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See for Yourself

By Karl C. Priest

For historical purposes I have posted some videos of the Kanawha County, WV battles against evolutionism. The quality is poor, but passable.

I only posted (except as described in the first two cases) the comments I personally made at board meetings. Each meeting, especially the “Evolution Resolution” meeting which lasted over three hours, had a variety of speakers who were pro (mostly) creation and pro evolution. The entire tapes are available from Kanawha County Schools (

Complete reports of each battle (some of which are without YouTube video) can be found beginning at where a report of the “Evolution Resolution” is posted. Other links follow from there.

If you can only watch one video, I strongly suggest viewing this one: “Public School Obscenity”. Amazingly, this episode occurred at a meeting where I tried to persuade the board to adopt, as a supplementary text for teachers, the book “Of Pandas and People” ( The speaker caught me, and the entire auditorium, completely off guard. This is Part 1 (10 minutes) and Part 2 is only a little over two minutes at (Some content is offensive.)

My speech, prior to the one above, is at

My second recommendation, for priority viewing, is the concluding presentation of the “Evolution Resolution” marathon. It is a superb piece of oratory by Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo. It is located at

My address to the board that night is at

There are two other videos about these particular battles to tell children the truth about evolutionism.

> which concerns my grievance. My opening comment is about my previous wearing of an ape mask at the end of the “Evolution Resolution” meeting. A photo of that is at

> where I, in effect, called “checkmate” against evolutionists on the Kanawha County Board of Education, the ACLU, People for the American Way, and the atheist led aggressive evolutionism group which hides behind the name “National Center for Science Education”. A report on that “checkmate” is located at

These videos and related reports provide documentation to prove that the public schools (more accurately “government schools”) cannot be redeemed and the only solution is for Christian and conservative non-Christian parents to remove their children to home or truly Christian schools. See Exodus Mandate-WV at