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Karl Quits Conservatism

By Karl Priest 10-11-13 (revised 3-23-17)

I am no longer a conservative. 

The thin thread that I dangled on has been severed by reading We Won't Get Fooled Again: Where the Christian Right Went Wrong, and How to Make America Right Again

I did not know about this book before. Although it was published before the 2012 election it is still worth the read.  It provided documentation to what I had already concluded. See

Conservative leaders are exposed in this book.  I especially noted the national Right to Life.

The book proves the GOP has conned us and we (Christians) can blame ourselves by compromising our biblical stance.  By that I mean we were afraid to use the Bible and firmly stand upon it.

All major battles have been lost as a result.

We need to stand boldly as CHRISTIANS.  Any conservative values that come into play must be based upon the Bible.

I am a CHRISTIAN.  Where conservative and Constitutional concepts match with that--they are OK.  I am NOT a conservative or a Constitutionalist. I will not attach any adjective to CHRISTIAN. If any of my Bible based values are accepted by conservatives--that is great.  If I accept any conservative values that are not mentioned or implied in the Bible then I am a Christian who agrees with that aspect of conservatism.


About all conservative groups do is send surveys to suckers whom they will then solicit for monetary support.
I saw a cartoon of a sheep standing in front of two doors. One said “LEFT” and the other said “RIGHT”. Looking over the top, the cartoonist showed both corridors led to the “Slaughter House”.

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