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2016 Articles, Letters and Op-Eds Urging Folks to Rescue Their Children (Plus some miscellaneous articles of interest to truth and enlightenment seekers.)


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2. Some hyper-links were added on this page after article were published.
3. Be sure to see the reports of West Virginia public school test performance look for "Report of West Virginia public school test performance" on individual WV News pages (not all pages have the data).


 25 December 2016

Charleston Gazette-Mail Editor:

The best propaganda contains a little truth.  That fact was especially apparent in the Christmas day article “Peace on Earth--Faith, Science Suggest it’s on the Horizon” by the Episcopal preacher.  She got some things right like, the value and fundamental rights all people have from the Creator.  Mostly, though, she greatly erred by proclaiming evolution as a fact.  Doing so, she did no justice to either her professed faith or real, observable science.  “Evolution is,” as the great Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo says, “grass ate the cow science.”  Contrary to the New Age dogma that is currently popular, mankind will never evolve to a higher level of consciousness.  God did not use evolution!

She also erred regarding faith because, according to God’s Word, obeying the Ten Commandments, if it was possible to do on our own, will not bring peace on earth.  Read the Apostle Paul’s predicament in Romans 7:14-25 KJB.  We are saved by faith—a gift from God.  See Ephesians 2:8-9 KJB.  The Bible makes it clear, contrary to Preacher Hutchens’ proclamation, that we are not “born good to the core.” All humans are sinners.  See Romans 3:23 KJB.

As for what the future holds, read what Jesus said in Matthew 24:4-21 KJB.  The only Peace on Earth will come, as God’s Word says in Revelation Chapters 21 and 22 KJB.   Before then, it will not be pretty as many compromised preachers and New Age evangelists want to think.  See I Timothy 4:1-3 and II Timothy 3:1-7.

Karl Priest

(The letter was published on 1-8-2017.)

 A Post to my Mailing List

By Karl Priest December 7, 2016 (Pearl Harbor Day)

I have an email list of folks to whom I post items of interest. A December 6 post led to this article. Ironically (NOT! It was Holy Spirit guided. PTL!) I posted this the anniversary date of the sneak attack that launched the United States into WW II. America has been undergoing a sneak attack since 1974. The spirits of our children are being blown up and sunk.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7

As a follow-up to the recent mindfulness-yoga in schools (links below) post, you should be informed that YOUR school system is not safe.  In the buckle of the Bible Belt, yoga has been in West Virginia government schools for several years.  See the WV News entry of 3-9-13 and the 12-5-15 entry of a school in the heart of the Kanawha County 1974 uprising when the alarm was sounded.

The November 7 cover story for Time magazine is "The Kids are not all Right".  I could not get that on line without a subscription, but here is a close one:  "There’s a Startling Increase in Major Depression Among Teens in the U.S."

Here is an NPR report:  Middle School Suicides Reach an All-Time High

We know why this has happened and we know the solution.

The Courageous Corps of 74 sounded the alarm.  Look and listen at that time in history.

Another article on the subject is "Yoga Zealots’ Own Words" (Scroll down to the January 10 article.)

Links to the recently posted articles:

Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation and Extended Play in Our Schools

Lauding Patchogue-Medford offering yoga, Hindus urge yoga in all New York schools

Becoming Mindful of Mindfulness

If Christian parents do not fight back, America is doomed.



By Karl C. Priest September 12, 2016

Women are wonderful. Those three words summarize this essay.

No one admires and appreciates women more than I do. I personally know or have known my wife, daughter, granddaughter, mother, grandmother, aunts, nieces, female cousins, female students and female colleagues. A mother’s love, a wife’s love, and a daughter’s love are second only to God’s love.

Women are God’s gift to men.

Read the rest.


BOOK REVIEW: Leaven in the Lump by Paul G. Humber

By Karl Priest August 23, 2016

There is no doubt that Paul Humber is a scholar. For anyone interested in whether or not unrepentant sinners are tortured in hell forever, or not, Leaven in the Lump provides a strong argument for the latter.

Paul Humber is a leader (via “released time”) in reaching children who are trapped in government schools. Also, he is a great creationist and I think his research time would be better invested on that subject.

For those who are saved, we will not be concerned with unrepentant sinners when we are in heaven or heaven would not be heaven. If God chooses eternal torment, that is God’s business. Even though Paul believes unrepentant sinners will be tormented for a while, his thesis gives relief for sinners who think they can endure hell until they are obliterated.

It always amazes me when good solid Christians operate without an inerrant Bible. Paul rejects the Bible that has stood the test through time—the Authorized (King James) Bible. Any intelligent unrepentant sinner has solid ground in rejecting anything from a Christian scholar who believes God cannot preserve His Word without error.

To Paul’s credit, he includes comments from his critics.


BOOK REVIEW: Silencing the Darwin Critics by Dr. Jerry Bergman

By Karl C. Priest May 1 (May Day), 2016

(Note: 1. “Darwin Skeptics” = “Darwin Doubters” = "Reality Purveyors”) 2. Numbers in parenthesis refer to pages in Silencing the Darwin Skeptics.)

As they say in these here West Virginia hills, “He done went and made me mad!”

I have reviewed some of Dr. Bergman’s books and have sincerely praised all of them. This one is different. I am going to be critical up front of Dr. Bergman’s book Silencing the Darwin Skeptics. Dr. Bergman just keeps pounding True Believers in Evolutionism (TBEs) with hard scientific and historical facts and clear logic. I have to feel sorry for TBEs because they cannot refute Dr. Bergman and therefore they remain forced to face their shallow values and defective science. Dr. Bergman needs to show them some mercy lest he hurt their delicate feelings.

Silencing Darwin Critics contains over 350 pages of facts revealing the TBEs are enraged and engaged in a witch hunt of burn Darwin Skeptics at the intellectual stake TBEs will professionally lynch anyone who does not march lockstep to their silly slimy worldview.

Not long after I began reading Silencing Darwin Critics I got so angry I lost control of my intellect and morphed, mutated, and/or magically turned into a flaming TBE. It was an Incredible Hulk experience ( Hey, it is as possible as evolutionism! See

From this point on I speak as a radical TBE.

Dr. Bergman, just leave us alone! Silencing Darwin Critics is second in a series (following Slaughter of the Dissidents). One book was too much! I demand that you remove and recall all copies of Silencing Darwin Critics and do NOT release the next volume. There is some danger that enough people will get their hands on this book and the next and cause problems with our TBE crusade. At least, delay publication until we TBEs can brain-wash enough citizens through our government school system (, and our media outlets, that evolutionism is true!

We will complete our mission to destroy Darwin Doubters in academia, industry, government agencies, and anywhere else (including Christian colleges) we locate such a heathen heretic. (26-27) We will mock and ridicule Darwin Doubters by calling them “know-nothings with religious zeal who are depriving children about the truth about their evolutionary origins.” (30) We will ignore and suppress the fact that 99% of prominent biology professors practice the religion of atheism. (31) We will ignore the so-called “Separation of Church and State” dogma by attacking Christianity in public school classrooms. (32) As the bigots we are, we will deny “IDiots” places on university faculty, no matter how bright and credentialed they may be (33) We will hypocritically lack any modicum of tolerance toward Darwin Doubters. (34) Our ad hominem attacks and hatred may eventually 0stracize Darwin Doubters from society. Their legal rights are meaningless to us. (44) Just Google the insulting names we have called these unevolved cretin creatures. (46-47) They are flat-earthers! (52) Therefore we will ignore any science they use in their arguments because we know their motivations are religious. (73) Lying and distortion will be our modus operandi in tenure denial. (82) We will assist our ally, the ACLU, in compelling, by coercion, its agenda for America. (86) It means nothing that the ACLU supports salacious literature and leftist propaganda in classrooms. (89) Live with it, Dr. Bergman!

Do not let it get out that your research reveals that “courts have ruled that students do not need to be ‘protected’ from atheism, eastern religions, or secular humanist religions. They need to be protected from Christianity.” (97) Teacher unions will back us to the max. I am on a “jihad against God, a crusade against traditional values.” (136) I don’t care how much evidence for a Designer exists, I will not even consider the evidence. (152) The courts and liberal judges are on my side. Guys like Judge Jones, of Dover fame, do not care that St. Darwin only had a degree in theology. (217) Even President George Washington would be in violation of the rules we TBEs impose. (247) Take that, Dr. Bergman!

The fifteen cases of discrimination TBEs have perpetuated against Darwin Doubters (Chapter 4); the individual chapters on our attacks on Burdick, Abraham, and Edwards; as well as the two chapters of discrimination at Christian colleges are our success stories. We destroyed them. Too bad for them, Dr. Bergman!

Never mind the “numerous parallels between the persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany and persecution of Darwin Skeptics” going on now. (Chapter 10)

The chapter (11) of the evil John Freshwater may very well be our masterpiece that will intimidate any teacher from trying to teach objective science. We destroyed his career even though he obviously was an excellent educator. That made no difference to us. We did whatever was needed to assault and assail him for daring to question evolutionism. It was not nice for you to expose the duplicity of (#99 anti-scientist at pitiful Patricia Princehouse. Atheist Princehouse did not comprehend how the “true” age of the earth has changed according to “science”; she was malicious in her comments about creationists; and was confused (maybe, lied, but morality is evolving) about the degree held by Dr. Wells. (304) The graphics you put on pages 314-315 were downright devastating to those of us who sought to destroy John Freshwater. It was dirty of you to display them. Shame on you, Dr. Bergman!

The concluding sentence (347) of your Silencing Darwin Critics: (“If Americans continue to tolerate these types of attacks on their values and rights, they will soon discover they no longer have them.”) is my ultimate goal. Darwin skeptics should not have any rights. Deal with it and go away, Dr. Bergman!


Conservative in Name Only (CINO) Survey

By Karl C. Priest April 19, 2016

Are you a true conservative or a Conservative in Name Only (CINO)? Take the survey to find out

See: Conservative in Name Only (CINO) Survey


For use by home and Christian schools.

(This lesson is free of Common Core, so let the Spirit soar.)

By Karl C. Priest March 27, 2016

Grade Level: 8 th grade (This lesson may be adjusted from 6 th to 10 th grade levels. Teachers may simplify, complicate, and/or key off the student exercises and activities. Encourage students to launch out into investigations motivated by the ideas in this lesson.)

See: C:\Users\Karl Priest\Documents\Insectman Website\www\exodus-mandate-wv\math-lesson-why-where-of-math.htm


The Coming Crisis Upon the Cs

By Karl C. Priest 2-2-2016


As a courtesy, I shall confidentially and candidly, but circumspectly, communicate and confide concisely the central correlation. I can convey and coordinate a conclusive condemnation and continuing confirmation concerning the condition of our cherished Constitution

Read the rest.


BOOK REVIEW: What I Would Tell You... If You Would Listen by Karen Frazier Romero

By Karl C. Priest January 4, 2016

(All emphasis are in the original.)

If the value of a non-fiction book is judged by the margin markings, then this book is worth quite a lot. Following are a dozen of the dozens of items that moved me to mark the margin. Page numbers follow the quote.

“There has been only one translation which has held up to the standards in which God set and that is the King James Version Bible.” 33

(referring to I Thess. 2:3-4) “Many churches of every denomination are already "falling way" from the real Gospel message...”  97

“Jesus did not preach tolerance.  He taught truth. ”  125

“The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” 159

“There is a great and powerful enemy in our midst and he is a master deceiver and liar.”  179

“(L)et us go to the very center chapter in the Bible, which is Psalms 118.  There are 594 Chapters before this one and 594 Chapters after it.   When you add the two numbers together it equals the number 1188.  What does this verse say?  Psalms 118: 8 says, ‘It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.’"  183-184

“In the Bible, the true Church of Jesus Christ is called ‘the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13).  Unfortunately, many Christians today want to be the ‘sugar’ of the Earth...” 240

“Please remember that a lot of psychology, New Age practices and ‘spiritual disciplines’ have crept into Churches of every denomination and it completely changes the message of Salvation.”  310

“Just because you are born again, it does not mean that Satan will stop tempting you and doing things to you to make your life as difficult as possible while you live here on earth.”  311

“If it cannot be found in the Word, then it is not of God.”  327

“It may seem unkind to be exposing other religions as false or doctrines of man as false ways of Salvation, but it is the kindest gesture a person could make.”  329

“God gives us each this Gift of Salvation, but He will never force us to open it.”  329

What I Would Tell You... If You Would Listen is a book that will benefit newbie and Old Salt Christians as well as those seeking the truth.