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If you think that your school is an exception you are willingly blind.



"Christian parents are _commanded_ to place their children under godly and Christian teaching, not neo-pagan or humanistic instruction. Whether we acknowledge it or not, only two choices remain-- obedience or disobedience to God’s commands. (See Col. 2:8; 2 Cor. 10:3-5; Deut. 6:1-9; Mal. 4:6; 2 Cor. 6:14-19 along with Luke 6:40. Matt. 22:37-38 and Eph. 6:4)" E. Ray Moore.

In the governor’s own words

“I said in my first State of the State we needed to make education our centerpiece. Not that we needed to just throw a bunch of money away in education or anything, but here is my whole thought. We had to change our image. We absolutely had to start down a pathway to really trying to change our image to the outside world.” 2-10-21

Karl’s comment: BWAHAHA! Please check previous statements by West Virginia governors and decide if this is the last time you get conned.


“The difference between insane asylums and our public schools is that in the insane asylum you have to show some improvement before you can get out.”

Please look at the school news below as well as for other years (along with my articles) for documentation about why tax-payers should “just say NO!” to pouring more money down the government school rat-hole.

Among these headlines you can easily follow common threads of drug abuse, sex (including teachers with students and promotion of sexual perversion), lack of disciple, violence, poor academic standards, crime, anti-Christianity, and wanting more and more money “for the kids”.

Sex crimes in the education system are rampart and traceable to the decay of society which is closely connected to humanism taking over “public” schools. Parents in Kanawha County warned of this in 1974. Now, we are simply reaping what is sown.

The sin of sexual abuse is inexcusable, but the fact is that it is rare that church personnel molests a child. That is not so with school personnel. You will be amazed at the reports of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. See the comments on this issue on the main WV News page. Also, teachers, unlike preachers, do not get scandalized for their adultery and other sex escapades with adults. See the March 26, 2009 headline “W.Va. teacher charged with sex assault of teen” for a sad, but pertinent point. (Note: Prior to 2018 I deleted names of teachers accused of sexual assaults. I changed that policy after having difficulty checking entries for duplications.)

The moral sickness in the school system goes all the way back to 1977--a couple of years after the Kanawha County Parents sounded the alarm.

(Note: Some of the links are closed by the media outlet after a period of time. Several of the headlines came from Charleston Daily Mail and Gazette on-line searches. All articles can be found by contacting the news source.)

THE TEST THAT TELLS THE TALE OF TRUTH: “The Nation’s Report Card” National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) from the National Center for Education Statistics.

“The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is the largest nationally representative and continuing assessment of what America's students know and can do in various subject areas.” ( Webster defines “proficient” as “good at doing something.” (

New results will be posted when they are available.

Informative links:

See West Virginia text scores on the Nation’s Report Card.

This chart shows the incredible percentage of tax money that is wasted.

KIDS COUNT is another source of objective data that reveals the abject failure of West Virginia public schools. All information below was obtained from and following the reference links.

West Virginia Kids Count 2021 The State of West Virginia’s Children Data Book (page 12):


(Note: Some of the links below are closed by the media outlet after a period of time. All articles can be found by contacting the news source.)


Parent strategist offers tips for parents, students coping with school threats 11-17-21
(Dr. Shannon) Smith said it all starts with sitting down and acknowledging out loud exactly what the parent and child are feeling. “Really to create that space in the home and bring others in to talk and be like, 'Yeah, this is scary. These are scary things. So now where do we go?' ” she said. Smith said teaching coping mechanisms is a great place to start when it comes to any kind of stress with a parent or student. She has started teaching these mechanisms in area schools that can apply to any stressful situation. It starts by talking, avoiding a quick reaction and then strategizing. “You can work on techniques like breathing, slowing down, really allowing yourself to be like, 'I’m afraid. Let’s see what that feels like. My chest is tight. My heart’s beating fast.' Karl’s comment: It is SCARY that parents leave their children at risk.

TikTok school threats leaving parents and teachers on edge 12-17-21
“I know as a parent I worry daily when he goes to school. I hugged him when I dropped everything off, made sure I told him a loved him,” Erin Ledsome, a parent said. Detective Jonathan Payne with the Hurricane Police Department says officers take these threats very seriously. “We’re able to track that threat down and we can verify that it came from their phone, and we have enough evidence, without a doubt we can pursue a terroristic threat which is a felony in the state of West Virginia,” Payne said. Even students say the threats are scary. Karl’s comment: (No pun intended) TICK, TICK, TICK.

Boone County deputies investigate alleged threat to high school, ‘situation resolved’ 12-16-21
The Boone County Sheriff’s Office says deputies investigated a situation involving an alleged threat made toward a school in the county. According to the sheriff’s office, deputies were made aware of a threatening Snap Chat message made late at night, Wednesday, Dec. 15. Deputies say the threat was “specific to” Van Jr./Sr. High School in Boone County. The sheriff’s office says they have identified the juvenile who allegedly made the threats and that the situation has been resolved. Karl’s comment: TICK, TICK, TICK.

School districts warn of viral TikTok shooting threat trend 12-16-21
School districts in our region and across the country are on alert as a threat goes viral on TikTok among school aged students. Cabell County Schools said Thursday the district was made aware of a TikTok trend pertaining to nationwide school shootings and bomb threats supposedly being planned to take place on 17 December 2021…No verified or credible threats specific to West Virginia have been identified at this time, WVSP says… West Virginia officials are taking this potential threat seriously, with anyone making such threats or seeking to disrupt school operations are subject to criminal prosecution. Karl’s comment: Thankfully, nothing happened, but terrible things have and TICK, TICK, TICK.

Schools cracking down on teen vaping 12-15-21
Several school districts are suing an e-cigarette manufacturer, Juul. The federal lawsuit alleges Juul used misleading advertising tactics to market its products to children. Mercer, Greenbrier, Raleigh, Mineral, and Gilmer counties have joined the suit…“We’ve had situations where we have to have medical personnel check students out because they’ve consumed too much of that substance.”…S everal schools districts, including Wayne County Schools and Cabell County Schools, received donations from Prestera and the Prevention Coalition to install vape detectors in areas where cameras can’t be installed. The vape detectors will be placed in high schools and some middle schools. The devices detect THC, nicotine, vape chemicals, and have an anti-bullying feature that detects high-pitched noises. For instance, if a device detects something in, say, restroom A, administrators look on your hallway camera to see who is exiting the bathroom at that time. Karl’s comment: This is just one, of many, examples of the atmosphere (pun intended) of government schools.

 Judge to decide this week whether to halt establishment of charter schools 12-14-21
Bailey is considering a request for preliminary injunction in the short term and the constitutionality of West Virginia’s latest charter schools law in the longer term…Sam Brunett of Marion County and Robert McCloud of Kanawha County, both parents and educators, are suing the leaders of the West Virginia Senate and House of Delegates, as well as Gov. Jim Justice. Karl’s comment: Charter Schools Are Deceptive, but this shows how badly professional educators fear educational freedom. Both of the plaintiffs are teacher union members.

High school graduation rates increasing at WV schools 12-9-21
The four-year graduation rate increased from 81.39% in 2013 to 91.12% in 2021, an increase of almost 10 percentage points. The five-year rate jumped from 81.4% in 2013 to 91.67% in 2020…(Michele Blatt, deputy state superintendent of schools) said graduation rates are a good indicator for school performance and that understanding the rates is important for examining student success and readiness for education or careers after high school.   Karl’s comment: The headline is Bogus Stuff. The graduation rate is still not good even though they almost certainly have dumbed down the academic standards.

Deputies: Riverside HS teacher under investigation for alleged inappropriate contact with student 12-8-21
A teacher at Riverside High School is under investigation for allegations of inappropriate contact with a student, according to the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department. Karl’s comment: The data is indisputable regarding the dangers for government school children experiencing sexual abuse. You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Be sure to see the May 11, 2015June 1, 2008October 17, 2005, and October 20, 1993  headlines!!! Also, look for the term “porn.”

Lincoln County School District granted six month extension 12-8-21
Kelley says the West Virginia Board of Education issued a state of emergency for the county’s school district in November 2020…Rather than having control over the district, Hicks says a State of Emergency is a heightened level of a regular review. State education leaders will continue to frequently check in and help guide the district in forming a solid curriculum that works towards improving students’ education. Karl’s comment: Lincoln, like other WV counties, is performing poorly, but it is so bad that even the State is concerned.

Freedom From Religion Foundation criticizes Prayer Club at WV's Chapmanville Middle 12-2-21
A woman is alleging that her daughter has been required to attend Prayer Club at Chapmanville Middle, a public school. The parent, who didn’t wish to be named to avoid identifying her daughter, also alleges that the principal told teachers to keep her daughter and her daughter’s girlfriend separated in class.…Principal Michelle Podunavac denied that the school has separated the couple any more than straight couples. She said the school doesn’t allow public displays of affection by anyone. She also said Holland’s “Character Under Construction” presentations in social studies aren’t religious, that Prayer Club is voluntary and is led by students. Karl’s comment: God-hating religious (atheism is a religion) fanatics will NOT leave Christian public school students alone!

Pre-K-8 student leaves school property 12-1-21
When you drop your kids off at school, you expect them to be taken care of and protected. However, that was not the case for a student at Lenore PK-8 in Mingo County. Mingo County School Superintendent Dr. Johnny Branch says a student at Lenore PK-8 left school property on Monday, and school officials are investigating how this happened…(Wwith railroad tracks and a busy road so nearby -- it’s an issue parents like Browning expect to be handled immediately. Karl’s comment: This is very bad, but ALL children are NOT spiritually taken care of and protected in public schools.

Threat made at Kanawha County middle school; no student detained 12-1-21
Kanawha County deputies say the threat was made to Andrew Jackson Middle School on Tuesday night. Deputies say the student believed to have made the threat or threats has been found and is detained. Deputies say they’re working to determine if charges will be filed. Karl’s comment: TICK, TICK, TICK

Help is on the way for West Virginia teachers needing assistance 11-19-21
“What we found was that instructional support was greatly lacking overall in grades one and two,” said Dr. Monica Dellamea, Director of Early Elementary Learning with the West Virginia Department of Education… “Anytime that we can reduce the ratio of teacher to student is helpful. They can work more individually, sometimes even one-on-one, they can do smaller groups, it’s always helpful to have additional adults in the classroom,” said Henry Nearman, Principal of Ruffner Elementary School. Karl’s comment: They may blame it on COVIC, but the FACTS I have cited throughout these WV School News pages, prove it has long been the norm in public schools that the students are inadequately served.

Fight reported at Capital High School; one female juvenile arrested 11-17-21
One student was arrested Wednesday morning after a fight was reported at Capital High School, a school system spokesperson said. The fight was between two individuals… Lt. Tony Hazelett with the Charleston Police Department said one female juvenile has been charged with battery on a police officer. Warner said additional law enforcement responded due to large gatherings of students after the fight. Karl’s comment: Just another day on the cell block.

Parents react to Hurricane High School lockdown 11-17-21
“It’s been totally draining, you know, to get a text message from your daughter that they’re on lockdown is terrifying,” said Jill Hopkins, whose daughter attends Hurricane High… Parents say the experience was just as frightening for them as it was for the students, not knowing what could be. “All the doors were locked, the classrooms were locked down, she was able to text me from her watch to tell me that she was OK but she was on lockdown,” said Hopkins. Some parents like Grueser were critical of how the situation was handled. “They had them all in a room, so like if I was an active shooter and I had 30 targets in one area you don’t really have to aim… “It’s such a time when you don’t know, and it’s terrifying as a parent; you just want to keep your kids safe,” said Hopkins. Karl’s comment: The parents’ terror is legitimate, but they need to fear the indoctrination being “shot” at their children every day.

Frayed nerves lead to lockdown at Hurricane High School for a second day 11-16-21
For a second straight day, students at Hurricane High School were placed on lockdown Tuesday morning amid reports of a potential threat at the school. Monday, parents were advised in a robo-call from the county board of education of the threat which was under investigation. The student in question was identified and police made contact with the individual and his parents. The case remains under investigation. However Tuesday, a large police response to the school set off fears around the community. “We had what we considered a credible threat yesterday, but this morning we received a 9-1-1 call about a possible firearm inside Hurricane High School,” said Putnam County Sheriff Bobby Eggleton. The school was placed on lockdown immediately, which is standard procedure, while sheriff’s deputies and Hurricane Police quickly responded. According to Eggleton the building was searched from one end to the other and no weapons or suspicious individuals were located…The aftermath of the emergency caused as much furor as the emergency itself. Police were forced to deal with worried parents who showed up at the school. “Of course parents always get concerned, but it does no good to come to the school. I know being a parent myself you want to be there for your kids, but you’re not going to be able to get close to them…” Karl’s comment: The last two sentences (statement by the Sheriff) says it all.

Parents: Holz teacher physically assaulted special needs students 'over and over again' 11-10-21
The first civil lawsuit has been filed against the Kanawha County Board of Education and a now former Holz Elementary School teacher who is under criminal investigation for allegedly abusing students in her special needs classroom.

Craig and Beth Bowden, the parents of Trenton Bowden, 9, filed the lawsuit on Tuesday alleging that Nancy Boggs, who resigned as an intellectually disabled teacher last week, physically and verbally abused the third grader…

“Watching that video brought both of us to tears," Craig said as he started to choke up describing what he and his wife saw on the video shown to them by Kanawha County Schools. "Trenton wasn’t doing his assignment correctly so Nancy Boggs grabbed him by the neck, turned his head toward her and smacked him across the face. And then he burst into tears and he cried out, ‘I want my daddy.’ And she told him, ‘daddy’s not going to help you. He’s not allowed in here. He’s not going to help you,'" Craig said. "Then she proceeded to scream at him and call him a baby." Craig went on to describe more details from the video. "Then, she walks over to the corner, pulls back a partition, and it reveals a little girl who had been in time out for two hours at this point in time and says, ‘do you want to be like her?’…Beth said the video then showed Boggs slamming a child's head on a desk…"It’s your worst nightmare that someone is going to take advantage of your child…"If these teachers are doing this knowing a camera is watching them, what were they doing before cameras were there?

UPDATE 11-24-21: The lawsuit, filed in Kanawha County Circuit Court, lists both 66-year-old Nancy Boggs, a former special needs teacher at Holz Elementary…According to the lawsuit, some of the alleged instances of abuse include but are not limited to multiple insults and insulting names directed at the child such as calling them “nasty,” “ugly,” “a pig,” etc. and telling the child nobody, including their parents, liked them; hitting, pulling, throwing and dropping the child; making the child stand in a garbage can while eating their lunch from a sink, sweeping garbage onto the child; and slamming the child’s head into a desk causing a cut on their lip.
UPDATE 12-15-21: He “now faces new charges accusing him of using two children to produce child pornography and transmitting it.
Karl’s comment: This is bad, but the widespread spiritual abuse is much worse!

Public school enrollment takes another dip in West Virginia 11-10-21
The student population in West Virginia public schools has dropped by nearly 21,000 students in the last four years…Public schools in West Virginia lost 9,276 students in the 2020-21 COVID year with many students being homeschooled. State education officials were hopeful many of those students would return this year but the numbers show that hasn’t happened in large numbers. Karl’s comment: This is GREAT news. That is thousands of children potentially rescued from the indoctrination.

Charter schools approved in West Virginia 11-10-21
The West Virginia Professional Charter School Board approved the state’s first three charter schools Wednesday. Those three schools will be in Nitro, the Eastern Panhandle of the state and near Morgantown which will open in fall 2022...“We’re all very thrilled that now teachers, parents and students will have options to improve the learning outcomes for the most precious asset we have, our children in West Virginia,” Mitch Carmichael, Secretary of Economic Development…“Traditionally our public-school systems have been rated near the bottom in terms of education attainment and student success and achievement,” Carmichael said. Kanawha County Superintendent Tom Williams says that statement isn’t true. He said in a statement to 13 News, “We have a really good product here in Kanawha County Schools. We send our kids to colleges and universities and CTE programs and military. They are very, very successful.”
Karl’s comment: See Charter Schools Are Deceptive.

Parents charged with child neglect after suspected meth found on child’s clothes at school 11-10-21
Two people in Wood County, West Virginia are facing child neglect charges after school officials found suspected methamphetamine in a 6-year-old student’s hoodie. The Vienna Police Department says they were called to an elementary school at around 10 a.m. Officials told police a bag of suspected methamphetamines fell out of the student’s hoodie. Karl’s comment: Public school students bring multiple spiritual pathogens that will infect Christian children.

High school trainer charged in child pornography investigation 11-5-21
A Musselman High School athletic trainer is free on bond after being arrested on child pornography charges…State police executed a search warrant this week at Wilson’s residence where multiple laptops were located and seized. A forensic examination confirmed the presence of child pornography and child erotica, and Wilson was taken into custody on the charges of felony distribution and exhibition of material depicting minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct and misdemeanor child erotica. Karl’s comment: See the 11-4 entry!!!!!!!!!!

COVID, PROTECT OUR CHILDREN Hampshire County , WV 11-5-21
Mr. Moreland’s son, Jonathan, a junior at Hampshire High School, is a member of the Hampshire HS football team. The team had an exposure to COVID last week, and Jonathan stayed home from school through Tuesday, November 2nd. The school wanted Jonathan to quarantine longer or undergo a test. Feeling the test was intrusive and having had no chance to determine how close of a contact Jonathan experienced (emails to the school nurse and superintendent from Mrs. Moreland requesting additional info on the close contact garnered no response), and having suffered no symptoms, Jonathan went to school Wednesday, November 3rd in order to ensure he could play in his final football game of the year. Discussions ensued between Mr. Moreland and the principal. When that failed to resolve the issue, the superintendent of Hampshire County Schools intervened…Jonathan went to school and attended class. He was asked to go to the principal’s office. Once there, Jonathan was placed in an adjacent conference room and a deputy sheriff was placed outside the door. Jonathan called his father and reported the situation. When Mr. Moreland learned that his son was being held against his will with an armed officer outside the door, he called 911…UPDATE: A decision was made by the school to allow Jonathan to return to class as long as he is socially distanced. Karl’s comment: Bizarre.

Pinch Elementary School counselor charged with possessing child pornography 11-4-21
A Kanawha County elementary school counselor who visited the White House in 2016 after being named West Virginia's Elementary School Counselor of the Year has been charged with possessing child pornography… to the complaint, a search of a phone Roatsey had on him also turned up conversations that "appeared to be with girls in the age range of late elementary school through middle school." It doesn't explain the content of these conversations… When the Gazette-Mail wrote about his recognition in 2016, Todd Roatsey read a reporter a congratulatory letter from one of his former students. “I have never met anyone like you,” the letter said. “You have taught me that there is good in all people in this world, and that it’s OK to trust someone.” Karl’s comment: This is very sick, but it is very sad that parents will not RESCUE THEIR CHILDREN. For West Virginia, the data is indisputable regarding the dangers for government school children experiencing sexual abuse. You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Be sure to see the May 11, 2015June 1, 2008October 17, 2005, and October 20, 1993 headlines!!! Also, look for the term “porn.” SEE THE 1-24-22 WV SCHOOL NEWS ENTRY.

Teachers still uneasy in school six years after student held class hostage with gun 11-3-21
Charleston Gazette-Mail, 9A, 11-6-21
On Aug. 25, 2015, a 14-year-old student with a gun took Philip Barbour High School teacher Twila Smith's classroom hostage. No one was injured during the incident. It has been six years since a student brought a gun to Philip Barbour High School and held a classroom full of kids and their teacher hostage. I can still see how it lives inside of everyone who has had to come into the building since then, attempting to find safety and comfort where it was once stolen.

A code red last year found my English class away from our room, reading a play in a bigger common area. Without a way to lock the door, my teacher didn’t want us to wait out the alarm there. She told us to run, as fast as we could, down the hall to her classroom. Once there, she pointed out how she kept filing cabinets near the door that we could use to block it. We didn’t know that this wasn’t just a drill, but she instructed us to go out the windows at the first sign of trouble. As it turns out, the code was because another student had fled the building — we were just being kept out of the way…

My friend’s mother has the classroom a few doors down from the one we ran to. She told her that when she heard the pounding, it sent her into a panic. It’s the sound she heard as police filled the building to start negotiations with the gunmen. Most teachers don’t talk about the gun situation directly. They’ll give vague allusions when going over safety: “If something happens like what happened before.”…I don’t think anyone will ever be able to stop feeling the effects. Whether for good or bad, this is something that will stay in our history forever, no matter how many years pass. Karl’s comment: SAD!

Is W.Va. a safe place for transgender teens? 10-30-21
Charleston Gazette-Mail, pg. 9A 103021
It’s been a topic of debate whether or not transgender teenagers, kids and adults should be allowed to participate in sports. According to Gov. Jim Justice, the answer seems to be no, in spite of the fact that accordioning to multiple sources, such as the HuffPost, he can’t point to one instance of a transgender person receiving an unfair advantage in sports…However, many transgender teens have faced harassment in places like schools…when trying to use the bathroom…We need to challenge the anti-trans beliefs of people in authority , like schools staff, and also the anti-trans beliefs of people in government, and our peers around us. Karl’s comment: The author is a student at South Charleston High School. His main source is the loony left HuffPost (which banned me from commenting on its website). He focuses on an incident at Liberty High School in Harrison County (See WV News 12-17-18). THIS IS A PRODUCT OF PULIC SCHOOLS!!!

"Us and Them" West Virginia's Charter School Era Begins 10-28-21
(Transcript provided)

“According to U.S. News & World Report, West Virginia ranks 42nd among all states in K-12 public education.”

Patricia Rucker, currently the Senate Education chair gives a “C” letter grade to the West Virginia state public schools.

Regarding charter schools, she says, “If you look at the legislation we passed, it specifically says it can’t be a religious school , but that is not what charter schools is about. Actually, we prohibit that in our charter school legislation. Charter schools is a public school. It is open to all. And the point of charter schools is that they can specialize and have a little bit more flexibility to innovate. It’s not as rigid.”

Ahn Nguyen is from Kearneysville, West Virginia, which is about an 80 minute drive to Washington, D.C. was educated in Vietnam. She said, “Every single student there, after we graduate, we have to complete a Calculus 2 and physics and chemistry.”

She gives West Virginia public schools a letter grade of “D” because how she believes the local public school failed her oldest son.

“Teachers urged Nguyen to get her son tested for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity-Disorder or ADHD. She did and he was diagnosed with ADHD. But the medication doctors prescribed didn’t help. Finally, one did, but it made him “droopy,” she said. Then things got worse.”

She said there were a couple of boys who beat her son with sticks . “When her kid fought back, he was punished, not the other kids. When he reached middle-school, the bullying got worse.”

Her son related another experience of a girl telling him that he would be better off killing himself and that nobody would remember him or care.

Ahn Nguyen said, “He got bullied so much and I believe the teacher just don’t care whatsoever.”

Finally, Mrs. Nguyen and her husband enrolled their son in a Catholic school.
Karl’s comment: All of the snips are interesting, but the bold font is very revealing. As for grades, anyone not willingly blind would have to give West Virginia public schools a grade of “F” for academics and safety. That is well documented in these WV School News pages. Likewise documented is why West Virginia public schools deserve a grade of “U” (ungodly) for morality. Also, see Charter Schools Are Deceptive.

Virtual learning students sent back into the classroom after failing grades 10-27-21
As COVID-19 cases continue to plague schools, many districts are offering virtual learning options, but now schools are beginning to see students failing in these programs. “If they aren’t succeeding there then it’s important that we get them back into the classroom so they don’t fall any more behind,” said Todd Alexander, superintendent at Wayne County Schools. Karl’s comment: More about the failure of public schools.

Teen arrested while boarding school bus for making terroristic threats 10-26-21
A 17-year-old was arrested Tuesday while boarding his school bus for making terroristic threats. According to Logan County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Michael LaFauci, the threat was made overnight on Snapchat and reported to a school resource officer at Chapmanville Regional High School around 6:30 a.m. The teen was taken into custody at 7:15 a.m. Tuesday…The threat made was against another student who is dating the suspect’s ex-girlfriend. According to the Logan County Sheriff’s Department and West Virginia State Police, the resource officer searched all other people that might have been involved and found no weapons.Officials say the school is secure with an additional resource officer that has been added for the day. Karl’s comment: TICK, TICK, TICK.

South Charleston choir to open for rock legends 10-15-21
Singing on a big stage is a dream for many up-and-coming musicians. Next week the South Charleston High School choir will get to step on stage and perform at the Foreigner concert in Charleston. The students auditioned and won a radio contest. They were selected from several others who were hoping for the chance. Karl’s comment: Here are some lyrics from songs sung by that ungodly group:
>“You want me to be true to you, you don't give a damn what I do to you.” (Dirty White Boy)
>“That innocent smile, it fooled me all the way. It drew me in, but now there's gonna be some hell to pay. Gonna be hell to pay. I'm gonna get lowdown and dirty, and break every rule.” (Lowdown and Dirty)
>”He's a backseat mauler. A barroom brawler. I think he's gonna blacken your eye. If that don't teach you a lesson. Might show you his Smith & Wesson.” (Headknocker)
>”I take a walk down to the corner. I meet those bad girls hanging around. Never doing what they oughta.” (Nightlife)

Cabell County feels the effects of national teacher shortage 10-12-21
As a solution, the School Board has minimized the requirements in hopes to get those open positions filled. The county has opened substitute positions to anyone who has a 4-year degree, creating an opportunity many people didn’t think they would qualify for. Karl’s comment: Another example of, even if they find a few good (and conservative) teachers, they are willing to compromise on credentials.

Students protest mural at TVHS, delegate responds 10-9-21
The small mural, located on a wall inside the school, features a lava lamp and the phrases “Everyone is Equal” and “Treat Everyone with Respect.” The background of the mural was originally painted with rainbow colors, but the background has since been painted black. On Thursday some students protested outside the school, carrying signs featuring slogans including “Stop the Indoctrination in our School” and “If You Fly the Gay Flag, We Fly Ours!” A petition is being circulated by some of the students, asking the Randolph County Board of Education to remove the mural…

On Thursday evening, Delegate Cody Thompson, D-43rd District, who is also a Randolph County teacher at another school, posted his reaction on social media. “As a member of the LGBTQ Community, an educator who strives to make sure all students feel safe and secure in school, and a state representative of everyone… Today my heart hurts,” Thompson wrote on Facebook…Earlier in the week a TVHS student posted the petition to have the mural removed on, but later posted “the petition was taken down because someone contacted the company and it ‘violated guidelines.’ So I will have a paper petition.”
Karl’s comment: As I said in  Protester Voices—The 1974 Textbook Tea Party  (2010), “Another abnormal agenda is engulfing public schools. That is the homosexual crusade to call evil good and good evil.” (pg. 329) We MUST rescue our children!!!

Mother takes safety concerns to Lincoln County school board 10-5-21
Susie Buchholz says she’s worried for the safety of her 10th grade daughter while she’s at Lincoln County High School. “I want my child to be able to come here and have a safe education,” she said. Parents heard from their kids last week about a student overdosing on school property. Buchholz says she’s been unable to get answers as to what drugs might have been used on school grounds…Buchholz and other parents say fighting has become a recurring problem at the school. Karl’s comment: Sadly, this mom (like thousands of other moms) ignores the FACT that her child is in spiritual danger every day in public school.

Charleston police investigating fourth Horace Mann Middle employee 10-5-21
Charleston police are investigating a fourth person who worked in the Horace Mann Middle School classroom where three other employees allegedly abused nonverbal special education students…The Kanawha County Board of Education voted unanimously Monday evening to fire Lynch. Karl’s comment: See the 9-3 and 5-26 entire below.

Lawsuit filed to stop WV charter schools from opening without voter approval 10-1-21
Two fathers, who also are public school teachers and teachers’ union members, are suing to stop charter schools from opening in West Virginia without county voters’ approval. “A defining democratic virtue of public schools is that the people get to vote on matters relating to their operation — in school board elections, on proposed school levies, for state office holders and referenda, and, importantly, the constitution itself,” the lawsuit states…harter schools are generally free from having to follow education laws or policies that apply to traditional public schools, especially personnel regulations. Instead, a charter’s internal board decides, alongside its “authorizer” — the entity, like the Professional Charter School Board, that approves the charter to open — which rules the school must follow…Students who leave the Kanawha school system for the charter would reduce funding for the Kanawha school system because funding is largely based on enrollment. Karl’s comment: BWAHAHA! The last paragraph is what it is all about: $$$. Secondly (perhaps firstly) is that the unions fear losing students to brainwash in liberals. That said, Charter Schools Are Deceptive.

Lockdown lifted after threat reported at Cabell Midland High School 10-1-21
A lockdown has been lifted after Cabell County school officials said a threat was reported at Cabell Midland High School. Karl’s comment: TICK, TICK, TICK.

State Police: Juvenile petition expected after middle school shooting threat 9-25-21
State Police said in a news release that a trooper responded to Musselman Middle School after being notified by the school’s principal about the potential threat. The principal said a student was identified as having sent a message over social media that referred to a shooting at the middle school. Karl’s comment: TICK, TICK, TICK.

Teacher at Holz Elementary under criminal investigation for alleged abuse of students 9-24-21
A teacher at Holz Elementary in the South Hills area of Charleston is under criminal investigation after multiple incidents of alleged abuse were discovered in a classroom. Karl’s comment: This abuse is terrible, but so is the spiritual abuse that happens to ALL students in government schools.

Student charged after fight at East Bank Middle 12-18-21
Charleston Gazette-Mail, pg. 2A
A student is now charged with misdemeanor battery regarding a video showing him kicking another student’s head repeatedly into a locker…The standing student is starting to punch again when another boy runs up and grabs his leg. The intervening child holds on and starts receiving blows…(The mother of the victim) said the attack occurred Tuesday (9-14). She sent to the Gazette-Mail another video of a student –she said it’s her son—being pummeled with punches in a bathroom by a different assailant. The students are wearing face masks, per Kanawha school system policy amid the pandemic…(The mother) said the bathroom fight occurred Sept. 3. She said the earliest fight was around Sept. 1. When her son was goaded into pushing a third student into the lockers. Her own son was suspended at that time…“This is never-ending,” (the mother) said… Karl’s comment: The mom is correct! On these WV School News pages, you can find facts about West Virginia public school issues of drugs, sex (including teachers with students and promotion of sexual perversion), lack of disciple, violence, poor academic standards, crime, anti-Christianity, and wanting more and more money.

Parents concerned students are falling behind while in quarantine; no work for them to complete 9-14-21
School districts say students can keep up with their assignments online, but parents say they are not posted. Kanawha County Schools parent Abby Persinger says her daughter has already been quarantined twice since the first day of school on Aug. 9. Her son has been quarantined once. “So far in the month of September she’s gone to school one time,” Persinger said. When she logged on to Schoology to check to see their assignments, she said only a few math problems were posted… The only way they are in communication with their teachers is if they message their teacher,” Persinger said. “My son has messaged his science teacher three different times, and he still hasn’t gotten a response back. Just trying to find out what his assignment is supposed to be.”… “What’s going on now, they’re not learning anything,” Persinger said. “Kanawha County needs to figure something out. Our kids are the ones that are suffering, and it’s not fair to them.”… “My middle schooler is technically failing three weeks in almost all of his classes cause he can’t get caught up,” Zidarevich sai. “He is a really smart boy, and you can see the stress on his face. He’s very overwhelmed, because he’s getting worksheet after worksheet after worksheet and he used to love school and right about now he hates it.” Karl’s comment: The parents need to RESCUE THEIR CHILDREN!

School system: Jefferson County teacher charged, removed from classroom 9-3-21
Meanwhile, a criminal complaint filed in Jefferson County Magistrate Court said the public resource officer at Jefferson County high school was approached by two students who expressed concern for a 17-year-old girl at the school. The complaint said the students reported the girl was involved in a sexual relationship with the teacher, and the students said they had seen inappropriate text messages and pornographic photographs sent by the teacher to the student. According to the complaint, the alleged student victim was interviewed Thursday by the Child Advocacy Center in Martinsburg. She reported she and the teacher had been involved in a sexual relationship. The girl said that toward the end of last school year, the teacher took her to a closet in Jefferson High School, where they had sex, the complaint said. Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Be sure to see the May 11, 2015, June 1, 2008, October 17, 2005, and October 20, 1993 headlines!!!

New lawsuit filed over alleged abuse in special education class at Horace Mann 9-3-21
The latest lawsuit said C.W. was enrolled in a special education class taught by Wilson, with school aides Branham and Pannell. It said C.W. is non-verbal and requires assistance with daily living activities. According to the lawsuit, review of video footage revealed dozens of instances of physical abuse by Pannell, Branham and Wilson upon C.W. and other special needs children. It said the defendants were observed “mocking, taunting and ridiculing C.W. and other special needs students as a result of their disabilities.” Karl’s comment: The first news of this SAD (sadistic) situation is in the 5-26 entry below.

Kanawha County's TEAM Vaccinate program to award eight groups Thursday with funding 9-2-21
Vaccine incentive programs, like Kanawha County's TEAM Vaccinate program, hope to encourage young people to get the vaccine to help end the pandemic… Capital High School's VIPs show choir, dance company and marching band are three of eight groups set to receive funding from the Kanawha County Commission Thursday as a part of the county's TEAM Vaccinate program. Commissioner Ben Salango said more than 200 students have been vaccinated since the program launched… "We don't want to have peer pressure, but what we do want to have is positive influence," Salango said… The teachers said the funding will help them buy new costumes, music equipment and instruments, and it will also help the students… Each group will receive funding based on the size of their group. Capital's dance company will get $2,500, while the VIPs and marching band will get $5,000 each. Karl’s comment: Despite the commissioner’s claim, this is an obvious case of using peer pressure.

Cabell County Schools bringing in more substitutes; called upon 125 already this year 9-1-21
On Wednesday alone, Cabell County had about 200 call-ins, all requesting substitute teachers, bus operators, secretaries, custodians and aides. It has 300 active substitute teachers and this year, it has already had 125 come in to work. Karl’s comment: Another example (this was a problem before COVID) example of sub-par education in government schools.

Marmet Elementary School creates a safe space for students who act out 8-30-21
“When they are acting out, a lot of that frustration comes out as anger. They will act out and either pick up something, throw something, sit on the floor, disrupt the classroom, so we don’t want anyone to hurt themselves or other students,” said (principal) Schilling. Karl’s comment: Sounds like a dangerous place.

Concerns Are Expressed Over Content of ‘Wit And Wisdom’ Reading Curriculum in Ohio County Schools 8-17-21
Discussion about the “Wit and Wisdom” reading surfaced at this past week’s board of education meeting, during which a member of the public termed some passages in the books provided too sexually explicit for class reading by minors… Students and teachers may select from thousands of print reading materials supplied. Included are not just reading books, but picture books, short stories, magazine articles and even novels for older children… Myers read a passage from a book she said was part of summer reading for students. She stopped short, saying it was embarrassing for her to read as an adult what was being read by “13- and 14-year-olds.” Karl’s comment: The alarm was sounded in 1974!  It had gotten worse in 2000!  It cannot be stopped! We MUST rescue our children!!

Improve our state’s public schools 8-14-21
First, the good news: West Virginia is no longer dead last in one assessment of the quality of public schools across the country. The bad news? We are still much too close to the bottom. WalletHub’s “2021’s States with the Best and Worst School Systems” ranks the Mountain State 44th in the nation — ahead of Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Louisiana and New Mexico. West Virginia ranked 45th in quality of public schools, but 17th in terms of safety… West Virginia is tied for 48th for lowest math test scores, 50th for lowest median SAT score and 44th for highest bullying-incidence rates. Those are some disappointing numbers, made all the worse knowing WalletHub found West Virginia is ranked 23rd in terms of total current expenditures for public elementary and secondary day schools per student. That gives the Mountain State the label “High spending and weak school system.” Karl’s comment: See the 7-28 entry below.

BOE discusses multi-culture education 5-2021
At the May 11 Pocahontas County Board of Education meeting, the board received an update from the newly formed multi-cultural education committee about its progress in creating a curriculum for the five county schools… “Dispositions have to do with global citizenship , individual responsibilities and financial responsibilities,” she continued. “As we go through those dispositions as they are taught, then we are going to be looking at materials that will match those.”… Parent and volunteer Brad Dunz addressed the board about his disappointment over an incident which recently took place at Marlinton Middle School. He explained to the board that one of his cub scouts – a well behaved student – was sent to the principal’s office because a teacher thought he was using an inappropriate hand signal… Dunz continued, saying a teacher saw the boy use the “okay” signal – forming an O with his thumb and forefinger with his other three fingers fanned out – and thought the student was making a white power signal. Karl’s comment: I added the red bold font. That is part of the push toward One World Government. See A Common Thread. For more about Pocahontas County see the 3-17 entry below.

WV Catholic school testing data above national average following pandemic year 8-17-21
While public schools saw a dramatic drop in standardized testing scores for their students, the story wasn’t the same in some private schools across the state…This data was released after the state Board of Education revealed standardized testing results for public schools from last year, which detailed a decline in student proficiency in every grade in every subject from 2019, with the largest drop overall occurring in math proficiency… Karl’s comment: I am sure public school officials have an excuse

Data shows WV students struggling with core subjects when compared to 2019 assessment 8-11-21
New data from the 2021 West Virginia General Summative Assessment tests shows West Virginia students are struggling with math and science. According to the West Virginia Board of Education (WVBE), 28% of students were proficient in mathematics and 27% were proficient in science in the 2020-2021 school year. By comparison, 38% of students were proficient in math, while 32% were proficient in science in the 2018-2019 school year. Results also showed 40% of West Virginia students were proficient in English language arts in 2020-2021, a decrease compared to the 46% in the 2018-2019 school year. Karl’s comment: The test was not given in 2020 in but, “The Data is in the Details.” (Be sure to see that article. Also, see the reports of West Virginia public school test performance. Look for "report of West Virginia public school test performance" on individual year pages (not all pages have the data). Also, search for key words such as "tests" throughout these WV school news pages.

This artcle headline was a mild attempt to disguise the dismal academics of WV public schools. Another headline read, “W.Va. Board of Education assessment: student academic performance dips slightly “(

West Virginia parents protest face masks in schools outside state capitol building 8-7-21
More than 50 parents, grandparents and others gathered outside the West Virginia State Capitol building Saturday morning calling for their freedom of choice on whether their children should wear masks in schools. “We are here for parent choice,” Loretta Hudson said. “If you choose that your child goes to school with a mask, hey I’m all for it. If you choose for your child not to go, that is our freedom, that’s why we live in the good USA.”…K anawha County School Superintendent Dr. Tom Williams wants kids back in school safely. “Some of them have been out for a year-and-a-half and the most important thing is we need our kids back,” he said. “We need to get them educated, we need to make sure they’re OK.” Karl’s comment: What a waste of time! And the parent’s “we need” statement is so very sad.

Roane Schools to cover school supply expenses 8-7
The district will purchase all of the necessary supplies for each student this school year. “Many kids learned from home last year and we were concerned about what was there and we had to send school supplies home with them to make sure they had access to pencils and paper and just some of the basics there,” said Duncan. Karl’s comment: I was poor and worked for my lunch. There may be a miniscule number of children who really need help. Most do not. This is pure socialism.

Education: Bullying report shows need for change 7-28-21
First, the good news, West Virginia is no longer dead last in one assessment of the quality of public schools across the country. The bad news? We are still much too close to the bottom for anyone to be pleased with the situation. According to WalletHub’s “2021’s States with the Best and Worst School Systems,” the Mountain State ranks an overall 44th in the nation — ahead of Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Louisiana and New Mexico…West Virginia is tied for 48th for lowest math test scores, 50th for lowest median SAT score and 44th for highest bullying-incidence rates. Those are some disappointing numbers, made all the worse knowing WalletHub found West Virginia is ranked 23rd in terms of total current expenditures for public elementary and secondary day schools per student. That gives the Mountain State the label “High spending and weak school system.” Karl’s comment: West Virginia schools being among the worst of the bad is not new. Simply search for key words such as "tests" throughout these WV school news pages. A better headline was “ New study ranks West Virginia as one of the states for worst school systems” at

BOE offers $9K math teacher bonus 7-16-21
In the face of a shortage of math teachers across the state and nationwide, the Upshur County Board of Education is offering something extra in the hope of attracting qualified instructors. The Upshur BOE voted this week to offer a $9,000 signing bonus for a certified math instructor position…Last year, 38 percent of West Virginia grades 7-11 mathematics classrooms were led by an individual who was not certified to teacher in these classes, a West Virginia University study revealed. Karl’s comment: This is not the first time unqualified professionals have been used. Parents, with technology resources as needed, can get the job done.

Kanawha County Schools hiring for hundreds of open positions ahead of school year 7-23-21
Kanawha County Schools received $82,000,000 in federal funding that will allow them to hire almost 200 positions… Through the American Rescue Plan, Kanawha County Schools is hiring for positions focused on supporting students—not only academically, but emotionally and socially as well…We’re looking for interventionists. Karl’s comment: $82 million! They blame COVID-19 for the learning loss and emotional problems. Besides the usual positions they will hire “interventionists”. That is a term for a mental health specialist and given that fact that Religion Rules in Kanawha County Schools it means more brain-washing.

Judge rules transgender West Virginia athlete should be allowed to run on the girls team 7-21-21
U.S. Circuit Judge Joseph R. Goodwin issued the order Wednesday in the Southern District of West Virginia. Harrison County 11-year-old Becky Pepper-Jackson, along with lawyers from ACLU-West Virginia, had argued that the new law unfairly would have prevented (her) him from participating on the girls cross country team at (her) his school. Karl’s comment: I made two corrections based upon science. I pray for the confused boy.

WV state school board signs off on allowing fully online charter schools; eyes waiving 2.0 GPA sports participation rule 7-15-21
Charleston Gazette-Mail (pg. 1)
The West Virginia Board of Education approved policy changes Wednesday that allow for fully online charter schools, enable an unelected board to circumvent county boards of education to open charters and open the door to 10 new charters every three years, up from three every three years. The school board also said public school children don’t need at least a 2.0 grade point average to currently start extracurricular practices, including sports practices and conditioning. Board president Miller Hall cited the coronavirus pandemic’s social, emotional and academic effects on students. The board said it will discuss at its Aug. 11 meeting whether to waive the 2.0 requirement for the fall semester, including for games…

Also added into the final version of the policy is a requirement that, if selected, charters must take part in the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Often abbreviated NAEP, it’s the biggest nationally representative test of U.S. students, and its results are sometimes useful to researchers and can help with rough state-to-state educational comparisons.
Karl’s comment: CHARTER SCHOOLS ARE DECEPTIVE. The GPA is a farce, because of the low standards. As for the NAEP, see  the May 19 and June 14 items of West Virginia School News 2019 and “The Data is in the Details.”

WV Dept. of Education launches ‘I Got Vaxxed’ competition for state schools 7-12-21
Throughout West Virginia, one high school, one middle school and one elementary school will earn $5,000 for having the highest percentage of eligible persons vaccinated. This money will go toward student activities during the 2021-22 school year…The WVDE will work with counties and schools interested in coordinating vaccination clinics during the coming months. School open house programs and summer learning and engagement activities are excellent venues to host vaccine clinics. Karl’s comment: Putting aside the debate over the benefits versus risks of this vaccine, the fact is that there is no vaccine to protect the children from the lethal spiritual infections rampant in public schools.

Cabell County Schools launches full-time virtual learning option; enrollment open 7-2-21
Enrollment is open for the Cabell Virtual Learning Academy, a public-school program offering families an option for providing an education from home, according to a news release from Cabell County Schools. The program is open to students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Full-time Cabell Virtual Learning Academy students will be provided with live, online instruction by state-certified teachers, access to school counselors, special education services and more. The students will also be permitted to attend and participate in athletics in their school zone….The full-time option allows students to study completely from home while earning a diploma from either Cabell Midland High School or Huntington High School. Full-time students will still be required to participate in state-mandated assessments. Traditional home-school students may take courses through a part-time program. Karl’s comment: Although this proves that going to school on campus is not necessary, it is BAD news. Christian homeschooling parents will be tempted to allow their children to get the public school indoctrination.

$2.6 million to go toward outdoor classrooms for KanCo schools 6-7-21
The school board voted Monday to allocate $2.6 million in federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funds (ESSERF) to build outdoor classrooms… Williams says the classroom space will look different at each school, but the more than $2 million price tag will include the cost of the excavation and concrete to build them. For parents like Chuckie Kay, who has two elementary-aged boys at Belle Elementary, it’s welcome news. “My boys love it outside, I think it’s good because they would get more than just books, they would get hands-on stuff,” he said. Karl’s comment: Homeschooling is a lot better and much cheaper.

Kanawha County Schools to hold vaccination clinics for students 6-6-21
The vaccines will be available to students 12 and older who received their first dose on May 18, as well as students seeking their first dose. Karl’s comment: There is no vaccine for the mental and spiritual infections due to government education.

Lockdown at Hayes Middle School lifted, student charged 5-28-21
Kanawha County Schools announced Friday morning that Hayes Middle School was placed on a precautionary lockdown ‘while law enforcement investigated a situation on campus.’ School officials say the lockdown was due to reports from several students that a weapon was on campus. The school was searched. An airsoft bb gun was found, officials say. According to the St Albans Police Department, a juvenile was arrested and charged with disturbance of school. Karl’s comment: TICK, TICK, TICK.

'They are monsters,' parent of alleged abuse victim says after teacher, 2 aides arrested 5-26-21
A teacher and two aides at Horace Mann Middle School in Charleston have been criminally charged after a two-week long investigation into alleged battery on students in a special needs classroom at the school… The alleged incidents were captured on video surveillance… After reviewing video footage from inside the classroom, police said they determined Wilson pulled the child, identified as T.R, to her feet by both arms and led her over to the teachers’ aide desks before “forcefully” grabbing the girl and holding her in place while Pannell shook her several times by holding the back of her neck… Police said Wilson and Pannell were yelling at Taryn to say she was sorry for spitting on another teacher’s aide. When the student apologized, she was released from the hold and spanked by Pannell, according to the criminal complaint. Police said an aide could be heard stating, “She is a fool, sit your butt down.” Wilson and Pannell then allegedly grabbed the girl’s hand and swung her on to a bean bag chair on the floor where she almost hit her head on a cabinet. Police said Pannell then raised his hand, as if to slap the victim multiple times, which caused her to raise her hands in defense and “cower away” from him…
Branham can then be heard on the video saying, “Oh, she just spit on me” and then walks away to clean her hands, according to police. Police said Branham then went back up to the girl, told her that it wasn’t funny, and slapped her in the face multiple times with an open hand… The suit also said that Taryn was mocked and ridiculed by being told, “I’m not changing your diaper,” “You can just sit there,” “Someone will always take care of you,” “I can’t believe you are about to go to high school,” and “You’re not getting anything to eat today.” The suit also alleges that she was not taken to the restroom and was physically and verbally forced to sit on a bean bag chair for the entire day… On May 4, Nehemiah was taken to the emergency room because he was limping and having difficulty walking, according to the filing. Attorneys said the boy’s mother called the school and Wilson told her that he tripped and fell over a bean bag chair in the classroom. Video from the classroom that day allegedly showed Pannell forcefully pushing him onto the bean bag chair, causing his leg to twist and severely injuring his right knee.
Karl’s comment: This is terribly sad. However, all public school students are spiritually abused multiple times each week.

Victim drops charges against Raleigh County Teacher and boyfriend 5-20-21
The victim of a shooting drops the charges against a Raleigh County Teacher. Hilarie Pettry, a Raleigh County Teacher, was charged with accessory before the fact after she allegedly handed a gun to her boyfriend, Eric Baker. Baker was charged with Malicious Wounding after allegedly shooting Nathaniel Combs in the face after a fight… “Now is the time when you need to be giving them a good example, and this is just devastating,” said one Raleigh County parent, who wants to remain anonymous. This parent expressed concern about her daughter’s teacher, Hilarie Pettry…This Raleigh County Parent said her daughter is a seventh grader in Pettry’s class at Shady Spring Middle School. She heard about the shooting when her daughter came home from school, earlier this week. “My child came home from school and said that they were in the middle of a class and their teacher had received a phone call from a prepaid prison,” the concerned parent said. This mother said she has certain expectations for her children’s teachers. “As a parent, when you send your child to school, you are sending them to a school where you feel that your child is going to learn, and be nurtured by people that you hold to a higher standard.”… Now hearing all the details police said happened that day, she is worried about her daughter’s education. Karl’s comment: I bolded the parents statement. She (and all parents) should be worried about her daughter’s soul. Parents MUST rescue their children from public schools.

Students raise concern over what they say is an 'outdated' dress code for graduation 5-2-21
Parents and guardians recently received a letter from the school outlining rules and details about the Dots' upcoming graduation ceremony. The dress code requirements have some students worried and concerned about forcing old societal norms. The parent letter said girls must wear dresses or skirts, and it specifically said girls may not wear pants…One of the main reasons Davis wanted to start the petition, was to support her friend, Daniel. Daniel identifies as a transgender man, who said he didn't want to share his last name. Daniel said he would extremely uncomfortable wearing a dress…The students said they've heard positive feedback from teachers and other students about the petition…Davis said many girls in her senior class have said they would be willing to protest the dress code by wearing pants to graduation to support Daniel. Karl’s comment: “Daniel” is a female who claims to be a male and he does not want to be forced to wear a dress. This is normal in government schools. The year after I retired I was invited to speak at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting at a local high school. I stood in the hallway waiting for the lunch bell to ring. When the bell unleashed the students it didn’t take long for me to witness some eye-opening scenes. In a dim corner at the entrance to the auditorium a couple began to kiss passionately. Before I could see how far they would go (knowing full well that I was standing there watching) a boy came by wearing a dress. At first I thought (though it would have been a poor example of school disciplinary standards) that the guy was just a clown. Later the FCA leader told me that the boy was one of two bi-sexuals in the school that wore dresses.

WV among top states for percentage of 4-year-olds enrolled in state-funded pre-K 4-26-21
Charleston Gazette-mail 4-27-21. Pg. 1A
West Virginia provided state-funded pre-kindergarten last school year to a greater percentage of 4-year-olds than most states did, according to an institute at New Jersey’s Rutgers University that has ranked the state highly in the past. With 68% of 4-year-olds enrolled in the “universal” pre-K system, West Virginia ranked No. 6 in the nation, according to the National Institute for Early Education Research. “The shining light in our entire education system is our universal pre-K,” state schools Superintendent Clayton Burch said during a news conference with the institute. Karl’s comment: this is BAD and SAD news for Christians and conservatives. The enemy understands the battle front is for the hearts and minds of children. See “They (God Haters) Understand the Value of Education”.

Statewide standardized testing not required, officials encourage students to participate 4-19-21
The West Virginia Department of Education recently made the decision to move forward with the West Virginia General Summative Assessment testing for students in grades 3 through 8, after not being able to administer those tests last year because of the pandemic. This is a test that allows us to pinpoint the performance of each of our students in reading, writing, math and science," Jon Duffy, Kanawha County Schools director of counseling and testing, said. But some school staff are concerned about the testing being required for all students, even if they've been learning from home all year. Chelena McCoy is a counselor at Belle Elementary School. She said she's talked to many parents who aren't comfortable with sending their kids to school in person for testing…When asked if students would face consequences if they opted not to take the WVGSA, Duffy said this. "There will not be penalties for not testing," Duffy said. "Again, we realize the value that this state assessment provides. Given the pandemic, given the remote learning, it's pertinent that we obtain an assessment to find out where these students' skills are." Karl’s comment: Public school nationally normed test scores are so pathetic it is surprising that they want to do this. Be sure to see the reports of West Virginia public school test performance. Look for "report of West Virginia public school test performance" on individual year pages (not all pages have the data). Also, search for key words such as "tests" throughout these WV school news pages. See West Virginia test scores on the Nation’s Report Card .

Graduation rates improve in W.Va . 4-14-21
West Virginia’s graduation rate has improved. According to numbers from the West Virginia Department of Education, the rate was 92.07% for the 2019-20 school year. That is up from 91.40% for the 2018-19 school year.
Karl’s comment: Even with the dumbed-down academics and social promotions almost ten percent of students do not graduate. According to the WV Department of Education’s site (linked in the story) only 87.5% of Kanawha County students graduated. That means that over 12% did not graduate.

PCHS to add diversity and multi-cultural education 3-17-21
Karl’s comment: This entry (with two connected below) warrants insertion of my comments within the report. I have bold-fonted some of the text. The alarm was sounded in 1974! It had gotten worse in 2000! Now, we see the schools slide on down the slippery slope of sin.
The discussion about racism and foul language used in reading material provided to Pocahontas County High School students continued at the Pocahontas County Board of Education meeting March 9… In 1974, liberal parents and liberal organizations with nice sounding names defended the diabolical books of that era. In 2021 it is: Hillsboro resident Blair Campbell – a mother of two – expressed her support of all the county’s educators and said she wants to help the county provide diversity education for the teachers and students… From PROTESTER VOICES--The 1974 Textbook Tea Party: “On October 3, 1974 the pro-book Kanawha Coalition for Quality Education met. The Daily Mail reported some statements from that meeting that reveal the reasoning of liberals. A woman in attendance earnestly exaggerated the dangers she perceived for the future. ‘Today it’s the textbooks, next year it’s the lunches.’ Then, in a consummate display of upside down thinking, she said, ‘I’m terrified by the idea that Mr. Quigley and his people might choose what my children will read’.” (pg. 17) Echoing Campbell’s sentiment, Jenny Anderson, director of the Families Leading Change organization in Charleston, stated that she and her colleagues urge the board to allow teachers to use controversial materials, including the two books in question, in the curriculum. “We urge this board to underscore the importance of academic freedom and to encourage a diversity of the points by supporting the teacher’s choice to include this material in her class curriculum,” she said . “The board’s support is crucial. By supporting the selection of these books – as well as other selections that might spark thoughtful conversations around systemic racism – the board will help lift up Pocahontas County as both a leader and advocate of anti-racism and encourage other local school boards to support their educators’ decisions on what they see is appropriate to providing an equal and diverse educational experience.” Families Leading Change says: “West Virginia schools are hurting. Parents and community leaders are not as involved in public education as we used to be, and our schools have suffered for it.” Part of their allies are the AFT-WV and the WVEA teacher unions. ( They are right about the “hurting” part of WV schools. They are wrong if they think they can fix public schools. I cannot prove it (yet), but Families Leading Change almost certainly has liberal/leftist leanings.

President of the West Virginia NAACP Owens Brown also spoke about using the two books to educate students and commended the class and Mann for selecting them. “It is my understanding that the students selected this book,” he said. “I must commend them for having the foresight and the courage to explore the issues of racism in America. I know that the discussion of race makes older people – white and black – uncomfortable. It’s a discussion that is long overdue. There is no denying the fact that we, as a nation, have come a long way in acceptance of each other no matter what color we are, but the journey is not complete.” Brown referenced the civil rights movement of the 1960s and the Black Lives Matter movement of the past several years and said white young adults marched and participated in both to show support for their fellowman – black Americans…“They selected the book ‘The Hate U Give’ because they felt it was something they needed for their journey through life,” he continued. “Only through knowledge and understanding of the realities of people different from themselves will they be able to navigate the seas of life.”… Liberal “black” leaders supported the less obviously demonic books in 1974. From PROTESTER VOICES--The 1974 Textbook Tea Party: “The NAACP threatened legal action (as the pro-book Kanawha Coalition for Quality Education had done the previous week) unless the textbooks were reinstated. The board had removed the books from school sites as an attempt to neutralize the protest.” (pg. 15) As for his sad support for the book ‘The Hate U Give’, see below.

(A parent) said that several county policies were broken when the books were introduced in the classroom… Parent Susan Lane said she counted the curse words used in “The Hate U Give” and was upset with the amount of foul language in the book. “That book, ‘The Hate U Give,’ there are three hundred-fifty pages in the book,” she said. “The F-word – and yes, I’m censoring myself since someone in The Pocahontas Times wrote that I didn’t censor myself last time. Why should I? My fourteen year old daughter is being asked to read the F-word over ninety times. GD is in there more than twice. Lots of other expletives. “They talk about sex, drugs, going all the way, gangs, gang affiliation, gang shootings,” she continued. Children’s literature expert, Debbie DeGroff provided this profanity tally for “The Hate U Give” book: 92 f—k / 100 damn, including 8 G—Damn / 201 sh-t / 14 b-tch / 2 bastard / 94 hell “There’s a better way to teach loving and acceptance to our children. There is a way to teach character without cutting them down. These books – they teach discrimination against whites, against Christians, against males and females. If you are a male and you say you’re a male, in that book ‘This Book is Anti-Racist,’ you are wrong… That mother should rescue her child. She cannot fix her daughter’s school!

Board president Sue Hollandsworth asked the parents what their biggest concerns were and they agreed that they had a problem with their children being exposed to foul language and sexual content. They said they did not have a problem with diversity studies, but felt the English class was not the place for that…

(School principal) Riley stood behind the decision to allow the books to be studied and said that, while he understands why parents and community members may not agree, he feels the books are important for the students to read. From PROTESTER VOICES--The 1974 Textbook Tea Party: “One principal was quoted as saying that a teacher in his building feared teaching a biology section on the reproduction of mollusks.” (pg. 139) “Regarding the language and actions of the characters of ‘The Hate U Give,’” he said, “this is an acceptable curriculum for high school students. Our students read many books in literature classes where characters make morally questionable choices regarding things like lifestyles, drugs and alcohol, teenage sex, depression, suicide, destructive behavior, murder, lying and strong language. “This can also be seen in today’s movies, social media and songs,” he continued. “I think at PCHS, we know that just because students hear a song, play video games or, more importantly, read a book, they do not have those behaviors or beliefs. Our students can engage with strong content and they can discern between right and wrong. “I appreciate and respect community members,” he added. “But, as a result of my review in respect to Pocahontas County High School, I support the use of the curriculum by Mrs. Mann and the books ‘This Book is Anti-Racist’ and ‘The Hate U Give.’ I recommend the curriculum and reading the books be resumed by Mrs. Mann at the earliest convenience.”… That principal is pathetic. Liberals are the biggest book banners to ever exist. “(T)he supposedly highly principled American Civil Liberties Union apparently is in favor of banning books that don’t conform to the accepted views of at least one of its lawyers, a transgender man.” ( This year had plenty examples of book banning and it was not from Christians and conservaties.

Board member Sam Gibson said…I’m disappointed in is the rest of the lesson plan and the rest of the lesson to be learned here,” he added. “So far the only lesson that’s been taught is if you complain and jump up and down hard enough, you can get something stopped or you can bully somebody into altering course. I want to know what the rest of the plan is, and I’d like to move forward.” He was talking about the concerned parents who had only peacefully produced proof that the books were profane.

The following is previous report for the reader’s information. Below that is the county superintendent’s response.

Parents, students debate power of the written word 2-24-21
The books in question, the fiction novel “The Hate U Give,” by Angie Thomas and the non-fiction “This Book Is Anti-Racist: 20 Lessons on how to Wake Up, Take Action, and Do the Work,” by Tiffany Jewell were recently assigned to students in Samara Mann’s English class… Andy Friel said his concern was about who approved the use of the books in the English curriculum because one of them deals with police brutality and teen sexuality…“Those are the points that I want you all to consider,” he said. “In reading some of this book – the one book – it almost seems to me that it was sort of talking about the good feeling of being high and on drugs and different things. One section seemed to be saying how the summer party leads to winter babies, things like that. “I don’t think that should be something that’s in our curriculum,” he added… Several parents read excerpts from the two books, including passages which used foul language. All but one parent censored themselves in reading the passages .

“This is coming right out of the book,” John Burks said after reading a passage. “The point is, this book is full of sex, drugs, alcohol and plenty of f-bombs and all other cuss words”…Sharing in their concerns was Amanda Boggs, who said she believes it would be better for students to learn about certain subject matter – including sex and racism – at home. “I don’t feel like it’s the teacher’s responsibility to give that information for my daughter,” she said. “If I want to spend time with her on that, then I will on my own terms. “Just the sheer fact of all the cursing, all the violence, all the negative in both of these books, it’s not something that our children need right now,” she added. Boggs also addressed how Mann allegedly reacted when the parents spoke up about their concerns with the books. When the students were asked to return the books, Boggs said Mann acted poorly.

Along with those showing a dislike for the two books, there were several who defended the lesson and asked the board to allow the books to be used in the classroom… Riley added that the books are both nationally acclaimed award winning New York Times best sellers and are endorsed by the National Council of Teachers of English. Riley also agreed with Ray, saying the students need to be prepared for the world outside of Pocahontas County and learning about global issues like racism is helpful to them.

The Superintendent of Pocahontas County Schools published a long response on March 10. Here are some excerpts:

As you know, there has been quite a conversation concerning two books that were provided to a ninth grade honors class at Pocahontas County High School. These two books are “The Hate You Give” and “This Book is Anti-Racist.”… I have been particularly impressed by the communication that I have received from former students that agree that they were not properly prepared to deal with the diversity and racism issues that they faced after they left Pocahontas County, either to attend school or accept a job in a new location. I was also very moved to hear stories from students that shared their personal experiences while attending our schools and how they saw minority students mistreated by classmates. Multi-cultural education is a required curricular component that we have failed to give the proper attention to in our schools. Addressing diversity, racial and equity issues is a very important component of that part of any school’s curriculum. From PROTESTER VOICES--The 1974 Textbook Tea Party : “Multiculturalism and values clarification permeated the public school textbooks of West Virginia.” (pg. vi.) “Multi-cultural” education is a Trojan Horse to implement anti-God liberalism and indoctrinate children. Lynne Bostic, Ruth Bland and Stephanie Burns (our ELA coach) will be working to provide appropriate staff development this summer for all of our employees… We will form a committee of at least one teacher and one parent per school to discuss diversity, racism and equity instruction…

Parents want their children to respect their values and beliefs. We must respect the fact that some parents feel that these types of issues are ones that need to be taught at home. As a county superintendent, I understand that we have parents that either do not address these topics or feel uncomfortable doing so. Therefore, I support a teacher’s right to offer instruction on controversial topics. As to this particular situation, I have shared with the principal and teacher that I feel it would be best for all concerned to provide a list of books or writings for all parents to see prior to assigning them to students…I am not requiring this practice to occur for county and state adopted textbooks, however…I believe that the local schools should have the final word on their curriculum as long as it follows approved state standards and is vetted thoroughly by the teacher, department and administration.

We found out in 1974 and 2000 that the Board of Education will con the concerned citizens. There was no room for compromise in 1974 and there is no room now!

WV governor approves what advocates say is the nation’s broadest nonpublic school vouchers program 5-29-21
West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice on Saturday signed into law the bill that school-choice advocates say will implement the nation’s broadest nonpublic school vouchers program. Programs in other states are limited to low-income, special-needs or other subsets of students, or have caps on the number of recipients in general. But West Virginia’s program will be open to all K-12 students, including by offering public money to families who already don’t use the public school system. Effective beginning in the 2022-23 school year, families who withdraw their children from public schools can receive a currently estimated $4,600 per-student, per-year for private- and home-schooling expenses. Families also may receive the money for newly school-aged children whom they never want to go to public schools…Democrats raised concern about its effect on public schools, which have been losing students annually since 2012, dropping from about 282,300 children that year to 261,600 in fall 2019 and, after the coronavirus pandemic hit, 252,400 in fall 2020…State funding for public schools is largely based on enrollment, and children leaving them take that money with them to home- and private-schooling in the form of these vouchers… Parents could use these vouchers for a nearly unlimited list of educational expenses, including online education programs, tutoring, books and private schooling, whether religious or secular. The vast majority of West Virginia private schools are Christian, but the bill doesn’t prohibit using the money for out-of-state boarding schools or other private, out-of-state education providers…There are an estimated 22,300 private- and home-school students in West Virginia…Rejected several times were amendments to the legislation proposed by Democrats that would have kept vouchers from wealthier families. They also would have added provisions protecting LGBTQ students, students of different religions and disabled or special education students from being discriminated against, or outright excluded, by private education providers. Statements on most of the state’s largest Protestant private school websites describe homosexuality as a sin. Some schools bar gay students. Karl’s comment: This kind of help may be not so good. The loss of money for the government indoctrination centers is good. The 22,300 (est.) rescued children is very good. Liberals will try to stifle all efforts by parents to biblically educate their children.

Milton Middle School teacher scrutinized for in-class comments 3-19-21
A health teacher at Milton Middle School has caused a stir in the community after an audio recording surfaced of remarks she made in class pertaining to her personal beliefs and the Bible. Teacher Karen Ashworth's commentary, which continued for about three minutes, occurred during a lesson seemingly aimed toward the subject of abstinence but which took a turn to religion when she addressed topics such as sexual orientation and same-sex relationships to her students…She also said that she doesn’t “believe in” same-sex relationships when teaching students about hormonal changes during puberty. “The thing is you have to choose, what are you going to do with those feelings and thoughts? And if you’re brought up with morals and values, then God’s going to be there to help you make better decisions,” Ashworth said in the recording.

Morgan responded Tuesday to the audio recording provided by his daughter on his YouTube channel, TellTale, which includes several videos criticizing evangelical culture. In a profanity-laced video, Morgan said he didn't plan to make the information public yet, but made several threats to ruin Ashworth's career in the video, which had surpassed 80,000 views by Friday morning.

A public Facebook group called "Support an Excellent Cabell County Teacher" now has 1,600 members, and the group leader organized a protest at the bottom of the hill leading to the middle school, which happened early Friday morning. A Milton gas station changed their company sign in support of the teacher, adding the phrase "Team Ashworth" at the bottom of the message board.

Morgan reportedly contacted the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a nationwide nonprofit created to protect the constitutional principle of separation between church and state.
Karl’s comment: This is a great example of why Christians need to rescue their children!

Cabell School Board puts Barboursville Middle Principal on paid leave 3-16-21
Aside from approving a new location for Davis Creek Elementary School, it was a busy night Tuesday at the Cabell County Board of Education meeting. First, the board approved paid administrative leave for Barboursville Middle School Principal Brent Jarrell. Board member Dr. Carole Garrison tells us an investigation involving the principal is underway but cautions nothing should be inferred one way or another. Meanwhile, Garrison herself announced she’s stepping down at the end of the month after three years to spend more time with her family in Georgia. She said the board is hoping to attract candidates reflecting diversity. Karl’s comment: Hmmmmm. Eventually he was fired:

Justice signs bill reducing WV teacher certification requirements 3-10-21
Republican Gov. Jim Justice signed into law Wednesday legislation allowing people without education degrees to become public school teachers even if whatever degree they do have isn’t related to the subject area they plan to teach in…Data from the West Virginia Department of Education shows a lack of fully endorsed teachers. In one of the worst examples, there were 278 teachers this school year with at least one geometry class on their schedule, yet 29% were not fully endorsed to teach that subject for the grade level they were teaching…It allows the state schools superintendent to grant teaching certificates to anyone with a bachelor’s degree, as long as they pass a background check and complete the following two steps: Complete “pedagogical training or a pedagogical course or courses in substantive alignment with nationally recognized pedagogical standards, or approved or established by the state board [of Education]” Pass “the same subject matter and competency test or tests required by the state board for traditional program applicants.” Karl’s comment: This is more proof that the average parent, using technology, can be a successful homeschool teacher.

Dunlow Elementary students to attend in-person classes at Cabwaylingo State Forest 3-9-21
Students at Dunlow Elementary will have a new place to attend in-person classes while their school is being cleaned up after recent flooding. Governor Jim Justice said that Cabwaylingo State Forest will open its group camp facility so students can resume in-person instruction, beginning Monday, March 15th. The students will attend classes at the facility until the end of the school year on Thursday, June 10th… According to a news release, the camp's two large, barrack-style rooms will be used for classroom space. Karl’s comment: This is more proof that a classroom can be just about anywhere.

Gavin Cooper: WV should take sex ed seriously 2-27-21
Charleston Gazette-Mail, Pg. 5A
As a senior at Sissonville High School, I have experienced current sexual education, or lack thereof, in the state of West Virginia. House Bill 2157 — “Forbidding displays relating to sexuality in public school facilities and forbidding the teaching of sexuality in public schools”…is not only immoral, but an absolutely irresponsible response to the public health crisis that not only is already taking place in West Virginia. It also will create more such crises if this horrendous bill is passed.…According to data from the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, about 40% of teens in this state are sexually active, but only 57% of those teens are using condoms…Introducing a bill that would end the teaching of all-inclusive sexual education would further an issue that we are already seeing come into play in our great state. LGBT teens are four times more likely to commit suicide than their heterosexual counterparts. Inclusive sex education is very important to make sure LGBT teens can make safe, well-informed decisions that will help them avoid situations that could lead to trauma, that could, in turn, lead to poor mental health. Karl’s comment: This student is a prime product of the public schools. He quotes an evil organization, SIECUS which claims abstinence-only programs are "designed to control young people's sexual behavior by instilling fear, shame, and guilt." ( By “all-inclusive” he means LCBT warped sexual practices will be taught as normal. Parents should protect their precious children. For West Virginia, the data is indisputable regarding the dangers for government school children experiencing sexual abuse. You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex with students throughout the WV School news headlines. Be sure to see the May 11, 2015, June 1, 2008, October 17, 2005, and October 20, 1993 headlines!!!

‘Classrooms are safe’: West Virginia students to head back to class 2-23-21
The West Virginia State Board of Education voted unanimously to send Mountain State students back to the classroom full-time. The decision was influenced largely by Dr. Clay Marsh, West Virginia’s COVID-19 Czar, who called in to Tuesday’s meeting…“The pre-k-8 grade is safe to have 5 days a week from a medically scientific perspective,” he said…Our professionals have given a lot and we need to continue to work with them but we also need to get our students back in class because so many students are suffering irreparable harm,” said Tom Campbell, West Virginia School Board Vice President. Karl’s comment: I don’t know about the COVID-19 virus, but I guarantee the sin virus is there in full force. Just check out the next news item. Talk about “irreparable harm”!

Middle school unveils a different kind of vending machine for students 2-23-21
A different type of vending machine can now be found in Logan Middle School…The machine functions just like a regular vending machine; you take a special coin token, pop it in, and enter the row code…“The book is theirs. It’s not like a library, return in two weeks. The book is theirs which creates that ownership which creates that love for reading,” Atkinson says…“It might motivate new fifth grade students and up to start reading more.” Karl’s comment: The book featured on the WOWK-TV report* is George, by Alex Gino. The boy, known as Melissa and referred to as she/her in the book, is “a transgender girl who her family, and the rest of the world view as George. Melissa is in the fourth grade… The intended reader for George is eight to twelve years old…(The book) falls under the genres of children and LGBTQ+ literature.” (

Patrick Murphy: Failing students through social promotion 2-22-21
Charleston Gazette-Mail, Pg. 5A
State-mandated standardized testing determines student mastery of academic subjects — as measured “against” state Board of Education academic expectations — as well as students’ progress toward meeting academic subject mastery. When a student performs “below” state-expected academic mastery levels — based on state board standards — they are credited with academic “success” if demonstrating growth in mastering state-specified academic expectations. The student, however, might remain several grade levels below academic expectations the state demands for the next or succeeding grade level in which they are placed. Whether school officials ask or pressure teachers to promote students who are not on grade level to the next grade is a critical question. Educators allege that this occurs. If so, are students’ abilities to achieve authentic mastery of subject content compromised? Secondly, how many students have achieved “actual grade level attainment” upon graduation? Stated differently: Why do students performing at a second-grade level, based on the state’s testing programs, find themselves in a fifth-grade classrooms? Simple. Social promotion…

(A) U.S. armed forces recruiter saying GED-holders often demonstrate academic mastery more so than public school students. Another peer board member observed that academic honor rolls are comprised nearly of the entire student body. And parents systematically complain when college freshmen, including National Honor Society members, enroll in remedial classes… “The Nation At Risk,” a study released by the Reagan administration, has been a major factor, spawning 37 years of public education retooling. That’s partly understandable. The study concluded that U.S. public education system outputs were so deficient that national security could be compromised.

Patrick Murphy is a member of the Berkeley County Board of Education and president of the West Virginia School Board Association .
Karl’s comment: There you have it from an insider. Public schools are academic failures. See West Virginia text scores on the Nation’s Report Card.

Susan Johnson: Charter schools, vouchers will erode what unites us 2-17-21
Charleston Gazette-Mail 2-18-21, pg. 5A
(T)he American public school is where we learn to be Americans…It is in public school where our children learn the basics of civic government, science and history. (1) It is where they unlearn the prejudices and discriminations of their respective “tribes.” (2) …We all know that teacher who gave us this kind of education. The English teacher who required us to read the works of Langston Hughes, (3) as well as Robert Frost. Sandra Cisneros, (4) as well as Emily Dickinson. The science teacher who showed us that the earth is round. Who showed us how viruses replicate and how species evolve. (5) In public schools, the public decides the curriculum… (6)

In charter schools, a private board decides the curriculum. Same for private schools. One board might teach that the earth is flat…Many children are homeschooled using private instructional programs — some that are online — that are marketed for particular religious and political persuasions. For instance, one might teach that the Founding Fathers were white men and, therefore, only white men should be deciding things. The state — whose reason for funding education is to have an enlightened citizenry — will be spending our tax dollars on a mishmash of ideologies and alternate facts. (7) We have seen where this leads. In some Middle Eastern cultures, private schools called madrassas have been known to engage in religious and political indoctrination beginning at a very young age, even including combat training with military weapons. These are the people who brought down the twin towers of the World Trade Center. (8) Based on the rhetoric we are hearing from certain domestic terrorists, are we very far away from schools like that in America? Proud Boy Academy? Boogaloo Boot Camp?... (9) With West Virginia continuing its lurch toward more charter schools and broader vouchers, prepare for a further weakening of public schools and common curricula…If passed as is, the House education bill will make for a patchwork of educational experiences that will send our high school graduates out into the world already divided. (10)

Karl’s comment: I am not an advocate of vouchers or Charter Schools. That said, I will point out the lack of logic of the liberal writer. The numbered items following correspond to the numbers I placed in the summary of the column.

(1) The writer would probably be supportive of the far-left 1619 Project.
(2) That is code for removing the conservative and Christian values of the students.
(3) Langston Hughes's story "Blessed Assurance" deals with a father's anger over his son's effeminacy and "queerness". (
(4) Sandra Cisneros said, “We know spirits exist. We know as women, because we're especially attuned to this kind of knowledge, that spirits exist and have a presence in our lives. Some of us are gifted and can communicate with the spirit world.”
(5) Species changing within strict limits is scientific. Species “evolving” as taught in public schools is not!
(6) Not if the majority of the public is conservative and Christian.
(7) The only approved ideology is liberalism which is almost 100% alternate facts.
(8) In the writer’s irrational attempt to attack Christianity she blunder into an attack of Islam.
(9) The writer left out Antifa and other leftists groups.
(10) America is divided because of liberalism!

Berkeley County principal discusses impact of virtual lessons 2-11-21
Musselman High School Principal Holly Kleppner said in places like Berkeley County, which moved down to the orange category this week, high school students have barely been in the classroom this academic year. She told MetroNews affiliate WEPM/WCST some students have stopped reporting to online classes, and it will take years for students to make up the lost academic progress. Karl’s comment: Public school grades are a farce anyway.

Lawsuit accuses Cabell County Schools of failing to protect student from sexual abuse 1-24-21
The mother of a severely disabled Milton Middle School student has sued Cabell County Schools, claiming officials failed to protect her son from the aide accused of sexually abusing him…The school principal notified the Cabell County Sheriff’s Department after a teacher reported a Nov. 22, 2019, incident in which Curry is accused of the “forcible fondling” of the student as the boy sat on Curry’s lap. Authorities charged Curry three days later. Parents learned much later from prosecutors of an Oct. 15, 2019, incident in which a teacher witnessed Curry inappropriately touching the student while holding the child on his lap, according to the suit. Had parents been aware at the time of that incident, which was not documented by school personnel, the second might have been prevented, the suit says.   Karl’s comment: You can easily follow the thread of school personnel sex perversions throughout the WV School news headlines. Also see the comments on this issue on the main WV News  page and the June 1, 2008.

WV students honored for multicultural, anti-racism projects 1-22-21
Several Berkeley County students were recognized during the board of education’s recent meeting, each being presented to the board for their efforts in multicultural projects… The annual contest honors the life and legacy of King by encouraging the creativity of students across West Virginia on the topic of equality. The contest included essays, five-minute short films and music. Karl’s comment: Sadly, “multicultural” is code for the leftist agenda.

Grade recovery program aims to help students make up for failing grades in remote learning 1-21-21
At Spring Valley High School in Wayne County, administrators and staff have come up with a new grade recovery program. Like most schools, Spring Valley has always had a credit recovery programs, but because of the high volume of failing grades from this past semester, they knew they needed to expand the program. Now, students can get with their teachers to come up with a recovery plan to target the specific areas they struggled in the most. The teacher will then give them targeted assignments to complete in order to receive a passing grade… “We had a dramatic increase in failures, failing grades," Hayes said. "I don’t know that one-third is representative of Spring Valley High School but it certainly was higher than what we typically see in a normal, non-pandemic school year.” Karl’s comment: This is just another way to conparents into thinking their child(ren) is/are being educated.

Teachers unions file suit, while state board pushes for all counties to return to classrooms 1-20-21
Two West Virginia teachers unions filed separate lawsuits over the state’s return-to-classrooms mandate today, while the state school board weighed possible actions against counties not already in compliance. It’s a push-and-pull on the state’s education system, up against the imposing backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic… WVEA named the state board along with Monongalia and Kanawha counties in the lawsuit that demands school employees have the choice to work remotely until all have opportunities to be vaccinated. American Federation of Teachers-West Virginia seeks a temporary restraining order and/or injunctive relief to halt in-person teaching in Kanawha County until all education employees have the opportunity for a second vaccine dose. Karl’s comment: As a former teacher union member I know that the unions have a lot of power and the union’s concern is not for children.

WV gets $339 million for schools 1-13-21
The U.S. Department of Education is sending $339 million as part of a COVID-19 relief package to help West Virginia schools respond to the pandemic…The education of our youth is a crucial aspect to the future success of West Virginia. Karl’s comment: You can clearly hear the $$$ toilet flush.

Multiple counties will continue with remote instruction 1-12-21
Multiple education governing bodies will continue with having virtual lessons as the coronavirus pandemic continues… When the period ends, the school system will have three options for learning: virtual lessons through the school system, virtual lessons through the state or a hybrid model of in-person and online classes. Karl’s comment: Homeschoolers have had flexibility for decades.

School District Superintendent In Red County Moves To Fire Teachers Who Attended Rally In DC 1-10-21
About 30 teachers who attended the rally in DC last week are being ordered to report to a meeting where they may be fired. Thirty teachers in Jefferson County, West Virginia attended the rally at the Capitol in Washington DC are being threatened with termination. Jefferson County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bondy Shay Gibson sent a letter to the teachers and are ordered to report to a meeting on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, where disciplinary action, including termination, will be discussed. The teachers were encouraged to bring a representative with them and have been barred from Jefferson County School’s property. Karl’s comment: I cannot make this stuff up!

It's time to eliminate the Electoral College 1-9-21
Our country prides itself on progress — on innovating and adapting to the future, and on throwing out that which is outdated and obsolete. We accept that some things we did were stupid, or wrong, or in some cases morally bankrupt, but we’ve always tried to move past them. And, I believe it’s time to do that again. It’s time to do away with that most prehistoric of institutions — the Electoral College. Not because it doesn’t make sense, and not because it is dated, but because it actually has done serious damage, and continues to do serious damage, to everything the United States stands for. Karl’s comment: The author is currently in high school and is a product of liberalism indoctrination in a public school. “Changes to a system that has successfully helped preserve American unity and the existence of freedom would be dangerous… By examining the Electoral College in its constitutional as well as its political context this study finds that the Electoral College, rather than subverting democracy, preserves it in ways that are both enduring and significant… the Electoral College has an important function: it transforms elections from one national election into 51 local elections… Thus, the electoral college protects the voting system from potentially systemic federal corruption by dispersing it across the states.” ( For in depth details see

Teachers protest outside Cabell County Board of Education meeting 1-6-21
Tuesday evening, nearly a dozen teachers with signs stood outside the Cabell County school board office during their meeting. The teachers say returning to classrooms five days a week while COVID-19 case numbers are as high as they’ve ever been is too dangerous…Parent Keisha Crookshanks, who lives in Culloden and has three kids in school, spoke by telephone at the meeting. She said now is the time for kids to return to a sense of normalcy…She says parents stood by teachers during their strikes, and now is the time for them to return the favor. “There is risk in everything,” Crookshanks said. Karl’s comment: Sadly, far too many parents risk the spiritual health of their precious children by exposing them to the demonic virus that has infected government education.