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New Christian

The first several years after I was saved I was totally immersed in proclaiming the Gospel and the pictures below represent a little of that.

By God’s Grace I taught children’s Sunday School and Bible school; coached boys church basketball; assisted with Wednesday night children’s groups and Royal Rangers; worked as a house parent in a Christian based children’s’ home; helped establish a church in my former neighborhood; established a local chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ at West Virginia State; witnessed on the streets, at a rock concert, and a night club; served as a Christian camp counselor; participated in Gospel tract distribution; picketed abortion clinics and fund raisers; backed up college campus preachers; filled pulpits as a lay speaker; ministered to county jail prisoners; was the director of Christian Education at church, and a small group shepherd; lead a faculty fellowship at school; drove a church bus; helped build a Christian school literally from the ground up; founded the Kanawha Creation Science Group; operated a Creation Science ministry; authored several published articles and wrote a book about the Great Textbook War; and volunteered as a Homeschool tester and portfolio evaluator. Now I serve as West Virginia state coordinator for Exodus Mandate and encourages Christian parents to rescue their children to Christian or home schools.

Here is how I served the Lord in Satan’s School System. I always had hanging on my classroom wall a 12 x 20 inch plaque “As a Man Thinketh” which had the entire text to Philippians 4:8. Having seen my WWJD bracelet, when school time release clubs came about, some students asked me to sponsor their “What Would Jesus Do?” club. I lead a faculty fellowship at school; helped with high school level Youth for Christ; cosponsored Fellowship of Christian Athletes clubs and I sponsored a Creation Club as well as engaging in a series of battles for the Creator starting with the Evolution Resolution. I point out those things not to brag, but to show other examples of doing something for God inside the public school system.

Nevertheless, I was not a “Spiritual Superman” and experienced the truth of “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” (I Cor. 10:12 KJB)

The photos are of a group of Campuses Crusaders on the way to a conference in Kentucky, me introducing a performer at a concert, and my first two modes of transportation. (Click on each picture for a larger image.)