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Ray Moore of Exodus Mandate:

The entire curriculum is riddled with evolutionism, anti-Americanism, Marxism, Common Core State Standards, revisionism in history, dumbing down in arts, science and math. Parents would need to opt out of playground and bathroom harassment. Also, they need to opt out of the school bus. It's the entire public school culture, not just a few objectionable books. Ephesians 6:4 says. "Raise them up in the "paidea" (Greek term)  (in English it is the idea of 'education, training or culture) and admonition of the Lord.  We could translate this text as "raise them up in the culture of the Lord." They can't fulfill such texts as Eph 6:4; Deut 6:1-9, etc by opting out of a few objectionable text books. They need to obey the Lord and give their children a K-12 Christian education.

Kim Kincell of Christian Home Educators of West Virginia (CHEWV):

First, I would refer them to the court case in the 9th circuit court that concluded that parental rights do not extend past the threshold of a school door.  That  means that unless or until it is overturned by a higher court, the current legal precedent is that parents do not have the legal right to choose for their children once at school. 

Second, schools are not required to inform parents of what is planned or what is going to be taught.  That means that in most cases, the parent will not know until after the fact, if they know at all.  A parent cannot opt them out if it is after the fact.

That being said, some schools still do choose (at their discretion) to inform parents of some controversial units/programs.  And some do allow opt outs if the parents initiate it.  It would seem obvious that this would occur because the school authorities are not convinced that these teachings are necessary or prudent.  If they did completely agree that the teachings were necessary, they would have no reason to invite parents to mess that up for them.  Notice that they do not ask for parents' input before the classes are scheduled, planned, and funded.

I reiterate: they do not have to ever let the parent know or to let the parent opt out.  Therefore, it seems that parents are playing Russian roulette with their children.  The opposite of protection, I'm not sure I understand why a Christian parent would do that purely for the privilege of free education that does not require anything from them from 8 to 4 (allowing them the freedom to work or do their own thing).

Another issue that is pertinent  - the child knows they are being opted out of material that all other children their age are allowed to view.  If the parent does not want the child to be offended, feel peculiar, and more curious about the information than ever, they must use extra wisdom.  They are separated and known by the other students as children whose parents had to intervene. This is a precarious situation for a child.  Peer pressure in school is a powerful thing - evidenced by the appearance and behavior of children (who do not clamor to look like their teachers but rather to look like each other).  In addition, they are still exposed every day to fellowship with the students who learned that information, can describe it, and tell it to their peers.  Can a parent, then, actually opt that child out of the material?  Or will the material just come via the child's peers?  The parent continues to daily place their child in the system where that kind of expectation now exists. 

Last, the entire question is premised on the fact that objectionable information is rarely given out.  That means that the parent agrees that most of the important facts of nature, order, philosophy, history and literature are unrelated to the God of the universe.  He is not necessary to a good education.  To opt out of the idea that God is superfluous to education, a parent would have to remove their child from public school teachings entirely.  Even Christian teachers are not allowed to change the curriculum.  They can only add limited commentary to a godless foundation.  I highly recommend the easy-to-read book, Public Schools Against America which shows the clear bent of curriculum across the nation and is highly researched and footnoted.

Also see “Opting Out is not an Option”.

The following are articles that have helpful information about the above.  I also recommend viewing the movie "Indoctrination!" (although the picture is the same on this page, the copy is different)