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Charter Schools are Deceptive

A Letter to Christian Mothers (in part)

I knew that I could do this and I knew that I should do this. The reason being, my husband and I had accepted the sole responsibility of educating our children and we wanted freedom from any authority that would not allow godly principles, goals or methods. (i.e. public schools and public school independent study programs.)

Then something tragic happened. I fell into the trappings of this world and greed took hold in my heart. I had discovered that "Caesar" (the state government) would fund our home school efforts via an independent study charter school. We were promised funding and the freedom to establish our own goals and methods as long as they were not doctrinal. We could teach doctrine "on your own time" or use non-funded godly materials only documenting the outcome not the method.

And to you dear sisters who may be contemplating joining an independent-study charter school and to those who have already, I appeal to your good Christian hear[t]s that you also may see the truth behind these schools as I have. Within their system is the disintegration of home-education, as we know it. This may not be obvious to you now. Yet, if this fast growing trend of families leaving the private sector continues, there will come a day when our ears will hear the mourning of those who came before us. Their toil will have been in vain.

For the complete letter:

Karl's note: I (borrowed from someone else) often say that charter schools are just a dog on a longer leash. A former charter school principal points out that is putting it mildly to say the least. Charles Lewis says, “Charter schools are much worse than a dog on a longer leash. As a rule, they are much worse than the normal indoctrination centers, which employ a few "teachers" who aren't rabidly into indoctrinating children. Not so with charter schools, which are chartered by the same evil educrats that have made the general system so bad, but with carte blanche to fill their staffs with zealots. The official policies of these institutions are normally off the chart to the left.”



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