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Joseph Mastropaolo

Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo

(Updated 8-17-17)


Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo is a good friend, brother in Christ, and a great creationist. He has impeccable integrity, a spine of steel and humongous humility (pun intended). In another age, Dr. Mastropaolo would have truly been “Sir Joseph” Knight of the Order of Truth and Honor.

He coined a motto which every creationist should take to heart: "Apply every pressure, take every measure, challenge every equivocation, set up every confrontation, shout it from the housetops, hammer while the iron is hot."

Dr. Mastropaolo has a B.S., M.S., Ph.D. in kinesiology and a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in human physiology. As Aerospace Physiologist for Douglas Space Systems, he published two monographs on life in space, one for humans and one for experimental animals. He taught biomechanics and physiology at California State University, Long Beach for 26 years and was the physiologist for the Gossamer Condor* and Albatross human powered flight projects which earned a medal in physiology from the Royal Aeronautical Society for the Kremer cross channel challenge. He presently teaches comparative physiology for the Institute for Creation Research.

One of his publications which I highly recommend is Biology for the 21st Century and the Life Science Prize Tested Devolution, Evolution, and Genesis, 2005, 28 pp.

Biology for the 21st Century

His book, Biology for the 21st Century, is based on objective, valid, reliable, and calibrated observational and experimental evidence that any researcher may confirm. The U.S. Census Bureau historical estimates indicated an original human couple several thousand years ago.

Observational and DNA evidence indicated that they were fully human whereas the ape-man and chemical-to-human alternatives were based on frauds and forgeries. Furthermore, medically verified, ever increasing human mutations confirmed universal devolution, eliminated ape-men and evolution, and inferred a worldwide flood.

The age of the Earth by direct, historical records was found reliable at 6,800 ± 850 years old whereas confidence limits found the 19th century indirect methods unreliable. The 20th century radioisotope indirect methods were found significantly biased, invalid, unreliable, uncalibrated, and if calibrated still entirely unreliable, invalid, and useless for any estimate for the age of the Earth. The only scientifically responsible conclusion was that the Earth is 6,800 = ± 850 years old.

The laws of engineering confirmed the design of each life form and the entire biosphere for interdependence and survival endurance as confirmed by Biology for the 21st Century. Each life form exhibits genetic reserves for dynamic survival in fixed, manifested, and latent overlapping niches in a biosphere of vast variation. The vast variation and the latent unmanifested individual and population dynamic genetic reserves are proof positive of mega-engineering that evolution could never provide.


Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo continued his original work with the publication of Originality throughout the Universe—Classical Science Laws for Life on Earth. Mastropaolo, ignored and sometimes maligned by leading creationists/Intelligent Design proponents is feared far and wide by evolutionists including some of the top names of that group of (as Mastropaolo calls them) anti-scientists.

Love him or loathe him, everyone can agree that Dr, Mastropaolo is an original thinker. From his Life Science Challenge to his rejection of evolutionism’s only hope, natural selection, Mastropaolo has used biology versus evolution to force an honest thinker to conclude that there is a “mega-engineer” behind all of creation. In doing this he has generated some of the greatest phrases ever written by a creation scientist. Now, Mastropaolo has done it again with his latest book.

Originality uses the mathematics of probability (explained in a way that the non-mathematician can easily understand) to demonstrate why everything in the universe, from stars to sand—EVERYTHING—is unique. All planets and all protozoa are originals. You name it—it is an ORIGINAL.

The Life Science Prize

The Life Science Prize is proof that evolution is an inverted-fantasy religion based on vitalism superstitions 2,500 years old completely outside the realm of science, the exact opposite of reality, and taught exclusively by frauds, forgeries, brass and bluff in the public schools in violation of the state Education Codes and the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Whereas, Genesis read literally is scientifically tenable and devolution (the exact opposite and excluder of evolution) is a universal law.

The Life Science Prize has created panic among the extremist evolutionists.

At least three major atheist/evolutionist websites have attempted to rebut the Life Science Prize challenge.

Evolutionists, like the world renowned aggressive, anti-Christian, atheist Dr. Richard Dawkins, are stymied by the Life Science Prize. When Dr. Dawkins was challenged he exchanged some arrogant emails with Dr. Mastropaolo and me. Then he published a piece about the Life Science Prize in an atheist magazine to alibi why he dodged the challenge and was placed on the DEBATE DODGER list. The supposedly open-minded publication refused to publish our response.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (life) threatened to file a lawsuit against Dr. Mastropaolo. Dr. Mastropaolo advised this “brass and bluff” evolutionists to save his legal fees and use them to accept the Life Science Prize challenge. We heard nothing more from this true believer and he remains on the DEBATE DODGER list.

Another prominent evolutionist, a full-time scientific researcher at the University of Kentucky, was so upset at being exposed that he filed a complaint with the State Attorney General which wasted the time of a State Trooper coming to my house. That evolutionist is still on the DEBATE DODGER list.

Dr. Mastropaolo and I only challenge those who are Propaganda Essayists. We expose, via the DEBATE DODGER list, evolutionists who feel comfortable proclaiming the validly of evolutionism when they can hide behind a newspaper, magazine, or journal article.

The Life Science Prize challenge has proven that evolutionists are bluffing when they say their beliefs are scientific.  Be sure to look at the amazing list of individual evolutionists and evolutionist organizations that refuse the Life Science Prize challenge. The list is located at Life Science Challenge.

Literal Genesis Trial

In response to professing Christians who compromise by embracing Old Earth Theology or advocating Theistic Evolutionism, Dr. Mastropaolo developed the Literal Genesis Trial just before Easter 2013. It created a stir worldwide with articles in the Guardian, USAToday, Huffington Post, World Net Daily, Yahoo News, Business Insider, Forbes, Christian Post, Washington Times, MSN, The Blaze, and many other media outlets as well as several atheist blogs. This contest was similar to the Life Science Prize with the following key differences:

>If the non-literal Genesis advocate proves that science contradicts the literal reading of Genesis, then the non-literal Genesis advocate is awarded the $20,000.

>If the literal Genesis advocate proves that science indicates the literal reading of Genesis, then the literal Genesis advocate is awarded the $20,000.

Dr. Mastropaolo was inundated by bluffers as was expected, but the publicity brought forth some possible prospects. As events unfold they will be reported.

See below for links to news reports of this challenge to evolutionism.

Is Creation Science?

While creationists, their good intentions notwithstanding, continue to engage in the endless discussions with evolutionists (even claiming evolutionist concepts such as micro-evolution and even natural selection are valid, Dr. Mastropaolo continues to blaze the trai for exposing evolutionism as antiscience. Dr. Mastropaolo has a description of a model that creationists should utilize to squelch any claims that creation is not science. He calls the concept “The Verifiable Omnipresent Omnisciently Original Creation Model.”

Evolution Is Religion--Not Science.

*Dr. Mastropaolo and the Gossamer Manpowered Aircraft

"If it had been high tide, I think he wouldn't have made it, because he would have had to go an extra hundred meters to reach the shore. It was that close. He had worked for the last several months before the flight with a full-time exercise physiologist -- Professor Joe Mastropaolo, who helped him train to build up his stamina. He was a good bicyclist, but he hadn't been doing Olympic training. He worked at it very hard, and Mastropaolo, I think, gave him the real spirit, the attitude that you just don't quit. It doesn't matter how impossible, how painful. If you are conscious, you are still pedaling. Somehow this sunk into Brian. What he did is beyond reasonable human stamina. I've never seen anything like it. So, another day of great relief. This pressure was over. We were pretty sure we would succeed some time, but to have it work the first time was remarkable."
(Paul MacCready)

One of his scientific papers is An objective ancestry test for fossil bones.

For video of some of the battles Dr. Mastropaolo helped me fight, including one video of him speaking to the Board of Education, “See for Yourself”.

For some wonderful examples of the statements made by Dr. Mastropaolo see “Joe’s Gems.”

See Dr. Mastropaolo defeat a True Believer in Evolutionism (TBE) professor in a classic (2001) debate.




News reports of the Literal Genesis Trial challenge to evolutionism: -$10000-on-contest-between-bible-and-evolution-march-29