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Evolutionists are full of Hot Air note


A perfect example of why Dr. Joseph Mastropalo and I began the Life Science Prize is recorded in a blog under the title “Science versus Pseudoscience, or, Creationism versus Darwinism (alternate title) The tan strepsipteran ran in haste to leap into space lest it lose its place in the larval nest of the insect pest in which it is a guest but at Whose behest?”

The evolutionists love to stroke their egos by engaging in endless debate. If you have the time, this makes for an interesting read.

If you want to know why evolutionists will not debate, listen to the EUGENIE C. SCOTT: Debate and Lose Critique.  This is a discussion of an article by the evolutionist goddess where she tells Darwin's Disciples to “avoid debates."

Hear true believers in evolutionism confronted with the Life Science Prize reality.

Read how Barry the Bluffer, a true believer in evolutionism thinks.

Read how the devote defenders of Darwinism (Talk Origins) were definitely defeated.

Even their darling Dr. Dawkins did a dodging dance.

See a documentary about a classic debate between a top evolutionist and a real scientist.

For those who make excuses for taking Dr. Mastropaolo's Debate Challenge I offer the “Priest Option”.

1. The true believer in evolutionism gets 10 minutes to present the best scientific evidence for evolution.

2. I get 5 minutes to respond.

3. The event is videotaped and both parties get a copy with the right to use as long as a link to the entire video is included in any such usage.

Dr. Mastropaolo’s Life Science Prize ($10,000) challenge has worked wonderfully. The Pendleton Option (below) is profound.


To eliminate any pretense that evolutionists have evidence, I present the following two “Take Ten” challenges.


1. The evolutionist gets 7 minutes to present his best evidence of microbes to man evolution.

2. I get 3 minutes to expose the claim.


1. The evolutionist gets 7 paragraphs to present his best evidence of microbes to man evolution.

2. I get 3 paragraphs to expose the claim.


If you have limited time, I offer you 7 sentences to my 3 sentences.


We can cut to the chase with your 7 words to my 3 words.


A different format is what I call the “Pendleton Option”.

There are 5 predetermined topics (themes):

They say that the creation is not science. We say that the evolution is not science. Somebody is wrong.

                1-- The origin of life.
                2-- The age of the earth.
                3-- The origin of man.
                4-- The fossils
                5-- The mutations.
Each team (evolutionists and creationists) will have 10 minutes to expound (show their evidence) for each topic (theme).

The final 10 minutes, each team will make their final comments.

The debate will last two (2) continuous hours.  Each team may have 1 to 5 members be they professors, teachers and/or students.

Immediately following the 2 hours of debate, there will be a show of hands from the public to determine which team gave better evidence for their belief and against the other.

The loosing team will receive $20 and the winning team will receive $200. (The price amount can be varied by the organizing group.)

After a 10 minute break, both teams will answer written questions from the public. hese questions should be directed to a specific team or both team can answer as the writer specifies.

It helps the team answering to have the question in writing in hand so as to understand and answer accordingly.

A limit of 60 seconds should be respected for the length of the answer.

Question and answer time should be publicized to last 30 minutes and then dismiss the public.

For a public debate, it is recommended that a nominal fee be charged for entrance. This gives an aspect of seriousness and helps to recover expenses. 

All parties must sign an agreement letter of acceptance with the day, month, time and place of the debate. The agreement will include the above format and the 5 predetermined topics (themes) and which topic(s) he/she will be defending/speaking on. All parties will provide photos for publicity purposes.
Please contact me with any question, doubt or comment you may have. I am here to help and to make this debate a real success.

Chemist John Pendleton


See an example of the best an evolutionist can do defending Darwinism during a debate with a creation scientist. Be sure to watch 1:56-2:06. No wonder true believers in evolutionism do not want to debate! Also, be sure to see the documentary of that debate.


Hear an evolutionist dodge. No wonder they will not accept the Life Science Prize challenge.


See the History of the Debate Dodgers.


NOTICE: Dr. Mastropaolo started a new contest in 2013 intended to confront compromising Christians. He was inundated with infidel responses. To date, all have been bluffing.




You can believe that evolution is not true and still end up in hell. The most important thing on this entire website is how for you to GET SAVED.