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By Karl Priest July 27, 2013

Suffering from severe laryngitis you have no weapon, are without a cellphone or other mechanical/electronic object, and are being pursued by an armed homicidal madman (insane woman for you who are liberals) down the stairs of a building. His footsteps are easily heard indicating he is only a few flights behind you. You burst out of a door that shuts and locks behind you. Now you are in the center of a totally empty narrow alley that has no windows or other doors within your reach. The only options are for you to flee to your right or left to exit safely to one of two streets.

Standing near the street and blocking each exit is a figure that you can plainly see. In each scenario, which way to you turn—right or left? The figures, all of whom are bigger than you, are described under the exit they are blocking. They begin walking swiftly toward you.

1. RIGHT White male dressed casually LEFT White male skin head

2. RIGHT Black male dressed casually LEFT Black male in Black Panther outfit

3. RIGHT White male dressed casually LEFT Black man dressed casually

4. RIGHT Black male policeman LEFT Black male rapper

Variations of the above and other combinations can be made, but the conclusion would remain that you are going to choose the direction where you think you have the best chance of survival. That is logical and nothing of which to be ashamed. Your reactions are not based upon personal prejudices, but rather upon objective observations mainly from reliable media reports. Also, anecdotal incidents have been relayed to you from trusted acquaintances. I think black and white folks would likely make similar choices.

Interesting choices can be set up, such as a white male holding a Bible vs. a white male holding a Koran. How about placing a female on one side and male on the other or, a bleeding heterosexual and a bleeding homosexual on opposite ends?

Simple research reveals which race commits the most crime, which lifestyle is a danger to others, and which religion is the most violent. But this article is about race–specifically “black” and “white”.

In junior high school one of my two best friends was black. When the buses were on strike, my father rode to work with a black co-worker who owned a car. My favorite teacher, who gets credit for my love of math, was black. As an 18-year-old I got into serious trouble helping a black guy fight two white punks. The first church my new bride and I attended was black. Later I drove a church bus that picked up kids from a black neighborhood. I coached a boys’ basketball team that had only one white player. After 34 years teaching, the top student and colleague I knew are both black. I voted for Alan Keyes for president long before Obama ran for that office. I could go on. To me, these were just fellow human beings and I list them only because of the constant cries of racism against conservative Christians.

Some of the most wonderful folks I know are of African descent. Many black folks deserve the highest respect of any human beings. I also know some of that skin pigmentation who are evil. That goes for whites also. I simply know very few of other pigmentations, but I know it would be the same. Some would be admirable and others despicable.

Socio-economic excuses only go so far.* Some of the boys in my neighborhood, despite terrible home situations, grew up to be successful men. Others did not. Of the former, one became a successful veterinarian and another (who was black) became a preacher. The latter included those who served prison terms and one who died an early violent death.

Racism is not a simple “black and white” matter. A study ( of why the Civil War was fought (not to mention the thousands of whites who died) makes that clear. CNN reports that Abraham Lincoln used the N-word and told racist jokes. He once said African-Americans were inferior to whites. He proposed ending slavery by shipping willing slaves back to Africa… The most well known condemnation of slavery during the Lincoln’s time was Uncle Tom’s Cabin from the pen of Harriet Beecher Stowe, the daughter of a Presbyterian minister… The abolitionists “were motivated by Christian idealism, but it was no match for the power of money…” The South wasn't the only region that profited off the slave trade. Abolitionists faced some of their most vicious opposition in the North. New York City, for example, was a pro-slavery town because it was filled with bankers and cotton merchants who benefited from slavery…merchants who benefited from slavery… “Jim Crow laws did not originate in the South; they originated in the North”… White supremacy was so ingrained in early America (probably due to Darwin’s teaching—Karl) that very few escaped its taint, even the most noble…. In senatorial debates with Stephen Douglas in 1858 when Lincoln said, "There is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. There must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race."

Regarding the Civil War, some black racists may not like the truth about Confederate General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson who was revered by many black folks. Jackson broke the law by teaching a slave to read.

It looks like Lincoln “freed the slaves” because the North was losing the war. “The Confederate Army had the advantage of better trained military leadership. It was nearly unstoppable, twice winning battles at Bull Run, Virginia, just 20 miles from Washington, D.C. Union troops had fled in panic to the fortifications of the U.S. Capitol. The tide of the war did not to turn until Lincoln seized the moral high ground by recasting the war as an effort to end slavery. He did this by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. This caused European support for the Confederacy to quickly evaporate, as no country wanted to be accused of supporting slavery.” (

There are other historical incidents that complicate the issue such as the fact that black men were involved in the terrible Emmett Till murder and it was not just blacks and liberal Jews who were outraged. I wonder how many black students have studied what William Wilberforce did for their ancestors.

Whether it is due to bigotry or just a bum deal, red, yellow, brown, black, and white folks have all suffered from other colors and their own. If everyone in a country had the same skin shade there would be something (perhaps height) that would cause discrimination. Dr. Suess made that point in “The Sneetches”.

To my “African-American” friends: Some of you had ancestors that had it very rough. Some of you have had it tough. Get over it. I know about hard-times. I don’t call myself an “English-American” because my ancestor came from England. By the way, he came over as a prisoner (perhaps in chains) to work (probably alongside African slaves) on a sugar plantation in Barbados. Some of the most prejudiced people I have known are blacks and powerful racist blacks hold/held prominent positions in America. Black racists are not rare.

The motivation for this article came from Barack Hussein Obama stirring up racial strife in a speech regarding the sad shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Obama used that incident to make a big deal out of what he perceived as racism in America. Among his list of personal experiences, Obama claimed that he walked across the street and someone locked their car door. (1)

I doubt if he knows what it is like to be black in America as much as me because I grew up with black kids, some not as poor as I was. Obama was raised by his middle-class white mother and grandparents. The first schools he attended were Muslim and Catholic in Indonesia. Starting in the 5th grade he attended a prestigious private Punahou Academy in Hawaii. He eventually went to the upscale Ivy League Harvard University. (2)

Why is Obama considered “black”? Is it because his skin is of darker pigmentation than the average white person? The National Association of Black Social Workers wants children born to black and white parents to be called “black” because “in the eyes of American society, a biracial child is black.” (3)

At one time humans were classified by their number of black ancestors. The term “mulatto” (now it is politically correct to use “mixed” or “biracial”) is well known as describing a person who is 1/2 black, but at one time terms such as quadroon (1/4 black) and octoroon (1/8 black) were used. U.S. government guidelines for determining race have been in flux for several years, but in 1989 a child’s race was determined by the race of the mother. In 1994 the federal Office of Management and Budget issued a statement that “the category which most closely reflects the individual’s recognition in his community should be used for purposes of reporting on persons who are of mixed racial and/or ethnic origins." (4) Since it is genetically possible for the child of a mixed couple to be lily white or dark black can those on either end of the color spectrum identify as either white or black?

Obama has the right to identify himself as “black,” but is he black because of his facial configuration, or the degree of dark pigmentation in his skin, or how he was raised (Steve Martin’s movie, The Jerk, made a hilarious commentary about that subject.), or how he wants to identify himself for his personal benefit? Would black folks and white liberals idolize Obama if he called himself “white”?

Are those who voted for Obama, simply because he claims to be black, racists?

If racists like Obama want dialogue, let’s delve deeply into taboo subjects. As long as any group gets preferential treatment individuals (no matter how talented) will never be considered to have earned what they attain. An academic “Case Against Affirmative Action” accurately points out that there is a difference between promoting equal opportunity and “preferential treatment, discriminating in favor of members of under-represented groups, which have been treated unjustly in the past, against innocent people”. (5) How about Affirmative Action in the NBA? If there is any real dialogue about racism let’s include the The Color of Crime. Let’s look closely at predominately black neighborhoods across America. Someone tell me what good it has done for blacks to riot and destroy their neighborhoods. Someone show me similar behavior from white or yellow people that had grievances or poor treatment.

The term “Black Pride” originated in the 1970s. It referred to having pride in being a black person. (6) I propose that Black Pride” focus on clean, and safe areas where blacks live--places where anyone of any color feels safe walking the streets at night. Black families should strive to produce mannerly, honest, and productive citizens. (White folks sure do not set a good example in that regard thanks to divorce and government schools.) I would love to hear more black leaders take stands like Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter who said black teen flash mobs "damaged the race." (7) Obama certainly did not make that subject one of his soap boxes.

Sam Sewell said it succinctly in his article “Stop Blaming Racism for Your Own Bad Behavior!". (People) "succeed because of hard work, good values, and responsible living. And that is a universal recipe for success and is not confined to any demographic group.” (8)

Name an African country where American blacks are lining up to migrate. If nations on that continent had to be rated, the one with the closest to Christian leadership would be at the top.

Long ago in Africa blacks were killing and enslaving other blacks and in America red men were doing the same to other red men. In Asia, yellow has hated yellow (China & Japan for example).  Brown has hated Brown (India & Pakistan for example).  White has hated white (the two World Wars for example).  If the world was all one color or even one religion (Muslims killing other Muslims for example) it would not change.

Black folks have more to fear from hook-winking liberals than from hood–wearing whites. Thomas Sowell has observed, "The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals' expansion of the welfare state." ( It’s too bad so many “Blacks” have sold out to a political party that promotes Black Genocide through the baby slaughter of abortions. Liberal Margaret Sanger was a devout racist who created the Negro Project designed to sterilize unknowing black women and others she deemed as undesirables of society? The founder of Planned Parenthood said, "Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated." Looney liberalism does not discriminate. It infects all colors and creeds. Some successful blacks articulate their anger about “the destruction liberalism has wrought upon blacks”. James Golden said, “What liberalism has done to the black communities, it’s not a monolithic community, is horrific.” Clarence Thomas said, “The worst I have been treated was by northern liberal elites. The absolute worst I have ever been treated. The worst things that have been done to me, the worst things that have been said about me, by northern liberal elites, not by the people of Savannah, Georgia.”

I share Martin Luther King’s dream that our “children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Obama was elected only because of his skin color.

All of our roots are in Africa and all of us are descended from Adam and Eve via Noah. A Caucasian preacher friend of mine (who happens to have married a black woman) said, “Racism is not a skin problem, it’s a sin problem.” The only solution is recorded in Galatians 3:28: There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Note: My ancestor came across the Atlantic in chains. See My Ancestor.

Everyone, of all skin tones, needs to Get Saved.









*Liberals want to excuse the bad behavior of some black people by blaming poverty. Sometimes the breakdown of black families caused mainly by the abandonment of black fathers is mentioned, but never in the context of liberal policies of welfare and abortion. I hope most black folks are ashamed of behavior like that reported in these articles:

Racism versus realism

Bishop E. W. Jackson rejects the label of "African-American", calling himself "an American of African descent".

Hear Bishop Jackson's comments on race relations. Listen from 20:00 for about three minutes.


1. For the truth about Trayvon Martin see The Lynching.

2, For biblical-scientific facts about race see Chapter 5 of One Blood.

3. See “BOOK REVIEW: My Black Family My White Privilege” (scroll down on that page).

4. American needs more black leaders to speak out like this!

Allen West Slams Black Leaders for Silence on Black on White Crime

Achieving True Racial Reconciliation In America

Black Quill and Ink

5. Thank God for these courageous people:

Alfonzo Rachel (If you only click on one link, make it this one!) Here is his YouTube page.


Jerome Adams (U.S. Surgeon General under President Trump)

Meeke Addison

Wil Addison

Will Alexander

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6. From <Why is Obama considered “black”?> through <Would black folks idolize Obama if he called himself “white”?> is from “Political Bugs”. That article adds: <Would black folks vote for Obama if his skin was lighter? If black folks really wanted a black man as the first president why didn’t they support Alan Keyes? Is Obama president because of racism and liberalism intermarriage?>

The sentence <Since it is genetically possible for the child of a mixed couple to be lily white or dark black can those on either end of the color spectrum identify as either white or black?> is also in both articles.

From: “Political Bugs”.

7. View Runaway Slave.

8. Read A Brief for Whitey and POST-FERGUSON ANALYSIS: Payback Where Payback Is Due?.

9. “The relevant question is: How much of what we see today can be explained by racial discrimination? This is an important question because if we conclude that racial discrimination is the major cause of black problems when it isn’t, then effective solutions will be elusive forever. To begin to get a handle on the answer, let’s pull up a few historical facts about black Americans.” (Walter Williams,

10. Liberal hero and saint, Charles Darwin laid the foundation for racism. Evolutionism led to racism.

11. Protecting Black Life

12. (snips)

NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley spoke candidly about the problems facing the black community when appearing on a Philadelphia radio station, accusing “unintelligent,” “brainwashed” African-Americans of keeping successful ones down.

Barkley went on a long monologue on the subject: ”Unfortunately, as I tell my white friends, we as black people, we’re never going to be successful, not because of you white people, but because of other black people. When you’re black, you have to deal with so much crap in your life from other black people. It’s a dirty, dark secret; I’m glad it’s coming out.”

13. In October 2014 I had to wait on my wife to shop at Walmart so I decided to do my daily 30 minute brisk walk behind the complex.  Each trip was 6 minutes.  During the "laps" I saw a large tractor-trailer truck pull in and park away from the dock.  The next trip I saw the driver talking to another driver who got into his truck and drove away.  Next, I passed the original driver knocking/ringing at a back door.  As I approached we entered into conversation.

Driver:  Hello sir.

Karl:  Hello.

Driver: I am having a bad day, but God is good.

Karl: (Shaking his hand) I am a Christian too!

He did not say what his bad day was about, but I guess (by looking at the sign on the door) he missed the deadline to unload his truck and was going to have to wait until the next day.

Oh, he happened to be black.

No two black men and no two white men ever have a closer bond than two brothers-in-Christ! If you want to experience that fellowship, get born into God’s born family.

14. The sister-in-Christ that God used to guide me into the insects bug evolutionism ministry, whom I hugged when I ran into her many years later, is black. So you black God haters, what do you think about that?

15. My black brethren, please bug your friends with this message.

16. If the noun “nigger” means “ a contemptuous term for a black or dark-skinned person” why is it mostly used by blacks?

17. New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson on the Fergusion situation: “ “How can I look at white skin and make assumptions and not want assumptions made about me? That’s not right…I’M ENCOURAGED, because ultimately the problem is not a SKIN problem, it is a SIN problem. SIN is the reason we rebel against authority. SIN is the reason we abuse our authority. SIN is the reason we are racist, prejudiced and lie to cover for our own. SIN is the reason we riot, loot and burn. BUT I’M ENCOURAGED because God has provided a solution for sin through his son Jesus and with it, a transformed heart and mind. One that’s capable of looking past the outward and seeing what’s truly important in every human being. The cure for the Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner tragedies is not education or exposure. It’s the Gospel. So, finally, I’M ENCOURAGED because the Gospel gives mankind hope. [emphasis original]”

More on Ferguson: Minister Johnathan Gentry is a black man who is a credit to the human race . (Some strong-not blasphemous-language)

18. Denzel Washington on Prayer

19. Lloyd Marcus agrees with me. Here are some snips from his article: “(L)iberals expect us to ignore all signals sent out by people that telegraph who they are. Liberals are nuts… A black male wearing a suit and tie is perceived differently than a black male with his cap turned around backwards and his pants worn below his butt. This is not racism. It is common sense… As a black man, if I wandered into a setting in which everyone is wearing white sheet hoods and robes, it would be prudent to profile them quickly and get the heck out of there.

20. Sharpton Is Right: Racism Is Rampant

21. History shows that the Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party…Georgia-born Democrat Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan wrote on page 21 of the September 1928 edition of the Klan’s “The Kourier Magazine”: “I have never voted for any man who was not a regular Democrat.  My father … never voted for any man who was not a Democrat.  My grandfather was …the head of the Ku Klux Klan in reconstruction days….  My great-grandfather was a life-long Democrat….  My great-great-grandfather was…one of the founders of the Democratic party.” (A Short History of Reconstruction, (Harper & Row Publishers, Inc., 1990) by Dr. Eric Foner.)

22. 1960's Civil Rights Demonstrators’ Pledge

23. "(M)any black leaders have a vested interest in blaming black problems primarily on white racism, so that is the narrative they push regardless of the reality. Racism has become an all-purpose explanation for bad black outcomes, be they social or economic. If you disagree and are white, you’re a bigot. If you disagree and are black, you’re a sell-out… Any candid debate on race and criminal justice in this country would have to start with the fact that blacks commit an astoundingly disproportionate number of crimes."

24. Why is it wrong to be proud to be white?

25. Advice from a secular Jew:

“As for blacks, my suggestion is for everyone to follow Jason Riley’s advice and to stop trying to help them so damn much. Before LBJ stuck them back on the plantation a century after they’d left it, blacks were entering the middle class in record numbers, their marriage rate was higher than that among whites, abortions were rare, the crime rate was proportionate to their numbers, two parent families were commonplace and black churches concentrated on instilling Christian values and tolerance, as opposed to promoting racial divide and a sense of victimhood.” Burt Prelutsky

“If I were a young black, it would humiliate me that Chinese coolies were not only imported to work laying railroad tracks in the 19th century and then sent to rot in San Francisco ghettos, but that, as recently as 70 years ago, Japanese Americans were uprooted from their homes and farms, and shipped off to concentration camps for the duration of WWII, but look at them all now! For the most part, their descendants, instead of basing their lives on past grievances, are productive members of society who never riot, but, instead, get an education, get married, earn a living and raise their children in two-parent homes.” Burt Prelutsky

26. What racism is and where it came from?

Definitions abound but Google gives us one that is pretty widely held:
Racism: “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to
distinguish it as inferior or superior   to another race or races.”

Other sources give fairly similar descriptions:
Racism: “a belief or doctrine that
inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.”

Racism: “the belief that races have distinctive cultural c
haracteristics determined by hereditary factors   and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others.”

First, is to ask from where the concept arose. Some point to Darwin as the first to introduce the idea. He does talk about FOUR races, each one representing a different level of evolution. He seemed to believe that the blacks were least evolved, then the brown skinned people, then those with yellow skin, topped off by “whites”, whom he felt represented the highest level of evolution. He hinted at this “hierarchy” in the title his first book   On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life .

Darwin did not publish on this idea in any detail until The Descent of Man. He opens the first chapter with:

He who wishes to decide whether man is the modified descendant of some pre-existing form, would probably first enquire whether man varies, however slightly, in bodily structure and in mental faculties; and if so, whether the variations are transmitted to his offspring in accordance with the laws which prevail with the lower animals (1871, p. 395).

He seems to address his own question in a later chapter titled “On the Affinities and Genealogy of Man”: “At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world.” (p. 521, emp. added).

27. In God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy, Mike Huckabee wrote, “If employers and colleges are forced to accept candidates of certain races over better-qualified candidates, based solely on their race, that’s ‘affirmative action’ against ‘racism.’ So let’s make sure we understand: In order to keep an employer or college admissions office from preferring one person over another because of race, we order them to prefer one person over another because of race. Got it?” Affirmative Action is liberal code for legally codified discrimination and pointing out this obvious fact does NOT make you a racist. Also, you are NOT a racist if…see the list.

28. (Quoting Dr. Walter E. Williams) “‘Hustlers and people with little understanding want us to believe that today’s black problems are the continuing result of a legacy of slavery, poverty and racial discrimination. The fact is that most of the social pathology seen in poor black neighborhoods is entirely new in black history.  Let’s look at some of it. Today the overwhelming majority of black children are raised in single female-headed families.’ Those are facts and there is only one group that MUST be held responsible for this degradation and decimation of the black family — white liberal progressive socialists.”

Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger said:

In  Woman, Morality and Birth Control: “‘We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members’… My point is that it seems the liberal progressive socialists have had a dedicated objective to destroy the once strong black family. It is a two-pronged assault — either through the expanded welfare nanny-state or by the outright murder of black babies. ”

“(I)mbued with William Sanger's leftist politics, Margaret Sanger also threw herself into the radical politics and modernist values of pre-World War I Greenwich Village bohemia, where she joined the Women's Committee of the New York Socialist party…Sanger, collaborating with anarchist friends…

Many Americans–black and white–are unaware of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project…The aim of the program was to restrict–many believe exterminate–the black population. Under the pretense of "better health" and "family planning," Sanger cleverly implemented her plan. What’s more shocking is Sanger’s beguilement of black America’s créme de la créme–those prominent, well educated and well-to-do–into executing her scheme…Margaret Sanger aligned herself with the eugenicists whose ideology prevailed in the early 20 th century. Eugenicists strongly espoused racial supremacy and "purity"," particularly of the "Aryan" race. Eugenicists hoped to purify the bloodlines and improve the race by encouraging the "fit" to reproduce and the "unfit" to restrict their reproduction.

29. “That vision (us against them) is nowhere more clearly expressed than in attempts to automatically depict whatever social problems exist in ghetto communities as being caused by the sins or negligence of whites, whether racism in general or a "legacy of slavery" in particular. Like most emotionally powerful visions, it is seldom, if ever, subjected to the test of evidence. The "legacy of slavery" argument is not just an excuse for inexcusable behavior in the ghettos. In a larger sense, it is an evasion of responsibility for the disastrous consequences of the prevailing social vision of our times, and the political policies based on that vision, over the past half century.”

30. Black people are the most racist people says a great black preacher.

31. Liberal icon Senator Robert Byrd “recruited 150 of his friends and associates to create a new chapter of the Ku Klux Klan… Byrd became a recruiter and leader of his chapter. When it came time to elect the top officer (Exalted Cyclops) in the local Klan unit, Byrd won unanimously.” He wrote, “I shall never fight in the armed forces with a negro by my side ... Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

32. A secular Jew’s view:

There was a time when blacks, taken as a group, were among the most admirable people in America. In huge numbers, they attended Christian churches and lived by Christian precepts. Black children were more likely than white ones to be raised in two-parent homes…Today, even those blacks who are college-educated and safely ensconced in the middle class continue to vote 90-95% of the time for those very same plantation-owning Democrats who once used the whip on them, and who today keep them in line with welfare…There was a time when blacks set the gold standard when it came to persevering, for aspiring to independence and a better, more self-respecting, life. There was a time when it was truly an insult for a young white person to refer to black adults as “boys.” But today, when millions of black men have spent the past several decades deserting their pregnant women, leaving them to raise their offspring in poverty, they hardly deserve to be called men…For the most part, the rebels were not fighting to defend slavery any more than Lincoln was waging his bloody war in order to end it. But it took a note from reader Jim Hawkins to remind me that FDR, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and even Barack Obama, all prominently displayed the Confederate flag on their campaign posters, flyers and buttons.

33. The great Booker T. Washington: “There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

34. “Like formerly fat people who continue to see an obese person in the mirror, Democrats have ingrained in blacks that they are victims of an “eternally” racist America; despite glaring evidence proving otherwise…Sadly, there are a large number of black Americans whose brains are entombed in a victim mindset; impenetrable by the truth.”(Don’t get mad at me. It was a black man that said it.--Karl)


35. Racism is not in the Bible (a short sermon)

36. Pride is Not Racist

37. Radiance Foundation

38. Amazing source for George Washington Carver's ideas

39. Coalition of African American Pastors

40. According to Dr. Ben Carson, we cannot have an honest dialogue about racism because of liberalism.

41. MLK's Niece: 'Black Lives Matter In The Womb ... But They Don't Want' To Say That

42. The Hoax of Black Victimization and HOW WE Enable It

43. Parents of black children should also see "What about Black Folks?." All “colors” of Christians should see Children of Caesar”.

44. Did Black People Own Slaves?

45. That Dirty, Rotten Racist...Abraham Lincoln

46. Klanned Parenthood

47. “President Obama ‘did everything to start a race war,’ she continued, arguing that he and Democrats during his two terms in office ‘racialized every issue’ while declining to condemn racially or religiously motivated violence by name.” (This quote is not from a white racist.)

48. “(S) lavery is by no means peculiar, odd or unusual. It was common among ancient peoples such as the Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Hittites, Greeks, Persians, Armenians and many others. Large numbers of Christians were enslaved during the Ottoman wars in Europe. White slaves were common in Europe from the Dark Ages to the Middle Ages. It was only after A.D. 1600 that Europeans joined with Arabs and Africans and started the Atlantic slave trade…While slavery constitutes one of the grossest encroachments on human liberty, it is by no means unique or restricted to the Western world or United States, as many liberal academics would have us believe.  Much of their indoctrination of our young people, at all levels of education, paints our nation's founders as racist adherents to slavery, but the story is not so simple.” ( Walter Williams

49. Here are videos of some great American black folks. There are LOTS more on the right side of each video and many, many more of them live throughout our great country.
(Listen to the last 2 minutes for sure.)
(Note the liberal "lady's" sign.)
(Former Panther)
(Honest black man.)
(Two black guys expose BLM as BM.)

I Don't Care About Charlottesville, the KKK, or White Supremacy
(You will be surprised who is on this video.)

Black Lib vs. Black Conservative
(Ignore the video title)

50. Racial Policy Center

51. A black scholar says, “How much condemnation do black politicians, civil rights leaders, and liberal whites give to the wanton black homicides in our cities? When have you heard them condemning the very low clearance rate, whereby most black murderers get away with murder? Do you believe they would be just as silent if it were the Ku Klux Klan committing the murders?... Black people need to find new heroes.” A list of great people for all colors to admire is in item #5 above.

52. Star Parker tells US Judiciary Committee slavery and abortion are the same

53. From Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address: “ I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so. Those who nominated and elected me did so with full knowledge that I had made this and many similar declarations and had never recanted them…”

54. Planned Parenthood is racist, must be defunded: black former PP director

55. Discrimination and Disparities

56. On Dec. 27, 1856, Robert E. Lee wrote to his wife: “Slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil in any country. … I think, however, a greater evil to the white than to the black race. … The doctrines and miracles of our Saviour have required nearly two thousand years to convert but a small part of the human race, and even among the Christian nations what gross errors still exist!”

57. Jefferson described the slave trade as “the opprobrium (disgrace) of infidel Powers” – a reference to the infamous Arab Muslim slave markets, where for centuries, African slaves were bought from notorious markets and bazaars in Morocco, Algiers, Tripoli, Cairo, Constantinople, Timbuktu, Khartoum, and Zanzibar. Muslims sold African slaves into Egypt, Arabia, the Persian Gulf, India, the Far East, the Indian Ocean islands, Ethiopia, Somalia, and finally, European colonies…Most Southern families did not own slaves. Less than one-fourth of the southern white population held slaves in 1860. With the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 adding 828,000 square miles and the Mexican Cession of 1848 adding 529,000 square miles, there was renewed effort by Democrats to expand slavery into the new territories. Congress attempted to resolve the issue with the Missouri Compromise of 1820, but this was effectively repealed with Democrat Senator Stephan Douglas’ 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act.

58. We’re all just shades of brown, some very light brown, others dark brown, largely due to the pigment melanin . The amount of pigment you have is controlled by genetics…And there’s a wide range of genetic variability . Adam and Eve were likely middle brown, thus having the genetic variability to produce all the different skin shades we see around the world today…Because we’re all descended from Adam and Eve, we’re all one race . This means—no matter where we live or what ethnic background we have—we all have the same problem; we’re all sinners facing the penalty of death ( Romans 5:12 ) . But Jesus Christ, the God-man, stepped into history as our relative, a descendant of Adam . He died on the Cross in our place, taking our penalty of death for us . This means we also all have the same solution—the Lord Jesus Christ !

59. Previous generations of blacks faced far more significant racial barriers yet managed to narrow racial gaps in everything from income to homeownership to education. Racism didn’t stop them.

Black youth today hear plenty about what they can’t accomplish due to racial prejudice and not enough about what blacks did in fact accomplish in an earlier era when brutal and sometimes lethal bigotry was commonplace. It’s easy to see how this victim narrative serves the interests of politicians and activists in search of votes and influence. It’s much harder to see how it helps the people they claim to represent.


61. National Black Home Educators


63. Racism Destroyed in 3 Minutes

64. Reasoning About Race

65. Mychal Massie Speaks Truth about White Privilege, Racial Reparations, & The Goal of the Revolutionaries to Divide America By Race (Racist blacks should listen to this man.)

66. Chris Walker West Virginia Air National Guard brigadier general:

“Our neighborhood was 98 percent black. Dad made a good life for us. He made sure we were always seeing things and would take us on road trips. In the summers, they would send me to Jamaica to be with cousins. My father was an intense disciplinarian. There were a lot of things I would see, the way some of the black kids would treat the white kids, and I would say, ‘Why would you do that?’ They would say, ‘Because of the way we are treated,’ and I said, ‘I’m not treated that way.’ There was always a tug of war between the people in the States trying to teach me to hate whites and my parents saying that was stupid. I’m glad I left New York. Had I gone to college in New York, I think I would have grown up a lot differently. “Going to the Air Force Academy really put the truth in front of my eyes about people from the rest of the United States…

“Same thing with growing up in New York. You are indoctrinated that anyone from middle America or with a Southern accent is stupid. When I went to the academy, I did a debate class thinking I’m from New York so I know everything. That was one mistake. Next was having an emotional argument instead of a factual argument, and three was underestimating my opponent, a football player from Alabama. After he wiped the floor with me, I knew that all I’d been taught about Southern people wasn’t true.

67. A descendant of a slave, Al Arnold, tells his journey of embracing his Confederate heritage. His ancestor, Turner Hall, Jr., a Black Confederate, served as a body servant for two Confederate soldiers and an orderly for General Robert E. Lee.

68. Do Socialist Democrats Think Blacks Are Really That Gullible?

69. Urban Family Communications (recommended)

70. The only way humans (and human “groups”) are the same is that all are sinners. My mother’s family were white country folks from the coal fields of Kentucky. They talked and thought differently than white people raised in England. Both groups had unique life experiences. Likewise, blacks from the South Side of Chicago talk, think, and have unique life experiences compared to blacks from Kenya. These examples are far-reaching and obvious.

71. Study after study shows that, in the case of college admissions, affirmative action hurts more blacks than it helps. By lowering admissions standards for blacks (and some other minority students), colleges set many of these students up for failure. They get placed in schools for which they are not prepared. And high black dropout rates confirm this view. How could it be otherwise? If academically unprepared white students were admitted to Ivy League schools, they, too, would be set up to fail. Conservatives believe blacks and other minorities are every bit as capable as whites of succeeding as engineers, surgeons, policemen, businessmen, lawyers, and college students. And therefore, lowering standards for blacks is unnecessary as well as insulting. Yet for this belief, conservatives are called racist .

72. Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP)

73. Thy Black Man

74. Walter Williams: “Intellectuals and political hustlers who blame the plight of so many blacks on poverty, racial discrimination and the “legacy of slavery” are complicit in the socioeconomic and moral decay. Black people must ignore the liberal agenda that suggests that we must await government money before measures can be taken to improve the tragic living conditions in so many of our urban communities. Black and white intellectuals and politicians suggesting that black people await government solutions wouldn't begin to live in the same high-crime, dangerous communities and send their children to the dangerous schools that so many black children attend.”

75. The Content of Character Series affirms the value and dignity of black America. We identify leaders who partner in a movement to inform, educate and activate communities in public policy and culture through a Biblical Worldview.

76. "For 124 years Democrats resisted to the point of even refusing to permit a black minister to give the opening prayer of a congressional session...Democrats were completely comfortable when the late Sen. Robert Byrd, D-WVa., Ku Klux Klan (KKK) leader and officer, as a guest on a national television news-talk program referenced whites he disapproved of as 'white niggers.'...That is beyond self-loathing. Democratic President Woodrow Wilson was a rabid racist; Lyndon Johnson hated blacks and referred to them as 'niggers'; Jimmy Carter publicly boasted that his 'mamma took good care of their niggras'; Bill and Hillary Clinton routinely called blacks on staff "niggers" to their face while in Arkansas...From the time the KKK was founded, Democrats identified it as theirs. In 1868 the Democratic Party honored the first Grand Wizard of the KKK when he spoke at the 1868 Democrat Nation Convention.”


From a Darwinian perspective, with all the human races having been shaped by different evolutionary pressures across a range of environments around the globe, it would be surprising if some races were not “superior” or “inferior” in intelligence or other characteristics. It would be wholly against expectation if Caucasians, Africans, Asians and others were all perfectly equal in their endowments. Why would they be? That has got to be one reason that scientific racism persists: it’s baked into Darwin’s theory…In contrast, while religious thinkers over the centuries have included their share of racists, nothing in the idea of design or the idea of creation suggests that there should be categories of lesser or greater humans. On the contrary, if human beings uniquely bear the stamp of a designer’s image, that would argue strongly against any myth of a racial hierarchy. Science and faith, in that case, would testify together against the perversity of racism.


In the 18th century, racist views of Africa were most famously expressed by Scottish philosopher David Hume: ‘I am apt to suspect the Negroes to be naturally inferior to the Whites. There scarcely ever was a civilised nation of that complexion, nor even any individual, eminent either in action or in speculation. No ingenious manufacture among them, no arts, no sciences.’

Whilst some changed slightly over time, there were still some who continued to hold these derogatory views. In the 19th century, the German philosopher (Friedrich) Hegel simply declared: ‘Africa is no historical part of the world.’

But when an external demand for enslaved people arose, some African societies could and did supply slaves.

Charles Darwin regarded his (David Hume) work as a central influence on the theory of evolution.

What Hegel was offering was a spiritualized version of evolution. (Nietzsche even said that "without Hegel, there would have been no Darwin.") The difference is that Hegel applied the concept of evolution not to biology but to the world of ideas.

Traditional African rulers whose ancestors collaborated with European and Arab slave traders should follow Britain and the United States by publicly saying sorry, according to human rights organisations.

“(T)here is hypocrisy among individuals and institutions who claim they're against racism and remove statues or rename buildings—and yet exalt Darwin, a man who published in his book The Descent of Man and in various letters some of the most inherently racist material you could read! Of course, most people (including teachers and professors) have never read The Descent of Man or Darwin’s other writings. In his book Ontogeny and Phylogeny, the late evolutionary biologist Stephen J. Gould wrote, “Biological arguments for racism may have been common before 1859, but they increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of evolutionary theory.” Yes, Darwin's ideas fueled racism. Hitler (and his idea of a superior race) used Darwin’s writings to justify what he did to the Jews and others. In the 1900s in America, one of the main biology textbooks used in public schools, A Civic Biology by George Hunter, taught generations of American students, based on Darwin's ideas, that, ‘At the present time there exist upon the earth five races . . . the highest type of all, the Caucasians, represented by the civilized white inhabitants of Europe and America.’

Normally, the color of hair and skin is determined by melanin. Vitiligo occurs when cells that produce melanin die or stop functioning. Vitiligo affects people of all skin types, but it may be more noticeable in people with darker skin.

See Human Zoos: America's Forgotten History of Scientific Racism and Origin of the Races.

78. HISTORY (Slavery is not a Simple Subject)


Where did the supply of slaves come from? First, the Portuguese themselves kidnapped some Africans. But the bulk of the supply came from the Nigerians. These Nigerian middlemen moved to the interior where they captured other Nigerians who belonged to other communities. The middlemen also purchased many of the slaves from the people in the interior.

Ghanaian diplomat Kofi Awoonor has written: “I believe there is a great psychic shadow over Africa, and it has much to do with our guilt and denial of our role in the slave trade. We too are blameworthy in what was essentially one of the most heinous crimes in human history.”

“All the tribes were involved in the slave trade—no exemptions.”

The white man did not introduce slavery to Africa.

Historians estimate that ten million of these abducted Africans “never even made it to the slave ships. Most died on the march to the sea”—still chained, yoked, and shackled by their African captors—before they ever laid eyes on a white slave trader.

Failure to educate young Americans about the whole story of Atlantic slave trade threatens to divide our nation and undermine our civic unity and belief in the historical legitimacy of our democratic institutions.

“(F)ree blacks and Indian tribes were right there alongside whites, buying and selling slaves after slavery became legal in 1661.”

Various societies in Africa and Asia enslaved prisoners of war. Slavery was also widely practiced amongst the Indians in the Northwest Coast and Eastern Woodlands of the United States, as well as on the islands in the Caribbean Sea.

"Not only was slavery an established institution in West Africa before European traders arrived, but Africans were also involved in a trans-Saharan trade in slaves along these routes. African rulers and merchants were thus able to tap into preexisting methods and networks of enslavement to supply European demand for slaves. Enslavement was most often a byproduct of local warfare, kidnapping, or the manipulation of religious and judicial institutions. Military, political, and religious authority within West Africa determined who controlled access to the Atlantic slave trade. And some African elites, such as those in the Dahomey and Ashanti empires, took advantage of this control and used it to their profit by enslaving and selling other Africans to European traders.

The institution of slavery was present in Africa long before the arrival of Europeans on its shores - slaves had been taken from parts of the continent since the time of ancient Egypt. In the early 19th century, caravans of 18,000 to 20,000 black Africans were brought to Cairo for resale, and slaves of every color were sold in the great markets of North Africa, even as late as the first part of the 20th century.

Nearly all modern historians agree that the scenario depicted by Alex Haley in Roots “that of white raiders penetrating the African interior to rout African villages for slaves ” is fraudulent. Instead, European slave traders nearly always bought slaves from African vendors at coastal markets. We hear much about the brutal “Middle Passage” across the Atlantic Ocean, but almost never about the estimated 10 million or so indigenous Africans who perished while being marched to the sea in chains and yokes by their African captors.

“ …I must own, to the shame of my own countrymen, that I was first kidnapped and betrayed by some of my own complexion, who were the first cause of my exile and slavery…If there were no buyers there would be no sellers.”

“African abolitionist Ottobah Cugoano (1757-1791)

“The savage chiefs of the western coasts of Africa, who for ages have been accustomed to selling their captives into bondage and pocketing the ready cash for them, will not more readily accept our moral and economical ideas than the slave traders of Maryland and Virginia….We are, therefore, less inclined to go to Africa to work against the slave trade than to stay here to work against it.” Frederick Douglass

The white man did not introduce slavery to Africa . . . . And by the fifteenth century, men with dark skin had become quite comfortable with the concept of man as property . . . . Long before the arrival of Europeans on West Africa’s coast, the two continents shared a common acceptance of slavery as an unavoidable and necessary—perhaps even desirable—fact of existence. The commerce between the two continents, as tragic as it would become, developed upon familiar territory. Slavery was not a twisted European manipulation, although Europe capitalized on a mutual understanding and greedily expanded the slave trade into what would become a horrific enterprise...Historians estimate that ten million of these abducted Africans “never even made it to the slave ships. Most died on the march to the sea”—still chained, yoked, and shackled by their African captors—before they ever laid eyes on a white slave trader. 11 The survivors were either purchased by European slave dealers or “instantly beheaded” by the African traders “in sight of the [slave ship] captain” if they could not be sold.

(2018) Africa just recorded the highest rate of modern-day enslavement in the world.

Six inconvenient truths about the U.S. and slavery

Indeed human history is full of violence and warfare. Ancient societies had cruelty and bloodshed and slavery too. Egypt, Nubia, China, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Carthage, India all had slavery. The principle that governed slavery in the ancient world was the idea that captives of war may either be killed or their lives might be spared and they would become slaves. If you lost a war, the price that the soldiers and the civilians paid was that they might be enslaved.This "captives of war" slavery had nothing to do with race or color. It was an "equal opportunity" enslavement. When the Greek city states of Athens and Sparta fought, the losers suffered enslavement. The Romans might take captives from whatever population they defeated: Egyptians, Judeans, Greeks, Britons, Gauls, Carthaginians, Germans, it made no difference.

"It was the Africans themselves who were enslaving their fellow Africans, sending them to the coast to be shipped outside," says researcher Akosua Perbi of the University of Ghana…"Slavery did exist in Africa," says Irene Odotei of the University of Ghana.

Regarding the Trial of Tears: “The Five Civilized Tribes were deeply committed to slavery, established their own racialized black codes, immediately reestablished slavery when they arrived in Indian territory, rebuilt their nations with slave labor, crushed slave rebellions, and enthusiastically sided with the Confederacy in the Civil War.”

Anthony Johnson (b. c. 1600 – d. 1670) was a black Angolan known for achieving wealth in the early 17th-century Colony of Virginia. He was one of the first African American property owners and had his right to legally own a slave recognized by the Virginia courts.

A few months before the Confederacy was born, there were 35,766 more free black people living in the slave-owning South than in the North… Black history is full of surprises and contradictions…(There) were free blacks fleeing the West Indies (often with their own slaves).

Slavery played such a major role in ancient Greece and Rome that these early civilizations can accurately be called slave societies. In addition to providing most of the labor in Greece and Rome, slaves made up a large percentage of the population… Slaves came from three groups of people—those captured in war, those abandoned by their parents at birth, and those descended from a slave. All three types were considered outsiders by their communities and were allowed to live only by becoming enslaved.

79. “Even though I was born and grew up in rural southern poverty during the era of segregation, I was not taught to hate white people or to hate America. Instead, my black teachers stressed our need to work hard and excel. I grew up to be a proud American who never doubted she lived in the greatest country in the world. No one around me encouraged me to see myself as a victim. I never fixated on the fact that I was black, poor, and female. Had I done so, I doubt I would have achieved anything.” Dr. Carol Swain

80. “Critical race theory is an analytical framework to analyze institutions and culture. Its purpose is to divide the world into white oppressors and non-white victims… Within this framework, white privilege and its unearned benefits are responsible for economic, health care, and social disparities in minority communities. It advances a narrative of blame that declares white America guilty for the plight of blacks… This flawed theory suggests that race and ethnicity will always taint and pollute every decision, and, as a result, racial minorities will consistently lose out to whites because of structural racism… Critical race theory says every dysfunctional condition in black, urban communities can be traced to slavery and its aftermath. There is no place for the individual-choice initiative. What critical race theory actually “accomplishes” is to create anger, frustration, and despondency among persons in the victim categories who internalize the destructive message.”

81. Christian Conservative Black View

82. Blacks Have Been Conned About Kwanzaa!

(The creator of Kwanazaa) “said his goal was to ‘give Blacks an alternative to the existing holiday and give Blacks an opportunity to celebrate themselves and their history, rather than simply imitate the practice of the dominant society." Kwanzaa is a celebration with its roots in Marxism[6] and in Black separatism. For Karenga, a major figure in the Black Power movement of the 1960s and 1970s, the creation of such holidays also underscored the essential premise that "you must have a cultural revolution before the violent revolution. The cultural revolution gives identity, purpose, and direction." (He) “believed Jesus was psychotic and Christianity was a "White" religion that Black people should shun.[14] As Kwanzaa gained mainstream adherents, Karenga altered his position so practicing Christians would not be alienated…”

83. BOOKS:

Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed by Jason L. Riley
Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell
A Dream Deferred: The Second Betrayal of Black Freedom in America by Shelby Steele

84. Conservative Clergy of Color

85. From an average guy: “Since the Nixon Administration (which began in 1969), discrimination against whites - especially white males - has been the law of the land (via "affirmative action," set-asides, racial quotas, scholarships specifically for blacks ubiquitous, but illegal if for the point where every single school admission, job hiring, job promotion, and scholarship decision in this country MUST, by law, factor in blackness as a positive and whiteness as a negative).”

86. Project 21 The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives

87. One Blood - Many Races

88. COLOR, COMMUNISM AND COMMON SENSE--The story of a black American who spent 10 years as a high-ranking communist.

"Prejudice is not limited to any one race. It is common to all. Neither does the color of skin determine more or less the extent of prejudice in any particular race...All the right is not on the Negro side. Neither is all wrong. The same holds true with regard to the white man’s side. The repository of good or evil is not to be found in any particular race. Black men are just as good or as bad as white men. Yellow men are just as good or as bad as brown or red. It ill behooves anyone to speak about the other. White men sold white men as slaves. Black men sold black men as slaves. Black rulers are no more humane than yellow, red or white rulers. Neither are they less brutal."

They (the media) are ready at all times to do an effective smear job. Among these red tools may be found editorial writers, columnists, news commentators and analysts, in the press, radio and television. They go overboard in giving top news coverage to racial incidents, fomented by the leftists, and also those incidents that are interpreted so as to show “biased” attitudes of whites against Negroes. This is a propaganda hoax aimed, not at helping the Negro, but at casting America in a bad light in order to destroy its prestige and influence abroad…In the meantime the Negro is the sacrificial lamb—the innocent victim of the widespread racial hate which the leftists are creating.

89. Divided Hearts of America

90. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Nonsense

91. “Depending on which site you want to believe, NBA players are 75-80 percent black, yet African Americans make up only about 13 percent of our population. Non-Hispanic whites in the United States comprise about 63 percent of the population, Hispanics about 15 percent. So why does the NBA permit this disparity among the races? Is this not systemic racism? Shouldn’t at least half the players on professional basketball teams be whites? Shouldn’t more Hispanics be drilling in three pointers and making layups? Of course not. The best players make the cut. You’d be a fool if as an owner or a coach you put skin color above talent. Your team would be, and would deserve to be, a joke.”

“In 1936, most black people lived in gross material poverty and racial discrimination. Such poverty and discrimination is all but nonexistent today…The poverty we have today is spiritual poverty. Spiritual poverty is an absence of what traditionally has been known as various human virtues. Much of that spiritual poverty is a result of public and private policy that rewards inferiority and irresponsibility. Chief among the policies that reward inferiority and irresponsibility is the welfare state. When some people know they can have children out of wedlock, drop out of school and refuse employment and suffer little consequence and social sanction, one should not be surprised to see the growth of such behavior.”
Walter E. Williams:

92. Accurate, honest statistics show…When police must use deadly force, whites are more likely to be killed than blacks. But we rarely see these statistics, because they do not support claims of systemic, systematic racism against blacks… In fact, up to 88 percent of people killed by police were armed and being arrested at the time of their deaths. Such people are indeed at greater risk of being killed. However, racism has nothing to do with it…. Statistical reality must begin with the fact that black males represent 6.5 percent of the U.S. population – but according to FBI data they constitute 54 percent of arrests for robbery and 53 percent of arrests for murder. Far worse, nationally syndicated talk show host Larry Elder points out, in 2018 there were approximately 7,400 black homicide victims, more than half of America’s total homicides, and nearly all were murdered by other blacks.

93. No, the American Republic Was Not Founded on Slavery

94. “Social Ills That Plague African Americans Coincide with Leftism, Not Racism…The black family, which had survived centuries of slavery and discrimination, began rapidly disintegrating in the liberal welfare state that subsidized unwed pregnancy and changed welfare from an emergency rescue to a way of life.”

95. MLK quotes:

Sadly, Martin Luther King Jr. leaned toward socialism ( But, he did say many things worthy of admiration:

“Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.”

“The limitation of riots, moral questions aside, is that they cannot win and their participants know it. Hence, rioting is not revolutionary but reactionary because it invites defeat. It involves an emotional catharsis, but it must be followed by a sense of futility.”

“Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral….(I)n spite of temporary victories, violence never brings permanent peace.”

“By opening our lives to God in Christ, we become new creatures.”

96. Historical Heroes who Held to Holiness
(in no particular order)

George Washington Carver (1860s – January 5, 1943) Carver was born into slavery. Carver believed he could have faith both in God and science and integrated them into his life. He testified on many occasions that his faith in Jesus was the only mechanism by which he could effectively pursue and perform the art of science. Carver became a Christian when he was still a young boy. Throughout his career, he always found friendship with other Christians. He relied on them especially when criticized by the scientific community and media regarding his research methodology. Carver viewed faith in Jesus Christ as a means of destroying both barriers of racial disharmony and social stratification.

Carver revolutionized agricultural science with his cultivation of soil-enriching crops, such as peanuts and soybeans, to revive earth that had been depleted of nutrients from cotton farming. He discovered over 100 uses for the sweet potato and 300 uses for the peanut, including beverages, cosmetics, dyes and paints, medicines, and food products. He conducted numerous research projects that also contributed to medicine and other fields.

Phillis Wheatley (c. 1753–1784), a poet and the first African-American woman published in pre-Revolutionary America, was also a notable apologist, abolitionist, and missionary…Phillis was kidnapped from Senegambia, West Africa, at the age of 7…In 1774, Wheatley began mission work with Samson Occom, a member of the Mohegan nation and a Presbyterian cleric, and Phillip Quaque, the first ordained Anglican priest of African descent. They funded mission efforts to Ghana and Sierra Leone through their publishing work, and were among the earliest recorded mission efforts from the New World.

Lemuel Haynes (July 18, 1753 – September 28, 1833) A veteran of the American Revolution, Haynes was the first black man in the United States to be ordained as a minister….He had composed his own epitaph, which was included on his gravestone as he had requested. Here lies the dust of a poor hell-deserving sinner who ventured into eternity trusting wholly on the merits of Christ for salvation. In the full belief of the great doctrines he preached while on earth, he invites his children, and all who read this, to trust their eternal interest in the same foundation.

Sojourner Truth (born Isabella "Belle" Baumfree; c. 1797 – November 26, 1883) was born into slavery in Swartekill, New York, but escaped with her infant daughter to freedom in 1826… She gave herself the name Sojourner Truth in 1843 after she became convinced that God had called her to leave the city and go into the countryside "testifying the hope that was in her".'t_I_a_Woman?%22

Jarena Lee (February 11, 1783 – February 3, 1864) was born into a free black family…Religious belief, especially in God's divine protection, became a source of self empowerment for Lee… She became a traveling minister, traveling thousands of miles on foot. In one year alone, she "travelled two thousand three hundred and twenty-five miles, and preached one hundred and seventy-eight sermons.

Harriet Tubman (born Araminta Ross, c. March 1822 – March 10, 1913) was an American abolitionist and political activist. Born into slavery, Tubman escaped… Over 11 years, Tubman returned repeatedly to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, rescuing some 70 slaves in about 13 expeditions… Tubman's dangerous work required tremendous ingenuity…Tubman's religious faith was another important resource as she ventured repeatedly into Maryland. The visions from her childhood head injury continued, and she saw them as divine premonitions. She spoke of "consulting with God", and trusted that He would keep her safe. Thomas Garrett once said of her, "I never met with any person of any color who had more confidence in the voice of God, as spoken direct to her soul." Her faith in the divine also provided immediate assistance. She used spirituals as coded messages, warning fellow travelers of danger or to signal a clear path.

Amanda Berry Smith (January 23, 1837 – February 24, 1915) was a former slave who funded The Amanda Smith Orphanage and Industrial Home for Abandoned and Destitute Colored Children… Growing up, Smith had the advantage of learning to read and write. Her father made it a regular practice on Sunday mornings to read to his family from the Bible… By the time Smith was thirty-two, she had lost two husbands and four of her five children. Attending religious camp meetings and revivals helped Smith work through her grief and avoid depression… rayer became a way of life for her as she trusted God for shoes, the money to buy her sister's freedom, and food for her family. She became well known for her beautiful voice and inspired teaching… She next traveled to and ministered in India, where she stayed for eighteen months.[2] Smith then spent eight years in Africa, working with churches and evangelizing.

Jackie Robinson (January 31, 1919 – October 24, 1972) When faced with the cruelties of racism, baseball legend Jackie Robinson used his Christian faith to fight evil with dignity…(HE) grew up poor in a single-parent family along with four siblings. He was influenced by his godly mother and a pastor, Rev. Karl Downs, who became a father figure to him…(O)n April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson made history. He joined the Brooklyn Dodgers, making him the first African American in the twentieth century to play major league baseball…Robinson faced his adversity with dignity and grace. He didn’t lash out at his persecutors; instead, he just did his job…(H)is Christian faith and integrity make him a role model for many generations to come.

Frederick Douglass (born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey; February 1818 – February 20, 1895) He was also a believer in dialogue and in making alliances across racial and ideological divides… After separation from his mother during infancy, young Frederick lived with his maternal grandmother Betsy Bailey, who was also a slave, and his maternal grandfather Isaac, who was free…He became a licensed preacher in 1839…Douglass was mentored by Rev. Charles Lawson, and, early in his activism, he often included biblical allusions and religious metaphors in his speeches…Douglass was a deeply spiritual man, as his home continues to show. The fireplace mantle features busts of two of his favorite philosophers, David Friedrich Strauss, author of "The Life of Jesus", and Ludwig Feuerbach, author of "The Essence of Christianity". In addition to several Bibles.

Also see 100 Most Influential Black Christians in History.

97. The Bible is clear (and science confirms) there’s only one race: the human race (Adam’s race). The idea of "race" is rooted in the thinking of the early evolutionists, even well before Darwin. We all need to treat every human being as our relative. We are of one blood (Acts 17:26). All of us are equal in value before our Creator God. Any descendant of Adam can be saved because our mutual relative by blood (Jesus Christ) died and rose again. This is why we are commanded to preach the gospel to all people groups and nations.

98. (A)ll humans have one main pigment in their skin—we are essentially all the same color (brown), just differing shades of brown. New version of a well-known song:
Jesus loves the little children—all the children of the world Shades of brown from dark to light—all are precious in His sight Jesus loves the little children of the world.

99. Reparations is the extraction of money from people who were never slave owners to be given to people who were never slaves….It's not true that the U.S. became a wealthy nation through the abuse of slave labor: The most prosperous states in the country were those that first freed their slaves…Frederick Douglass, after escaping from a plantation in Maryland to freedom in Massachusetts, wrote: "But the most astonishing as well as the most interesting thing to me was the condition of the colored people, a great many of whom, like myself, had escaped thither as a refuge from the hunters of men. I found many, who had not been seven years out of their chains, living in finer houses, and evidently enjoying more of the comforts of life, than the average of slaveholders in Maryland."

With reparations, there is the issue of who pays. Do African countries owe reparations to Black Americans?...90% of those enslaved and shipped to the New World were sold by Africans to European slavers…Are payments owed before the United States became a country?... On former President Barack Obama’s maternal side, there were slave owners… African slaves transported by Arabs across the Sahara Desert died more often than slaves making the Middle Passage to the New World by ship.

The Ku Klux Klan, at its height of power and popularity, was known by the NAACP as the "terror wing" of the Democratic Party. The KKK was founded by Democrats; I did not say by the Democratic Party, but by Democrats.

100. Black Voices for Trump

National Diversity Coalition For Trump (Has several admirable folks of African descent. Website accessed 12-22-20)

101. Black Christian News Network One (BCNN1)


103. Famed Darwinist H. L. Mencken convinced the American Civil Liberties Union to take the Scopes trial, then he wrote newspaper articles mocking the creationists. He was also a racist who said, “I admit freely enough that, by careful breeding, supervision of environment and education, extending over many generations, it might be possible to make an appreciable improvement in the stock of the American Negro, for example, but I must maintain that this enterprise would be a ridiculous waste of energy, for there is a high-caste white stock ready at hand, and it is inconceivable that the Negro stock, however carefully it might be nurtured, could ever even remotely approach it. The educated Negro of today is a failure, not because he meets insuperable difficulties in life, but because he is a Negro. He is, in brief, a low-caste man, to the manner born, and he will remain inert and inefficient until fifty generations of him have lived in civilization. And even then, the superior white race will be fifty generations ahead of him.”
La Monte, Robert Rives; Mencken, HL (2013) [1910]. Men versus the Man: A Correspondence between Robert Rives La Monte, Socialist, and H. L. Mencken, Individualist. Nashville, Tennessee: The Classics.US. p. 116

104. “(R)ace does not exist, it is a scientifically debunked and obsolete term in the same manner the definitions “Mongoloid, Negro or Caucasian” are now obsolete. Historically speaking ethnic hatred of which racism is a part has also not been the monopoly of any single group, but to a certain extent has been practiced in some form, at some time in history, by almost every ethnic group on the planet…Egypt had various dynasties throughout its very long history, some of these dynasties belong to the more fair-skinned Egyptians, while others belonged to the darker-skinned Nubians after their conquest of Egypt. In ancient writings the fair skinned Egyptians refer to the barbarians with white skin from the north and the barbarians with black skin from the south…(T) he modern system of classification went further by attempting to create a scientific understanding of races and therefore give a scientific reason or justification for the treating of others as inferior. Thus, the field of eugenics was born and was used as a strong justification for some of the most abhorrent events in human history…

“Imperial Japan took a similar line of action due to their belief that the Japanese were the superior Asian race, to this end the Koreans while seen as inferior to Japanese and treated extremely brutally, were also seen with potential for assimilation…The Chinese however, were simply viewed as little better than animals…Racism is in fact merely an extension of ethnic hatred…During the Hundred Years War, white Europeans wholeheartedly butchered other white Europeans from opposing ethnic groups. During the Warring States and Three Kingdoms periods in Chinese history different Chinese ethnic groups wholeheartedly slaughtered other Chinese ethnic groups…or the majority of history, the chance of being murdered by a member of one's own racial or closely related group has been significantly higher than suffering the same fate at the hands of someone from a different racial group…

“The concepts of Blackness and whiteness are in themselves deeply racist as well as highly erroneous. Both terms are used to describe individuals' life experiences based on the tone of skin. This in turn becomes highly problematic because skin tone is a poor predicate of personal views, ethics, worldview, religious belief and of course personality. Both terms also erroneously assume the homogeneity of a very large groups of people based purely on the content of melanin or lack thereof…

“Most disagreements, miscommunications and misunderstanding in multi-ethnic environments arise not as a result of melanin content, but rather from cultural differences. Different cultures and languages cause people to see the world in a different way, decode behaviours differently and therefore interpret actions according to their cultural norms.”

105. The message is clear. Democratic politicians imply that blacks are incapable of securing their own future. They can't get into college on their own; they need affirmative action quotas. Black farmers can't manage on their own; they need government interventions and funds. Democratic politicians seem to think blacks are incapable of finding a DMV to get an ID card; that is insulting. Thankfully, some blacks are refusing to accept such "race-based" benefits and the dependency hooks and resentment such programs are sure to create.

106. Racist Police Violence Reconsidered

Police brutality against black people happens way less than public thinks

107. Mandela’s Communist White Hatred Germinates In American Soil

108. BLM: A terrorist organization worse than the KKK

“BLM rallies and protests are almost always massive gatherings of white students…That's not an accident. Not only do these facts confirm my assessment, but it further confirms that this disease is spread in miasmic classroom atmospheres and school systems in which the minds of young people are destroyed…We will never be able to fully eradicate this pernicious evil, but true Christendom can step up and begin evangelization efforts by utilizing private Christian schools and homeschooling to reach those in the Erebusic indoctrination centers where the inexorable brainwashing of the malleable minds of children is taking place.

109. (The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret) "Sanger was a foremost proponent of the eugenics movement in the U.S., motivated especially by her particular animus toward poor nonwhites. Her crusade to legalize birth control was motivated in large part by her desire to prevent the “unfit” and “feeble-minded” from reproducing...Nearly 80 percent of Planned Parenthood’s clinics are located within walking distance of neighborhoods occupied predominantly by black and Hispanic residents. Despite constituting only 13 percent of the female population, black women represent more than one-third of all abortions in the U.S. each year. Black women are five times more likely than white women to obtain an abortion, and abortions are highly concentrated among low-income women. In recent years in New York City, more black babies were aborted than were born alive."

110. Over half a million blacks slaughtered (by other blacks)

111. (A)round three quarters of the players in the National Basketball Association are black. This demographic comprises only 13 percent of the overall population… But that will only partially attain our goals of equity, for the best players will still be African or African American…(A) possibility for leveling the playing field…if a white player hits a three-point shot, his team is credited with four points, and for a shorter score, he is awarded with three points. If this does not yield our cherished “equity” we can always bump this up to five/four for whites, while leaving scoring at three/two for blacks… A third possible rule change: If a white player just hits the rim, he gets two points; if he can hit the backboard, one point. Black athletes will get nothing for misses like that. What about the “airball” that hits nothing whatsoever? A half a point for whites!

112. Why Christianity And Critical Race Theory Cannot Coexist

113. As a preacher friend said, “It is not a “sin” problem. It is a “sin” problem.” Consider “ Cannon HinnantBrittney WattsChannon Christian, Christopher Newsom, the victims of the Zebra Killings, and the thousands of whites whom blacks have killed.”

114. “I believe that the Democrat Party is clearly not the party that a lot of African Americans believe it is…they need to know that it’s pure Marxism…I think that a lot of African Americans are being deceived, they’re being used. —Dr. Carol M. Swain, Professor of Political Science and Law, Vanderbilt University (ret)”

115. The Islamic doctrine of slavery is found in the Koran and the life example of Mohammed. You must know the Islamic doctrine of slavery before you can understand slavery.

116. The country Myanmar (Burma): “For most of its independent years, the country has been engrossed in rampant ethnic strife and its myriad ethnic groups have been involved in one of the world's longest-running ongoing civil wars.”
(Take a look at how each group looks like the other:

117. All "races" have racists.

Slavery in world history is the norm, not the exception. For the Greeks and Romans, slavery was widespread and a key component of their economic system. And Arabs for centuries raided the coasts of Mediterranean Europe and enslaved hundreds of thousands of people. The Chinese made slaves of their conquered enemies, kept their peasants in a state of perpetual servitude, and even purchased African slaves from Arab traders. Many African tribes themselves practiced slavery. The Aztecs not only sacrificed captured enemies to their gods, but also enslaved them… Throughout human history, untold millions more people lived as slaves, including many renowned individuals… Before the Civil War, the Five Civilized Tribes living in the South—the Cherokee, the Seminole, the Chickasaw, the Creek, and the Choctaw—owned Black slaves and “were deeply committed to slavery.” At the same time, several thousand free African-Americans living in the South owned slaves.

118. Move On Up

119. The 1619 Project is, as Richard Land wrote in the Christian Post, “revisionist historical fiction by Marxist cultural theory and political ideology attempting to show that America was an evil and racist society from the beginning.” According to the 1619 Project, America’s true founding was not in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence, in 1607 with the first English settlers in Jamestown, or in 1620 when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth, but rather when the first black Africans landed at Jamestown in 1619.

According to this theory, now being taught as a fact to millions of America’s public-school students, America was founded upon slavery and the first black Africans who were brought to Jamestown in 1619 were the first slaves in Colonial America. Actually, they were slaves before they were brought to Jamestown by pirates, but they became indentured servants in Virginia, as slavery was not legal in the colony until several years later. The unsupported theory asserts that slavery was somehow America’s “original sin,” but there was nothing “original” about slavery in America: Slavery had existed in all cultures and continents throughout human history. Almost all persons brought to the English colonies from Africa were already slaves in Africa, sold to European slave traders by black Africans. On top of that, no mention is made of the first legal slave owner in America, a black man named Anthony Johnson…

The 1619 Project was conceived by a “journalist” working for the New York Times, Nikole Hannah-Jones. Her 1995 letter to the editor illustrates her racist ideology. She wrote, “The white race is the biggest murderer, rapist, pillager, and thief of the modern world.”…All governments and peoples are flawed, and American slavery should not be minimized. But compared to the rest of the world, the United States acquits itself well.

120. Black lives matter. Of course they do. But it is now abundantly clear that the lives, safety and dignity of Black men, women and children are not really what drives organizers of the Black Lives Matter movement. That is a shame.

The world has been fed a bill of goods about BLM’s goals. Now we see they are about creating civil unrest and nothing more. We should have realized this after one of its co-founders proudly declared she is a “trained Marxist.” Marxism, by definition, “argues for a worker revolution to overturn capitalism in favor of communism.”

The BLM website says the group “builds power to bring justice, healing, and freedom to Black people.” Really? Then why haven’t they mobilized in hotspot neighborhoods where Blacks are most frequently victimized?

121. Historical Political FACTS

Since its founding in the late 1820s, the Democratic Party has defended slavery, started the Civil War and opposed Reconstruction. The Democratic Party imposed segregation. Its members engaged in the lynchings of blacks and opposed the civil rights acts of the 1950s and 1960s.

George Wallace, the Alabama Governor who defied a desegregation order 50 years ago…was a Democrat and ran in the Democratic presidential primaries in 1964, 1972 and 1976…Bull Connor, the Birmingham police commissioner who turned fire hoses and police dogs on peaceful civil rights demonstrators, was a Democrat too. In fact, he was Democratic National Committeeman from Alabama…

122. Booker T. Washington warned not to follow those pushing that era’s version of the critical race theory (My Larger Education: Being Chapters from My Experience (1911, p. 118):

There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public.

Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs–partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. . .

Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. . . There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who do not want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out, they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.

123. Fake Hate Crimes

124. Darryl Brooks is a black supremacist who mowed down over 60 white people, including kids, at a Waukesha, Wis. Christmas parade. Six people were killed in what is inarguably the worst domestic terror attack in years… Another black supremacist, with links to numerous black militias, shot a cop in the head last year in Florida. Black militants in Tulsa called for “killing everything white in sight.”…White supremacy attacks are so hard to come by that people are faking them.

125. A Short History of Slavery

126. “(P)urveyors of division constantly weaponize a false racial premises by equating racial identification to skin color; all in a cynical effort to divide communities. Of course, "skin color racism" has no scientific basis, nor is it relevant to the human persona. Nevertheless, the perpetrators of this dogma of division push even further toward a dangerously erroneous conclusion: America is the worst place for Blacks and other minorities to live. This outlook is false and dangerous… Where did the term ‘people of color’ originate, anyway? All human pigmentation has some hue. Nobody’s skin is the exact color of a sheet of copy paper or a lump of coal. When we continue to search for different euphemisms to define — and therefore box in — the Black community, we overlook the simple scientific and spiritual truth that there is only one race, and that is the human race… Acts 17:26 KJV ‘And hath made of one blood all nations of men [humans, male and female] for to dwell on all the face of the earth…” Dr. Alveda C. King

127. According to research by black pro-life advocate Walter Hoye, that amounts to about half of the American black population. "Considering that the total current black American population is about 42,000,000, the 20,350,000 black American abortions are equal to 48.45% of the total black American population. If not for abortion, the total black American population would be approximately 62,350,000, or 48% greater than it is today," Hoye wrote in 2016.

128. Darwin’s racist and imperialist attitudes were conventional for his time, but his use of racism to defend his theory of human evolution buttressed those attitudes in the decades to follow by providing scientific justification for racism among many of Darwin’s followers. Racism was not just an incidental part of Darwin’s evolutionary theory. Rather Darwin considered racial inequality crucial evidence for his theory. In order to convince his contemporaries of his theory of evolution, he knew he needed to demonstrate the great variety within any given species, while minimizing the gap between different species. When applied to human evolution, this meant that Darwin had to stress human inequality on the one hand, and human proximity to apes on the other. Racism provided fodder for this argument, because Darwin placed the black Africans and Australian aborigines close to the apes in his racial hierarchy, while deeming the white Europeans far superior.

129. National Black Prolife Coalition

130. Frederick Douglas Foundation

131. “(B)lack intellectuals don’t represent most blacks any more than white intellectuals represent most whites.” This continues to be the case today. Most blacks, for example, support voter ID laws and school choice, while most black elites—academics, the NAACP, Black Lives Matter activists, etc.—oppose those things. Conversely, most blacks oppose racial preferences in college admissions and, as noted, oppose defunding the police, while black elites are in favor of those things.”

132. In a “1619 Project essay, the author writes: “For the most part, black Americans fought back alone.” This breathtakingly ignorant assertion simply writes out of history the role of the Quakers and others in the 18th century, the role of the abolitionists and the newly-formed Republican party in the run-up to the Civil War and Reconstruction, and the role of the NAACP, which was co-founded by whites and blacks together in the early 1900s. It also ignores the role of non-blacks in the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s, which was propelled by alliances with whites, Jews, Catholics, and others who fought against racial discrimination…The Project’s whole purpose is to present slavery as an all-purpose explanation for racial inequality today…Whites who reject this narrative are labeled as racists. Blacks who reject it are dismissed as dupes or opportunists.”

133. “Maybe Obama should have suggested that black men stop committing crimes AND stop fighting cops when they get caught. But the left chooses to make heroes of their criminals. Why? Because it will inspire more black men to resist, fight, and die, and that’s all part of the plan… The left has no interest in teaching black men to obey the law and obey cops when they don’t. BLM sees these dead black men as an opportunity to make money AND to push their Marxist agenda. White liberals believe crime is, as Colin Flaherty, the now-deceased author of Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry and White Girl Bleed a Lot put it, the new black entitlement… Black men are the unwitting cannon fodder for the left, who pretend to defend them.”

134. "At the heart of nuanced social justice training lies a subset of ideologies most infamously aligned with Critical Race Theory and the Marxist movement. This training is known as the 1619 Project, and the notably Marxist ideologies which support its founding principles would make any well-read scholar write off the project as political doctrine that cannot exist outside the realm of metaphorical fiction.”

135. “Black America enjoys more advantages than any and all Africans or other people of color anywhere around the world. Blacks enjoy the highest standard of living, billionaires, housing, jobs, sports, entertainment dominance and SO many other areas. It’s a privilege to be Black in America. There’s not one single Black person who would choose to move back to Africa to enjoy starvation, an outhouse, living in a hut or hunting for food where you could get killed by other predators. Yet, we’ve instituted “affirmative action” to give equal job opportunity only because of the color of one’s skin…not the content of one’s education or character…In the end, every single person MUST get off his or her duff, do their homework, put in the time to become educationally intelligent or vocationally trained, and then, work toward their goals. No amount of “equity training” for the rest of us will change that. It gets down to “equality of opportunity” which every American of every stripe enjoys via the Constitution.”

136. Many white nationalists claim that Darwinism directly supports their ideology, because they think that races have evolved to different levels. They are convinced that races are pitted in a merciless struggle for existence. Their penchant for white supremacy is their bid to win the Darwinian struggle for existence.

137. Concerned Communities for America


In July 2016 a black professing Christian took offense at this article. Even though I felt an apology was undeserved, I told him, “I am sorry you were offended.” He would have nothing to do with me and harshly told me so. This incident proves my point that a conversation about race cannot be engaged unless blacks are willing to hear the hard truth about racism. I became his enemy because I told him the truth. He offered me zero facts to support his anger except I could not understand blacks because I grew up with a few of them. I stand by my statement that I doubt if BObama “knows what it is like to be black in America as much as me.” Sadly, this guy thinks he is popular with whites although he does not know their hearts. As long as no one speaks truth to him, they are on the best of terms. He harbors a lot of hurt and hate in his heart. His alternative is to leave it at the altar. I wonder how the critic would handle the truth-teller of this video: How Savage Are Blacks In America & Why Is Everyone Afraid To Discuss It? .

If a reader finds an error in this article, I welcome it being respectfully pointed out.


Merriam-Webster defines culture as “the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits” of a group. Based upon that, rural southern whites from South Carolina have more in common with rural southern blacks than they would with urban northern whites from Massachusetts.


Be sure to see Liberalism is Evil.


The bottom line for blacks.