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PROTESTER VOICES-- The 1974 Textbook Tea Party


A church, homeschool group, or Christian school may order the book Protester Voices in quantity (increments of 32 which fill a box) for fund raising or donor gifting purposes.

At the listed price of $14.95 per book, 32 books would ordinarily cost $478.40.

The special price for a case of books is $150.00. USPS shipping is approximately $25.00 (depending on location of addressee). So, 32 specially priced copies of Protester Voices (including shipping) will be about $175.00. The organization can make over $300.00 by selling 32 books. If the group can pick up the order in the Charleston, West Virginia area, there is no postage.

If the books are gifts to donors, using a minimum gift of $25 as an example, thirty-two donors would mean your funds would be about $625.  (32 x $25 = $800 - $175 = $625)

I can coordinate guest appearances with some of the icons of the major historical event, described in the book, at a special program for your group.

To discuss this special offer send an email to

A free copy will be provided to any Christian who cannot afford to purchase it.

Protester Voices