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Why I Use the KJB

“I just cannot understand the King James Bible”

By Karl Priest December 7, 2009

An intelligent, mature Christian lady once told me, “I just cannot understand the King James Bible.” I was simply dumbfounded. No normal person should have such a problem.

My late mother had a sixth grade education and understood the King James Bible quite well. I am a certified reading specialist. There are tools that teachers use to determine the reading level of a literature selection. The King James Bible, according to the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Indicator (a readability scale) is much easier than modern Bible (per)versions ( A fifth grader can comprehend the King James Bible text!

Do you read the King James Bible daily? Do you ask God for help in understanding what you read? If you do those two things and have trouble with certain words there is a simple solution.

Often, as I read books or articles I find a word of which I am unfamiliar. I simply look it up. That common sense solution works just fine for words in the King James text that are not in my vocabulary. Even the NIV (per)version has unfamiliar and obsolete (archaic) words ( So, abandoning God’s tried and true Bible for a modern (per)version is not excusable for that reason. Likewise, the other common excuse is invalid.

The “thee”, “thou”, “thine”, and “ye” are simply ways of using precise grammar. If you are inclined to look at that subject a little deeper, is a good place to start. However, despite the dumbing down of academics in government schools, almost every English speaker can use those pronouns without confusion. To be consistent, those who want to remove them from the Bible need to start revising their hymn books. Also, the Lord’s Prayer sure is watered down without without those words.

Following are some handy options for you to use in handling this minor issue.


King James Words

329 archaic or obscure word meanings explained.


The King James Bible Companion

Rather than settling for a corrupt, inferior Bible version, all Christians should learn the meaning of less-familiar King James words. This little book makes it easy. Just slip it in the back of your Bible. When you run across an unfamiliar word, look it up.

Give them out at: Bible Studies, Youth groups, Sunday School classes, Prayer meetings, Christian Schools, Bible Colleges, To new converts along, with a Bible

$0.49 per booklet


The DEFINED King James Bible

Everywhere we go, we are asked about the few 600 important words or so that have changed their meaning since 1611 when the Authorized Version was first printed. The Defined King James Bible has taken away this argument from people. They now have no more excuses. They do not have to consult their dictionaries for meanings. They need only to look at the bottom of the column in their own Bible.

The Defined King James Bible comes in two sizes: (1) The large print (BFT 3000L) measures 7 ½ by 10" in size. It is large 12-point type which is very easy on the eyes. It comes in genuine leather of the finest quality, either black or burgundy. (2) The medium print (BFT 3000M) measures only 6" by 8" in size. It is medium 10-point type which is also easy on the eyes.

There is no need to step on to the slippery slope of compromise. It only leads to compromise cliff (see below).

The King James Bible remains as wonderful as it was from the day God gave it to us.

Compromise Cliff

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