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Something Good Will Happen

By Karl Priest March 27, 2019 (updated 4-16-19)

Something good happened.

I have three small email lists. One gets education posts, another gets evolutionism posts, and the third gets everything. On Sunday I made a post to the “everything” group that included a link to a song "I Just Feel like Something Good is about to Happen" IYC 2015 Choir. (Watch it and be blessed!)

As I made the post the natural man, or the Evil One, sent a thought across my mind that it was sort of stupid to send that link when I knew the next day I was going to undergo a Radical Robotic Prostatectomy. (More about that is below.)

Once after I umpired a high school baseball game a player’s father came up to me and told me that when I played on our college baseball team my witness for Christ had a profound effect on him and he is now saved. I am not bragging. The point is that we may never know, in this temporal life, what effect we have for Christ. I met a lot of folks with whom I would not likely have ever crossed paths. Here are the good things that happened while I spent a little over two days (March 25-27, 2019 in Thomas Memorial Hospital.

There was “R”, a Christian nurse who was thinking about transferring to a different unit in the hospital. That unit is the one Melody retired from. We all agreed that God had brought us together because she answered a lot of his questions. There was “T” a nurse who had Christian homeschooled his children and one, his son, is now a prodigal. We were able to comfort him because we know how “T” feels. “S” was another nurse who happened to be a Christian ex-Marine who did a lot of sea duty. Besides the sea stories we had good fellowship (we were aligned on evolutionism and Climate Change) and discovered that he knows a former Textbook Protester. I will take a copy of Protester Voices—The 1974 Textbook Tea Party to “S” to give to his friend. Another book will go to a case manager whose husband was in the Protest! She was blessed to find out the book exists. Another nurse (“C”) was an Army vet and took one of my cards (see below) after we chatted about military service. I do not know if he is a Christian. There was a volunteer Chaplain who was a conservative Methodist. He had heard of my Insect Presentation and wanted to talk about it. His grandson attends the same Christian school as my grandson!

Then there was another “T” who was an aide. Her 17-year-old daughter was killed, a little less than two years ago, in an ATV accident due to her drunken boyfriend. This “T” was a Christian who was hurting and angry. All Melody and I could do was to offer words of comfort.

We found out that one of Melody’s former colleagues (another “S”) has a son with cystic fibrosis. He was close to getting a lung transplant, but when he turned eighteen, he was moved down the list. “S,” suffering from severe heart and lung issues herself, was staying in Cleveland with him when she fell and broke her hip. She is now in another hospital in Cleveland. Her husband posted that he was “staying focused on my Savior. His Grace has been bestowed on my family…Never take the good things in your life for granted.”


Paul had the “problem” all Born Again Believers should have. In Philippians 1:21-23 he described how he wants to go be with Christ, yet he knows he has work to do, for Christ, on earth.

Next week I get an x-ray to determine how the surgery healing is progressing. I still await, trusting God, for the results of the pathology report. Good or bad, the report will not change this report. My appointed time to depart will come (Hebrews 9:27)—and so will yours. See “Counting to the Appointment”.

God must have had me “stumble” on to that song, featuring the little ones (Matthew 18:6, because rescuing children is what we need to focus on (Matthew 28:19-20).

As I stood in the garage at 5:15 AM Monday the 25th I looked at the crates of material I use to share with children the wonders of God’s creation of the creeping things (insects). I was filled with gratitude for the opportunities God gave for me to share those facts with children. I lifted my hands and thanked God and told Him I rededicating the ministry over to Him.

The "I will pray for yous" and "Is there anything I can dos?" from friends and relatives were blessings.  One homeschool leader friend even brought over homemade chicken noodle soup and homemade cookies the day before surgery.  We had those when we came home.  Our daughter blessed us by preparing a complete meat loaf meal the day before surgery.  I know I am not objective on the following, but the pictures colored and cards prepared by our grandchildren (Mason and McKenna) were a great comfort displayed on the wall across from the hospital bed.

Something good will always happen to you because God’s unfailing Word says, “ And we know that  all  things  work  together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)


More About The Surgery

The first night was almost totally sleepless. There were frequent staff visits for administering meds, draining of the bags, drawing of blood, and checking vitals.

Besides the five abdominal incisions, there was an IV in each hand, a catheter (which will be there for another week), two things wrapped around my lower legs that pumped up pressure every few seconds, and the wound drain tube (which had been inserted perpendicularly inside my upper abdomen) and attached to a bag on my right side.

I still have a lot of abdominal pain due to bloating from not being able to pass the air and feces. If all goes well, I have about six weeks of mending.

I thank God I have a personal nurse, my God given help meet, Melody. This surgery is a prime example of real science (not evolutionism) being used to help humans who are suffering from the effects of this sin cursed world.



Added 4-2-19

Thank you, Jesus! The cystogram results were good!! Better yet, the pathology report came back with no signs of cancer!!! Thank you, Jesus!!!!

I will have light duty for at least four weeks and have to learn to control my bladder.

Added 4-9-19

Still weak (a couple of days very much so) and often have a low-grade fever. The underwear inserts are a necessary nuisance. Stupidly pushed myself and pulled a muscle that caused penetrating pain, at a spot on the top of my right shoulder and another spot on my left side, with every breath for a few days.

I am trusting the Designer to guide the healing process.

Added 4-16-19

The doc says to stay on light duty for three more weeks.

Rarely make it two hours at sleep at night and lie flat on back 99% of the night, but each day is better.

Like a great Brother-in-Christ said, “As long as one neuron is firing I will keep fighting.”