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Why I Use the KJB

Did Our Inspired Bible Expire?

by Herb Evans

"... the WORD OF GOD which LIVETH ... FOREVER (I Peter 1:23)


The "Original Manuscripts" are lost and no living person has ever seen them. Moreover, if anyone would ever find the "Originals"; they would not be able to tell if they really were the "Originals". We have been told for years that the Bible was originally written in Greek and Hebrew. However, no one can actually prove that they were so written.

The first five Books could have been written in Egyptian, the language in which Moses was educated and the country where Israel had I lived for years. And conversations in the Gospels were certainly not spoken in Greek. There had to be some translating going on somewhere either way that you look at it. Just because you have second and third century Manuscripts that are written in Greek, does not mean that they were originally written in that language.


Suppose that we made photocopies of the "Originals" before they either perished or were lost. Would the photocopy Scriptures be inspired?

"Yes"! It is not the parchment or the ink that is alive; it is the Words! The inspired Copies of Copies that Timothy knew as a child (2 Timothy 3:15-16) were certainly not the "Originals" as admitted by the Bible correctors themselves. God did not preserve the parchment and the ink; He preserved His "Word", the "Scriptures". He did not preserve an uninspired Bible; He preserved an inspired Bible. It has not expired!


The advocates of the Good News bible, the Living bible, the R.S.V., the R.V., the A.S.V., the N.A.S.V., the New King James, King James 2, and any other copyrighted bible would be the first to admit that these bibles are not inspired. Some people might object by saying that there are people that get saved by reading these perverted bibles. Well, people can get saved by reading a commentary! However, it is not the perverted portions of either that does the work.

Births, resulting from the above perverted bibles, are perverted also--spiritual cripples. "You can have a baby out of wedlock, but that is not the prescribed, accepted, or legitimate way!"


Inspired Scripture (2 Tim. 3:16-17) "is" profitable! The "Originals" are not profitable to us now, nor were they profitable to Timothy in his time; Timothy had copies of copies of the Originals.

We are told that the Scriptures must be profitable for: doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,and for thoroughly furnishing the man of God. It must be an incorruptible Begetter also (I Peter 1:23 and James 1: 18).

Out of all the English bibles in use today, only the Authorized Bible of 1611 (King James) can pass all these requirements. Moreover, a Bible, in any language, that can meet all these requirements is inspired.

The 1611 Authorized Bible is unmatched in producing revivals, missionary endeavors, souls saved, founding of churches, founding of Bible institutes, moving kings, moving nations, and even being translated into other languages without the benefit of the Hebrew and Greek.

The Bible has not expired!

(This article has been extensively edited.)

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