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Other Plans

Monkey Mythology is laughable and should not be taught in the public schools because it is "an inverted-fantasy religion taught in the public schools in violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Evolutionists have no evidence, not Star Wars, not swords, not pitchforks, not pointed shoes, nothing!" (Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo)   

After years of trying to reason with public officials Richard Aliff and I are directly encouraging parents and students to "Just Say No" to evolutionism indoctrination.  A student can provide a debate challenge to any teacher who tries to cram evolutionism down the student's throat.  Dr. Charles Jackson will debate any group of college professors and/or public school teachers.  A jury of uncommitted high school students will decide the winner.   

Richard served two tours in Viet Nam and was a "knock out" champion in the Golden Gloves. [Note: I was knocked out (not by Richard) in the Golden Gloves.] Both of us say that "Evolutionism is down for the count".  Evolutionism came out with bare knuckles and science threw one punch with a 16-ounce glove of reality and the fight was over. The public (due to immense propaganda) is unaware and needs to be told evolutionism is on the mat knocked out cold. 

During a two month span we appeared at ten sites along the Kanawha Valley (WV) and several days (one hour each time) at the Trace Fork entrance to the Corridor G mall.  The reactions were highly positive with a few evolutionists flashing their IQ's at us. On one hot day a beautiful lady stopped her car and came across two lanes of traffic to give each of us a cold bottle of Gatorade.  One bicyclists passed by yelling "It's the truth" over and over.  It was reminiscent of the Little Engine That Could except evolutionism can't. 

Our monkey assistants are "Nanner" and "Bro" who started out waving bananas, but soon decided to show off their Ph. D. degrees.  Look on line for "inflatable monkeys". You can easily get printed the "EVOLUTION IS A LIE" bumper stickers and T-shirts.   

Get more information about the "EVOLUTION IS A LIE" campaign.   

(The guy in the ape mask is me at the Board of Education hearing for the Evolution Resolution.  I just put it in here as a surprise for anyone who decided to view this page.  A similar photo appeared in the national publication Education Week (12 January 2000). (Click on each picture for a larger image)