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If you think that your school is an exception you are willingly blind.



"Christian parents are _commanded_ to place their children under godly and Christian teaching, not neo-pagan or humanistic instruction. Whether we acknowledge it or not, only two choices remain-- obedience or disobedience to God’s commands. (See Col. 2:8; 2 Cor. 10:3-5; Deut. 6:1-9; Mal. 4:6; 2 Cor. 6:14-19 along with Luke 6:40. Matt. 22:37-38 and Eph. 6:4)" E. Ray Moore.

In the governor’s own words
From Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s 2016 State of the State address: “In 2010, we started down a path to improve our state’s public education system… I’m introducing legislation to restructure the current innovation zone system to establish a new program – called Innovation in Education. This legislation reallocates nearly $2.5 million in existing education funding to help schools develop new methods to increase our students’ interest in science, technology, engineering, math and entrepreneurship. By giving schools the flexibility to focus on these subjects, we can teach our students how to think critically…” Karl’s comment: See the 10-28-15 entry
and “The Test That Tells the Tale of Truth” version below for objective FACTS that reveal the state has not made it more than a few steps (and that is being generous) down that path.  The governor’s proposed "Innovation in Education" will just be another pie-in-the-sky boondoggle to pacify and continue to rip-off tax payers. Also, see his own words at the top of the 2015 West Virginia School News.


“The difference between insane asylums and our public schools is that in the insane asylum you have to show some improvement before you can get out.”

Please look at the school news below as well as for other years (along with my articles) for documentation about why tax-payers should “just say NO!” to pouring more money down the government school rat-hole.

Among these headlines you can easily follow common threads of drug abuse, sex (including teachers with students and promotion of sexual perversion), lack of disciple, violence, poor academic standards, crime, anti-Christianity, and wanting more and more money “for the kids”.

Sex crimes in the education system are rampart and traceable to the decay of society which is closely connected to humanism taking over “public” schools. Parents in Kanawha County warned of this in 1974. Now, we are simply reaping what is sown.

The sin of sexual abuse is inexcusable, but the fact is that it is rare that church personnel molests a child. That is not so with school personnel. You will be amazed at the reports of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. See the comments on this issue on the main WV News page. Also, teachers, unlike preachers, do not get scandalized for their adultery and other sex escapades with adults. See the March 26, 2009 headline “W.Va. teacher charged with sex assault of teen” for a sad, but pertinent point.

The moral sickness in the school system goes all the way back to 1977--a couple of years after the Kanawha County Parents sounded the alarm.

(Note: Some of the links are closed by the media outlet after a period of time. Several of the headlines came from Charleston Daily Mail and Gazette on-line searches. All articles can be found by contacting the news source.)

Be sure to see the THE TEST THAT TELLS THE TALE OF TRUTH: “The Nation’s Report Card” National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Also, see the 2013 REPORT OF WEST VIRGINIA PUBLIC SCHOOL TEST PERFORMANCE. The 2013 report is on November 7 of 2013. A separate test (1-7 entry below) confirms the pitiful performance of West Virginia government schools.

(Note: Some of the links below are closed by the media outlet after a period of time. All articles can be found by contacting the news source.)

School resource officer accused of ‘sexting’ student 12-22-16
(The 43 year-old man) is charged with displaying obscene material to a minor and attempting to seduce a minor with display of obscene material. A Musselman High School student testified that he received explicit photos Dec. 7 on the social media app “Grindr” from an unknown account that investigators have linked to Carroll. Carroll is also accused of trying to meet up with the student. Karl’s comment: Another reports said, “‘We are totally astounded by this because there has never been any indication or reports from administrators, teachers or staff at Musselman High School to ever suspect this,’ said Manny Arvon, superintendent of Berkeley County Schools.” ( You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008

Roane County principal arrested on DUI charge for second time 12-22-16
A Roane County school principal has been charged with driving under the influence for a second time, according to police. Police said Walton Elementary-Middle School Principal Natalie Garner was driving all over the road and nearly hit several cars Friday night. She was pulled over in her driveway and arrested. Garner was convicted of DUI in 2009. The president of the Roane County School Board said Garner is married to Jerry Garner, the superintendent of Roane County schools. Karl’s comment: Sad situation.

Kanawha still hasn’t prominently displayed LGBT employee protections 12-19-16
It’s been more than a year since Kanawha County’s school board approved policy changes meant to protect prospective and current employees from discrimination based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. Yet those protections still aren’t prominently displayed on the public school system’s website, and they’re just now being noted in employee handbooks — after the Gazette-Mail called about the issue…Unlike for “protected classes” such as race and age, there is no overarching federal or state law banning discrimination against all individuals based on their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity, leaving it up to local governing bodies like city councils and school boards to enact such laws…(T)he board’s cultural diversity and human relations policy lists requirements for “Respect for the individual regardless of” multiple characteristics including “gender identity or expression; physical appearance; sexual orientation.” It also states the school system “shall recruit, hire, train, and promote in all job titles without regard to ... sexual orientation,” and goes on to define sexual orientation in the policy as “actual or perceived heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, or gender identity or expression of an individual, with or without regard to the individual’s assigned sex at birth.” That’s more broad than sexual orientation’s common definition. Karl’s comment: THINK! No one can stop them from hiring a bearded man who wants to wear a dress and teach your children!!!

Kanawha County Schools Communications director named 12-16-16
A new communications director has been named for the Kanawha County Schools . According to Superintendent Ron Duerring, Briana Warner has been hired for the position. Warner has worked as the communications director for Secretary Natalie Tenent and as the state press secretary for Senator Jay Rockefeller. Superintendent Duerring says "this was just the next step in communicating better with our people out there when there is an issue in the system or the kinds of good things that are happening on a daily basis." Karl’s comment: BWAHAHA! Duerring is admitting he cannot handle the job he is paid (BIG MONEY) to do. BARF! She comes from extreme liberal employers. BAWL! The taxpayers will have a pro to pump them propaganda

Berkeley County Schools stand guard against heroin epidemic 12-8-16
“We know that it’s out there. We have had some overdoses that we have seen in the community,” said Ron Stephens, assistant superintendent for pupil services. “We’ve had some parents of students and siblings of students who have gotten in trouble, but we have not (seen it in the schools).”…By staying active with the students, following policy and constantly watching for any signs of drug use or dealing the schools have been successful in keeping it outside and off of school property… “Fortunately, we haven’t had to cross that bridge with heroin or those kinds of things on school property, on school time with our kids. I’m not saying that it is not there. We are looking for it, we’ve tightened up our policy, you patrol the hallways, you patrol the restrooms, you reinforce the fact that they have to be in class, all of those basics, it really does tighten things up at the school,”Stephens said…With heroin so easy to find and purchase, and with every community affected by it, schools work hard to remain vigilant in keeping it out… “We have had people that did not check in the main office appropriately that we have tracked down, escorted off the premises,” Stephens said. “Later we found out that they are in that culture. We’re hoping that we caught them beforehand.”… For Stephens, like other staff and teachers, it’s a real problem that has to be dealt with. They understand firsthand the fears that many parents have. “I’ve got children in the schools here. I am scared to death of that epidemic. It makes me physically sick to my stomach. Karl’s comment: The drugs are there. Rescue the children!

UHS students protest against administrator 12-5-2016
A student protest at University High School Monday morning targeting Principal Shari Burgess prompted crowd control before the start of classes… About one-fourth of the student population gathered outside, some with signs noting they have no confidence in their principal, with a school resource officer and another Monongalia County sheriff’s deputy there to maintain a peaceful protest. There were no reports of unruliness. In April, 67 members of the UHS Faculty Senate gave Burgess a no-confidence vote… In September, an assistant administrator with Monongalia County Schools said the district was short three certified math teachers for middle and high school classes. “Students are being involved at this level, to my understanding, because they are concerned about the instructional program. That’s the problem we have at hand today. That’s the problem that we’re trying to address today. We’ve got a thousand students in that school right now looking for a good quality education,” (Dr. Frank Devono, Monongalia County Schools superintendent) added. Karl’s comment: What a crock about the supposed concerns of students! Also, you can bet your bottom dollar the faculty had a hand in this.

Logan County Mother says Son was Humiliated and Attacked by Teachers 12-5-16
Katie Kenney says her 7-year-old son Luv'Ante has been humiliated by staff members at Omar Elementary this year. "I have to speak up or nobody else will," said Katie.  She says after accidentally using the restroom on himself, the schools (sic) principal sent him back to class in urine drenched clothing. Later in the year, Katie says he was also grabbed and shook by a teacher…Katie Kenney says she isn't sure if she will ever send Luv'Ante back to Omar Elementary.  "That might not sound like a big deal to somebody, but it is a big deal. In such a small town that could follow him until he graduates high school," said Katie. Karl’s comment: She “isn't sure if she will ever send” her child back. I pray she never does.
NOTE: There is no way I can find out about close to all negative incidents in government schools.

Parent asks BOE to change school policy after altercation, Goodwin: 'My child was beaten over the head 12 times' 12-1-16
The Preston County Board of Education (BOE) will be addressing the need to change the policy regarding Expected Behavior in Safe and Supportive Schools after a Preston High parent requested the change on Monday. Robin Goodwin asked for a time limit on how long it takes a parent to be notified in the case of an altercation between students. “I would like to see an immediate notification of parents of both parties,” Goodwin told the BOE at their Monday meeting. “I was notified about an incident that involved my child at 6 p.m. the evening it happened.” “There were two incidents that day, the first at 10 a.m. and the second at 2 p.m.” Goodwin told the Preston News & Journal. “When I was called at 6 p.m. by the principal of PHS, he told me he had other things going on at the school and was to (sic) busy to call me.” Goodwin said her child had major but not life-threatening injuries after being attacked in school, and while her child is now physically fine, the child is still recovering mentally. “My child was beaten over the head 12 times at the 2 p.m. incident,” Goodwin said. “My child didn’t fight back because the consequences of fighting back were known. Fighting back will be placed on your permanent record.”… Goodwin also said a teacher in the school knew in advance about the possible assault after overhearing a conversation among a group of five students according to the teacher’s written statement. “The teacher knew about this before it happened and knew it was going to happen,” Goodwin said. “The teacher did nothing. I don’t know if he/she was too busy also.”… According to Goodwin, the assailant was sent back to class with a warning to “never let it happen again.” Karl’s comment: This is serious, but what happens to the minds and souls of all children in government schools is much more so

Wood County teacher’s aide suspended over racist post 11-23-16
A Wood County School Board teacher’s aide accused of posting racist comments on Facebook was suspended without pay for 10 days. According to Parkersburg News and Sentinel reports, the board voted 5-0 to suspend Tina Boston, a teacher’s aide at Martin Elementary School…This is not the first time a Wood County School Board employee has come under fire for social media posts. David Foggin, a teacher at Parkersburg South High, posted on Facebook in 2014 for comments about the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance student club. He compared the club’s mission to multiple illegal activities, including street racing, deer poaching, and a “drugged/sober” club. Karl’s comment: I don’t know exactly what she said, but the Foggin comments (though on the strong side) were warning to the dangers (just check CDC statistics) of homosexual acts.

Watts Elementary did contain private information 11-16-16
The public may never know how much, or what kind of private information was stored in the abandoned Watts Elementary, which closed in the summer of 2014, wasn’t boarded up until earlier this year and was broken into at least once since then. Kanawha Schools Superintendent Ron Duerring has said he found no “confidential information” in the building, located on Charleston’s West Side. He also told WSAZ-TV as late as Oct. 20 that all documents had been removed from the building. But documents remained in Watts after that, and after the date the school system claims the documents in Watts were shredded. Some documents included names and addresses of students and one form, labeled confidential, that laid out a plan to respond to someone’s seizures…In a Nov. 4 letter, the school system denied a Gazette-Mail open records request to be allowed to “inspect all documents that as of Oct. 13, 2016, were inside the former Watts Elementary and J.E. Robins Elementary buildings.” J.E. Robins is another West Side elementary school that closed in the summer of 2014. Oct. 14 was the date Kanawha maintenance workers began removing documents from the building. When the workers emerged with about five boxes and at least two bags, Terry Hollandsworth, the school system’s maintenance director, refused to let a reporter see the documents. On Oct. 20, the Gazette-Mail filed its open records request. That was after Duerring had told the newspaper that he found no confidential information in the school during an Oct. 14 search, which he couldn’t recall the duration of. Karl’s comment: The Ten Commandments have been banned from public schools so lies are of no consequence.

WV finally unveils A-F grades for schools 11-16-16
The A-F system has received opposition from superintendents, principals and teachers. “The West Virginia Education Association and its members have opposed the A-F grading system from the beginning,” Dale Lee, president of that school employees union, said at a press conference Tuesday. “We have spoken before the state board numerous times to express our members’ concerns over a misguided representation of what education is about.” Most of schools’ letter grades are based on students’ scores, and their growth in those scores, on the annual Smarter Balanced end-of-year standardized tests in math and English language arts. That test has received criticism from those same groups…

State school board literature describing the A-F system says it’s “designed to provide parents and communities with an annual update and ensure parents have objective information on their students’ academic achievement,” and that the “grades of A through F are used so results can easily be understood by parents and the community.”…Only 15 schools, or 2 percent, received Fs, while 45, or 7 percent, received As, more than would be expected had the state school board used a pure normal distribution...

Another news source ( reported: Statewide, the Board of Education announced grades for the 668 public school, showing most with a grade of C, The Associated Press reported. Overall, the report shows 45 schools with "distinctive performance," or a grade of A. Another 162 schools have a B for "commendable performance." The largest group -- 356 schools or slightly more than half -- are given a C for "acceptable performance." The report lists 90 schools with an "unacceptable performance" or D and 15 with an F for "lowest performance."

Karl’s comment: Even using their own tests and fudging the data, the report is nothing to brag about. Search the WV News site for “Nation’s Report Card to find legitimate test results. (Here is the WV State DOE information. For the above two reports.)

W.Va. Education System Is Lacking 11-6-16
For more than a year, it has been apparent the public education system in West Virginia needs serious reforms. That became clear after the release last summer of results from standardized testing of students throughout the state. It has been reinforced during recent weeks with announcement of numbers from this year’s testing. So, during the past year or so, what has been done at the state level in the way of basic improvements? No, you didn’t miss the newspaper stories about it. There weren’t any because in essence, very little, if anything, substantive was done… (T)he system of education in West Virginia as the primary culprit…An entire year has passed and, to our knowledge, there have been no major changes. How far will the education establishment continue down that path? More important, how long will it be before West Virginians finally lose patience and declare: Enough! Karl’s comment: This (with the next two entries) expresses the truth about West Virginia (all states are in the same situation) “public” (government) schools.

Changing W.Va. Education System 11-6-16
Northern Panhandle public schools appear to be making some progress in improving students’ scores on the state standardized test. But results are only slightly better than last year — and remain shockingly low…State Department of Education officials report average scores based on percentages of students whose test scores reflect the state’s definition of grade-level proficiency in subjects. What continues to be distressing is that in reading and math, fewer than half the students in our area are judged to be proficient. In no case were county averages for Brooke, Hancock, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel and Tyler counties above 60 percent. State averages for all grades are even worse, at 46.97 percent proficiency in reading and 29.98 percent in mathematics. Progress since last year, the first time the current Summative Assessment test was used, has been minuscule. The state average for reading was up just slightlly (sic) more than 2 points. In math, the improvement was slightly more than 3 points. And in our area, where many residents pride ourselves on having some of the best schools in the state, the improvement was in the same range in most counties. It just isn’t good enough. As we have pointed out more than once, something is badly wrong with the education system in West Virginia. Karl’s comment: This newspaper editorialist gets it as far as understanding that there is a serious problem, but he still clings to fixing an unfixable system. The next editorial calls for “more options”. Only homeschooling gives nearly unlimited options. Christian private schools is a good second choice. That option is not nearly as academically flexible as homeschooling, but it does remove the children from the moral and spiritual dangers that are rampant in “public” (government) schools.

Give West Virginia Students, Parents More Options 11-6-16
West Virginia’s students can be hurt when parents are trapped and can’t choose what’s best for their child. According to Education Week, West Virginia’s students place 46th in its “Chance-for-Success” category, and 48th in its “K-12 Achievement Index.” Over $11,000 is spent per year per student in West Virginia’s district schools… Every parent knows all children are unique… Research has proven that children learn differently, thrive in different environments, and possess different aptitudes. Too many students are in schools that aren’t challenging them or preparing them for the future . E ducation savings accounts allow parents and their children to take advantage of learning options that had been out of a family’s reach. Private schools are just one possible alternative…Every West Virginia family should be satisfied with how and where their child learns. Let’s give all children in our state the chance to succeed. Karl’s comment: The editorialist is right, but Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) are a trap that should be avoided because it is the government still controlling what children learn.

More traditional math approach restored 11-4-16
The debate about how to teach math has been going on for most of the last century. Remember "new math" in the 1970s? But the subject has been even more controversial in recent years, as schools implemented new standards and new "integrated" approaches - such as weaving algebra, geometry and advanced algebra together. Many students struggled, and parents complained the course work was so foreign they could not help their children with their homework…Years of test scores show West Virginia students need more rigorous math instruction to prepare for college and an increasingly sophisticated workplace . Karl’s comment: I started teaching (1972) when the “New Math” wave rolled in. “New Math” was a disaster! Education ivory tower fads have come and went for decades. Some that I recall were “Learning Packages, un-graded report cards, Curriculum Maps, various grouping methods, Cooperative Learning, New Math, Whole Language, State Standards, Curriculum Frameworks, Higher Order Thinking Skills, Inquiry Based Learning, Performance Outcomes, Learning Stations, Multiple Intelligences, Mastery Learning, Portfolio Assessment, Individualization, Discovery Learning, Hands On Learning, Collaborative Projects, Block Scheduling, Concept Maps, Curriculum Frameworks, Glasser Schools Without Failure, every new technology gimmick, and discipline strategies galore.”

Cabell BOE returning math to traditional pathway 11-2-16
Much to the delight of the Cabell County Board of Education and high school teachers, Cabell County high schools will be transitioning their math courses from the integrated pathway back to the traditional pathway in the coming months and years… Board members shared that enthusiasm and said the change should bode well for the students. Karl’s comment: I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about the board members’ “enthusiasm”. It is a mixture of misplaced faith and manifold foolishness.

School leaders meet with students after several bomb threats 11-1-16
The meeting was held after Mingo Central High School and Tug Valley High School received four bomb threats within two weeks. Karl’s comment: They could always blame the Kanawha County Textbook Protesters. From Protestor Voices: The 1974 Textbook Tea Party (pages 8-9): In 2009 the Gazette ran an article by a teacher who mentioned bomb scares and lack of trust for teachers. Regarding the issue of trust: Teachers have proven that they cannot be trusted. See the headlines from West Virginia News on my website ( There is no proof that protesters made the bomb threats. An October 15, 1974 Daily Mail report disclosed that five students were arrested for calling in bomb threats. Some of the calls were made from the school. One of the students said they did it “to get the kids out of school.” The claim that the protesters called in all of the threats cannot be supported by facts. Blaming the protesters does not address the issue of the content of the protested books. The books provided small children with ideas about setting off false alarms (see Chapter 4).”

WV public school students’ NAEP science scores flat 10-27-16
West Virginia fourth- and eighth-grade public school students in 2015 overall didn’t perform significantly better or worse on the National Assessment of Educational Progress’s science portion than they did the last time science NAEP tests in those grades were given…NAEP, the biggest nationally representative assessment of the nation’s students, is given to a sample of students in certain years. The science test is voluntary for states. The 2015 results for NAEP’s math and reading sections were released last year. The 2015 science results were publicly released today after being privately shared with reporters earlier this week. Like 24 other states, West Virginia had no statistically significant change in its average score for fourth-grade public school students between 2009, the last year the fourth-grade science test was given, and 2015. The Mountain State’s score in that category rose from 148 to 151 on the 300-point scale, while the nation’s average score for fourth-grade public school students rose from 149 to 153, which was deemed a statistically significant improvement. Like 33 other states, West Virginia had no statistically significant gain in its average score for eighth-grade public school students between 2011, the last year the eighth-grade science test was given, and 2015. The Mountain State’s score in that category rose from 149 to 150, while the nation’s average score for eighth-grade public school students rose from 151 to 153, which was considered a statistically significant improvement…

In 2015, West Virginia had 31 percent of public school fourth graders score “proficient” or higher on NAEP’s science portion. That percentage was significantly lower, statistically speaking, than the 37 percent national rate. As for Mountain State public school eighth-graders, 27 percent scored “proficient” or higher on NAEP’s science portion. That was significantly lower, statistically speaking, than the 33 percent national rate.

Peggy Carr, acting commissioner of the U.S. Education Department’s National Center for Education Statistics, said in a conference call Wednesday that on NAEP, “proficient is solid academic performance.”

Karl’s comment: That is putting a positive spin on the matter of poor performance. Another newspaper ( had this malarkey headline: “Nation, W.Va. science scores increase for 4th, 8th grades” . ” They continue to make sure the students excel in believing THE LIE of evolutionism.

Middle school student hospitalized, knocked unconscious by another student 10-25-16
A Ravenswood Middle School student is in the hospital after his mother says he was knocked unconscious by a classmate… Milligan says she's upset with how the staff at Ravenswood Middle School handled the situation, saying the incident happened during her son's second period gym class, but she wasn't notified until an hour later. Karl’s comment: Just another day in the cell block.

WV public high school graduation rate nears 90% 10-25-16
West Virginia’s four-year graduation rate from public high schools last school year was about 90 percent, state Superintendent Michael Martirano announced Tuesday. That 2015-16 rate, 89.8 percent, is up from 86.5 percent for the 2014-15 school year, when West Virginia ranked 18th out of the 50 states, and 84.5 percent for 2013-14, when it ranked 25th. “This metric point, this number, is so significant, because it represents real children graduating,” Martirano said at an event at Charleston’s George Washington High School…West Virginia’s rate was around 78 percent for the 2010-11 school year…West Virginia’s average scores on the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress were considered significantly — using the statistical definition of significant — lower than 34 states in fourth-grade reading, 32 states in eighth-grade reading (although it was the only state to see a significant increase in eighth-grade reading over 2013), 34 states in fourth-grade math and 43 states in eighth-grade math. The NAEP, the biggest nationally representativ ​ e assessment of the nation ’ s students, is given to a sample of students in those grades every two years. The 2015 NAEP test for 12th-graders reported results only on a national basis. Students didn’t score significantly different in math than they did in 2005, when the new version of that part of the test took effect. In reading, 12th-graders scored significantly lower than they scored in 1992, the first year that part of NAEP was given.

West Virginia’s high school math proficiency rates for last year on the Smarter Balanced test, the standardized exam that public school students take each spring, were 20 percent for ninth-graders, 19 percent for 10th-graders, and 21 percent for 11th-graders. Those were improvements over the previous year. High school seniors don’t take the Smarter Balanced test. The 2014-15 math proficiency rate for 11th graders — those students who were supposed to be graduating at the end of last school year — was only 20 percent. Smarter Balanced, which debuted statewide in 2014-15, doesn’t count toward graduation. Martirano said West Virginia has not been lowering academic standards to graduate more children . Karl’s comment: It is good that the reporter included the test results. West Virginia certainly fits in the situation described in a non-partisan study. “ Across the country, millions of students enroll in  college every year only to learn that they need to take classes that will not count toward their degrees because they cover material that they should have learned in high school.”   ( Also, a friend pointed out to me that “ the system was manipulated to wipe the majority of the kids that dropped out off the rosters for various reasons to make it appear that there was a 90% graduation rate.”

Clay County Middle School parents say players stabbed with pencils during football game 10-21-16
Clay County Middle School parents claim some of their children were stabbed with pencils during a football game against Spencer Middle School Thursday night. School officials from Clay County and Roane County are investigating to find out if this occurred… They just want to know why nothing was done about the alleged pencil stabbings…Officials from Roane County and Clay County school districts are working together to figure out exactly what happened. Karl’s comment: Weird
(If it was not government school students.).

U.S. Secretary of Education praises early learning program in West Virginia 10-21-16
The U.S. secretary of education has called West Virginia's early learning program a good model for the country…West Virginia public schools currently offer free pre-K to all 4-year-olds and 3-year-olds with special needs. Karl’s comment: The government wants the kids as early as can be done. That is where the battle front for society is located.

Kanawha County Schools responds to WSAZ Investigation 10-21-16
One week after a WSAZ investigation uncovered documents with personal information left behind in an empty Kanawha County School building, the superintendent has responded to the story. It comes after WSAZ obtained photos from inside the building that showed documents left inside Watts Elementary School building. The school closed at the end of the 2013-2014 school year. From the pictures, phone numbers, addresses and birthdays are visible…WSAZ called one of the numbers and reached a woman who confirmed she had a son who attended the school. She also confirmed the address that was listed and said she planned to contact the school board, because she was concerned what other information was left that was not shown in the photos. Thursday evening following the Kanawha County school board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Ron Duerring told WSAZ that he toured Watts Elementary School the day after the initial story aired… We asked Dr. Duerring why WSAZ was not permitted to see the documents. His response was as follows: "Well, just because, in case there was when we went in. If there was, then we didn't want people to see that kind of confidential stuff, and that's why we went because we had a really deep concern about that. That was not to be ignored." A WSAZ reporter showed Dr. Duerring close-up pictures that were sent to our newsroom. The photos show documents inside Watts that list addresses, phone numbers, and others that show first and last names beside birthdays. "I didn't see that, that particular piece, but again everything's been cleared out already just to make sure. Everything's been taken out and cleared," Dr. Duerring said when shown the pictures. "It may have gotten lost in the shuffle of all that. I mean when you take a look at everything you're showing me here, you can see the stacks and stacks of folders, so it could have been a paper that got caught somewhere." Karl’s comment: Sounds like Dr. Duerring was in a daze or being devious.

Lawsuit filed against former Logan teacher, Logan Board of Education in sexual abuse case 10-17-16
The Logan County Board of Education and an ex-Logan County teacher are being sued by a former student sexually abused by the teacher. John Cain is incarcerated and is due to serve more than 20 years for his actions against the student, the Logan Banner reported. Cain taught carpentry at Ralph R. Willis Career and Technical School and was a preacher at the Big Springs Missionary Baptist Church in Mallory…The suit alleges Cain engaged in a pattern of predatory behavior, first building trust with the child before engaging in inappropriate communication and contact. The documents allege Cain would make lewd comments toward the child that eventually escalated to physical contact. In early 2015, Cain is reported to have forced the minor into a sex act causing her to miss school to avoid a repeat of the event. Cain also reportedly attempted to seduce the child with photos of his genitalia. Karl’s comment: “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.”  Luke 8:17

WV school board changes science testing grades, sets A-F cut scores 10-12-16
The state’s new science standards, which were implemented statewide this school year, are the “performance expectations” from the Next Generation Science Standards national blueprint, save for the fact the state board changed the word “rise” to “change” in the sixth-grade performance expectation “ask questions to clarify evidence of the factors that have caused the rise in global temperatures over the past century.”… It’s unclear how much these test changes over the next few years will limit year-to-year science test result comparability beyond the limitations already seen due to the state board’s past decisions to decrease the number of tested grades and change the standards. Karl’s comment: It is all part of a confusing testing apparatus that will be changed in a few years to continue to con the public. One thing is sure, the system will continue to teach the lie of evolutionism.

As court decision looms, Kanawha permits transgender bathroom access 10-11-16
As for Kanawha County, West Virginia’s largest public school system, a couple of school board members said transgender students already are allowed access to bathrooms and other accommodations matching their gender identities, though schools Superintendent Ron Duerring wouldn’t say as much to a reporter. “We would work out each situation as it arose with each individual student as we’ve done in the past,” Duerring told the Gazette-Mail last month. “I already answered that for you,” he said when pressed on whether transgender access would be denied. He declined to answer further questions, including whether the school system has ever denied a transgender student that right. Ric Cavender — who took office in July as the Kanawha school board’s newest member — said Duerring told him the school system already is allowing transgender students to use the accommodations matching their gender identity, and while he doesn’t think the issue will ever come before the board, he supports continuing that stance. He said he believes this has been the stance for “quite some time.” Karl’s comment: despite Dr. Duerring’s disgraceful weaseling, the FACT is (as I have said for years on these WV School News pages) that the perverted sex crowd will rule the schools.

SC council hears about high school safety 10-7-16
Charleston Gazette-Mail page 6C
South Charleston High School Principal Mike Arbogast talked about security and safety measures taken at the school during his brief state of the school address at City Council Thursday night. “We’ve got our schools locked up,” Arbogast said. “We are up to 80 cameras. Karl’s comment: What?! All “80 cameras” show is proof it is DANGEROUS. Oh yeh, they will record the incidents.

School teacher arrested on aggressive driving charge in McDowell County 10-7-16
A McDowell County first-grade teacher was arrested Friday morning for aggressive driving on U.S. Route 52…Kane said this is not the first complaint received in regard to Hatfield's driving during her morning commute. Complaints were generated prior to this incident on the same individual for similar actions," (WV State Police Sgt. C.F.) Kane said. Karl’s comment: Another good example for the children.

Gun found on Kanawha County school bus 10-5-16
A gun was found on a school bus Wednesday. The weapon was found on a bus in the Crown Hill area of Kanawha County. The bus driver took possession of the gun and the police was then called…The firearm turned out to be a non-working weapon and all students were safe and released to parents. Karl’s comment: TICK, TICK, TICK.

Interactive anti-drug program targets middle schoolers 9-30-16
Even though most middle schools target drug and alcohol abuse prevention on a daily basis, the power of peer pressure is still a concern. So, some schools do a little extra…At Huntington Middle School from 7th grade on, they heavily target drug and alcohol awareness and prevention. But they also know that with peer pressure on these young student that is sometimes not enough. Karl’s comment: If it was not a problem, they would not have so much emphasis on it. Also, this “peer pressure” is a synonym for the “socialization” that compromising Christian parents use as an excuse not to Rescue Their Children.

Clown threat restricts activities at Kanawha schools Friday 9-30-16
As a precautionary procedure, all Kanawha County schools had restricted outdoor activities Friday after an Instagram post threatened its high school students. The post, titled “ain’t clownin around,” was seen Friday morning and reported to security officials as a concern by students, which led to the cancellation of recess at all schools, along with additional patrolling of school grounds and heightened attention by security. Karl’s comment: The dangers (physically, academically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) in government schools are not funny!

Parkersburg South teacher suspended without pay 9-29-16
A Parkersburg South High School teacher arrested earlier this month for allegedly stealing prescription drugs has been suspended without pay by the Wood County Board of Education. Jacob Lee Dorton, 34, 368 Suzanne St., Washington, W.Va., an English teacher at Parkersburg South High School, was arraigned in Wood County Magistrate Court on charges of nighttime burglary, two counts of entering a dwelling, all felonies, and one count of petit larceny, a misdemeanor. According to court records, Dorton allegedly took prescription medications from three residences in the Washington, W.Va., area. Karl’s comment: The Ten Commandments have been banned from public schools so stealing is of no consequence.

Threat made at St Albans High School 9-27-16
A threat was made at Saint Albans High school on Tuesday. According to Principal Jeff Kelley, one student made a threat to another student. Chief Mike Matthews says police met with the student who made the threat and the parents to verify the student did not have access to weapons. Karl’s comment: TICK, TICK, TICK.

Local Teacher in Hot Seat 9-27-16
"You may not agree with black lives matter but to openly mock it is a different story." Local parents are upset at a Kanawha County teacher who they say posted inflammatory racial remarks on Facebook… The image the teacher posted says "No mother should have to fear for her son's life every time he robs a store."… The superintendent of Kanawha County schools Ron Duerring says he wants parents to know this issue is being taken seriously. "We will continue to monitor the situation obviously and make sure that personal views aren't being forced on a captive audience so to speak you know a classroom of children to make sure that's not happening." Parents we spoke with say they want this teacher to get sensitivity training, as well as community service with a local African-American organization. Karl’s comment: This is from a school in an almost totally white rich area of Charleston. It seems that Dr. Duerring can’t comprehend the humor to the teacher’s post and will bow to political-correctness and go after this teacher’s First Amendment rights. Also, if Dr. Duerring as quoted accurately, he needs to sit in on a middle school grammar class.

Wayne County school officials address substitute teacher shortage 9-26-16
A shortage of substitute teachers in Wayne County was addressed Monday night during the Board of Education meeting. Wayne County Schools Superintendent Sandra Pertee said nearly $1 million of state funding was allocated last year for subs. This year, the board is trying to cut back on the average of calling in subs. Karl’s comment: In other words, combine classes or let someone (the VP perhaps) baby sit classes?

Father fights back after son mocked on social media 9-22-16
The people behind the comments are not fellow students.  They are West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission officials.  "Basically a bunch of grown men taking advantage of a kid at their jokes and at my son's expense," said Jamie Raynes… "They were making a mockery of him and how he was put in his uniform," Jamie Raynes said.  The photo appears to have been retrieved from the public post and then posted on what was thought to be a private group page for WVSSAC officials. Karl’s comment: More from the government school cesspool.

South Charleston Police Department at middle school after threat
Police were at South Charleston Middle school Friday in response to a threat made against the school. The threat came Thursday from a student at the school. Karl’s comment: TICK, TICK, TICK.

Poca High Principal accused of using team money for personal purchases 9-15-16
The principal of Poca High School in Putnam County is facing charges tonight, accused of using a credit card linked to one of the school's sports teams. Putnam County Sheriff Steve Deweese says Bradley Knell used the debit/credit card for the Poca High School Basketball Team's Boosters at two gas stations in Putnam County in the month of September. Karl’s comment: When they banned the Ten Commandments form government schools out went “Thou shalt not steal.”

Report: 38% of WV teachers absent at least 10 days ayear 9-5-16
Nearly four in 10 West Virginia pre-kindergarten through 12th-grade public school teachers missed at least 10 school days during the 2013-14 school year — the fourth-highest rate in the nation, according to an Education Week Research Center analysis of federal data released earlier this summer…The national rate was 27 percent…Kanawha was at 30 percent, Putnam at 46 percent…(A)bout 14 percent of West Virginia’s K-12 public school students, 40,000 out of 283,800, missed at least 15 days of school. The nationwide rate was reported as about 13 percent… Karl’s comment: This is old news. See this March 28 headline.

More WV students taking ACT, scores dip slightly 8-24-16
About 11,680 West Virginia high schoolers who indicated they were scheduled to graduate in 2016 took the ACT, an increase of nearly 400 ACT takers from the class of 2015 and the highest level since the class of 2012, when 11,719 students were counted taking college entrance exam…The state’s average composite ACT score, measured on a scale of 1 to 36, dipped from 20.8 from the class of 2015 to 20.7 for the class of 2016, results for which ACT released Wednesday. The Mountain State’s classes of 2012, 2013 and 2014 all had average composite scores of 20.6. “It’s really been varying between a couple of tenths of a point over the last decade or so, so it’s very steady over time,” Colby said of the state’s average composite score.
West Virginia students' ACT scores above national average 8-24-16
West Virginia students outperformed the nation in English and reading according to the West Virginia Department of Education and data released Wednesday by ACT. According to the data, in 2016, ACT scores also show graduates are holding steady with student s across the nation in science… The ACT college readiness benchmarks are scores used to indicate a student has at least a 50 percent chance of getting a grade of B or higher in first-year college courses. Sixty-seven percent of West Virginia students scored at levels indicating they were ready for freshman English courses, compared to 61 percent of students nationwide. In reading, 46 percent of state test-takers were ready for freshman courses, ranking above the national percentage of 44. Thirty-two percent of West Virginia students were college ready in math, compared to 41 percent nationally. In science, 33 percent of West Virginia students were ready, compared to a national average of 36 percent. “I am pleased that the percent of West Virginia students meeting readiness benchmarks exceeded national averages in English and reading, but recognize we still have work to do to ensure our high-school graduates are equipped with the skills needed for college and careers,” said West Virginia Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Michael Martirano. Karl’s comments: Notice (especially the second one) the slant of the headlines. Here is an honest headline: “WV Students Continue to Score Low on the ACT”. If those scores were on a normal grading scale they would be in the "F" category. Barely beating a national average is nothing to brag about if the national average is pathetic. The superintendent’s statement is an example of “SAME SONG, Second verse, same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse louder, and a whole lot worse!” It has been repeated for the last twenty years at least. Sadly, Christian parents sing the backup harmony. Be sure to search “test” on each of the WV News pages.

ALICE training helps to prepare school employees for intruders 8-24-16
We hear more and more often these days about schools being placed on lockdown… The county introduced what is called ALICE training for the first time last year. It stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate. School employees learn how to decide if it is best to leave the building or stay put. They learn about everything from how to set up a barricade to how to distract and take down an intruder. In addition to training in sessions, there are also drills at all area schools.  All full-time Kanawha County Schools employees are required to participate in the training.  Karl’s comment: This supports what I have said for years about the physical danger in government schools. Just look through these WV News pages. Also, the spiritual danger is there with multiple attacks daily.
The next entry is just one example.

Few WV school districts take stance on transgender restroom issue 8-20-16
Three West Virginia county school superintendents — in Calhoun, Clay and Doddridge counties — say their districts don’t plan to follow the Obama administration’s recent, controversial directive regarding transgender students. That directive says these students must be allowed to use the bathrooms, locker rooms and overnight accommodations that match their gender identity, rather than the gender listed on their birth certificates, if those students want to do so. Leaders of four other county school systems — Hardy, Logan, Preston and Upshur counties — said their districts plan to comply with the directive. But superintendents in the state’s other 48 counties either didn’t have a clear answer on the issue or didn’t respond to the Gazette-Mail’s calls, even though the school year has begun in all but a handful of counties. Karl’s comment: There is no doubt all schools will submit to the perversion. The question is, “Will Christian parents wake up and rescue their children?”

WV releases county-level Smarter Balanced exam scores 8-17-16
(A)ccording to county-level rates the West Virginia Department of Education released...The statewide English rate rose 2 percentage points, to reach 47 percent… The statewide math rate was 30 percent, up 4 percentage points from 2014-15… The statewide (science) rate dropped 1 percentage point, to equal 36 percent…Last school year was the second year the Smarter Balanced standardized tests for math and English were given statewide. The proficiency rate represents the proportion of students who scored a 3 or 4 on Smarter Balanced, which has a 1-4 scale…Smarter Balanced is aligned with the Common Core standards, a national standards blueprint that doesn’t include science standards. The science exam is the Westest, a customized West Virginia test that the state used for math and English before it adopted Smarter Balanced…The rates are preliminary because they don’t include results from the roughly 2,500 students who took the West Virginia Alternate Assessment, which is given to the students who have the most significant cognitive disabilities. Karl’s comment: The only credible conclusion to the convoluted state testing system is that going from terrible (45 in English and 26 in math to the slightly less terrible 47 and 30 respectively) and from the terrible 37 to the more terrible 36 in math is certainly nothing to crow about! See the 8-10 headline below.

West Virginia faces challenge in keeping, investing in teachers 8-16-16
The West Virginia Department of Education has been operating with 600 teacher vacancies for more than a year. State Superintendent Michael Martirano is hoping for the number to decrease, but he expects it to be relatively the same. "What really keeps me up at night is the fact that we do not have a bonafide, certified, high quality, highly credential teacher in every classroom in the state of West Virginia," Martirano said.Martirano said when it comes to recruiting out of state, it's virtually impossible. For starting salaries, West Virginia ranks very low, coming in at number 46 out of all 50 states. Karl’s comment: 1. He admits that unqualified people are teaching. 2. This con (low teacher pay) has been used since I was hired in 1972.

Pictures surface of students riding school bus on the floor 8-12-16
Since the start of the 2016-2017 school year, some students have been riding Kanawha County school buses on the aisle floors… WSAZ contacted Kanawha County Schools Transportation officials to ask if they were aware of the issue. The supervisor of that sector of bus routes says overcrowding is a frequent problem at the start of every school year, but it was the first time she saw picture proof of the problem this school year. Several of the pictures were identified as coming from a bus that picks up John Adams Middle School and George Washington High School students. Karl’s comment: The video with this report showed the kids jammed in like cattle. It said the images “sent shock-waves” though the community. Then the school official was contradicted when she said the kids did not have to sit in the floor. It is a dangerous situation that the system tried to gloss over. Christian parents are more guilty of glossing over dangerous situations when they allow their children to attend government schools

Second threat and arrest made at Sissonville High School 8-11-16
A student at Sissonville High School is facing charges in connection to a threat they made against the school, that's according to Kanawha County Sheriff's Deputies. Deputies say this is the second threat incident this week at the high school. The other juvenile was arrested on two counts of making terroristic threats related to a bomb threat on Wednesday. Karl’s comment: TICK, TICK, TICK.

Statewide assessments reveal problem areas for West Virginia students 8-10-16
The West Virginia Department of Education has released the preliminary results of the 2016 West Virginia General Summative Assessment that students took during spring 2016. The results show that West Virginia students have improved in two key subject areas, but many students are still falling behind…The 2016 data shows that overall, 47 percent of West Virginia students are proficient in English language arts, an increase from 45 percent in 2015. In math, only 30 percent of students are proficient, but that number is better than the 26 percent of students in 2015. The one subject area West Virginia students tested worse was science with a one percent drop from 37 percent proficiency in 2015 to 36 percent proficiency in 2016. Karl’s comment: Leaving aside any suspicion of lack of objectivity let alone impropriety by making its own test the State, despite the news proclaiming “improvement,” still must admit that less than half of its students are proficient in key academic subjects. For an objective condemnation of Wes Virginia government schools see the National Center for Education Statistics (“Nation’s Report Card) throughout these WV News pages.

A headline from the liberal led newspaper, Charleston Gazette-Mail, was pure propaganda: “WV scores rise on Smarter Balanced, which state will continue to use” ( There were some points of interest. I highlighted them.
Statewide proficiency rates on the annual end-of-year standardized tests for West Virginia public elementary, middle and high school students increased from the 2014-15 school year to last school year in nearly every tested grade on all tested subjects, according to preliminary data. But even with the proficiency rate increases, the fact remained that less than half of the roughly 180,000 tested Mountain State students scored “proficient” or higher in English language arts, and only about a third were deemed proficient in math and science…Smarter Balanced is aligned with the Common Core math and English language arts K-12 education standards that have garnered controversy across the nation. Common Core is a national standards blueprint adopted by more than 40 states. West Virginia’s revised standards, taking effect this school year, greatly resemble Common Core, down to the exact same wording and examples, despite Martirano’s statements that the state standards no longer are Common Core based…--West Virginia high-schoolers continue to struggle--While they improved their math proficiency rates from 2014-15, Mountain State high-schoolers saw the least math proficiency rate improvement of all tested grade levels, and only about a fifth of high-schoolers were deemed proficient in math last school year. Education department spokeswoman Kristin Anderson noted there’s a lack of “highly qualified” math and science teachers in the state. The exams have no time limit and don’t count toward students’ grades, although scoring proficient and above can exempt students from remedial courses in high school and college…Last school year was the second statewide administration of Smarter Balanced…Again last school year, math proficiency rates trended significantly downward as grade level increased. That simply shows that the longer the kids stay in the system the poorer they perform.

Give Schools Realistic Grades 8-8-16
Many West Virginians may believe their public schools are good, deserving of A or B grades on the scale the state will use beginning next year. But it just isn’t so. A disturbing number of Mountain State schools are not serving students, parents and taxpayers as well as they should. For years, state evaluations of schools relied on a system that was not very revealing to the public. Terms such as “focus” and “priority” had the ring of education bureaucratese. But that will change next year. State officials are putting the finishing touches on a system of letter grades, A through F that anyone can understand. Karl’s comment: The third sentence is an understatement. The last sentence is wishful thinking. The children will still be academically inferior and the taxpayers will be conned in a new way.

Logan school funds allegedly used for wedding of superintendent’s son 8-5-16
State authorities are investigating allegations that former Logan County Schools Superintendent Phyllis Doty used $4,800 in school funds to buy decorations for her son’s wedding. Karl’s comment: The Ten Commandments have been banned so it is not surprising how easy it is to break #8.

Hoover and Elkview students will be able to earn enough credits, even with half days 7-21-16
Until portable units are in place at Elkview Middle School middle school students and high school students will be attending half days.  School officials announced at a community meeting Wednesday students will still be able to earn the appropriate amount of credits for graduation. There will be some adjustments to the traditional daily class schedule.   Karl’s comment: This is a perfect example of why it does not take the hours the State says are needed to “educate” the children.

Police allege middle school teacher sent nude photos to students 7-9-2016
 A Tyler County middle school teacher was charged with sending nude photos of herself on Instagram to students, state police said. Jessica Stine, 34, was arrested Thursday and charged with three felony counts of using obscene materials to seduce a minor. She was arraigned and released on bond. Stine, who teaches English at Tyler Consolidated Middle School, could face additional charges, troopers said. Five students were interviewed, according to a criminal complaint. Karl’s comment: I could not make this stuff up. Wake up, parents!

Jefferson County teacher accused of sex with students 6-22-16
A Jefferson County teacher faces charges after allegations that he had sexual relations with two female students…Jefferson County Sheriff Pete Daugherty said the accusations against (him) came about due to an investigation conducted by his office into the death of Jefferson County High School drama teacher Steve Glendenning. “We found some activity that we believe was suspicious, Daugherty said. “That led to Mr. Ziler being a focus of interest.” Daugherty said the West Virginia State Police completed the investigation. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008.

14% of WV students ‘chronically absent’ 6-14-16
About 14 percent of West Virginia’s public school students — 40,000 out 283,800 pupils in kindergarten through 12th grade — missed at least 15 days of school in the 2013-14 school year, according to an Associated Press analysis of federal data released last week. Data was reported for all West Virginia counties except for Tucker, where school system officials said employee turnover was to blame for the information not being turned in…Three more counties — Wyoming, Webster and Wood — had chronic absenteeism rates exceeding 20 percent…For the first time, the U.S. Education Department’s Civil Rights Data Collection has gathered information on student absenteeism rates, showing that 6.5 million, or about 13 percent, of public school students nationwide missed at least 15 days in 2013-14…“Frequent absences from school can be devastating to a child’s education,” U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King Jr. said in a news release…The chronic absenteeism rates seem to paint a greatly different picture than the average daily attendance rates that the department posts on its ZoomWV online public data website… Karl’s comment: It is clear: Government schools are a mess! It is simple: We must not expose our precious children to the mess.

Next Generation’ or not, science standards coming to WV schools 5-29-16
For all the controversy involving the West Virginia Board of Education and the Legislature over the state’s adoption of Next Generation Science Standards, which will take effect statewide next school year, the National Science Teachers Association doesn’t recognize that West Virginia actually adopted them. National Science Teachers Association Executive Director David Evans, whose organization helped develop the standards, said that’s because of West Virginia’s change to just one “performance expectation” in the standards…The only alteration to the Next Generation performance expectations the state school board settled on, after retracting previous changes that received even more criticism, was to alter the word “rise” to “change” in that global warming performance expectation, which is for West Virginia sixth graders…Evans said not labeling West Virginia a Next Generation-adopting state “doesn’t mean that we’re really finding fault with the new West Virgina standards.” He called the state’s new science standards a “terrific improvement” over its current standards, which aren’t based on Next Generation…“I can’t imagine that it will really make a difference in what teachers teach,” Evans said of the performance expectation change…As of February, his organization recognized 17 states plus Washington, D.C., as Next Generation standards adopters, and he said West Virginia is one of several more states that have science standards fairly close to Next Generation…The new science standards will be the first to require West Virginia students to learn about climate change in mandatory courses...Earlier this month, Kanawha County Schools, the state’s largest school district, adopted Discovery Education online-only “techbooks” for middle school science courses next school year…“All over the Earth, human (“anthropo”) activity contributes to climate change,” the section reads. “In this concept, you will learn how emissions from the cars we drive, the furnaces or fires that heat our homes, and even the gas passed by the cattle we raise all contribute to the mix.”… “All three problems have similar sources: the burning of fossil fuels for energy. The United States bears special responsibility for these problems. While the United States only has about 5 percent of the world’s population, U.S. citizens consume 25 percent of all the energy used. Americans are also the source of 17 percent of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.” Karl’s comment: The True Believers in Evolutionism are fanatical about this Mother Earth politically motivated concept called “Climate Change.” Like with evolutionism, they must censor any scientific evidence that challenges their beliefs.

Father Furious After School Fight Keeps Kid from Honor Ceremony 5-25-16
Jack Miller says he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the red marks on his son's neck after he was attacked by another student at Ravenswood Middle School.  "If you have marks on your neck or face four and a half hours after an incident then something majorly wrong is happening in that school," said Miller. His son and two other students were suspended for the fight. School officials told Jack that because of the suspension, his son would not be allowed to attend the National Junior Honor Society Induction at school the next dayKarl’s comment: Just another day on cell block GS (Government School).

Parents voice opinion on Obama's transgender directive 5-13-16
Some parents in West Virginia have no problem with it, like Joshua Thornton, who has two kids in public school. "It's about giving people the freedom to use the bathroom of their choice, what they feel most comfortable with and what they identify with."… West Virginia Department of Education said they are still reviewing the letter and will work with counties to implement a plan moving forward and said, "The West Virginia Department of Education has always supported an environment for students that is safe, free from bullying, and that helps all students learn and achieve their full potential." Karl’s comment: I have clearly stated for several years that homosexuals will not relent until they are in complete control. The war front is the education (indoctrination) of children.

West Virginia BOE approves alternative teacher program 5-12-16
West Virginia has close to 600 vacant teaching positions and to help fill those positions, the Board of Education has approved an alternative teacher certification program for eight counties… Teachers still have to pass a Praxis exam depending on what areas they're looking to teach in and the county they're applying in. Karl’s comment: Three points: 1. This is not new. 2. Many classrooms are filled with subs. 3. One does not need a degree in education to teach.
Update 5-13: According to ( Kanawha County Schools Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Melissa) Ruddle, there are multiple teacher vacancies in the Kanawha County School District, especially in math. (

McDowell school social worker accused of sexually abusing, assaulting student 5-5-16
McDowell County deputies said a school social worker at an elementary school faces multiple sexual charges involving a student at the school. (The man), 44, of War is charged with three counts of first-degree sexual abuse, one count of first-degree sexual assault and three counts of sexual abuse by a parent, guardian, custodian or person in position of trust..(He is) a social worker at Southside Elementary in War, is accused of sexually abusing and sexually assaulting a student at the school. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008

Exclusive WSAZ Investigates: Classroom Misbehavior part 1 and 2 4-29-16
On a typical school day, students fill the classroom, the bell rings and class begins, but what happens next is not what you might expect… The electronic devices many of the students are using are iPads owned by Kanawha County Schools and issued to every middle and high school student…Many of the videos WSAZ collected during several weeks are too inappropriate to share. Many are laced with profanity. In one video, a Periscope use asks the juvenile live streaming to show her buttocks typing, "Black boys love booty. think we're gonna need a visual lol." …Durring our investigation, WSAZ found students live streaming at all hours of the school day… Many of the students also talk about sexual acts with the strangers, Periscope users from around the world. The videos vary in length, but some students stream for 20-40 minutes at a time, during class…

"He wants me to text him? I'll text you later," says one student. "Who you texting? I don't know his name. He just dropped his number," she adds. One student even went live for several minutes from the bathroom toilet. Periscope identifies all of the videos as coming from Capital and George Washington high schools. "Skipping class. We're skippin' class… WSAZ found most students log in and go live during class, often with teachers in the classroom. We took videos to Kanawha County Superintendent Ron Duerring. In fact, we asked him to watch the videos with us, but he only watches 28 seconds before he looks away and begins to fiddle with his watch. One minute later, he says he has seen enough. Duerring admits he did not know this was happening inside the classroom but says he is not surprised... Less than 24 hours after we reported the Periscope videos to Duerring, WSAZ once again found dozens of students still live streaming straight from the classroom. The videos were coming from the same schools and some of the same students: unfiltered, unblocked and unprotected from anyone who tuned in during school hours. As of Thursday April 28, Duerring says the Periscope app has been blocked from all Kanawha County student's iPads. However, days after the superintendent says this was done, students were still live streaming in class. Karl’s comment: This is just a hint in what goes on in these “great” government schools!!! George Washington is supposed to be the elite school in Kanawha County and the whole state. Some “hillers” like to say it is nationally ranked.

Threat calls for extra security at Clay Middle School 4-29-16
West Virginia State Police were on patrol at Clay Middle School Friday morning at the request of the superintendent. Kenneth Tanner, superintendent of Clay County Schools tells WSAZ that on Tuesday the district received information of a very "serious," "well thought out" threat that would have impacted Clay Middle School. Tanner says the plan was similar to the situation at Columbine High School in 1999. 12 students and one teacher were killed in that attack. 21 others were injured. Karl’s comment: TICK, TICK, TICK.
Update: On Tuesday (5-3) it was announced that all county schools would be closed for the rest of the week ( (5-9-16 update) Community members packed into the Clay County Middle School cafeteria Monday for a school board meeting, where worried parents voiced their concerns about threats administrators said several students made to kill students and teachers…"My little girl is scared to death in sixth grade to come to school," parent (a father said) said. "She's scared. She cries at night."… Officials also told Eyewitness News that the boys planned to attack the janitor first, then use his keys to have access to all the other rooms in the school…State Police say they plan on having active shooter drills with all the schools in the county soon.

HHS teacher arrested 4-28-16
Hampshire High School teacher was arrested today after he was discovered to have engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old student in a classroom at the school, authorities say… Sheriff’s Office received information of a male teacher at Hampshire High School reportedly having an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old female student…"So far the reported abuse is believed to have occurred during February and March, 2016. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008.

Putnam parents question leadership program’s effectiveness 4-28-16
Be proactive. Begin with the end in mind. Put first things first. Think win-win. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Synergize. Sharpen the saw. These are the seven habits elementary students in Putnam County Schools recite each day, as part of Franklin Covey’s “Leader in Me,” a program that emphasizes soft skills such as goal planning and leadership. Leader in Me was derived from Stephen Covey’s book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Students recite these habits every morning, and the schools are covered in posters promoting them… Barkey and four other parents are concerned about the reflection process, which is used as a type of discipline, used in correlation with Leader in Me at Winfield Elementary School. Although the reflections are not an official part of Leader in Me, Winfield Elementary School Principal Candi Hatfield has implemented reflections as part of enforcing the seven habits. Reflections, which are basically a form of lunch detention, are given for a multitude of offenses from forgetting to put a name on an assignment or leaving a book at home… For the 2015 school year, Putnam County Schools Treasurer Chris Campbell said the district paid Franklin Covey $145,266.65. This does not include other expenses related to Leader in Me that weren’t paid to FranklinCovey directly… Putnam County Schools has always done well academically, Hatfield said, but out of the 60 to 85 percent of students attending college from the district, only about 35 percent were finishing their degrees… Now, all 14 elementary schools in Putnam County and two middle schools have implemented the Leader in Me Program… Jane Roberts, assistant superintendent of Kanawha County Schools, said five elementary schools in Kanawha County are in various stages of the Leader in Me program. Karl’s comment: The bold font was added. It is another boondoggle and this one is based on New Age religion. The money should have tax-payers outraged and the religious aspects too. See August 19, 2015, May 12, 2011 and 20. Stealth Tactics.

Pleasants County teacher resigns amid allegations of an inappropriate relationship 4-26-16
An unnamed Pleasants County Schools teacher has been removed from the classroom following allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a student. In a press release issued Tuesday, Pleasants County Schools Superintendent Michael Wells said the administration recently became aware of allegations of potentially inappropriate communications between a student and a professional employee, along with allegations of other inappropriate conduct that did not involve sexual contact. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008

Mingo County student says she was unfairly denied entrance to prom 4-25-16
(The girl’s mom) told 13 News that Marcella Charles, the Mingo Central Comprehensive High School Associate/Assistant Principal, whispered something to Teresa Jones, the Mingo Central Comprehensive High School Principal. Then, according to (the mom), Jones grabbed (the girl’s) arm and spun her around in front of everybody while Charles said that she (Mackenzie) didn’t read the rules . Jones then followed up saying Mackenzie would have to change… A post from someone who says they are a parent of another student at Mingo Central Comprehensive High School has more than 250 shares, almost 500 likes, and more than 100 comments at this time…(It said) I was at the prom walk-in last night..., I saw numerous dresses that went totally against the dress code and yet they were allowed to attend prom!! Karl’s comment: Besides the questionable actions by the administrators what stands out is the obvious contempt of rules according to the eyewitness post.

School nurses trained to administer naloxone for overdoses in Cabell County 4-18-16
Starting this week, nurses at every high school, middle school, and elementary in the county will be allowed to administer naloxone if someone on campus overdoses. Karl’s comment: They would not be preparing for such things if drug use was not a real danger.

Law enforcement taking extra security precautions after threat received at Herbert Hoover High School 4-17-16
According to a message sent out to parents from Kanawha County Schools on Sunday, April 17, school officials learned of a threat for Monday, April 18, at Herbert Hoover High School.   Karl’s comment: They said it was not “credible”, but THE threat is always there and it is credible. Just check news for “violence in schools.”

Middle School Teacher Seen Berating Student in Video 4-13-16
An East Bank Middle School teacher is seen yelling at a student in a video secretly filmed by a different student. In the video the teacher says that the next time the student, opens their “big stinking mouth I will write you up and send you to the office.” Throughout the video the teacher references the student walking into his office without being invited, and the fact that the teacher is an adult and what he watches “is his choice.” The teacher also tells the class that the student threatened to blackmail him. The teacher quoted the student saying, “I am going to get an A this quarter, or I am going to tell that you are watching inappropriate things on TV.” Near the end of the video he tells the student, “If you ever step foot into my room again without permission, it will be the last time you step foot in my room. Is that clear?” Karl’s comment: HMMM. “Would “inappropriate” refer to porn? I do not know, but I do know I could not make up this stuff on the WV News pages.

Students say prayer interrupted by teacher, rights violated 4-13-16
With Bible in hand, Man High School student Ben May is on a mission to start a revival at his school. May has been preaching sermons of Christianity to his fellow classmates during their lunch hour… Skyler Moore, a student at the school who was participating in the prayer, says she was recording May's sermon when he wrapped up and called the students to pray. Moore says she stopped recording to join the prayer circle, which was then stopped shortly after prayer started. "A teacher walked up and told us it was against the Constitution and we couldn't do that and that apparently we were offending people," Moore said. "And what did you guys say? We told her that we had a right to pray and that they couldn't stop us." Karl’s comment: The preaching is rare and will not be allowed to continue too long.

Putnam County law enforcement participates in active shooter drill 4-9-16
Fake bodies scattered throughout the halls of Buffalo High School , and a recording of screams played on repeat, to set the scene for an active shooter and mass casualties drill on Saturday. "An active shooter scenario from a law enforcement standpoint is always a threat you've got to look at," Putnam County Sheriff Steve Deweese said. Karl’s comment: They claimed it can happen anywhere, and it could, but it sure has happened a LOT in schools and the best place to practice is the most likely attack area.

Black Lives Matter Homework Assignment Deemed 'Inappropriate' By Principal 4-7-16
The questions focused on controversial current events. The teacher, who school officials say is white, asked questions such as "how have procedures changed regarding police brutality from before the Black Lives Matter movement to after?" Another question asked "what is the difference between the treatment of Dylan Roof and Mike Brown?" Roof is accused of killing nine African Americans during a prayer service at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. Brown's shooting death in Ferguson, Missouri generated a vigorous debate about the relationship between law enforcement and African Americans. The assignment ended asking "how many people were killed by police in 2014?" "It is inappropriate for a school to teach a view such as that," said Dunbar Middle School principal Amon Gilliam. Gilliam confirms the assignment was handed out several weeks ago but says he just learned about it on Thursday morning. Karl’s comment: Just another loony day in the liberal led government “school” system.

PRO officers needed at all schools in West Virginia 3-24-16
We know school shootings and other forms of violence are what comes to mind when PROs are mentioned. And make no mistake, having a uniformed police officer in the building can make a difference and serve as a deterrent. Karl’s comment: The editorialist tries to put a good spin on it, but the bottom line is that it is an armed polie officer in a danger zone.

New training program allows teachers more options during an active-shooter situation 3-16-16
There were no fake guns or armed intruders used during Wednesday’s drill, in order to keep students calm. Similar drills will be held at schools throughout Kanawha County for the rest of March and April. Karl’s comment: Gone are the days of only fire drills. TICK, TICK, TICK.

Ripley teacher arrested, accused of slapping student in the face 3-14-16
A Ripley Middle School teacher is facing a battery charge after allegedly smacking a 13-year-old student in the face…The alleged victim told Ripley police that during ninth period when Wayne got mad and was yelling at all the students. The student told police that he was asking a question when Wayne yelled at him saying, "this is the last straw," and then he allegedly slapped him. The student said Wayne either hit his face or hit his arm into his face. The victim said that he was scared and cried when the alleged act happened. Karl’s comment: Sad. I hope the parents rescue their child.

Third time's the charm for championship speller 3-12-16
Katie Mills spelled “peccadillo” on Saturday to become the 2016 Gazette-Mail Regional Spelling Bee champion. Katie, a 13-year-old home-school student from Raleigh County, bested 37 other spellers in the hours-long bee. It was her third time spelling in the bee. She now advances to the Scripps National Spelling Bee, which will be in May…While this was Katie's first time holding the trophy, her family has experienced victory before. Katie's older sister, Erin, competed in the regional bee four times, and was the top speller in 2010. Her younger sister, Kelly, also is a speller, and competed in last year's bee as Raleigh County's runner-up. Karl’s comment: See more news about home and Christian schoolers at

Fayette looks to alternative certification to fill teaching vacancies 3-9-16
Fayette County Schools is looking to a new alternative teacher certification program to help fill vacancies. Personnel Director Margaret Pennington said the county currently has 31 vacancies, but it is a problem statewide and across the nation. Karl’s comment: A college degree is required and work toward certification. The latter would make them less qualified. A teaching degree is not needed to be a good teacher!

Changes coming to West Virginia school calendar 3-9-16
"We can show that we get the minutes in that we need for each course work. Thich allows us a little flexibility with the schedule," Kanawha County Schools superintendent Ron Duerring said. The problem was that schools were having trouble getting in all required 180 days, and make up days were keeping some kids in school until the end of June, so lawmakers found a way around it. They started looking closer at the school day, and found many kids were actually staying in class a few minutes longer each day, because of irregular bus schedules, so they crafted a bill that allows schools to take all those extra minutes, bank them, and then put them toward that 180 day mandate. Karl’s comment: BWAHAH!. What a farce. The kids could be in school 200 hours and it would only mean more danger, not more learning. Just time what a student does between the morning and afternoon bells and you will see very little of it is active learning (unless you count what they learn from the halls and other non-classroom activities. Even so, what they learn in the classroom is often bad stuff.

Report shows deficiencies in tracking troubled teachers 3-8-16
When parents send their children off to school each day, they usually can rest assured that those kids' teachers aren't likely to harm their youngsters - that those leading a classroom have a good record and have not run into any sort of trouble before. That's usually the case, but not always, according to a yearlong investigation carried out and reported on recently by the USA Today Network … Among the 12 states receiving an "F" was West Virginia, which exhibited strong state-level screenings before a teacher was licensed and hired, but fell short in sharing information online about teacher disciplinary actions, requiring reporting of teacher misconduct and ensuring that all teachers' misconduct was shared with other states, according to the report. Karl’s comment: Just look through these headlines over the years and you will see what a farce this is.

Two students charged at Huntington High School 3-7-16
The Huntington Police Department preformed a K9 sweep of Huntington High School early this morning. According to Huntington Police Department's Chief of Police Joseph Ciccarelli said that two students would be charged. When asked what drugs the student's had been caught with, Ciccarelli told us marijuana. According to Ciccarelli, the K9 sweep happened first thing this morning. Karl’s comment: I vividly remember the drug dogs going through my “nice” suburban middle school. That was ten years ago! It is very likely that a “K9 sweep” would reap results in any school on any given day.

School emergency drills may not be mandatory 2-29-16
You never know when the next attacker could target your child's school. So every few weeks students across the Mountain state are practicing how to survive a fire, intruders or shooter in their school. But a new house bill would let parents pull their child out of these emergency drills. "I think as a parent you have a right to be able to determine what your child can and cannot be a part of," said Henry Nearm, the Principal of Ruffner Elementary School…. You know I'm concerned that if students opt-out and don't participate, then if we should happen to have a real emergency, they're not going to be prepared for what's going to take place," Beth Sturgill explained. Sturgill is the Principal at Piedmont Elementary School . Karl’s comment: The first sentence in the article says it all! 

Clay County deputy, assistant wrestling coach resigns after student altercation 2-24-16
Controversy is brewing in Clay County where a wrestling coach, who also was a deputy, is accused of roughing up an eighth-grader…(He) had just headed off a fight between the boy and another wrestler. But he now faces allegations that he roughed up the student wrestler when he took him aside. They are under investigation by the West Virginia State Police. Karl’s comment: Government school WWF.

Preston County Teacher Arrested on Drug Charges, Suspended 2-23-16
A Preston County teacher was arrested earlier this month and is now suspended without pay from her duties. (The woman), 37, of Bruceton Mills, allegedly sold heroin to an informant in June 2015 and was arrested in Monongalia County on February 10.
West Virginia State Police charged (her) with felony delivery of a controlled substance. Karl’s comment: Search these WV News pages and you will find lots of teacher drug use and not nearly all of it is reported.

St. Albans student suspended after alleged threats 2-23-16
Police are investigating a piece of middle school technology to determine how a student threatened his classmates. St. Albans Police say they were called to Hayes Middle School on Tuesday to look through a student's iPad. But digital danger is becoming all too common according to some parents. Karl’s comment: TICK, TICK, TICK.

Lincoln County teacher back at work 2-17-16
A Lincoln County language arts teacher is back at work today. Almost three years ago Kelli Burns was fired from Guyan Valley Middle School. The Lincoln County Board of Ed claimed she was fired because of poor performance. It was determined Lincoln County officials fired Burns because of their disapproval over personal matters not her performance. Burns will also be paid more than $135 thousand dollars in back pay and benefits. Karl’s comment: It was her sexual preference that was the crux of the matter. Now, government schools will not be able to stop a transvestite from teaching. Picture a bearded man in a dress.

Authorities: Man posted nude images of teacher on Facebook 2-9-16
A Berkeley County man has been arrested after authorities say he posted multiple nude photos of a female high school teacher on a fake Facebook account…West Virginia State Police Sgt. D.E. Boober says Valentine sent friend requests to at least five of the teacher's students or former students using the Facebook account. Authorities say the victim told deputies that Valentine, who was her ex-boyfriend, was the only person who had the images. She says they ended their relationship last fall. Karl’s comment: XXXX

Jackson City School Board decides not to arm teachers 2-9-16
At their meeting Tuesday night, Jackson City Schools board members said they would no longer consider arming some of their staff…Jackson Superintendent Phil Howard says after a few weeks of looking into it, he feels there are too many reasons it's not a good idea. "I just think there are far too many things that could go wrong," he said during the meeting. Howard says most of the staff were supportive of the idea. Karl’s comment: The fact they are even discussing this is a serious indictment against government school safety of children.

Public schools strive to improve detection of mental health in kids 2-4-16
Berkeley County Public Schools is striving to improve the detection of mental health symptoms and awareness by hosting free mental health first aid classes in the Martinsburg area. Karl’s comment: This is just another way to get into the minds (and sould) of your children.

School districts express intent to offer alternative teacher certification programs 2-4-16
Over two dozen districts in the Mountain State have filed letters of intent indicating plans to submit an alternative teacher certification program proposal…"We want the best education system in America to be right here in West Virginia and that system begins with qualified teachers who embrace high expectations, strive for excellence and put students at the center of their work each day," said West Virginia Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Martirano. "This alternative teacher certification program will help us promote, recruit and retain a highly effective and diverse workforce for the students in West Virginia." Karl’s comment: Let me interpret the politicalese of the superintendent. “It does not take a degree in education to qualify a person as a teacher.”

Inside a code yellow: School personnel react promptly to potential dangers 1-17-16
He had announced the Code Yellow over the intercom, signaling teachers to lock their classroom doors, with students to remain inside… Soon, about a half dozen officers were on scene, continuing the search throughout the first and second floors…A key tool in the determination is trying to locate the likely culprit. And thanks to the video surveillance available in Harrison County schools, administrators can view the comings and goings of students throughout the hallways… The student(s) will be punished, with expulsion likely. Karl’s comment: Sounds like a prison, doesn’t it?  

Investigation under way over alleged sexual misconduct on Ohio County school bus 2-2-16
Wheeling Park has postponed a basketball game scheduled for Tuesday night at Brooke. Coach Michael Jebbia couldn't comment as to why. Sources say four players are facing potentially serious discipline regarding an alleged sexual misconduct incident on a bus trip to Morgantown last week. Karl’s comment: This is not an uncommon event!

Tyler school board president now homeschooling kids 1-14-16
The president of Tyler County’s school board has taken her kids out of the school system and begun homeschooling them, saying she wants them to have a more “Christian-based curriculum” on topics like evolution, and that she opposes the direction of state and national education. Karl’s comment: Her decision was right and it set off a feeding frenzy among True Believers in Evolutionism and god haters.

St. Albans Police Say Assistant Wrestling Coach Arrested On DUI Charge 1-12-16
An assistant wrestling coach from Kanawha County was arrested on a drunken driving charge en route to a tournament this weekend. St. Albans police said Jon Keeney, 44, said he was an assistant coach for Stonewall Jackson Middle School. He was charged with DUI on Sunday after being pulled over for allegedly speeding about 11 a.m.
Karl’s comment: It is good that he was not transporting kids.

FSHS principal leaves work after talk about behavior 1-8-16
The superintendent of Marion County Schools has confirmed that a Fairmont Senior High School principal left the school this week because of his behavior at work…Price would not comment on the nature of Furgason’s behavior. “I can confirm that there are rumors going around and going through the student body (about Furgason),” Price said. Price said after hearing the rumors himself, he discussed them with Furgason in person and on the telephone. Price said the result was Furgason leaving work Monday afternoon and not returning for the rest of the week. Karl’s comment: Hmmm. An earlier piece reported that “ The principal at Fairmont Senior High School has been suspended for four days… Furgason has not been at school since leaving on Jan. 4 following a discussion with Price…Although the suspension was for four days, Price says he's not sure when Furgason will return.”

West Virginia Earns a C-Minus on State Report Card, Ranks 33rd in Nation 1-7-16
(12-30-15) and
Karl’s comment: If your child brought home the following report card grades would you be happy?
Chance for Success: C- (70.7) (ranked #46)
K-12 Achievement:  D (62.8) (ranked #48)
The 2016 edition of Education Week’s Quality Counts report—Called to Account: New Directions in School Accountability…Quality Counts’ signature Chance-for-Success Index…captures the role of education in a person’s life from cradle to career…
( Quality Counts grade scale is really low. A D- minimum is 62%. Even in my day, as a professional educator, that is a failing grade.

Kanawha County School Bus Driver Accused Of Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse 1-7-16
Police said a school bus driver in Kanawha County has been arrested and accused of sexual assault and sexual abuse of a female juvenile…South Charleston Police said they got an anonymous letter Wednesday claiming that Smith was having an inappropriate relationship with a 13-year-old girl. Police said they were able to search through her school iPad and verified the allegations
. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!!
(1-8 update: South Charleston police said they believe there could be other victims.

Cabell County Unveils Free Lunch Program for Entire County 1-5-16
The Cabell County Board of Education recently voted that the entire district will receive free breakfast and lunch during the 2016-2017 school year free of charge. Karl’s comment: It’s a move toward socialism.

Teacher at Berkeley County high school facing two solicitation charges 1-1-16
A Spring Mills High School teacher is facing two felony solicitation charges after being arraigned in Berkeley County Magistrate Court Wednesday…(He) was charged with two counts of soliciting a minor via a computer. He could face between two and 10 years in prison and up to $5,000 fines on each charge…Police say (he) used online monikers when contacting the girls… Karl’s comment: After I finished speaking at a church near there in 2007, a teacher stood up and said the things I described did not happen in their area.  Since then, there have been at least three other incidents before this one. You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News page and the June 1, 2008 headline!!!

Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains.  A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom. No free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any people but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue; and by a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.