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PROTESTER VOICES-- The 1974 Textbook Tea Party


A church, homeschool group, or Christian school may order the book Protester Voices in quantity (increments of 32 which fill a box) for fund raising or donor gifting purposes.

At the listed price of $14.95 per book, 32 books would ordinarily cost $478.40.

The special price for a case of books, for a homeschool group or Christian school, is $15.00 (less than 50 cents per book). USPS shipping is approximately $25.00 (depending on location of addressee). So, 30 specially priced copies of Protester Voices (including shipping) will be about $4o.00. The organization can make over $450.00 by selling 32 books at the cover price. If the group can pick up the order in the Cross Lanes, West Virginia area, there is no postage.

If the books are gifts to donors, using a minimum gift of $25 as an example, thirty-two donors would mean your funds would would be about $760. (32 x $25 = $800 - $40 = $760)

I can coordinate guest appearances with some of the icons of the major historical event, described in the book, at a special program for your group.

To discuss this special offer, send an email to

A free copy will be provided to any Christian who cannot afford to purchase it.