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“ANSWERS” DOES NOT HAVE THE ANSWER (Even with “Already Gone”)

By David D’escoto

NOTE: The below is a reply to a Christian leader who was trying to defend Answers in Genesis’ double-minded position on public schools. (“the children are the key” The subject is Answers in Genesis (AiG), but almost any evangelical group could be substituted and not change the points made. David hopes it will equip us to answer evangelical compromisers effectively. Since this was written (December 2009) AiG has been heavily promoting their "Already Gone" as a tool to train kids to defend their faith in public schools. "Already Gone" cites research from the “Beemer Report” that indicates children from Christian backgrounds are rapidly turning their backs upon the church. The AiG solution is to train them to defend the Bible even though AiG does not claim there is an infallible Bible in English. I think that if churches superbly taught all of the AiG apologetic material that the woeful statistics cited in "Already Gone" would not change significantly. Karl Priest

“Education without religion, as useful as it is, seems rather to a make man a more clever devil.”- C.S. Lewis

I have found that in tough situations where right decisions need to be made, the only right decision is a Biblical decision. 

What I mean is, although Answers in Genesis may have a plethora of reasons why they should not "call Christian parents to pull their children out of the godless evolutionary indoctrination centers," the only reason that really should matter is what God's Word has to say on this topic. We both agree, I believe, that the Bible clearly speaks to the issue of how Christian parents should train up their children. Honestly, I wouldn't be giving Answers in Genesis such a hard time if they would have said "kids should be anywhere BUT in today's godless public schools." 

I wrote an article on the subject of sending our kids to public school as being a sin. On a side note, this was not really my interpretation but what the Bible clearly teaches on "not causing another to stumble" on being sin. It was definitely a controversial article, BUT no one thus far who replied either favorably or unfavorably to the article refuted the Biblical argument. The responses from those who disliked the article were almost saying, "Yes I agree that public schools do cause an overwhelming amount of children to stumble BUT...."  (See the article at )

I know to some I sound like a crazy-eyed fundamentalist but the plain fact is since Answers in Genesis decided to take an official public position on this topic and, as you put very well, stepped outside of their "primary area of focus" then they need to follow through and speak the truth in love. They are, in fact, unknowingly misleading parents, pastors, and children down the wrong path. Think about it, pastors and parents can now point to Answers in Genesis and say, "Well if it is good enough for them then it is good enough for me." So sad. Again, it matters not what Answers in Genesis says but ultimately what God's Word says, right? 

Unfortunately the Church has yet to come to the conclusion that years of a godless indoctrination really matters in the Biblical training up of the next generation. I believe that all Answers in Genesis should do is simply speak the truth about what is occurring to millions of children's worldviews in today's public schools (i.e. ). It will be interpreted by some Christians who are addicted to their local government school as "Answers in Genesis explicitly denouncing public education," but that type of reaction may be more a result of their guilty consciences and their idol-like affection towards their schools.

I have been a "fan" of Answers in Genesis for over 10 years and my family and I have been tremendously blessed by their ministry over the years. My frustration with Answers in Genesis 's public position is mainly the hypocritical position they now hold. Follow me on this one.

Answers in Genesis's Mission Statement - -is as follows (my comments are in italics):


-To support the church in fulfilling its commission

Public Schools are working directly against the great commission by indoctrinating millions of kids' hearts and minds away from the Lord. Public schools are actually the great anti-commission.


-Answers in Genesis is a catalyst to bring reformation by reclaiming the foundations of our faith which are found in the Bible, from the very first verse.

A neophyte Christian could make a case from the first five books in the Bible for NOT sending kids away to godless schools with their godless ways and teachings. Answers in Genesis needs to realize as they like to say, "That one cannot only take parts of Scripture that one likes and reject and/or pass over the parts that one dislikes". God's Word is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow—period. There is no excuse for taking the very first verse of Scripture seriousl,y but then leap-frogging over other parts.


-We proclaim the absolute truth and authority of the Bible with boldness.

Unless it could affect our charitable donations and make us less popular within the Church.

-We relate the relevance of a literal Genesis to the church and the world today with creativity.

We take Bible literally except in areas that address the training up of the next generation. That is not our battle to fight BUT if we had to take a stand then we officially hold that godless evolutionary indoctrinating public schools, private Christian school, and homeschooling are all morally equivalent.

-We obey God’s call to deliver the message of the gospel, individually and collectively.

We will not compromise on any Biblical issue unless taking a stand would negatively affect our current charitable income.

Simply put, Answers in Genesis is yet another ministry that has caved into the world's ways. Our Enemy is all for this too. I can almost hear him saying, "I am fine with Answers in Genesis teaching Creationism, just give me your kids!".

Again I wrote about this in a past article earlier this year:

Brother, we know that with our Lord that there is no compromise. He tells us in His Word that "a double-minded man [or ministry], [is] unstable in all his [their] ways.' (James 1:8).

Yet our Lord is also so incredibly merciful to us that he tells us a mere few chapters later, "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up. (James 4:8-10)

Finally I would make the case that what the Church is doing today is not unlike what the Israelites did thousands of years ago when they too participated in pagan child sacrifice (addressed this in a past article too- ). Yes, I know that not all the Israelites did so and some did not go as far as actually burning their child to death, but only passing them over the flames as a sign of their homage to the pagan gods but nonetheless it was wrong and an abomination to the Lord. What I see Answers in Genesis doing, in a sense, is condoning today's modern child sacrifice because of their fear of losing dollars. Lord knows that keeping that fantastic museum open is expensive, but, I wonder if at any of their Board meetings has anyone ever stood up and said, "Let us obey the Lord no matter what and see if He will bless our decision." Yes, it would take a tremendous amount of faith, but isn't that what our Lord requires of us out of our love for Him?

I guess if I had to summarize in one sentence why this Answers in Genesis issue bothers me so is because here is yet another ministry that continues to lull the Church back to sleep on one of the most important issues facing it today.

On a side note, a group of us Christian leaders called out several ministries back in February. If we would have known about Answers in Genesis's official position then they would have surely made this list too.

"More than ninety years have gone by since Dewey set American education on its progressive course. The result is an educational system in shambles, a rising national tide of illiteracy and the social misery caused in its wake." - Samuel L. Blumenfeld

Karl Priest’s notes: In 2011 Answers in Genesis made a big step in the right direction by supporting the documentary Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America which clearly shows why Christians should rescue their children from public (government) schools.

Sadly, on May 6, 2014, Ham wrote an article “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future!” (a quote attributed to Hitler) in which Ham wrote, “We must rescue our children from the anti-God influences of the culture before it’s too late. One way you can do this is by bringing as many children as possible to the Creation Museum. This year kids 12 and under are free (with one paying adult).” (

Instead of stating clearly that Christian children need to be rescued from government schools, Ham seeks to raise revenue which generates taxes which may go to supporting government schools in Kentucky.

NOTES: In October 2011 Ken Ham endorsed the powerful anti-government school/rescue your children movie IndoctriNation.

On July 8, 2019, AiG announced “that Twelve Stones Christian Academy (TSCA), a K-9 private school nearby, has come under the wing of AiG.”

The July 27, 2019 AiG email newsletter revealed that Answers in Genesis values home, public and Private schools the same for $. “ Whether your children are in public school, private school, or homeschool, we have a variety of programs that will provide a solid biblical foundation to start the academic year.”

Let's pray that Brother Ham will call for Christians everywhere to rescue their children.

Please see Sending Suicide Squads into Schools (Scroll down on that page.).

Also see Missionary Schooling and Why Christian Education Is Important.