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University Model Schools

Following are snips from two articles. Students not bound for college can still benefit from the strategy. The important thing is to "think outside of the box” and focus on rescuing children from government schools. Karl
A University-Model School is a Christian, college-preparatory school which blends aspects of private and home schooling. Students meet on campus two or three days per week, and complete lessons at home on alternate days under the direction of professional teachers, with parents serving as co-teachers.

The "University Model" name is derived from the university-style scheduling offered by member schools. Students typically register for course on a semester-by-semester basis and may register for a full load or just selected courses.

As of early 2009, there were 36 operating member schools, and another 20 schools under development or transitioning to the University model.

Current University-Model Schools serve students from Kindergarten to 12th grade, with some schools offering a more limited range of grades.

Tuition at a university model school is typically 40% to 75% less than a traditional five-days-per-week school, resulting from fewer days on campus and a higher level of parental involvement.
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Art and music classes for little kids, with parents homeschooling most of the other subjects. Science, history, and more for middlers, each subject designed for a specific amount of parental supervision and/or teaching at home. A college prep high-school program, complete with sports and band, with parents and children still free to homeschool any subjects they choose.

If this sounds like the best-case deal you could work with your local Christian or private school, think again. Because University Model Schools (UMS) are far more than another private school offering homeschoolers access to some of its courses.

The UMS schedule is also unique. Just like college, it's set up so courses either run on Tuesday and Thursday or Mon-Wed-Fri.

Too, the scheduling of two different classes for the same classroom, since they use it on alternate days, also results in lowered facility and faculty costs. Finally, students sign up for individual courses, rather than entire grade levels - just as in college. So it's possible to take a 10th grade English course and a 12th grade Math course in the same year, providing some of the academic freedom homeschoolers have always enjoyed.

At all stages, the family chooses exactly which courses they want to take at the school and which to teach at home. Thanks to the amount of teaching the parents do, costs are kept much lower than at a typical private school.