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Money/Financial Issues

Updated 8-22-21

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Regarding the broad term, “School Choice,” the following is from two people who are well informed on the subject.

Vouchers are one means to institute School Choice.  School Choice quite simply is the attempt to bring private schools or religiously-affiliated schools under the control of the federal government. The federal government by law (ESSA) takes control of any school that takes any federal money.  

Normally when Christians or conservatives use term school choice it does involve the state giving a tax funded voucher, which is a danger to their autonomy. When they reach for the money the handcuffs go on. We oppose the tax-funded voucher program but it is growing in acceptance among undiscerning and uninformed Christians. Watch out for term tuition tax credit too. There are many conservatives who warn against the voucher so the school choice crowd does the old bait and switch and change term to tax credit, but it is a disguised voucher in most cases. Very frequently the left and Democrats oppose them too because they think vouchers are a threat to the monopoly of public education; we oppose them because they are a threat to the autonomy of private and Christian education. If the left opposes the voucher too, then it must be a good thing, huh? No in this case. We don't want the state paying our pastors and we don't want them subsidizing our Christian schools.  --------------------------------------------

“Education savings accounts (ESAs) allow parents to withdraw their children from public district or charter schools and receive a deposit of public funds into government-authorized savings accounts with restricted, but multiple, uses. Those funds—often distributed to families via debit card—can cover private school tuition and fees, online learning programs, private tutoring, community college costs, higher education expenses and other approved customized learning services and materials. Some ESAs, but not all, even allow students to use their funds to pay for a combination of public school courses and private services.”

A rule of thumb regarding taking money from the government is "When they reach out to take the money, the handcuffs go on."  Dr. Bruce Shortt


From a West Virginia mother who homeschooled her children:

December 2019

I homeschooled for nearly 20 years, at no time was I given a tax break. The real estate taxes and personal property taxes and user fees, etc., etc., that I was forcefully charged, hence MORE than double taxation was never refunded to me. How I see it, I am forced pay for several kids to attend the low quality, communist, socialist, anti-Christian, pro-Muslim, pro-queer den of iniquity without gain to my children or family. The public school system and the low quality teachers of today receive way more money than they deserve. Now, I do not have kids and I still pay to support the public school. Where is the justice of it all? I would like to have the right to CHOOSE where my tax dollars are applied.

Homeschool thru Abeka Academy Accredited program which includes DVD or online teachers, all books, teachers' workbooks, grade book, instructions, flash cards, teaching aids, all work books, all study material except the Bible, art projects, etc. for 1 entire school year is less than $1200. For 1st-12th grade and less than $650 for kindergarten students.

The programs also are further advanced than public school.

ALL accredited programs included online or DVD instructors.

ALL flexible with time.

ALL classes coordinate

NO dangerous travel on winter roads with questionable bus drivers.

NO concern of school shootings or kidnapping.



A full school year can be completed in as little as 36 weeks with 6 week sessions or 1 year with 12 week sessions or in-between. The speed is up to the child's capability therefore the child is NOT restricted by slower, less focused, poorly behaved children. IF the child isn't understanding the assignment - just go back and watch AGAIN!!

There are NO cons, just pros with this system. The only reason someone would send their kids to public school is for babysitting benefits.

Based on the numbers you have posted: $12,000/child, it is cheaper to homeschool.*

Public school $12,000 vs. Home School $1200 max. -- The question is, why are we spending so much on students who learn less and are more illiterate today than 40 years ago?!!

*According to West Virginia spent $12,915 per student in 2019.

School choice by itself, however, will not save students from a failing education if charter and private schools adopt the same curriculum and practices as the most woke schools. Without a focus on the right subjects and lessons, students will be unprepared for personal or professional success.