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Can I be of help to your Christian school or homeschool group? There are at least three ways. Please call me at 304-769-0217.

1. Invite me to speak to any size group. The goal is to strengthen those who have rescued their children and to encourage others to join the exodus out of government schools.

2. I appear in the award winning documentary IndoctriNation and I will be happy to screen a viewing for your church or group.

3. I offer special fund raising prices on my book Protester Voices—the 1974 Textbook Tea Party. Also, I can coordinate guest appearances with some of the icons of the event described in the book.

4. I am not bragging, but I have the “papers” that impress the powers-that-be. Perhaps I can assist you with the bureaucracy.



Bachelor’s with a major in elementary education (1-8) with a math concentration

Master’s in Education Administration

Over sixty hours beyond the Master’s degree

Specialist Qualifications:

Math 1-9

Reading K-12

Professional Administrative Certification:

Supervising Teacher (for student teachers)

Administrator middle/junior high/senior high (5-12)
Supervisor of General Instruction (K-12)
Superintendent (K-12)

Vocational Administrator (5-Adult)


Taught 31 years in Kanawha County mostly as a math specialist and a junior high/middle school math teacher. Taught regular classrooms in grades 4-6. Taught students from 1-9. Substituted for two years in a variety of levels and subjects.

Principal for three years at Walton Elementary (K-6) in Roane County.

Principal/Teacher for one year at Fair Haven Christian School.

Total experience as a professional educator is over 35 years.

 Christian Education Renewal Team (CERT)

Like a SEAL Team the CERTs get the job done.

NOTICE: I am compiling a pool of people (including retired teachers) who are Christians and who want to devote some of their time and talent to the work of the Lord. These teachers would serve as volunteers (home missionaries) to serve as substitutes in Christian schools or as tutors or special class (advanced math, science, special needs, etc.) for Christian schools or homeschool co-op groups. If you know of such a person, please put them in contact with me and I will serve as the contact between them and schools or parents in need.

Two Examples:

Anita has substituted at Fair Haven Christian School.  She does not have a teaching certificate but has certification in service fields and much experience running her own businesses. She is knowledgeable about fund raising. She has homeschooled since 2001. She will travel about 50 miles from the Campbells Creek area.

Yvonne is a retired teacher with certification in elementary education and Spanish. She currently works at a Christian School, but is off on Fridays. She wants to stay close to Van, WV.

The Fields are ready for Harvest

Home and Christian school families should prayerfully consider becoming evangelistic about rescuing children. The mere children that receive Christian education the better society and America will be. Also, there is political strength in numbers. Most importantly, it is analogous to becoming a born again Christian and not trying to share the Gospel with the lost. This is a missionary field of great need and worthiness! “Look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.” (John 4:35, in part).

See: Why Christian Education Is Important.