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Traveling to Truth Transformation

By Karl Priest March 17, 2009 (revised 1-30-2010)

I have been thankful that God moved the atheistic and/or extremely liberal Charleston Gazette editors to print several of my op-ed articles. I figured that they wanted a token conservative or (more likely) hoped to expose me to ridicule.

Whatever their reason for running my articles, the Gazette generosity came to a halt (for an extended period) after I sent some powerful anti-baby slaughter (that is the accurate term for “choice”) information to one of the editors.

I had (albeit small) hope that the editor was a candidate for turning to truth.

Unfortunately, the editor got stuck on step three of a process I call “Truth Transformation”.

When individuals are advised of a truth they had not considered, or they had held opinions in opposition to, there are five stages of traveling to Truth Transformation.  These steps may be skipped and a hard-hearted person may not even progress pass stage one.

1.  Awareness (When they are provided the facts.)

2.  Apathy (A tendency to ignore what they face.)

3.  Anger (An attempt to deny the facts.)

4.  Acceptance (Discarding their old false beliefs and embracing the truth.)

5.  Announcement (This stage is only attained by those with integrity and courage who now proclaim the truth to others.)

Some liberals make it to step five and live their lives as beneficial citizens.

Traveling to Truth Transformation is not easy, but the trip is worth the effort.


Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.

(A. J. Liebling)