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If you find a bad link, a new link, or have a criticism about a link please email me.

All of the sites are helpful, but some sites may contain material not endorsed by Karl Priest. NOTICE: Avoid any group that has compromised with Common Core. Unless designated as “recommended,” none of these groups have been vetted.

Updated 10-14-18

Also see Magazines and Books.


Appalachian Christian Cooperative of Home Education

Christian Home Educators of West Virginia (CHEWV)

Education and Group Learning Enrichment (EAGLE)

Heritage Communications

Homeschool News Curriculum Fair

Kanawha-Putnam Home Educators

Tri-State Homeschoolers

West Virginia Home Educators Association

WV Homeschool Haven

OTHERS (Many of these have/are resources. Also see Resources Galore--especially “Virtual Learning.”)

55 Reasons to Homeschool

A2Z HomesCool

About Homeschooling

Academy of Home Education

Action for Home Education (UK)

African American Homeschoolers Network

African-American Homeschoolers Unschooling

African American Homeschooling Today (Blog)

All Home School Online

Alpha Omega Publications


American Home Education and Discipleship

American Homeschool Association

An Old Fashioned Education

Apologia Curriculum

A to Z Home's Cool

Apologia Academy

Backflip (search "homeschool")

Beginning Homeschooling

Best Online Homeschools

Biblical Math (highly recommended)

BJU Press (certified scripturally sound)

Black Christian Homeschoolers Association

The Black Homeschool

Bridgeway Academy


Calvert Education

Choosy Homeschooler (blog)

Cathy Duffy Reviews

Christian Academy of America

Christian Homeschool Association for Sports Excellence

Christian Homeschoolers

Christian Parenting Source

Classical Christian Homeschooling

Classical Conversations

Classical Curriculum

CLASS Homeschools (highly recommended)

Coalition for Responsible Home Education

Coalition of Independent Homeschoolers

Collection of Homeschool Sites

Confessions of a Homeschooler

Connected Homeschool

Considering Homeschooling

Considering Homeschooling (Morningstar Educational Network)

Covenant Home Curriculum

Crosswalk Homeschool

Detective Rick Wraith and The Creation Adventure Family (Has homeschool study notes.)

Donna Young

Eclectic Homeschooling

Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers

Education Doctor

Education Jump Off


Everything Homeschooling

Excellence in Education

Exodus Mandate (highly recommended)

Exploring Home Schooling

Family Education

Family Unschooling Network

Firmly Planted

First Class Homeschool Ministries 

Forest Trail Academy

Foundation for American Christian Education

Foundations Press

Freedom Project Academy (highly recommended)

Grandparents of Homeschoolers

The Great Education Struggle

Heads Up!  (Special Needs Children)

Heart of Dakota Publishing (curriculum)

Heritage Homeschool Academy

Home Educating Family Association

Home Education Magazine

Home Education Network

Home Educator


Home Learning Association

HomeLife Academy

Homemaking 911


Homeschool 101

Homeschool Advantage

Homeschool and Education News Beat

Homeschool Base

Homeschool Blogger

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

Homeschool Buzz

Homeschool Center

Homeschool Central

Homeschool Channel

Homeschool Chat Forum

Homeschool Christian

Homeschool Classifieds (Has items such as curriculum and links to groups.)

Homeschool Corner

Homeschool Courier

Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Curriculum and Information

Homeschool Curriculum for Life

Homeschool Daily Planet

Homeschool Diner

Homeschool Edge

Homeschool Foundation

Homeschoolers in Missions

Homeschooler’s Notebook

Homeschool Facts

Homeschool Foundation (helps needy families)

Homeschool Freebie of the Day!

Homeschool Gazette

Homeschool Headquarters

Homeschool Heartbeat

Home School Inc.

The Homeschool Mom

Homeschooling 911

Homeschooling and Its many Faces

Homeschooling Autism

Homeschooling Bible

Homeschooling Books

Homeschooling Boys

Homeschooling Explained

Homeschooling Examiner

Homeschooling for Beginners

Homeschooling for Life Radio

Homeschooling from the Heart


Homeschooling in a Crunch

Homeschooling Now

Homeschooling Paradise

Homeschooling Radio

Homeschooling Research Notes

The Homeschool Resource Roadmap

Homeschooling Supply

Homeschool in the Woods

Homeschool Journey

Homeschool Learning Network

Homeschool Legal

Homeschool Legal Advantage

Home School Legal Defense Association


The Homeschool Lounge

Homeschool Math

Homeschool Mom

Homeschool Mom Tips (Blog)

Homeschool Oasis

Homeschool News Network

Homeschool Oasis

Homeschool Planet

Homeschool Programming

Homeschool Resource Roadmap

Homeschool Reviews

Homeschool Science Academy

Homeschool Share

Homeschool Summits

Homeschool Super Center

Homeschool Starter

Homeschool Talk and Swap

Homeschool Tracker

Homeschool Treasures

Homeschool View Tube

Homeschool World

Home Science Tools  

Home Sweet Homeschool

iHomeschool Network

Jennifer A. James (Special Needs children)

John Holt and Growing Without Schooling

Jon's Homeschool Resources

Joyful and Successful Home Schooling

Jubilee Academy (on line homeschooling)

Keystone School

Knowledge House (Lots of stuff)

Ky'Ijel Group Christian Academy (Chicago, but an inspiration anywhere)

Laurel Springs Home School

Learn in Freedom

Learning by Grace

Learning is for Everyone

Liberty University Online Academy

Life of a Homeschool Mom

Local Homeschool

“The Link” Homeschooling Magazine

Love to Know Homeschooling

Master Books

Math League Homeschool Contests

Moore Homeschooling

Morningstar Academy

Motivated Moms

National African-American Homeschoolers Alliance

National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership

National Black Home Educators

National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network (Christian Families Homeschooling Special Needs Children)

National Home Education Legal Defense

National Home Education Research Institute

National Home Education Network

National Homeschool Academy

NextGen Homeschool

Ogburn Online School

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Online Home Schooling

Operation Jericho Project


PEAH’s Homeschool Curriculum Savings

Pioneer Woman

Portfolio via Website

Preschooling at Home

Private and Homeschool Friendly Colleges

Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

Queen Homeschool Supplies (certified scripturally sound)

Reading Horizons at Home

Remembrance Press


Robinson Self-Teaching Curriculum

R.O.C.K. Solid (curriculum)

Schoolhouse Home

Simple Homeschool

A Smart Parent's Guide to Successfully Homeschooling Children


Southeast Homeschool Expo

Southern Baptist Academy

Special Needs Homeschooling (Also see “Heads Up!”)

Successful Homeschooling

Sycamore Academy

Start a Homeschool

Tapestry of Grace ( Lampstand Press) (RECOMMENDED BY EXODUS MANDATE)

Teaching Mom

Teach Them Diligently

Tea Time With Aunt Kate

Timberdoodle (curriculum)

Time4Learning (Online education for PreK-12th)


Total Homeschool Solutions

Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Western Christian Academy

Why Homeschool (Blog)


Wisdom’s Gate Ministries (publish Homeschool Digest)

Worldview Christian Academy You Can Homeschool

Zan Tyler (Bringing Education Home)


National Association of University Model Schools

The University Model of Education


 Great Homeschool Conventions

Homeschool Conventions

Southeast Homeschool Expo

Teach Them Diligently


"Escape the Homeschool Matrix" (downloadable brochure)

FOR DOZENS OF PRINTED RESOURCES: Search “homeschool” or “homeschooling” at

Search “homeschool” on YouTube and find all kinds of stuff like: Annoying Homeschool Questions, You will survive!!, and laugh.


More on Common Core.
IMPORTANT: Even so-called “Christian” sites cannot be trusted!