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This article was originally posted in  2014 Articles, Letters and Op-Eds Urging Folks to Rescue Their Children . After being censored by the Charleston Daily Mail and the Charleston Gazette this article was moved here in order to make it a subject of its own. See “Censorship by Any Name is Still Censorship!” for more about censorship by the Charleston Daily Mail and the Charleston Gazette

The Problem is NOT Politicians
(sub-titled Panty Waist Pastors)

By Karl C. Priest April 3, 2014 (revised 1-15-2020)

As I participated in the prayer vigil outside the governor’s mansion I pondered if the Protestant and Catholic pontificates comprehended the real resolution to their petition. Calling upon the Creator God to touch the hearts of government officials is not the primary course to pursue.

The most praiseworthy politician puts the taxpayer’s pennies in the proper coffer, but many pick the people’s pockets. Those facts are not foreign to impartial perceivers. In a perfect world they would place the funds fairly and do more than pretend to practice reasonable righteousness. Since we are in a fallen world, politics will not fulfil a primary purpose of government which is the protection of human rights including those of the pre-born. If members holding political office will not stop the mass murder of our progeny, who is the proper person to do so? My premise is precise—preachers!

It is no picnic being a preacher. People know that no man is pure. Nevertheless, America’s problem (particularly with the profligate carnage of children) is in the pulpits.

First, the false shepherds as described in 2 Corinthians 11: 13-15 (KJB). An ABC News report ( disclosed there are atheists filling Christian church pulpits. The “Clergy Project” website is devoted to atheist preachers. Planned Parenthood has a “Clergy Advisory Board”. There is a “Clergy for Choice Network” website. The “choice” means choosing to continue abortion atrocities.

Probably more harmful than unholy hypocrite pastors are the prosperity preaches with their “name it-claim it” message malarkey. There are televangelists totally suckering folks into thinking God will bless them if they send the preacher money. Those con artists have done more to crush the cause of Christ than all combined atheists. Not far behind those shysters are mega-church “no hell” preachers. The Purpose Driven Life comes close to that category.

Then there are preachers whose primary position is membership and money. There are much too many “my ministry” ministers. Those preachers push programs to fill the pews and keep funds from the flock flowing. Classify them in the category of "Compromising Clergy" or "Spineless Shepherds".

After I exposed blasphemy of the Lord Jesus Christ in local schools not one preacher rose up to call for Christians to rescue their children from those seminaries of paganism, the so-called “public” schools. Preachers must proclaim the message that parents put into practice the mandate that pupils participate in Christian education. Failure means more mindless voters for corrupt Republicrites and Demoncrats and more pernicious legislation from ludicrous lawmakers.

If a preacher does not have a powerful pro-life punch in his sermons it is simply a pity! But, that alone is inadequate without putting the message into practice. A place to start is the “40-40 Face the Facts” plan. Piety must be mixed with courageous action to stop the annihilation of the precious babies!

Plenty of parsimonious preachers take pains to protect their pocket books. There is a plethora of pathetic pantywaist pastors, positioned behind pretty pulpits, placating parishioners proudly positioned on padded pews. I pity America without pastors with the power of those who have preceded them.


The items below are not part of the article and are added as a sort of addendum.

Baby killing by abortion will never go away unless we produce a generation of rightly educated citizens. To do that, WE MUST RESCUE OUR CHILDREN! That is the front line of the Culture War and the Spiritual Wars that are raging.

The BIGGEST surprise in working with EXODUS MANDATE is the failure of pastors to step up to the battle line.

Despite much effort only two pastors invited me to speak at their churches in my capcity as the West Virginia State Coordinator for Exodus Mandate.

"If your pastor does not promote Christian schooling, then why is he still your pastor?" (Bruce Shortt, Exodus Mandate )

Have you asked your pastor to designate your church as a Christian One Room School? If not, PLEASE tell me why.  If you did, and he declined, PLEASE tell me his excuse?  You need not name him.  Thank you!

Every preacher should ponder what William Cook, Founder/Exec. Director Black Robe Regiment of Virginia and either rejoice or repent.


Pastors' pitiful performance and excuses prompted me to post this on my "blog":

Woe unto America without pastors with the power of those who led the Courageous Corps of 74.  Here are four of them.

The first pastor (Graley) you see in the video was a full time pastor and owned a roofing company.

The second pastor (Quigley) was a full time pastor.

The third pastor (Hill 4:00) ran a plumbing company which he lost due to IRS attack.  (See the account below.)

See video of Graley, Quigley, and Hill.

The fourth one (Horan) lost his job as a truck driver and was framed and sent to prison. See video of Pastor Horan.

All of them have been mocked and maligned for 40 years.  They should be a model for those men claiming to be God's Shepherds.

Hill's story:

I owed the IRS $1500 and they had placed a lien on my property for it. I filed, but did not have funds to pay. So, after not being able to keep my business afloat, I decided to sell my property for just enough to satisfy all of my vendors. So, I found a buyer who had been approved for a VA loan. Two weeks before the closing, the IRS placed another $1500 lien against me and that caused my liabilities to exceed my assets. None of my vendors would release their liens thus forcing me into foreclosure by the Small Business Administration and my house was auctioned off for $8000 less than what I could have sold it for. The very same person that was going to purchase my home bought it and I lost everything. The second IRS lien was not correct. Two weeks later, I received a letter from the IRS in Cincinnati, Ohio that stated to the effect, “Sorry Mr. Hill, but we have found the second lien was not proper and therefore we are releasing the second lien from your account.” Wasn’t that certainly wonderful? After losing my home I received that “gracious” letter! I could not even file a suit against the IRS.  (pages 299-300 of Protester Voices--The 1974 Textbook Tea Party)



These are actual excuses pastors gave me or not preaching the need to remove children from government schools. If you have firsthand knowledge of other excuses, please let me know. Perhaps this list could be handed to a pastor after he is asked to take a stand with the following comment: "If the Lord tells you not to become part of rescuing children, please pick the excuse(s) from the list below so we can keep track of what is blocking the Lord the most.  You may add your own if the Lord gives you a new one.

1. I have no support from my church. 

2. I tried once and some families left.

3. I don’t have any help. 

4. I work a full time job. 

5. I am busy with hospital visits. 

6.  I won't do anything I can't do 100 percent.


“Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of my pasture!” declares the Lord. (Jeremiad 23:1)

“If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the public press lacks moral discrimination, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the world loses its interest in religion, the pulpit is responsible for it. If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it. If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it.” (Charles Finney, “ The Decay of Conscience”, The Independent, New York, December 4, 1873)


(T)he American Christian Church has an identity crisis. Not only do they have difficulty providing an accurate description of the King they claim to serve, but they have an even greater inability to articulate to others the job description of their congregation…(When asked to take a stand against evil a pastor replied), “I would love to be part of it …But unfortunately that is the weekend of our annual Ice Cream Social. Perhaps you can make some calls and see if you could find Someone Else to go in my place.”


There are too many Pastors Taking Cover.


Much of the church (has) turned a blind eye to this spiritual warfare which is ravaging the church and our culture. 10% of conservative evangelical pastors are true shepherds looking after their flock by aggressively speaking out against Christians attending public schools…The rest…are hirelings and not looking after their flock.

Political Correctness: A Deceptive and Dangerous Worldview edited by William S Lind and Richard W. Hawkins, Chapter 21, pg. 143


"One key to turning this country around is 'tent-maker' pastors who don’t have to rely on the congregation for wages. And, yes, the congregations have to be small. And plentiful. Goodbye, I say, to the big, brick and mortar churches. We need the small ecclesias (mis-translated as “church”) of the N.T. variety. Small neighborhood outreaches who ministered to the neighborhood. It’s the only hope for the country because out of these small, non-pastor-driven-inspired peoples will come tomorrow’s leaders in all fields." Dick Jones


Preachers need to stand firm on an inerrant Bible.


In August 2014 I read this headline: “Poll confirms pulpit cowardice and moneygrubbing; Let’s address this now”. The article disclosed that “pastors know and believe that the Bible speaks to social and political issues, but are afraid to preach about it from the pulpit.”

Related articles found since then:










In my years pleading with parents to rescue their children I have observed that the problem is primarily with pastors.  This article puts it in perspective: THE TRAIN-UP-A-CHILD DILEMMA


As part of an attempt to rescue children I sent a request to several local pastors: 

Here is a summary of an email I sent:

PLEASE pray about becoming a part of this rescue effort.  Will you stand in the gap?  "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none". (Ez. 22:30)

Pastors who participate will agree to begin to preach the truth from the pulpit about public schools and the importance and urgency for parents to get their children out.  You will open the church and allow children to be educated during the week and work with parents to make it possible.  You will reach out to volunteers in your church for help.

Later I contacted some pastors I knew personally with another plea (summarized):

Will you agree to be listed?  Please respond one way or the other.

You would agree to:

1.  Preach the message to your congregation that Christians should remove their children from public schools.

2.  Make the church available for a homeschool group to meet in and/or a Christian school to operate from (With technology-- it can be done with one room  and it can be affordable to everyone.)

3.  Recruit volunteers to use their God-given talents and skills as home missionaries.  These skills/talents could be academic (teaching or tutoring), artistic (music, etc.), or anything (handyman, play monitor, janitorial).  These folks would agree to be listed to receive calls as needed.  At that time, they would chose the time and days they have available. Even 1 hour a week would help.  Send these names to me.

Your name, church name, and phone number will be listed for others to see so they can contact you if they live in your area.

 NOT ONE responded!

The first two pastors personally contacted about the subject declined to participate.  These men were provided with a packet of indisputable information about why Christian children are being sacrificed in Pharaoh's Schools. 


“Sadly, many of America’s pastors and Christian leaders are apparently more interested in group consensus and the good ol’ boy club than they are in standing alone….Sadly, many pastors and Christian leaders seem to be more driven by pragmatism than truth.”


Also see I Saw Two Preachers.