communicated with in every way,” Justice said. “This is nothing but nasty, nasty politics, without any question, they’ve been in the loop all the way.” Karl’s comment: I am a retired public school teacher with over 30 years of experience (including 4 as a principal) who formerly was an aggressive member (picket captain during West Virginia's only teacher strike) of the NEA/AFT for over 20 years. I left the Union for my last ten, or so, years. I also strongly believe the teacher unions are contributing to the ruination of the United States of America. But, even if there were no teacher unions, “public” (i.e. “government) schools CANNOT be fixed and it is a waste of valuable time and money to try. We must RESCUE OUR CHILDREN.

Strike is possible, West Virginia union leader says, but preference is safe schools 7-30-2020
As the delayed start of the school year draws nearer, the president of the American Federation of Teachers-West Virginia says a strike is a last-resort and undesired option…Nationally, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten this week said “safety strikes” are a possibility if school reopening plans don’t meet standards to suppress the spread of covid-19. She said, “if the authorities don’t protect the safety and health of those we represent and those we serve, as our executive council voted last week, nothing is off the table — not advocacy or protests, negotiations, grievances or lawsuits, or, if necessary and authorized by a local union, as a last resort, safety strikes.” Karl’s comment: Teacher unions struck out, long ago, regarding the physical, spiritual, and intellectual health of children.

Brooke County Schools sued over former teacher’s relationship with student 6-25-2020
A lawsuit has been filed against the Brooke County Board of Education alleging school staff knew a former teacher was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a student in 2015 and failed to act… The former Wellsburg Middle School teacher and band director was sentenced to two years in jail. The case went to trial after Turner was accused of gaining the trust of a 14-year-old pupil at the school with the intention of pursuing a sexual relationship with her… It states that while at school, the victim regularly ate lunch with Turner, who was 39, and spent time with him alone in the band room. The suit alleges that “other teachers, school administrators and students were aware that defendant Turner and the plaintiff spent as much time as possible together in school.” Karl’s comment: The chickens have come home to roost. You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008. See the 5-27 entry below.

Students organize peaceful protest in Jackson County 6-15-2020
A peaceful Black Lives Matter rally took place this afternoon in front of the courthouse in Ripley, West Virginia. The protesters planned the event in conjunction with the mayor’s office and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. The protest was organized by students at Ripley High School…The protest began at noon, with protesters shouting chants such as “No justice, no peace.” Karl’s comment: This is just a taste of the indoctrination of public (government) school students. It is support for a Marxist anti-American group that does not care about aborted black lives and the lives of the many blacks killed by other blacks.

Putnam County students to receive iPads and laptops for upcoming school year 6-15-2020
Every student in elementary school will receive an iPad to take home after the school day ends. Students in third through fifth grades will receive a detachable keyboard accessory for their iPads. Students in middle and high school will receive a Lenovo laptop. This type of laptop has been used in classes, but now students will be able to take these home. Putnam County Schools Superintendent John Hudson said, "They'll be taking those devices home each and every day. Karl’s comment: Who knows how much private tracking will go on?

Ohio County Schools Sued Over Alleged Incident With Teacher 5-27-2020
A civil suit has been filed on behalf of a Wheeling Park High School student reportedly struck by a teacher twice while at school last fall. The teacher, Mary Railing, 58, teaches science at WPHS, and was suspended by the Ohio County Board of Education for five days at a meeting on Oct. 9. The suspension came after earlier in the day she self-reported the incident to Assistant Principal Jack Doyle. She told Doyle “that she hit a student and didn’t know why,” according to court documents… The suit states that during the week of Sept. 9, C.J. stood outside Railing’s classroom speaking with other students when she approached him, “placed her hand over his mouth, and pushed his head back forcibly.” Karl’s comment: The chickens have come home to roost. You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008.

Parents protest, demand action on suspended Wood County teacher 6-25-20
Joseph “Joey” Lindamood, a physical education teacher at Van Devender Middle School, was suspended May 11 and a hearing was held before the board June 16. Lindamood was recommended for termination, but after a nearly two-and-a-half-hour closed-door hearing, the board voted instead to suspend Lindamood without pay for 100 days, effectively half of his employment contract… Parents have since taken to social media to allege repeated incidents of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior toward female students. Many of the more than 30 protesters gathered Tuesday carried signs calling for the teacher’s termination and more protections for students. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008.

Former high school teacher pleads guilty to sex with student, Adderall distribution 6-10-2020
A former high school teacher from West Virginia has pleaded guilty to traveling to have sex with a student and selling Adderall to friends…(Amy) Adkins, a former Spanish teacher at Fairland High School, admitted to traveling to Ohio in 2018 to pick up a student who she then brought back to Huntington and had sex with…Adkins also admitted to selling a portion of her Adderall prescription to friends and acquaintances. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008.

WV schools to look different in the fall with new re-entry scenarios 6-10-2020
The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) released initial scenarios for the re-entry and recovery of schools for the 2020-21 school year the West Virginia Board of Education (WVBE) June meeting…
> Students will attend school four days with one day of remote learning or some similar configuration determined by the county. On the remote days, the building will be rigorously sanitized. (Preferred elementary school scenario to best meet developmental needs.)
> Students may attend schools a limited number of days. Class sizes may be limited and/or creative scheduling implemented to minimize student mobility in the school. All students will be engaged in learning five days a week through a blended learning model.
> If an outbreak occurs and a stay at home order is issued, all students will complete school assignments remotely five days a week. This will require the teacher and students to communicate daily and develop a process for monitoring, reviewing and/or grading of student engagement activities.
The WVDE details the three plans on its website…
>Define flexibilities for students who cannot attend daily and implement remote learning.
>Every county/school must develop a remote learning contingency plan in the event the county/school has to transition to a remote environment due to a resurgence of COVID.
>Consider expanding virtual school course offerings through local policies or through a partnership with West Virginia Virtual Schools, being mindful of the technology and broadband equity and access limitations.

Karl’s comment: Homeschoolers have been using creative learning for many years. This move by the public schools proves that five full days were never needed. However, whatever option is used, the indoctrination will continue.

Prep football: Ten years gone, South Charleston-Hurricane brawl still resonates 6-7-2020
One of those tumultuous times began in 2010 with the infamous brawl at the end of South Charleston’s Class AAA playoff quarterfinal win against Hurricane. The repercussions of that fight, which resulted in the ejection and suspension of five SC players, resonated for three weeks due to a string of legal actions and produced plenty of bad feelings… Police came onto the field and pepper sprayed most of the players and at least three of the game officials. Hurricane’s May said he was also pepper sprayed and two of his players were tased. As a side note, the brawl happened one week after numerous fans were ejected from the stands during Poca’s first-round Class AA playoff game at Ravenswood. Karl’s comment: I did not catch this in 2010. It is a case of moving the fights in the halls to field.

South Charleston High principal position may be reposted after evidence of biased hiring. A board member allegedly brought up an applicant's sexuality 6-2-2020 position-may-be-reposted-after-evidence-of-biased-hiring-a-board/article_f85d67d3-2dd0-58af-9914-463fce607214.html
A grievance board judge has ordered the Kanawha County school system to reopen the South Charleston High principal position for applicants, saying the selection of current Principal Gabe King was, more likely than not, tainted by bias and discrimination. “Disturbing” and “specious” was how the order described the reasons that school central office leaders gave for picking King over current South Charleston High Assistant Principal Kim Williams. She filed the grievance…School board member Jim Crawford, who allegedly said he couldn’t support Kim Williams because she’s a lesbian…Andrew Schneider, executive director for the LGBT rights group Fairness West Virginia, released a statement saying “unfortunately this year, a handful of lawmakers admitted they don’t believe discrimination happens in our state. This case proves them wrong.”…Even if Crawford did make the lesbian comment, voters this Tuesday could only replace him with one of two challengers, Emily Lanham or Barry Holstein. Those challengers, unlike Crawford, have given strong statements against giving transgender students access to the bathrooms that match their gender identity. Karl’s comment: From over 30 years of experience in that school system, I am sure it was a “good-old-boy” decision. The lesbian angle is just a way to overcome that tradition. However, the fact is the system could not refuse to put a male claiming to be a female into that position. Replace your mental image of a stern principal with one of a bearded guy in a dress principal.

Classrooms closed, but online learning continues in West Virginia 4-21-2020
Governor Jim Justice told children and their parents they will not be returning to their school houses this year … but classes will continue. “We’re going to continue remote learning for the remainder of the school year. Karl’s comment: This is a GREAT ad for homeschooling. Besides providing indoctrination, government schools are only good for sports and socializing.

Area schools work on in-home education 3-17-2020
School personnel in the surrounding counties have come up with various methods for kids to continue with their school work while they are at home amid the COVID-19 crisis. Karl’s comment: Homeschoolers have super successfully schooled at home for decades.

WV moving ahead with plan to cancel standardized testing, without federal OK 3-18-2020
West Virginia’s state schools superintendent said the state is canceling the annual public school statewide standardized testing this spring due to the governor closing down all schools in an effort to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Superintendent Clayton Burch said testing is off even though the U.S. Education Department hasn’t yet granted or rejected his request that West Virginia be exempted from federal testing and accountability requirements…“The very first question that we asked from my staff was, is that going to be considered, and our response from the deputy secretary was: You do not worry about assessment and testing during a crisis such as this, let’s worry about the health and safety of our children,” Burch said. “We will deal with those things and we will have to have a plan for those.” But Burch also said at the time that the federal department hadn’t said testing would be canceled…Christy Day, the West Virginia Department of Education communications executive director, wrote in an email that the WVDE isn’t sure what the ramifications would be if it doesn’t test and a waiver isn’t granted.

Day said the WVDE still plans to provide high-schoolers a free SAT college entrance test. Normally they get one free SAT annually because it’s the state’s standardized test for 11th-graders… Federal law requires states to give public school students in grades three through eight and once in high school annual standardized tests in math and English. Statewide science standardized testing is also required in at least one grade in elementary, middle and high school…The test results make up much of West Virginia’s school accountability system, which produces the color-coded scorecard ratings and helps identify which public schools receive extra state support to help increase scores.

Regarding how or whether that will continue for this school year, Day wrote “the WVDE is working non-stop with counties to make sure that even as conditions change, the nutritional and instructional needs of our children are properly addressed. The WVDE will turn attention to the issues you raise once the fluidity of the current landscape subsides.”…Burch wrote that “should our students return in April or May, the WVDE and our educators believe it is more beneficial to use time during the school day following the reopening of schools to focus on instruction and learning, and not dedicate resources to testing administration this spring.”

According to an email a WVDE staffer wrote to state senators, the WVDE isn’t requiring that the days schools are physically closed due to this be made up, “so long as staff continue to support students and families, which may be accomplished in a variety of ways.” In a Saturday news release, Gov. Jim Justice said “…our kids will still be learning through a multitude of ways such as online classes or any and every concept our educators can come up with during this closure.”

But the letter from Burch suggests that he and county school system educational leaders don’t think these alternative educational methods are sufficient to teach students both what they need to learn for the tests and what they need to know otherwise. He wrote that the WVDE and the counties “wish to ensure our students are provided as much time as possible to make up the lost instructional hours. Our goal is to help them meet their grade-level instructional requirements and prepare them for instruction for the following year, not to spend that valuable time testing students on material they have not been taught.”

Karl’s comment: I put key pints in red font above that make clear the following truths (in no particular order):

1) Government schools think they are above the law.
2) Not testing (despite the State’s watered down tests) allows for a cover-up of government school academic pathetic performance. See West Virginia text scores on the Nation’s Report Card.
3) Having kids in the indoctrination centers is not needed due to modern technology.
4) The spiritual health and safety of children is of no concern to government school officials.
5) Government school officials do not agree on the best way to teach.

On Wednesday (3-18) and Thursday (3-18) I (again) was blessed to help with standardized testing of homeschoolers through CHEWV. I tested 23 students in grades 9-12. My helper was a lady who evidentially was fairly new to homeschooling. On the second day, before we began, she asked me if she could talk to the students. She wanted to tell them how impressed she was with them. Their politeness and over-all demeanor was outstanding! She told the students that, as an RN, she had been the school nurse at a local public high school and there was no comparison between the behaviors of the two groups. I wish I had been able to tape her comments.

On March 20 it was announced that all “states may cancel any scheduled standardized tests for this school year. States that receive a testing waiver could also receive permission not to use standardizing testing data in future school accountability ratings.”

What’s next for West Virginia Schools? 3-13-2020
West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced today that he will be closing pre-k through 12 schools at the end of school today until further notice. He says it is important to make sure the needs of students are taken care of, and closing the schools will also help prevent the spread of the virus should it reach West Virginia…Kanawha County Schools also says all of its teachers will be required to post work for their students through Schoology, Remind, Class Dojo, or whatever communication method they use to contact parents…“I support the Governor’s decision to cancel school as a preemptive measure to combat the spread of the coronavirus,” said West Virginia Superintendent of Schools, W. Clayton Burch. “The health and safety of our children is our foremost concern.
The West Virginia Department of Education has advised districts to deliver instruction via alternative methods beginning Thursday, March 19.
(3-15-2020 As long as staff is working to support students, we do not anticipate making up missed days. Depending on the length of the closure, a decision will be made regarding if and how missed instructional days will be made up. Karl’s comment: America, parents, and citizens would be better served if public schools never reopen. Children will avoid the spiral virus that runs rampant in public schools.

State BOE eyes Lincoln schools takeover 3-12-2020
Charleston Gazette-Mail pg. 1A
The West Virginia Board of Education on Wednesday ordered the state Department of Education to review the Lincoln County school system after a report on issues: at Guyan Valley Middle. State SOE President Dave Perry said a student killed herself, generating complaints to the education department that contributed to the education department that contributed to department doing an on-site review of Guyan Valley in January. "They had a non-certified counselor and it would appear to a certain degree that the student was not permitted or allowed access to counseling services." Perry said…The acting counselor does not and has never held the credentials required to coordinate a comprehensive school counseling program," the report also says...Also, the report says, "school staff have an extreme fear of retaliation from the principal" and "an extraordinary number or teachers reported being yelled at or observing colleagues, substitutes or students being yelled at by the principal in a berating manner in front of other staff and students...The report also includes numerous other findings of violations regarding special education, ensuring private student records are kept private and other things. Karl’s comment: The suicide is so sad. The rest is just plain bad. Parents should rescue their children!

Kanawha board buys new iPads, MacBooks, gives new superintendent 5 weeks of paid vacation 3-3-2020
The Kanawha County Board of Education voted unanimously Monday to pay roughly $10 million for new Apple computers and related services for students and teachers. Kanawha schools technology director Leah Sparks said the county school system currently provides an iPad tablet computer for every student in grades four through 12 and a MacBook laptop for all teachers, regardless of grade level. She said it’s about 17,600 devices total… The total interest Kanawha will pay in the new deal will be about $200,000… A 2015 report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, an international group of 34 partner countries, said “where computers are used in the classroom, their impact on student performance is mixed at best.”…“Students who use computers moderately at school tend to have somewhat better learning outcomes than students who use computers rarely,” the report said. “But students who use computers very frequently at school do a lot worse in most learning outcomes.”…Board members also approved Monday a one-year contract for upcoming Kanawha schools Superintendent Tom Williams that gives him five weeks of paid vacation…Williams will start off making $150,000, up from his current $130,000 salary as deputy superintendent. Karl’s comment: That is your tax money wasted.

'They're a bunch of thugs': Gov. Justice shares opinion after tense game against rival 2-12-2020
The rivalry between Woodrow Wilson’s Flying Eagles and the Spartans of Greenbrier East has always been intense, regardless of the sport. The intensity level increased significantly on Tuesday night at Greenbrier East in the latest chapter between the girls’ basketball teams of the respective schools. East was leading a tight game on its home floor, 56-50, when the contest was stopped…“a scuffle” with Flying Eagles assistant Gene Nabors and a fan led to the game ending with 5:45 showing on the fourth quarter clock. West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, the long-time head coach of East girls basketball, asked for a forfeit due to Woodrow Wilson Head Coach Brian Nabors, Gene’s older brother, removing his team from the floor…Justice discussed the situation with Jackson after the game came to an abrupt halt. “I hate to say it any other way, but honest to God’s truth is the same thing happened over at Woodrow two different times out of the Woodrow players,” Justice said. “They’re a bunch of thugs. The whole team left the bench, the coach is in a fight, they walked off the floor, they called the game. “The game was over when they walked off the floor — it’s just as simple as that. They don’t know how to behave and at the end of the day, you got what you got.”…Both coaches had been called to the scorer’s table earlier in the game when a Woodrow player had been elbowed in the face and had words with her opponent. Karl's comment: There is lots of “thug” activity throughout WV public schools.

Middle School band teacher charged with soliciting child pornography 2-7-2020
A Logan County Middle School Band Teacher is charged with soliciting nude photos of some of his students. Chapmanville Middle School Band Teacher Cameron Bookman is charged with several counts of “Attempted soliciting a minor for child pornography.” In the criminal complaint, Bookman is accused of soliciting nude photographs from three of his students between March of last year and January of this year. Police say two boys and one girl were in a Facebook group messenger initially set up to discuss a band trip. But then, the teacher allegedly asked the students – all between the ages of 12 and 14 – to send nude photos to each other and to himself. Karl’s comment: I could not make this stuff up! Please see the 3 January 31 and two January 30 entries below.

Police presence planned at middle school after potential threat 2-6-2020
Police are preparing to have a heavier presence at Hurricane Middle School on Friday after a potential threat was found on a bathroom door. According to an automated message from Superintendent John Hudson, the threat was reported to the school's administration Thursday afternoon. Karl’s comment: Dirty stuff was written on the restroom walls and doors back when I was a teacher, but now it is dangerous stuff.

Deputies say three former school employees charged in Wayne County bus garage thefts 2-6-2020
The Wayne County Sheriff's Office said three former school employees are facing charges in connection to thefts at Wayne County Schools' bus garage. James "Lee" Reeves, the bus garage's former director of services, was charged with three counts of embezzlement and conspiracy, according to a news release from the sheriff's office. Katrina Reeves, a former bus driver, was charged with embezzlement and conspiracy. David "Eugene" Sammons, the former transportation director, was charged with obstructing an officer. Karl’s comment: One of the Ten Commandments says, “Thou shalt not steal.” Oops, the Ten Commandments are banned from public schools.

Former teacher accused of having inappropriate contact with teen 1-31-2020
A former teacher for Braxton County Schools is accused of having inappropriate contact with a 17-year-old child. Tiffany Rene Balis, 38, of Exchange, West Virginia, is charged with sexual abuse by a parent, guardian, custodian or person in a position of trust to a child, the criminal complaint states. According to information from Braxton County Schools, Balis resigned effective Jan. 27. The criminal complaint says Balis was “babysitting” the child when the inappropriate contact happened at her home. Karl’s comment: See the next three items! Some get sexually abused and all get spiritually abused!!

West Virginia teacher pleads guilty to abusing student, 14 1-31-2020
The former band director at Wellsburg Middle School was accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with a student in 2015, according to authorities. He was initially charged with third-degree sexual abuse, sexual abuse by a person in a position of trust and soliciting a minor using a computer, charges that would have carried a sentence of up to 20 years, news outlets reported. The case involved a girl who was 14 years old at the time, Brooke County Chief Assistant Prosecutor David F. Cross said. The victim told authorities that Turner took her to his home in 2015 and attempted to have sex with her, Brooke County sheriff’s Deputy Gary Conley testified during the trial Tuesday. Karl’s comment: If this incident was in the news in 2015 I missed it. See the next entry.

Former middle school girls basketball coach facing charges for inappropriate relationship 1-31-2020
A former middle school girls basketball coach faces sexual abuse charges for pursuing a relationship with a high school student. According to the criminal complaint, an officer received information about the relationship from the Braxton County High School principal. The officer searched Tyler Hembree's cell phone and found text messages between him and the victim. The officer stated one message was about "going to the next step in their relationship." Officials say in the messages Hembree was advising the victim to keep their relationship private until she was of age. In a statement to police, Hembree, 26, told officers he held the victims hand and kissed her a few weeks ago while driving back from Webster County. He also told officers about another insist (sic) when he kissed the victim at a rest area while traveling from Clay County. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex perversions throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008. See the next entry.

Police investigating complaint involving teacher at Lincoln County High School 1-30-2020
Police are investigating a complaint involving a male teacher at Lincoln County High School. An administrator at the school received a complaint Wednesday from a juvenile female involving a male teacher, Capt. Lee Preece with the Hamlin Police Department said Thursday. Karl’s comment: See the next entry.

Charleston police investigating allegations of inappropriate relationship at middle school 1-30-2020
Charleston police said they're investigating allegations of a Horace Mann Middle School teacher having an inappropriate relationship with a student…"I can confirm that a teacher at Horace Mann Middle School is under police investigation," Briana Warner, communications director for Kanawha County Schools. "We are unable to provide additional details at this time as it is a personnel matter and under investigation. The suspect’s name has not been made public. Karl’s comment: At this point the suspect is innocent until proven guilty, but you can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex perversions throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008.

Juvenile charged with battery in GWHS fight caught on camera 1-30-2020
Charleston police have charged a 14-year-old George Washington High School student with battery after video of a fight at the school started circulating on social media. The student is being charged through a juvenile petition. The name of the student and further details about the incident will not be released because of his age. Karl’s comment: Another day in Thug Land.

Lincoln County parents want bullying issue tackled 1-28-2020
At Tuesday's school board meeting, parents pleaded for the school board's help to put an end to bullying. According to Crystal Mitchell, a mother of twins at Duval Elementary school, there is a video on Facebook of her child getting hit in the face in the bathroom. Mitchell told Eyewitness News this incident was not the first time her son was bullied. In the past, she has called the school and reported it. "My littlest one has begged me not to go to school because he is so scared," Mitchell said. At the school board meeting, most guardians agreed bullying is an ongoing issue throughout the school system. They said their kids do not feel safe after being hit, made fun of, or harassed.Roger Justice, a grandparent, said his grandchildren are bullied from the elementary level to high school. Karl’s comment: Bullying goes on in ALL schools and a perfect example of why parents need to rescue their children. Get them out of those places to the safety of home or Christian schools!

Disability rights groups alleged Kanawha suspends and segregates students who could learn if given the right support. Now, they're going to court 1-27-2020
Disability rights groups alleged this summer that Kanawha County Schools was illegally removing “scores” of children with disabilities from general education classrooms. The groups said children were either being suspended or put into disabilities-only classrooms. On Friday, the rights groups and the parents of a Bridgeview Elementary student, who now allegedly is stuck in a disabilities-only classroom, sued the county school system. The federal lawsuit might become a class action, in which other parents join in against Kanawha…That ruling against them describes the Bridgeview student’s misbehavior far more seriously than the new complaint making the appeal does. “The record reflects that Student was suspended several times in October and November 2018 primarily for battery on school employees,” says the ruling by Anne Lambright, the education department’s impartial hearing officer. “Student/Parents consistently misrepresented the cause of Student’s suspensions.”…The attorneys are asking the judge to allow the lawsuit to become a class action against the school system. If the judge approves, the lawsuit would pit against the school system all Kanawha students with disabilities who need behavior supports and have gotten disciplinary removals from any classroom…If the lawsuit becomes a class action, the group involved could be large. The lawsuit doesn’t specify a number…It says that, as of last school year, the state education department reported that 4,312 Kanawha students had individualized education plans, or IEPs. Those are often created for students with disabilities. The lawyers wrote that these students were subjected to at least “193 one-day out-of-school suspensions, 412 one-day in-school suspensions, 595 out-of-school suspensions lasting between one and ten days, 248 in-school suspensions lasting between one and ten days, 93 out-of-school suspensions lasting ten days, and 70 out-of-school suspensions lasting longer than ten days.”…Beyond these removals, the lawsuit alleges that the school system has “informal removals” that aren’t recorded…The state education department’s school accountability system, something it must have to comply with federal law, judges schools partly on how many students receive out-of-school suspensions. Kanawha’s alleged “informal removals” could make schools appear better in that area than they deserve. Karl’s comment: It’s a jungle in there. Parents need to rescue their children. Get them out of those places to the safety of home or Christian schools!

Former Wayne County teacher's aide to face charges related to alleged assault on video 1-23-20
A former Wayne County teacher's aide will be facing charges for allegedly hitting a student, and cell phone video recorded the incident… The cell phone video shows the aide appearing to hit the student. Superintendent Todd Alexander says the aide worked with special needs students at Kellogg Elementary and has since resigned her position. This is not the first time an aide has hit a child. See the 5-3-19 entry of WV School News.

Kanawha County school bus driver arrested on DUI charges after I-77 crash 1-16-20
Susan Ann Lipscomb, 58, of Charleston was charged with three counts of DUI causing bodily injury and one count of DUI with a minor in the vehicle following the wreck that occurred about 8 a.m. Thursday. Police said the DUI charges are drug-related, and they do not believe alcohol was a factor…The driver of the vehicle that was rear-ended suffered first-degree burns and was transported to the hospital. Two kids on the bus sustained minor injuries and were transported to the hospital. A Charleston police officer said he made contact with Lipscomb and observed she had droopy eyelids, thick, slurred speech and appeared to be disoriented, the complaint said. Karl’s comment: So sad and scary.

Paine ‘guarantees’ students will do better on national test results 1-13-20
State School Superintendent Doctor Steve Paine made a promise to members of the House of Delegates Education Committee Monday concerning future test scores of public school students. “We are working hard to do the right things to lay a foundation from which we build a quality education system and I’m anxious and I will guarantee that those results will go up in a couple of years, those NAEP results. I just feel that they will because we are doing all the right things,” Paine said. The state’s NAEP, National Assessment of Educational Progress, scores released in early November showed West Virginia as one of three states to have a significant drop in fourth-grade math scores. Math and reading scores for eighth graders also were down…“We need now after a couple years of instability, quite frankly, stability. It is critical for our system right now,” Paine said. Karl’s comment: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The FACTS on these WV School News pages guarantee that the system will get worse--UNLESS THEY LOWER STANDARDS OR CHEAT.

Kanawha school officials claim district did not close Tuesday because snow came too soon 1-7-20
Kanawha County's director of transportation said the county's schools did not close Tuesday because the snow storm happened sooner than predicted… Brett Fraley's statement came after more than 100 crashes were reported in the county as drivers struggled to negotiate slippery roads. Ron Duerring, the county’s school superintendent, said… the storm happened sooner than the models at which they were looking at predicted when school officials made the decision…Multiple school districts surrounding the county decided to close school Tuesday morning, including Clay, Nicholas, Raleigh, Fayette, Boone and Lincoln counties. At least two Kanawha County school buses were involved in crashes in the morning…The National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory on Monday for Tuesday. The advisory called for snow accumulations of 1 to 3 inches starting at 4 a.m. Karl’s comment: FACT: The weather prediction from the night before was accurate. We had scheduled medical appointments for elderly family members that day and we were up throughout the morning to check the conditions. Dr. Duerring is not dumb, so (well you figure it out). What a perfect way to start the new WV School News year (2020). The children are at risk from much more than bad weather and bad decisions. We must RESCUE OUR CHILDREN!