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Please enjoy the tune and be inspired by the pictures from the event that launched the conservative movement.

A rewrite of the words will make the song the battle tune for today’s Tea Party.

Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin would be honored to stand in the shadow of Alice Moore. Today’s’ preachers should try to follow the footsteps of preachers Hill, Graley, Quigley, and Horan. Those Tea Party patriots put it all on the line for God, country, and (most of all) their children.

May God grant that this video will be the turning point leading to the redemption of America.

In God’s perfect timing the video was posted on July 11, 2011.

Evil had 911. May Grace have 711.

Most importantly, let's pray that God will use the video to open hearts and minds to the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Please pass it on.

Here are tentative partial lyrics for the Tea Party Theme Song to lead us into 2012 and beyond.

(Based upon the bottom line—the hearts and minds of America’s children)

Intro and Chorus:
Tea Party patriots are looking for reform--what are they doing in this country starring’ up a storm?
Don’t they know they’re rousing people round the USA, telling folks right from left and God fearing ways?

The first to stand were at Boston in seventeen seventy-three.
They knew the terrible tyrants were after their liberty.

Next to stand were West Virginians in nineteen seventy-four.
They stood against the liberal attack and tried to bar the door.

One nasty election in twenty-oh-eight liberals were everywhere.
They pulled off a scam and said conservatives didn’t have a prayer.

The economy fell in, the schools gave way, liberals worship the hills.
Our faces were slapped when the towers blew up. They push global pills.

The schools don’t give a decent education—there’s no academic freedom.
What liberals want is to get our kids and they will soon have our nation.

We turned our cheeks seventy times seven. We did not resist.
‘Til they came for the souls of our precious ones and now we’re gonna resist.

They came for our kids with their dirty looks and their one world plan.
But they got a surprise when the Tea Party folks took a firm stand.

Liberals attack us even though they act like communists.
You’re racists they say and you’re backed by big business.

Now, the Supreme Court judges we never voted for way over there in Washington.
Some folks say they committed treason for the shape our nations in.

You can’t pray in schools. You can kill a baby. You can brainwash kids for hours on end.
It’s OK to fight an endless war and find out that men aren’t men.

Now listen America, you might give in to the Supreme Court mess.
But we’re standing for God, children, and Country; Liberty, and happiness.

So, if you’re a believer, not just a pretender, in the Constitution—
throw the liberals out, stand up for the truth, that’s the only solution.

(The tune and original words are by Avis Hill in 1974. Revised words by Karl Priest in 2011.)

You can hear the original song (with photos of the 1974 Tea Partiers) at