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Our Children Are Our Mission

1. Develop a nationwide remote/distant learning Christian education system that is available to all. This system is envisioned to be within the economic reach of all who desire to participate. It is hoped that scholarships can be offered for those who truly cannot pay the cost of tuition. Through the use of high quality visual presentations create virtual classrooms (K-12) using the highest caliber teachers available. Using state of the art visual aids these teacher presentations will be of a quality not routinely found in state operated schools. This is not just another online study. It will have real classrooms and real facilitators/instructors. Through the use of High Definition video delay recordings and/or High Definition DVD (Blu-Ray) these presentations can be scheduled and viewed as desired. High speed data transfer and large high quality HDTV panels are now available and affordable to make this possible.

2. To reduce cost, use facilitators in these classrooms instead of requiring those with teacher certificates. This does not mean that certified teachers would not be allowed, but not required. Facilitators will need to be schooled in how to maintain order and discipline and be knowledgeable of subject material, but not be required to have a mastery of subject material. Facilitators will also not be required to develop lesson plans or develop skill tests. Facilitators, however, will grade homework, quizzes, and tests.

3. School Principal: Each school will require a local on-site principal to oversee the school and deal with student discipline and facilitator administration.

4. Administration cost will be minimized by having teaching materials developed and managed at remote location(s). The teaching materials should be developed by Trained Christian Educators subject to review by an Executive Board or their appointed education deputy. Due to the wide reach this school system may involve, any religious teaching materials should be non denominational.

5. Standardized text books across the entire program will greatly reduce the cost and ease the relocation of students when parents and or guardians are required to relocate. Unlike public schools, these text books would not have to change every year. Publication and distribution can be administered through (a sound publisher).

6. Use church classroom space that is in large part not used Monday through Friday. Network with other churches if additional classroom space is required.

7. Emphasize academic excellence. Skill tests will meet or exceed accreditation requirements.

8. Develop an athletic program that is not cost prohibited. This includes daily physical education classes and a competitive sports program. With the high cost of stadiums, trained coaches, and equipment and the limited number of participants, some contact sports such as football may not be offered at most schools. The program could include other international sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, etc. Professionally trained coaches should be employed for the athletic program if financially feasible and at least one professionally qualified trainer should be present at practices and games to deal with anyone injured. If volunteer coaches are used a professional trainer will be present.

9. Music/band should be offered as an elective. Qualified Instructors will be required.

The 9 points I have outline are suggestive in nature and surely do not address all areas in a system of this magnitude. I am sure that many will see problems in developing such a program. This is not just an education effort but a massive cooperative mission effort. It will impact families, communities, states, and the nation. It will require sacrifice in time, talents, and treasures. As a nation we cannot afford to continue on the same path we are currently following . That path has lead us to a place where the state has replaced God. Many with the required skills will have to step forward to make this happen, but with God all things are possible. We need the faith of a mustard seed because we have to move a mountain to regain our nation and culture and “remember God”.

Thomas L. Terrell, Lt Col USAF (Ret)

(The above is a snip from a proposal made to the Southern Baptist Convention. Item #4 has “SBC” removed from in front of “executive board” and replaced by “an” because the ideas can apply to any Christian group.)

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