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By Karl C. Priest November 22, 2015 (updated 10-7-22)

Thursday evening (11-19-15) A friend and I stood outside the Clay Center in Charleston, WV with signs “TELL BILL NYE EVOLUTION IS A LIE”. We were there for a little over an hour, but a lot occurred. It is impossible for me to recall every detail. Following is the best I can do from a few notes I jotted down last night.

My friend (Rick) is a rare man. He did two tours in Vietnam and was a Golden Gloves knockout champion. Now he is deeply devout and one of the few with the guts and gumption to leave the pews and engage the Enemy in hostile territory whether it be outside baby killing centers or inside boards of education.

Our strategy was two-fold. Of least importance was to generate publicity that evolution is not sacred. The prime goal was to reach the children. Woe to the adults who teach evolutionism to the children! We saw many children read our signs. Now, it is up to the Holy Spirit to work in their hearts and minds.

With only two of us, we had to stay together and focus on the entrance side closest to the major parking areas. It would have been great to have had someone on our side with a video camera. Ideally we would have had a team on the other side also with a camera.

Early on, three (maybe four) men (appearing to be in their early twenties) came up and said that were going to hand out tracts. We told them we were Christians, but wanted to focus on science. They were great guys and had prayer with us then went to the opposite side where we told them there was no coverage.

There were a few compliments and thumbs up directed to us during the time we were there.

This is truly a spiritual battle. I was exhausted when it was over. Only if you have been around demon possessed people can you understand. Of course, not all (and likely only a small percentage) of those who passed by were dedicated (even unknowingly) to demons, but the demons were dancing around and in the Clay Center during this event. True Believers in Evolutionism (TBEs) are extremely fanatical.

We saw several middle fingers “saluting” us. The first comment addressed to us was from a middle-aged man who said, “You guys are silly.” The second was from a college-age male who shouted, “I would rather be in hell than in a heaven with people like you! (unintelligible) a zombie savior!” We had not said a word to him. Many adults, mostly men, called us names such as “morons” and “idiots” (the one most often used). A woman yelled that “God did it (made evolution)!” There were lots of sneers and smirks. That is not my imagination or an exaggeration.

An armed police officer took up a position nearby. That was simply reasonable precaution on his part. An unarmed Clay Center security guard came out and chatted with us. It was obvious, someone had complained once they got inside. Right before we left, he came back and asked how we were and said, “Evolution IS a lie.”

One guy handed me a ticket to come in. Acording to a WCHS-TV report, tickets were free, but had been gone within an hour after they became available. Another guy offered me two tickets and said he would leave them at the box office. I said that I was sure Mr. Nye would put on a good show and use some real science, but declined to attend unless I could bring in my signs. My guess is that the TBEs will claim we were too close-minded to listen.

I had informed WCHS-TV and the liberal Charleston Gazette that we would be there.  The Gazette did not acknowledge the tip. About 6:40 PM the incoming crowd was huge. About that time, a WCHS television crew set up to interview us . (So far, I have not found anything that aired about us.) Nye preached “Climate Change” and the reporters asked us about that subject. I said (paraphrase) that the climate is, has been, and always will change. The question is how much it is changing, what is causing it, and what to do about it. I pointed out that I get suspicious when people try to censor any dissent about the subject.

Quickly after the WCHS interview, a video “documentary” crew interviewed us. I sensed evil and it was confirmed when I was asked to sign a release from Bill Nye. I signed it figuring that (as Exodus Mandate’s Ray Moore teaches) no publicity is bad. Likely, in conjunction with them, a young man (maybe college age) verbally attacked. He said that if I got a flu shot, I believe in evolution. I told him that the ability for a virus to change is not evolution. It was a long (about 5-minute) “debate” that consisted mostly of him spouting memorized scientific definitions of species and other things. One of his cohorts slapped him a high five after the “debater” made a point that seemed to show his superior intelligence. It ended up with him and his cohorts saying I am stupid (or words to that effect.) I asked the “documentary” camera man if he was an atheist. He said that he was a “non-believer”. I would have liked to have chatted longer with him, but had to focus on the crowd rush which went on right up to 7 PM. One of the “debater’s” cohorts came down and said to the camera man, “I hope you guys are going to trash them (me and Rick). The response was (as best I can recall from the heat of the moment) affirmative.

Just before we left, a black lady and her son came up and greeted us. I told her that evolution was the root of racism. She was friendly. This was a good way to end the picket.

Many people took phone photos of us and there were several selfies so I figure we are on the Net somewhere.

Here is a quote I pasted to the back of our signs that indicates the religiosity of Bill Nye regarding evolutionism.

“Evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science, and when you understand it you will know more about yourself and every other living thing on earth. We are made of atoms that were blasted out of ancient stars, and so we are somehow at least one way that the universe knows itself. That fills me with reverence…” “Why Evolution Is Undeniable”, US News & World Report Dec. 5, 2014

Rick Aliff

Credit Melody Priest for the creativity of attaching the stuffed monkeys.


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