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The Lie: Evolution


Two (Evolutionist) Bugs Get "Swatted"

by Karl Priest

In March of 2002, Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo had developed his debate challenge which became known as the Life Science Prize ( ) and we had backed down the evolutionist hero Dr. Massimo Pigliucci. At the same time I had been attacked (by email) by two evolutionists, one calling himself "Apostle Lee". They had visited my "Insects: Incredible and Inspirational" website where I had posted the articles I had written for a local newspaper. I do not know if they were a team, but their tactics were to paste my article into the body of an email and insert their comments throughout the article.

I have no problem with that, but Dr. Mastropaolo suggested that I not enter into a long-winded email exchange/debate with them. I agreed that, instead, I would issue the Life Science Prize Challenge to them. This proved to be a good decision and one I have espoused ever since. It also explains why Debate Dodgers numbers two and three are not on the level of the other defaulters. Dr. Mastropaolo and I had no idea what lay ahead with the Life Science Prize Challenge and, originally, were ready to present the challenge to any evolutionist who dared to raise his head in public. As time passed, we (usually) limited the challenge to only those we felt were "worthy". That is why the huckster who developed the Flying Spaghetti Monster farce is not on the roster of bluffers.

As the title states, Apostle Lee and clone were stymied. In order to "bug" you a little, I have pasted below some of their comments. My intention is to show you a little of the typical flack I have received from evolutionists over the years. Also, for those of you who have not yet entered the arena, you can formulate how you would respond to similar comments. When you remove all of the bluster of evolutionists, their arguments are pretty much what you will read below.

These are not all of their comments, but I assure you they are quite representative of their attitude from beginning to end. Actually, if I included all of their ranting it would only serve to let them humiliate themselves even more. I think you will see what I mean as you read. Their comments are in italics. (Note: I made no attempt to put the comments into perfect chronological order.)

I decided to visit Karl Priest’s website. Mr. Priest has several articles on his website in which he tries to discredit evolution, and while I do not have a problem with that per se, I do have a problem with the dishonest way in which he tries to do it.

It is time for creationists to stop relying on dishonesty and rhetoric to try to convince people to follow their "malarkey".

Please answer me this Mr. Priest (Keep in mind that the Bible teaches that it is a sin to lie):

Have you actually read Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" at any time before writing your ["ANTS IN DARWIN’S PANTS"] article? (Note: "Yes, I had."--Karl)

What you failed to mention is that your bible states that only prayer is required to heal the sick. If this is true why are there so many dead Christians? My question is how does taking to your self (prayer) solve any problems?

Why do you tell lies? Don’t you know that your silly book says that is a sin and you will go to hell for it? Can we say NON SEQUITUR, boys and girls?

There you go lying again, please tell us where the theory of evolution states that we are “…nothing more than a bunch of accidentally and randomly assembled molecules!” By the way evolution does not occur by accident. I suggest that you actually learn what the theory of evolution says; you will appear a lot less stupid.

You know you, like all apologist (sic), are very good at asserting and very, very short on evidence. All you have is a tail told by an ancient book about a Bronze Age war god. If this is accurate then your silly little god is very, very limited.

And how do you know this? It is not in your silly book. So it must originate in your imagination, like your god.

Well, lets see who has evidence and who doesn’t, the evolutionist has the fossil record and you have your wishful thinking. I will go with the hard evidence of the fossil record.

I agree that scientist is awed by the wonders of evolution.

I have science on my side; all you have is wishful thinking. Also I would suggest that you look up the term “religion” and compare it to the definition of science (the theory of evolution is a scientific theory) you maybe become aware of how stupid your assertion really is.

So, in the spirit of Jesus's command, I ask of you to either debate me in an open and publicly accessible forum, or give me the money so that I can participate in this prize fight debate of yours.

I do not have $10,000 (almost R130,000) lying around but I would still like to debate you. So perhaps you or the members of your church, fellowship group, etc. could follow Jesus's command (Matthew 5:42) and provide me with the $10,000. Of course you should have no problem raising this kind of money because you could just ask Jesus for it (Matthew 21:22), that is of course if your faith is strong enough.

One of them claimed that he had a counter proposal and had $500,000 ready to use. We responded, "Like evolution, your $500,000.00 is imaginary. The law firm is imaginary and your rules are imaginary. By contrast our rules are real, the $10,000.00 is real and the escrow provision is real. If real, any bank will give you change and after you lose your $10,000.00, we'll give you a chance to lose the other $490,000.00."

That really bugged them and they buzzed off.