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Can You Spare Some Change?

By Karl C. Priest September 15, 2010 (revised 12-26-20)

Let’s all chip in a few cents and provide some playground balls, sand buckets, jump ropes, and juice bottles for our neighborhood children. For a few extra coins we can pay to transport the children to a public playground. Wouldn’t that be generous (even loving) on our part?

How about if some of the other kids at the playground had pornography, used foul language, and were frequently violent? How about if the play activities were often interrupted while the police brought drug sniffing dogs by to sniff the play area and frequently finding illegal drugs? How about if the playground directors gave nature talks about how all of the flora and fauna evolved without any need for a Creator God? How about if those same playground directors had story-times where they stressed the evils of America and the need for a socialist world government? How about if the playground directors gave the kids information about how to have sex (even claiming that anal intercourse is normal and healthy) and told the girls where they can get abortions without telling their parents? How about if the playground directors frequently sexually molested the children?

Would you want your money back?

Unless you are diabolical you would rise up and say, “You cannot do that to our precious children!”

With all due respect, your money is being used to do everything mentioned. Those things happen to children who are sent to “play” in public schools.

You may say, “Well I know evolutionism is eminent in public education, but there are apologetics ministries that train the children how to parry the propaganda.” If that is true, why not use some well-trained children to enroll in Muslim schools. After all, we sure need “salt and light” shed on Islamic doctrine.

“But that would be harmful to even the best trained children” you say. My friend, a public school science teacher can do more harm than a Muslim imam because the Darwinist disciple does his damage in a more devious way.

Any rational American is aware of the problem of school violence. Although school shootings are rare, do you think that statistic provides any comfort to the dozens of families destroyed by the loss of a child who was murdered in a school building? Forget the murder and mayhem; the issues arising of “normal” school violence are harming children in many insidious ways.

Do you also think I exaggerate about the sexual molestation of public school children? If so, please become informed about the fact that sexual scandals are serious problems in public schools. In my own state (West Virginia) which is arguably the buckle of the Bible belt recent headlines (such as “Sexual Abuse Plagues Schools”) leave no room for doubt. No loving parent would send their child through a minefield even though there was a treasure chest on the other side. Parents can easily see the potential harm of an exploding landmine, but they willingly ignore the much more serious (on an eternal scale) invisible injuries inflicted upon children in the public schools.

I began this article facetiously asking for some spare change. Now, I want to seriously plead for you to use some of your money to really rescue children.

The idea struck me when a friend told me he was involved with fellow church members in providing well-stocked backpacks for an elementary school that sits next door to his church. That reminded me of another local church that provides winter coats to needy children in a school across the street. I certainly support helping needy children. However, we must get our priorities straight.

As I advocate for folks to use home or truly Christian schools I hear many excuses. Most of the time it is a matter of people being addicted to the government control of their children’s lives. Many times, a couple wants the mother working so they can live a luxurious lifestyle. Much too frequently my heart is broken by parents who sincerely seek a way to rescue their children, but are simply not able to do so. Many times it involves a single mother. Sometimes it is a case of where the father works (and often the mother works) for simple subsistence and paying for Christian school tuition is nearly impossible.

We can help!

Using an informal survey of a range of Christian schools in the Charleston, West Virginia area I determined that it costs anywhere from $160 to $318 per month for one child to attend a Christian school. For two children it’s an additional $135 to $300; three is $145 to $208 with the discount continuing for additional children. There are yearly fees for registration, books, and transportation (in some cases) that range from $75 to $150.

Any local church could sponsor one or more needy children. Just to use one prominent denomination as an example, the Southern Baptists have an overseas mission budget of over $317 million dollars. One percent (much less than a tithe) of that amount would provide a minimum $3,170,000. Just think what that amount would do on the American mission field!

Let’s not wait on a denomination to awaken. I implore every Christian to sponsor (in whole or in part) at least one precious child. If one person per church starts this ministry, I think a church will soon set up a mission budget dedicated to keeping a needy child in a Christian school. I pray for thousands of churches to sponsor one or more children.

Details will be easy to deal with. The application and allocation procedures can be designed as each group sees fit. Each church can set up its own policies and procedures in conjunction with a Christian school. Names may vary: “The Faith Baptist Church Scholarship Fund”; “The Men’s Fellowship Change our Children Project”; and “Women’s Home Missionary Outreach” are only three examples. Speaking of “Home Missions,” there are plenty of opportunities for volunteer work in Christian schools.

Homeschools need not be excluded. Homeschool groups is a great place to start helping homeschoolers. In West Virginia we have Christian Home Educators of West Virginia statewide and the area based groups. Homeschoolers have worthy families that need help with purchase of curriculum, testing, and tutoring. Homeschool groups can also benefit from volunteers.

Children of church members would be the first to benefit. Churches who “adopt” a child (or children) can be provided with the child’s photo and a report on the child’s progress. Perhaps the child could visit the church and display some of his school work. The pastor can be privy to the circumstances of the family being helped. This has all been done with foreign missionaries and children living in foreign lands.

If Jesus Christ delays His return, the only hope for America is to raise a godly generation that is unaffected by the evils rampant in public schooling. The church has done well with providing the Gospel and physical assistance to heathen people in foreign lands. As we focused on other lands our children have become heathens in our own land.

With some spare change we can change our children and ultimately our country.

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