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Insect Hall of Fame

By Anonymous

Insects are interesting creatures that can do amazing things. Have you ever wondered which bugs are the most amazing? For instance, which bug is the fastest insect in the world, or which bug can grow to be the longest? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, because you are about to take a long walk through the “Bug hall of Fame”.

As you read about the amazing talents of these incredible insects, you must remember one important thing. In a way, you are like these bugs in the hall of fame! No, of course you do not have big wings or long antennas growing out of your head, but you do have amazing talents that God has given you. Some of you can run very fast, others of you are great at math, and some of you are good at helping other people feel better about themselves. No matter who you are, God loves you and has given you some amazing talents that make you very special. What is your talent, and how will you use it to make God proud of you?

Desert Locust

Sitting by itself, this little fellow looks absolutely harmless, but when he and his buddies get together they can cause serious trouble. In 1954, a swarm of desert locusts covered an area in Africa over 200 square kilometers. It was estimated that the swarm had over 10 billion locusts in it—the largest swarm of insects ever recorded. Have you ever wondered how many locusts were in the swarm that God sent as a plague uponEgypt?

Gardener Ant

This queen gardener ant is surrounded by worker ants. Although it does not look very spectacular it can live a long time. One queen gardener ant lived to be 28 ¾ years old—the longest adult life of any known insect. Considering that many bugs live only a few days, this ant had a long, long life.

Tiger Beetle

And they’re off! Tiger beetles like the one in this picture are the fastest insects in the world. They can travel 5.6 miles per hour. That may not sound very fast, but for an insect, tiger beetles can really move.

Goliath Beetle

Fee Fi Fo, Fum, the giant goliath beetle takes its place in the “insect Hall of Fame” as the largest bug in the animal kingdom. Some Goliath beetles weigh as much as a quarter-pound hamburger.

Stick Bug

This lean-looking insect never could get the gold metal for being the fattest bug, but it ranks at the top of the list when length is under discussion. One phasmida (stick insect) measured 555m (nearly 22 inches)—the longest insect in the world.

Discovery Magazine p.19 March 2001