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By Karl C. Priest November 22, 2007 (revised 8-18-16)

Public school science textbooks are in a race to coerce our children away from common sense and classical science. In this marathon a major device used to deceive the children is an insect known as the peppered moth.

If you do an Internet search for “peppered moth” you will find a tremendous amount of material. There are scientific articles, news stories, Op-Ed’s, on-line debates, lesson plans, newsletter pieces, and an array of arguments from a menagerie of creationists and evolutionists. I have a few of the creationists’ compositions in the other articles on this page and some of the more humorous titles or headlines are below (1). It all revolves around using the peppered moth as a textbook example of evolution in action.

In case you are in a hurry, you can stop reading after this paragraph because I am going to tell you the conclusion of the moth matter in a few unequivocal words in the next few sentences. In all of the resourceful research, scientists started with a moth and ended with a moth. A moth cannot be created in a laboratory. The peppered moth does absolutely nothing to support microbe to moth evolution. Public school students are being brain-washed by the preposterous misrepresentation of the peppered moth.

If you are still reading I must warn you that the rest of this article will not be flattering toward those who wish to believe in the spurious specter known as “evolution”. I am bluntly “bugged” at the effrontery of evolutionists who are devoted to deceiving students by despicable Darwinian deception. The only way evolutionism can survive is for the public schools to continue to spew out brain-washed citizens and suckers.

Before I sting the seducers of students, I should point out to you that there is a concise chronology of the history of this debate at (2) below. Also, I have provided a few basic scientific facts about the peppered moth below at (3) and melanism at (4). Briefly, the story is that someone noticed the peppered moth population was changing colors (melanism) and set out to prove why. Research revealed that pollution was changing the environment (killing lichen where moths hid) which helped birds see (and eat) the light colored moths. This increased the population of dark moths. After the pollution was decreased the dark colored moths started to be easier for birds to see (and eat) so the population of light moths increased. In an attempt to find something to explain Natural Selection (i. e. evolution) evolutionists latched on to the lifeline of the peppered moth story..

Alas, there were flaws in the research and creationists had occasion for much critical, and often comical, commentary of this choice text-book example of evolution at work. Instead of burying yet another exposed evolution flimsy fraud, evolutionists set about busily trying to resuscitate the moth malarkey.

There are many true believers in evolutionism who have devoted many discomforting days to that endeavor. I shall focus only on one man who many maintain is the moth messiah--Dr. Michael Majerus of Cambridge University. Dr. Majerus (the self-described “Moth Man”) has been on a nearly ten year crusade to (figuratively) crucify creationists who are critical of this cherished dogma of Darwinism.

Dr. Majerus fervently feels it is fundamental science that the peppered moth’s change in coloration is “probably the best known example of evolution in action”. With unabashed passion, Dr. Majerus believes the peppered moth coloration change is “the classical example of Darwinian evolution” and “irrefutable evidence of biological evolution.” But, Dr. Majerus made a majestic misstep.

In a 2004 “Darwin Day” speech to a congregation of the “British Humanist (read atheist) Association” Dr. Majerus cried that those crummy creationists had “misquoted and misrepresented” him monumentally. To counter the creationists he prophesied that, as the Peppered Priest, he would launch extensive research that would remove the mothball odor that permeated the peppered moth. Like a Bible thumping fundamentalist, this ego-maniacal evolutionist espoused his woeful warning that the peppered moth story matters because “our earth faces huge problems of overpopulation, diminishing resources, loss of habitats, and species extinctions.” He concluded his pontifical presentation by asserting his assurance to the adoring atheist admirers that, “Darwinian evolution is a fact.” All Dr. Majerus needed was a couple more years to provide conclusive confirmation to his gullible god-deniers.

Let’s fast forward to 2007. Dr. Majerus had spent several years observing peppered moths in his big back yard. Now this evolutionism evangelist addressed a scientific audience at the 11th Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology. By trying to brace up these biologists, Dr. Majerus made a big blunder and exposed the motivation behind his quixotic quest to massage the moth story back to life.

For this quaint group of Darwin’s Disciples Dr. Majerus titled his sermon “The Peppered Moth: The Proof of Darwinian Evolution”. You may be thinking that I incorrectly called his spiel a “sermon”. Read on.

In this meeting Dr. Majerus preached apocalyptic alarm over global warming. He concluded his address with fanatical fervor that would make a “hallelujah” shouting, hell-fire spouting preacher proud. He lamented that most people (world-wide) do not believe in evolution. He voiced his vision of “a future of ever-increasing global problems. I probably won’t see the worst of what’s coming – but I fear for my children, who will face escalating problems of climate change, over-population, pollution, starvation, disease and conflict. And for their children and grandchildren, I have little optimism.”

But he did have faith and hope—in none other than the second coming of the Peppered Moth. Like any good cultic conductor Dr. Majerus pulled a bait-and-switch, smoke and mirrors, sleight-of-sense maneuver and equated evolution with science. He explained that scientists had been wrong about global warming a few years ago, but now they have repented and finally seen the light about global warming. In order to save mankind from the evil of global warming Master Majerus exhorted the converts to make disciples of public school students by teaching the peppered moth story and baptizing the children in evolutionism.

He woefully warned that we must act without waiting! Here is where the slick part slides in. Like a mythological mystic, Dr. Majerus wove his wonderful wizardry. “(To have) any chance of success, we have to base our decisions on scientific facts: and that includes the fact of Darwinian evolution.” If he had a copy of Origin of Species at his pulpit he would have raised it in the air as he emphasized that the peppered moth “provides after all: The Proof of Evolution.”(Bold type is his.)

Do you think I am exaggerating the religious rigor of the righteous Dr. Majerus? I will let you decide for yourselves as you read more of his remarks to this “scientific” group.

“Many people seem to need to believe that there is something more…Now I believe that people’s beliefs are a matter for themselves, as long as they don’t try to tell me what to believe. There is a place for teachings of belief. But belief and faith are not scientific. They are not based on objectivity, hypothesis formation and testing, and experimental rigour. For example, fundamental creationism and intelligent design are not scientific theories. They are not testable. And they have no place in science class.”

“(Referring to God)… humans invented him or her. It is not my place to tell people what to believe. But I know that we are making a horrendous mess of this planet, and I do not have faith in some supernatural intervention putting it right: No second coming; No helping hand from on high; No last minute redemption.” (

Hyper-hypocrisy and lack of logic are typical of the muddled mindset of an evolutionist. I will use the steamed-up scientist’s words against him and respond with a reasonable and rational response.

It is an historical fact that every culture throughout history has believed in something supernatural…Now I believe that people’s belief in evolution is a matter for them, as long as they don’t try to tell me to believe in evolution. There may be a place for teachings of evolutionism. But evolutionism is not scientific. Evolutionism is not based on objectivity, hypothesis formation and testing, and experimental rigor. For example, the origin and evolution of life are not scientific theories. They are not testable. And they have no place in science class.

“As C. S. Lewis said, ‘God cannot be a figment of my imagination because He is not at all what I imagined Him to be’. I cannot make people believe. But I know that we are making a horrendous mess of this planet because we have not followed the Creator’s plan, but God will make it right when He creates the New Heaven and New Earth after the second coming. Until then, with His helping hand from on high, we will be obedient as we prepare for redemption.”

Dr. Jonathan Wells (5), in an hilarious response to Dr. Majerus, explicitly explained that even if the evolutionary scenario of the peppered moth is 100% correct it does absolutely nothing to prove the “origin of those varieties, much less of Biston betulaia, moths, insects, or animals in the first place”.

There you have it, since 1864, with many months, and much money, scientists believe that the predominance of moths of a particular darkness is due to birds eating the ones that are easiest to find. From that investment of time and talent, they have concluded that there is no God. And, they will enforce this cock-eyed conclusion upon every child in our public schools.

Evolutionists will hide in whatever “lie-chen” they can find even though evolution is more impossible than West Virginia’s Mothman. The peppered moth scenario demonstrates the desperation of Darwinists. Darwinian devotees continue to flutter around superstitious darkness while creationists fly in scientific daylight.

The maligned moth has provided much merriment thanks to its Divine design. The peppered moth has always been what it is—a peppered moth and all the evolutionists’ horses and all the evolutionists’ men cannot change that fact--let alone make the moth from scratch.

Too bad egotistical evolutionists miss the message. Too bad public school students will not get to frolic in the fun. The moth marathon is already over because evolutionism was found dead glued to the starting line of truth.


(1) A few of the titles regarding the peppered moth

A Flight From the truth
Moth Eaten Darwinism
Peppered Moths and Antiscience
Missing the Forest Because of the Moth
The Case of the Peppered Moth Illusion
Goodbye Peppered Moths (A Classic Evolutionary Story Comes Unstuck) Peppered Moths in Black and White
Moth Eaten Darwinism
The Myth of the Peppered Moth
Of Moths and Men
The Moth That Failed
Mothballed Science
Evolutionists and the Moth Myth
Moth Eaten Statistics
Desperately Defending the Peppered Myth
Darwinism in a Flutter
The Moth that Failed
The Piltdown Moth
Let’s Mothball the Peppered Myth

(2) Brief history of the debate

1864 R. S. Edleston observed that he had noticed that the mostly grayish moth was becoming darker—even blackish.
1890s William Bateson studied industrial melanism in peppered moths.
1896 J. W. Tutt hypothesized that the moth coloration was due to being eaten by birds.
1924 J. B. S. Haldane studied industrial melanism in peppered moths.
1955 (also 1956 and 1973) Bernard Kettlewell did some experiments to see if moths that blended well with a certain background got eaten less.
1990’s (mostly) There were several studies done on the peppered moth.
1996 The moth was featured in the main article of the science section of the New York Times.
1998 Dr. Jerry Coyne reviewed Melanism: Evolution in Action by Dr. Michael Majerus and said, My own reaction resembles the dismay attending my discovery, at the age of six, that it was my father and not Santa who brought the presents on Christmas Eve.”
2002 Judith Hooper published Of Moths and Men: Intrigue, tragedy & the Peppered Moth.
For updates see dated entries below.

(3) Scientific facts about the peppered moth

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Geometridae
Genus: Biston
Species: B. betularia

Biston betularia has 2 varieties: light (typical) and dark (carbonia) there is a range of pigmentation in between.

(4) Scientific facts about melanism

Melanism: Dark coloration of the skin, hair, fur, or feathers because of a high concentration of melanin (Any of a group of naturally occurring dark pigments) American Heritage Dictionary Online

Industrial melanism

Melanism is a phenomenon caused by anthropogenic alteration of the natural environment where industrial pollution turns vegetation a dark sooty colour. Because many organisms rely on camouflage to avoid predation, the sudden change in environment makes them highly vulnerable to predators. This creates a strong selective pressure which will see any organism with a darker colour much more likely to survive and contribute to the gene pool of the next generation. Rare mutations are hence selected for and over time the population will adjust to a new equilibrium.

(5) Dr. Jonathan Wells “Exhuming the Peppered Mummy”

Dr. Wells is probably the most profusely published and critized commentor on the peppered moth.

Unfortunately, like almost all leading Creationists and Intelligent Design leaders, Dr. Wells allows evolutionists to hold on to their twig of “Natural Selection”. I have an article “Let’s Squash Natural Selection” which explains why this term should be rejected just like the term micro-evolution. .

(6) Evolutionists have attempted to clean up the mess of the moth. Two such attempts are:

“The Peppered Moth: a Black and White Story After All” by Jim Mallet

“Peppered Moths” by Ed Darnell /

(7) Dr. Majerus carried on his criticism of creationists with this comical claim:

"The peppered moth story is easy to understand because it involves things that we are familiar with: vision and predation and birds and moths and pollution and camouflage and lunch and death. That is why the anti-evolution lobby attacks the peppered moth story. They are frightened that too many people will be able to understand."

All Majerus manages to do is stand at the starting line while pontificating profusely the anti-science of evolutionism while he pouts over real science proclaiming creationists who continue to complete lap after lap in the race of reality.

(8) 2009: In an attempt to salvage the memory of Darwin, true-believers in Evolutionism launched a worldwide propaganda effort known as the “Year of Darwin”. Part of this crusade were headlines such as “Darwin’s ‘Evolution’ Moth Changes Back From Black to White Thanks to Soot-free Skies” ( This article proclaims the moth’s “extraordinary transformation is always held up as the perfect demonstration of Darwin's theory of evolution.” and “The transformation became a staple of school textbooks as an easy way of explaining how natural selection causes species to change their appearance as they adapt to their environment.” Another article ( calls it “Darwin’s Moth” and adds, “It's an iconic moth, the one that everyone learns about at school because it is such an amazing example of natural selection."

Big deal! To borrow from Shakespeare, “It’s much ado over nothing.” The insect was, is, and will always be a moth. As far as the hoop-la over “natural selection’ goes, see “Let’s Squash Natural Selection.”

(9) 2012: Evolutionists continuously try to salvage this scam. Never willing to accept defeat, Darwinists dumbly drive on to dementia. “Evolutionary” biologist James Mallet and two other true believers (The Three Stooges) resurrected the melancholic example of evolutionism by posthumously publishing Majerus’s papers in February. I was unaware the miraculous moth was ever removed from government school textbooks, but the article indicates the evolutionists’ prayer is that “the storied moth may one day find its way back into textbooks.”

( This article is worthy of the BWAH HAH HAH HAAAA! piece.

(10) BWAHAHA!  More moth madness by True Believers in Evolutionism was manifested in 2018. One must admire (or pity) their faith and devotion. TBEs can't see the light for the dark. A friend, David Bump said, “They seem to have no idea that our ‘fiercely attack’ is merely that we point out that the shift in population proportions doesn't come close to showing that natural processes could evolve moths (over eons, through many generations of intermediates) from microbes.” The headline for the TBE hallucination was, “ Study confirms truth behind 'Darwin's moth'”. From the article: "This is one of the most iconic examples of evolution, used in biology textbooks around the world, yet fiercely attacked by creationists seeking to discredit evolution," said Professor Martin Stevens, of the Centre for Ecology and Conservation on the University of Exeter's Penryn Campus in Cornwall…."We provide strong direct evidence that the frequency of the peppered moth forms stems from differences in camouflage and avian predation, providing key support for this iconic example of natural selection."


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